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(generated from captions) foul about 00 kilometres north. We are standing by for a news conference from home affairs minister Jason Claire. While we are waiting, let's bring in our own big guns of new information on this tragedy? Tony, do you have any I've had a quick conversation with Jason Claire about half an hour ago. He has been briefed overnight by the admiral who has been leading the work. The at about 3 o'clock yesterday afternoon, dash 8 planes identifieded the exact location of the vessel. We then sent out two naval vessels and a ring around happened at the time for any vessels that are in the that are in the area and three that are in the area

commercial vessels came in as well to help. We also had another plane flyover which dropped a life craft and for the naval vessels, they got advanced par medic trained and for the naval vessels, they have people there as well. So, at the moment, all the focus is on rescuingthe people. I think Jason will be able to give a much more properly, everone is just focussed thorough update than that. Quite

on getting some people out of the water who are water who are drowning at the numbers. Joe, 110 rescued but possibly 200 onboard, this has the potential to be an absolute tragedy, they were heading towards Christmas Island, what do we do. Do today is not the day to engage in the policy debate. I mean, we have been debating it here on Sunrise for an extended period of time, almost feels like every week. But today is not the day. Today is a day to make sure all the rescue efforts are in place, to offer whatever support we can to the government for the rescue effort, support the Indonesians and reflect on it over the weekend and have more to say about policy solutions next week. Can I say it has been a Can I say it has been a real level of decency in Australian politics that Tony Abbott was up earlier today, Joe here now, there is just a genuine focus on Australians helping people who are in a distressed Particularly when it's not in our situation at the moment.

waters, it's in Indonesian waters to help where we Let's move on to Umar Patek, in the 2002 Bali Bombings. the bomb-maker to 20 years jail. A Jakarta court has sentenced him Tony, what's your reaction? Is that enough I don't think there is ever such a thing as a sentence when you are dealing with crimes like that where families who have been affected would say "you know, no sentence would say "

brings their loved ones back." But 20 years for having marijuana in a boogie board pack. And I hear that. I still think we have to acknowledge today that we do have a conviction through the Indonesian justice system. The full information on the sentence and all of that is starting to emerge but the fact that the Indonesian authorities cooperate yaited with our intelligence, they took it through the court system. They got to a conviction, I do think that's important to put down as a marker. Satisfying, Joe. Tony is a member of the government and he has a responsibility as he just said to respect the Indonesian court system cht as a member of the opposition, I say you know, from my perspective, he should have been locked away for ever. You know, it's mass murder. We have all got to respect the Indonesian court system. These judges, these Indonesian judges to an Australian back here, that's a slap in the face to an entire country, giving him the same sentence as Schapelle Corby, this is the bloke who made the bombs who killed so many people. Look, I understand. I don't sympathise and I understand. The problem for any government, liberal, Labor in Australia, we have got to work with the Indonesians so they will turn around and say well will turn around and say well x, Howe did captain ee mat, get away, they throw things back at us. You have to work with Indonesians but for people, every day Australians, no wonder they are upset. They are a tough neighbour. They are a lot easier than some neighbours we could have. I love your views on Qantas. the Federal Government The airline has warned is allowed to double its stake it could disappear if Etihad Airways in Virgin Australia. Well, we should assist Qantas. Qantas is an Australian icon. It's a hugely important piece of Australian infrastructure. I don't think it's going to go under, if Etihad increased their stake holding. Already, Air New Zealand and Richard Branson have much larger stakes as foreign investors in Virgin than Etihad but look, we have to make a decision about whether Qantas does become a major international airline with a majority ownership oversays or whether we want to retain it and pay a price for retaining it as an I suppose the going broke threat is Australian icon.

an ambit threat, no-one really expects that. But I thinkallan joys is making the point, we have got to compete about all these airlines that are subsidized by governments. We have these shackles on us about how we operate and ownership. Have a level playing field. Let us free if you like. There is always tension there between the fact that Australians are really proud to have your own airline in Qantas. But the tension as well. Does the government need to move to take those shackles off Qantas? As I say, the minister for aviation take those shackles off Qantas? Sna will be able to go through it in greater depth than I can. You've got a real tension in making sure that you provide the best possible prices for consumers, the flexibility in a competitive market and also respecting an Australian icon. joys is doing a great job. He has respecting an Australian icon.Allan

been under the pumps. The unions have been outrageous with Qantas, all strength to his right arm for

changing the company. Thank you for joining us