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I could fill a large book with the regulations that regulations that council has come out with. This man from the ratepayers Association believes that enough is enough. It should be used in a manner that is beneficial to the ratepayers. Not caused all this trauma. It is Micro Management that borders on the nanny state. Anything that bends her mean pictures -- homing pigeons to the colour of your colour of your house and roofs. 564 local councils issuing more than 50,000 different laws across the country. It is not a laughing matter. It is costing new homebuyers. This is the stuff that costs investment, it stops new homes being built, it stops jobs happening. Councils are strangling projects to death. Council rules are so restrictive in new suburbs that developers are pulling the pen or passing on the extra costs. How much is this red tape pad into the cost of your average house? In the tens of thousands. It ends up being paid for by a new buyer. And God forbid if they want a kennel for their dog glory horse. Get the craziness out of houses -- councils. Coming up, this woman has cancer. It is a major life crisis. But she was not sick enough for Santa Lent. It a new Nissan Navara ST 4x4 At Nissan now you can get and features with more power than ever before. free nudge bar and tow bar. Plus, for a limited time, I'm on a health kick. Cereal, please. of that gluten-free cereal? Do you have any like cardboard, maybe? That doesn't taste I'm allergic to wheat.

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A woman battling breast cancer has another fight on her hands. She was told she did not qualify for a disability support pension because they can say is not a severe impairment. You are not able to be compassionate of people who have got cancer. She was battling breast cancer for the second time in 12 years. This time she has been forced to take on disability services as well. It has been a witch hunt. They told me that they need more information. Having surgery to remove a tumour from her right breast, she is now undergoing chemotherapy. She thought she would qualify for a disability support pension. It is a life-threatening illness. It is a life Despite a doctor confirming that illness. It is a life crisis.

she could not work for at least Jets years, her application was refused. I find it terrible. Terrible to deal with. Her husband is now her full-time carer. I want some common sense brought into the equation. And compassion. Already on and allow once, it went on the pension. An extra $50 per week. I am just fed up with it all. A terrible situation. We took her case to the head office. A spokesman had this update for us. Based on a collection of medical evidence, not just the cancer diagnosis, we have been able to say that she, under the rules, is eligible for disability support pension. We are very sympathetic to her situation. The staff who have been involved have pursued this case to the final degree. A good result finally. Thank you for the response. A quick update on the one Juan Mata switch campaign we told you last night. They were after 25,000 switch campaign we told you about

people. They have done better that. 35,000 people have joined the people. They have done better than

campaign. It is not too late if you want to. More details are on our website. That's all we had time for. Thank you for your company. See you again tomorrow. RUBY: Previously on Home and Away... Ruby was just telling me the news. that planned, you know. Well, I don't think it was move in with someone? How could you accidentally I'm pregnant. The financial risk will be worth it successful business. once we have our own That doesn't have to change in the picture. just because there's a baby because everything has changed. Yes, it does have to change, Ruby, we have to forget them. Whatever plans we had before, Do you understand that? of post-natal psychosis. I'm afraid Bianca's showing signs (GASPS) She believes her baby died... someone else's child. ..and that you showed her I can't leave Heath. Do you wanna go get a coffee? I'm just trying to comfort you. Dex, don't! right now. Yeah, I just want to be alone looked after her. JETT: I should have taken better care of her. I should have Hey. is not your fault. What happened to your mum Hey, man. DEX: Hey! you were sea-active again. Didn't realise just yet but, uh... Yeah, well, I can't get on my board clear my head. ..yeah, I just wanted to I bet. your impending fatherhood. I heard about Does that mean Indi knows? She's the one who told me. Wow. You must really hate me. I don't hate you. as to how you got yourself I'm just rather baffled into this situation. I keep asking myself the same thing. Anyway, it's done now. are back together. I heard you and April Yeah. All good? I think so. Maybe. Go talk to her. Well, if something's up, fix it. giving her some space at the moment. Yeah, I think I'm meant to be Look, it's your call but, uh, let the small things slide Indi and I and look where we ended up. G'day. Can we get three flat whites and two muffins? Thank you. And would you like something? No. What about hot chocolate, a bit of cake? How old do you think I am? Just the coffees. Thanks very much. GINA: The song you picked for the service - was that a favourite of your mum's? What does it matter? No-one else bothered to show. It sounded like she lost contact with her friends over the last year or two. But, Jett, what's important is that you were there to say a proper goodbye. Look, you didn't have to come, OK, so just...just forget it. We wanted to support you and honour your mum's memory. Yeah, of course. VJ: Hey. I heard about your mum. I'm really sorry. What's it to you? VJ's just trying to be a mate. Yeah, well, he's not my mate. He didn't know Mum. None of you did. So you can all just stop acting like you care! Jett, wait! Leave it, Gina. VJ, it's OK, mate. He's hurting badly. INDI: What are you doing here? Can I come in? Yeah. I ran into Dex and he, um...told me that you knew about Ruby's pregnancy. I wanted to apologise because you should have heard it from me first. I just needed some time to... ..sort my head out before I talked to you. Well, I know now. Look, I can't imagine how this must feel. Ruby and I were just taking it one day at a time. You know, having...a baby was never part of the picture. It's your business, OK, and this whole thing is too...weird. It'd be better if you just go. Indi, I don't want to leave things unsaid. I think Ruby said it all when she told me she was pregnant. When did she do that? This afternoon at the caravan park. What were you doing at the caravan park? I was going to... to you about the loan. I know I need to pay you back quickly, now more than ever. It wasn't about the money. Don't do this. Indi, I need to know what you're feeling. What do you want me to say? You're having a baby with another woman.