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(generated from captions) needs to be a rejection of

protectionism in all its forms. Now same-sex marriage

will be back on the agenda in

Canberra today with the House

of Representatives report into

two separate bills advocating

reform to be tabled in

Parliament. One of the bills

was introduced by Labor's

Stephen Jones who joins us now

from Canberra. Good morning to

you. Based on the submissions

to this committee and the tenor

of thetaryings, how supportive

do you expect it to be for bills supporting same-sex

marriage? I hope the report of

the committees reflecting the

evidence and certainly the

evidence that I've seen because

whether you look at the survey

response to the committee's

inquiry whiched an overwhelming

majority of Australians

supported a change to the law,

or the evidence and the weight

credibility of the evidence of the evidence and the

that was put before the committee, it really does

appear that there is now, if

not overwhelming then a majority Australian support for

a change to the law. You have

one of those two bills as I

mentioned supporting same-sex

marriage. When do you expect

debate on your bill to

begin? Debate will begin again

today. Lit not be concluded

before the winter recess. So before the winter recess. So I

expect it to continue on into

July and August. With a vote on

the bill some time towards the

later part of the year. How

many speakers? Have you look at

the speakers list? Are many of

your colleague s willing to get

up and say anything about your

bill? I would be surprised if

there aren't a majority of

member of the House wanting to

speak on this matter. With ve

had a number of people already

express interest in speaking on

the legislation both for and

against. I expect there would

be a good public debate and a

good parliamentary debate as

the legislation goes back into

the Parliament. We understand

the Green s bill put forward by

Adam Bandt don't want to vote

on that until the Coalition

decide to have their MPs given

sensitive a conscience vote on this

sensitive issue. Is that a

course of action you would consider? On the conscience

vote, I think Tony Abbott

should let his MPs have a free

vote on. This the Liberal Party

is suppose toad b a part of

small Government, that the

Government has no ability to

dictate moral effort s. If the

Liberal Party is to remain true

allow his MPs to have a free to its Liberal maxims he should

vote and do it now. I don't think that should be holding up the consideration of this matter before the

Parliament. Of course Labor MPs

have been grant add conscience

vote already on your bill. The

person exercise s ing the most

powerful vote is the Prime

Minister and she of course is

strident ly opposed to what

you're planning to do. How

Prime Minister's lack of separating do you find the

support for same-sex marriage? The Prime Minister

has & allowed the free vote on

this matter. To her credit, we

had a good debate at our

national conference where we

changed our platform on this

matter to permit the

recognition in Federal law of

marriage equality. The Prime

Minister has made her views

known but I can tell you categorically she has done

nothing to suppress debate

either within the Caucus or the

Parliament on this. She is saying our Caucus is entitled

to their own view on this but

she's made her mind up and it's

unlikely to change. That said,

I think the view within the

Caucus should reflect the view

within the community - that, is

that the majority of

Australians think this is a change as time has

come. Interesting to see how