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Tonight - the world waits as

Greek voters decide the fate of

the Eurozone. A good report for

the ACT's economy, but others

across the country are struggling. Mission on hold -

UN monitors suspend their

operation in Syria amid

escalating violence. And the

kick that sealed a nail-biting

win for the Wallabies against

Wales. COMMENTATOR: And it's a

great shot! It's over! Good

evening. Craig Allen with ABC

News. Voting is under way in

what could be the most crucial

election in Europe's recent

history. Greek voters are faced

with a stark choice - support

tough austerity measures in

order to stay in the Eurozone

or reject the bailout deal and

leave the common currency. If

they choose the latter, the

shock waves will be felt not

just in Europe, but throughout

Philip Williams is in Athens the world. Europe correspondent

where voting is continuing

tonight. This really is the

moment of truth, not just for

the Greeks but potentially for

the whole world, because what

happens here could affect the

global economy. CHANTING. It's

a rare moment when Greeks have

reason to celebrate - a

Football Victoria tri-over

Russia providing a welcome

moment of joy in a country

trapped in a cycle of misery.

But the realities of five years

of recession are never far away

of the soup kitchens are the

most obvious sign of a country

under stress with a growing

list of clients who used to

have homes and jobs. In the

streets and markets, the new

poor are less visible, but with

salaries down 25%, stall

holders here report takings

have halved. Everyone cutting

back, making do and hoping for

better days. With weary resignation, they are returning

to polling stations where just

six weeks ago the election

failed to produce a government. There are dire

warnings from the centre Right

New Democracy and Socialist

Parties that a Left-wing

Syriza-led administration will

mean a catastrophic exit from

the Eurozone Running out of

cash in the middle of July and

the banking system which is on

a lifeline, on life support,

will bring them to the

negotiating table. Giorgos

Papakonstantinou signed the bailout memorandum and

authorised the austerity cuts.

He is widely hated in Greece

today. His Pasok party has

already been decimated. This

time it appears it's down to

Syriza or New Democracy. There

will be a lot of pressure,

domestic and European and

international on all political

leadership in Greece to form a government. Many Greeks have

been angered by what they see

as meddling from world leaders,

especially Germany's Angela Merkel.

TRANSLATION: It's so important

that the Greek elections

preferably lead to a result in

which those that form a future

government say, "Yes, we will

stick to the agreements ." But

the survival of the Eurozone is

at stake. The greater fear that contagion will flow to Spain

and Italy. Too big to fail,

perhaps too big to save. This

really is a turning point. What

we don't know is whether it's

for better or for worse, but

whoever wins takes over a

government in poor shape and an

economy still teetering on the

edge. Leaders of the world's most powerful economies will

get updates on the Greeks r

Greek election results as they

make their way to Mexico. The

G20 is meeting there with the

financial instability coming

from Europe at the top of their

agenda. Chief political

correspondent Mark Simkin

reports from the Mexican resort

city of Los Kabos Some of the

leaders will spend as much time

in the air as they will here on

the ground. None of them have

arrived as yet and yet the

security is already

intimidatingly tight. It is a

brief summit, but it is an

important one. 209 leaders want

to achieve two things - they

want to put more pressure on

Europe to get its financial

house in order, and they want

to be able to fire wall the

rest of the global economy in

case there is a Greek tragedy

I think we're on our way to

having a very responsible

discussion that could clarify

the alternatives that will

allow us to face the times

specific Li the topic of Europe. No-one here is

expecting any great reforms to

come from this. There are

already divisions between

countries and indeed within

countries, including this one,

about whether a country like

Greece should be slashing its

budget right now or should be

actually spending money to try

to stimulate growth.

CHANTING Julia Gillard will use

the summit to present Australia

as a successful middle course

between those extremes. The

Prime Minister flew out of

Australia this morning. So the

time something crucial here and

so are the stakes F this summit

is to be a success, then it

will be remembered not just for

what it achieved but also what

it pre tent vented. The Labor

Party is rallying around one of

the key Independents who put

them in office, Tony Windsor.

The ALP is targeting the man

whom the Nationals want to defeat him at the next

election. A Labor official

claims Richard Torbay discussed

joining the party to become New South Wales Premier three years

ago, but Mr Torbay disputes

that investigation of events.

Here is political correspondent

Greg Jennett. He is nothing if

not adaptable. (Sings) heading

off to the National Party. Six

years ago, Richard Torbay stood

for wiping out the Nationals.

Last week he became one. The

New South Wales Independent

decided Federal Parliament

doesn't need independence, so

he wants to remove Tony Windsor

from it. Look, I don't think

it's personal, I think that the

Independents generally have

inflicted a lot of damage. But

just what sort of politician is

the National Party getting? The

fact is Mr Torbay was prepared

to rejoy the Labor Party less

than three years ago if a deal

could be done for him to become


Absolutely a creation and it

is a lie and it just shows you

that they will do and say

anything. It was 2009. Labor

was about to dump its Premier

and hadn't quite settled by

then on Kristina Keneally as

the replacement. Everyone

agrees Richard Torbay spoke to

the ALP about signing him up,

but any meeting with Sam

Dastyari on the eve of the

leadership ballot is seriously

in dispute It's very convenient

for Mr Torbay to pretend that

these events didn't occur. The

fact is they did occur. I know because I was there.

This is the spin that's being

put on it in order it try and

defame me. Reputations very

much at stake for Parliament's

other high-profile Independent,

Peter Slipper. The Government

is convinced a Liberal plot

will be exposed as the Federal

Court definitely delves into

the sexual harassment case

against him Because the

Commonwealth believes that there are other motives here,

there are political motives and

that argument was put in the

court on Friday. The Liberal

who wants Mr Slipper's seat is promising full cooperation with

the court. Look, I will just

provide all of my emails and

all of my text messages and

others can judge whether that's inappropriate. Opponents

already have. It's boom or

bust, depending on where you

live. A new report confirms big

gains from Australia's mining

boom, but warns much of the

country is missing out. But the

ACT is faring better than other

non-mining regions. It's no

secret WA benefits most from

Australia's mining boom. Parts

of Queensland and New South

Wales are also prospering. But

a new report is shedding light

on the losers. We can't just

keep on going on saying the

mining boom will solve all our

problems. In fact, it's created

problems of its own, according

to an economic snapshot

released in Canberra. It warns

the benefits of the mining boom

are unevenly distributed across

the country. That's crowding

out other activity and leaving

many regions worse off The net

benefits are a lot less than

what people are assuming and

that's why we need an inquiry

to look into that. The report

has been unveiled at a meeting

of local governments. It

laments inadequate spending and

calls for more dedicated

spending on local

infrastructure projects flts We

need to seriously do something

about this, otherwise the

mining boom ultimately will

come to an end and the national

economy is going to be in

serious trouble. But there is a

brighter picture for the ACT

where fortunes aren't tied up

in the mining boom. A lot of

the government services that

have to do with mining come

from here. For a long time, the

ACT's advantage has been it's

got a lot of well paying jobs

and reasonably affordable housing. The report confirms

ACT households enjoy some of

the highest disposable incomes

in the country and the ACT's

productivity is still well

ahead of the national

average The largest part of our

economy is related to public administration and government

and that provides stability

that other regions don't

necessarily have. The Territory

is also among some of the

fastest growing regions when it comes to government spending. They don't always see

eye to eye, but today the

Catholic and Anglican churches

united in opposition to

same-sex marriage. Church

leaders urged politicians to

block any move in Federal

Parliament to re-define

"marriage", but same-sex

marriage advocates say the

churches are peddling fear and

ignorance. Church and state may

well be separate, but that

doesn't stop religion joining

the political debate Marriage

is an institution between a man

and a woman. As Federal

Parliament prepares to debate

same-sex marriage, church

leaders are uniting. This

morning's sermons in Sydney's

Catholic and Anglican churches

were coordinated We generally

paddle our own way, about you

this is important

enough. Parishioners have been

urged to write to their MPs and

urge the status quo Do they

really think you can change

marriage by definition? They

will soon realise you can't do

t but you can create bad

consequences by trying to do it. One consequence the

Catholic Church fears is that a

new legal definition of

marriage will put it at odds

with the law There may be

pressure to compel us to

recognise commeks marriages in

our schools, in charities, aged

care and adopt services. This

we cannot do. The Greek

Orthodox Church has also joined

the push The rules and

regulations are very clear the

way they came down from cloift.

This is not sep accepted.

I would like to send a

message to those priests and

parishioners that we come in peace. Those advocating

same-sex marriage include some

within the church. They, too,

want to be heard. The enemy is

not the gay person or the gay

couple. Can I say the enemy

here is ignorance, and that is

what Australian Christian Lobby

are relying upon. In bills

before Federal Parliament, the

lobbying is intense. Debate

could begin in the Lower House

tomorrow. A good Samaritan has

been killed while helping

strangers involved in a car

crash is Sydney's south-west. 492-year-old pulled over after

seeing a three-car collision on

the Hume Highway last night,

but as he was helping, a fourth car ploughed into the crash

site. It is the sort of accident that happened every

day on Sydney's roads, but this

one claimed the life of a

passer-by who was just trying

to help A gentleman witnessed

the accident and in an act of

being a good Sam Marton has

gone to en - Samaritan has gone

to render assistance and very

tragically as suffered these

fatal injuries. The 42-year-old

saw the three-car accident on

the Hume Highway around 8 last

night. He pulled over to help.

It was then that a fourth car

drove into the crash site. The

man died there, but exactly how

is unclear As to whether that

vehicle has impacted with this man, that's yet to be

determined, and that obviously

will be done through the crash

unit. The same highway was the

scene of a similar tragedy just

four months ago. About 100km

south near Mittagong, a tow

truck driver and a woman he was

helping were hit and killed by

a truck. Police don't want this

accident to deter people from

helping others, but they say

people need to look carefully

at a situation before jumping

in to lend a hand We as police

just urge people in taking out

these good Samaritan acts

ensure their own safety as

well. Walid's familiar is

disstrugt but proud Helped

everyone, never let anyone

down. Of he was very highly

respected. Looked after

everyone. His kids came number

one, his mum, his wife. He

leaves behind six children. And

police are investigating a

fatal crash involving a

motorbike and a car south of

Tharwa. The accident happened

this afternoon on Orroral Road.

A man came off his motorbike,

was pinned under the car and

died at the scene. The driver

of the car wasn't hurt and is

helping police with their

inquiries. The United Nations

has been forced to suspend its

mission in Syria fwaus of

escalating violence. The UN

says its 300 unarmd observers

are facing unacceptable risk

and will return to their bases. Middle East correspondent Anne

Barker reports. It it's the

clearest sign that the peace

plan brokered by envoy Kofi

Annan has collapsed. A new

assault on the city of Homs

began yesterday and human

rights activists claim 1,000 families are surrounded by

pro-government troops. Fighting

continues in several cities.

The government blames the

bloodshed on rebels and what

they call armed terrorist

groups, but rebel fighters say regime forces are

responsible. The UN monitors had initially made a

difference, but in the past 10

days, an intensification of

violence has put them under new

risk of attack and prevented

them from monitoring the widely

ignored ceasefire Innocent

civilians - men, women and

children - are being killed

every day. It also poses a

significant risk to my unarmed

observers. The opposition

Syrian National Council I says

the peace plan is dead. It's

also high time they announced

that the mission has failed,

even the whole initiative of Mr

Annan has failed T has failed

even from the very

beginning. Foreign ministers

meeting in Turkey have

reiterated their bagging for

Kofi Annan's plan and say it's

all they have We've got to make

it work, we've got to make it

stick and we need that

ceasefire. We need a ceasefire

that means that both sides, but primarily the side that has

state power, stop the guns, and

we need the weaponry, the half

I have weaponry, the tanks, the

artillery pulled out of

populated areas. Thousands more

Syrians have fled into neighbouring countries in

recent days. 21 years after

winning the Nobel Peace Prize,

Burma's pro-democracy leader

Aung Sang Suu Kyi has finally

received her award. She said

being named Nobel laureate gave

her strength during two decades

of house arrest and isolation I

began to understand the

significance of the Nobel

Prize. It had made me real once

again. The Nobel Peace Prize

opened up a door in my

heart. She pledged to keep up

her struggle for democracy

following a year of sweeping

changes in her

homeland. Australia is being

called on to lead the push to have Antarctica given World

Heritage status. It's claimed the nomination would provide

another layer of protection for

the frozen wilderness, but the

Australian Government has already indicated its

opposition to the move. It's

Earth's greatest surviving wilderness, but Antarctica is

not included on the World

Heritage list. It's very intact

in terms of its condition and

it's also a very remarkable

wilderness area in the sense of

its features, environment and

totally different from anywhere

else on the planet. Politicians, scientists

and conservationists have come

together in Hobart to discuss

the case for nominating the

frozen continent. This is an

additional layer of protection

in which the whole world can

share. But it's argued the

Australian Antarctic Treaty

convention which is currently

meeting in Hobart, already

provides enough protection So I

see no reason why there would

be any advantages for a World

Heritage listing.

There are only 50 state

parties to the technology

treaty system, whereas there

are over 190 to the World

Heritage convention. Yet there

are concerns the World Heritage

push could reignite the debate World Heritage

nomination and listing wouldn't

actually go to affect the

sovereign status of those

territorial areas. The Greens

and Coalition have already

shown support for a listing in

the Senate three years ago We

believe that Australia can

promote a cooperative approach

that will result in World

Heritage listing. But the

Government is not on side. We

need to ask ourselves is there

a practical benefit in pursuing

World Heritage listing, and

could there be significant

downsides. Campaigners will

hold talks with Federal

Parliament's International

Treaties Commission next week

in the hope of starting the

long process of preparing a

World Heritage nomination. To

sport now and the Wallabies

have pulled off a great escape

with a Mike Harris penalty

after the siren securing

victory over Wales. The Welsh

looked set for their first

victory in Australia in more

than 40 years before the

Wallabies denied them at the

death to take an unbeatable 2-o

o 0 lead in the best of three

series. Blake Kay by

reports. This is the moment

that saved the Wallabies from defeat COMMENTATOR: There is

the angle and it's a great

shot! It's over!. In just his

Second Test, Mike Harris seemed

unfazed by the

pressure Obviously a kicker's

dream to be able to win the

game and I was unsuccessful in

my last Test against Scotland,

so it was nice to be able to

put it over.

I have a lot of faith in

Mike. He is a very good goal

kicker, and I knew of all

blokes out there, he was the

one who wanted to kick it the

most. It was clear from the

opening minutes Australia had a

fight on its hands. COMMENTATOR: What a

start, Wales!. Berrick Barnes

barely made it to Melbourne for

the match after the birth of

his child, but his limited

preparation didn't affect his

kicking. He also set up the

Wallabies' first try Berrick

Barnes picked up brilliantly.

Rob Horne and a try to the men

in gold. Wales responded

shortly after half-time to take

back the lead. Australia's

course wasn't helped when

Cooper Vuna was yellow carded

and cited for a dangerous

tackle. Leigh Halfpenny went

kick for kick with Barnes And

the direction is spot-on yet again!. But the Australian

fly-half missed one with 7

minutes to play and hobbled

off, paving the way for Harris

to come on and make himself the

hero. Former Wallabies captain

Stirling Mortlock has announced

he will retire at the end of

the Super Rugby season. In the

NRL, the Sydney Roosters have

taken victory from the Tigers.

In other games, the Rabbitohs

and Titans had comfortable

wins. Missing their captain

Robbie Farah, the Tigers fell

just short in a sometimes emotionally charged game. It

was an emotional afternoon for

the Tigers players and fans who

jammed into Leichhardt Oval.

Before the game, they rose to

pay trib ball to Robbie Farah's

mother, who passed away this

morning. The home side scored

the opening points. But the

Roosters managed four tries to

lead by 20 at half-time. The

Tigers slipped further behind

early in the second half. But

their search for an 8th

successive win was reignited

with five tries. When Beau Ryan

thundered in under the posts,

hopes of an unlikely win gamed

momentum. Chris Laurence's

converted try reduced the

Roosters' lead to 8 points. But

Martin Kennedy's try sealed the

Roosters' win. The Titans had

lost five of their six home

games this season. A Scott

Prince bomb set them on their

way against the Panthers. Here

is a chance. Penrith's attack

lifted but the flying Michael

Jennings was cut down and Gold

Coast came up with two runaway

tries against the run of

play. Both clubs managed three

converted tries in the second

half with the Titans eventually

winning by 18 points. O'Dwyer

now will score. Last night Greg

Inglis was at fullback for

Souths, a role he may have to

fill for the Maroons in the

next State of Origin. Despite

carrying an elbow injury,

Inglis again showed how

damaging he can be in that

position. The win consolidated

Souths' place in the eight a

head of Friday's clash with the

Broncos. The second to 8th

placed clubs are separated by

just 2 points. The Sea Eagles

and Storm complete the round

tomorrow night. In the AFL,

Hawthorn has had a big victory

over br. Last night the Suns

came close to winning their

first game of the season, and this afternoon the Bulldogs

beat Port Adelaide, and Hawks

beat the Lions by 11

goals. Tiger Woods will start

the final round of the US Open

in San Francisco five strokes

off the pace. On a challenging

course, Jim Furyk and Graeme

McDowall share the lead at one

under. John Senden is the best

placed Australian after firing

a 68. The third round started

with this man in a share of the

lead, but Tiger's day never

really got started despite

displaying poison the Greens I'm definitely still in

the ball game. Only five back

and I will certainly do well on

this golf course, that's for

sure. Graeme McDowell's shot on

the last gave him a shot in

tomorrow's final pairing. If I

can go out there testimony and

just try and go out and do my

job and if it's good enough,

great, if not, perhaps I will

drink a cold beer and get over

T Playing with him will be

2003 US Open winner Jim Furyk

who made three birdies in his

even par round of 70. In fact,

the course only yielded sub-par

rounds on Day 3. One way to

overcome the difficulty of

these greenses was demonstrated

by John Pietersen on the 13th. At Euro 2012, Greece needed a

win over Russia to advance

after going all out in defence,

a rare attacking moment allowed the Greeks to cash

in. COMMENTATOR: It's 1-0 to

Greece, 10 seconds from the end

of the half. Giorgios

Karagounis! In the other match,

a second-half strike ended the

campaign of host nation

Poland Jiracek scores a big

goal for the Czech Republic. It

was wet and windy at

Silverstone during qualifying

for the Grand Prix. Valentino

Rossi went down He had that

crash this morning he looks

OK. Honda rider Alvaro Bautista

took advantage, securing his

maiden career pole I just wait

for tomorrow's race, see what

weather we have and just push

the maximum. Australia's Casey

Stoner will start third as his

team continues to tipger with

the bike set-up. - tinker with the bike set-up. Two-thousandths of a

second was all that stood

between Melissa Breen and her

Olympic dream. Breen, the 100m

national champion, fell just

outside the official A

qualifying time for the London

Games, but last week the

21-year-old was granted a discretionary selection for

Australia's Olympic team, a

happy ending after an agonising

wait. Melissa Breen had massive

Olympic dreams so it was with a

touch of irony that such a

small amount of time had

threatened to derail her bid

for London Two -thousandths is

about the size of a 5 cent

piece. She now it would be a

challenge I claim agonisingly

close. I ran nine B qualifiers,

so just so close.

It's not so much the

distance, more the mental

damage it does in terms of

trying to be up every time and

looking at the clock every time

and going, "Oh, I'm so close

but not there." Breen and her

coach decided to pull the pin

of running an A qualifier. I

couldn't do that to myself. I

couldn't pretend because it would just hurt a whole lot more. Instead, she trained for

the upcoming European

season The last six weeks have

been just living in limbo land.

I had no idea what would

happen. After such a unique and

challenging wait, Breen finally

heard the news she had been

hoping for I got the phone call

and I was with my mum and she

was in tears straightaway and

it was so many emotions were

running through me. Still early

in her running career, Breen isn't apologising for soaking

up the achievement, but knows

there is an important job right

around the corner. I hope I

will have three or four in my

career, but right now this is

my turn. A chance to prove she

is among the world's best. She

has waited long enough. To the

weather now and it has been a

another cool and cloudy day

here in Canberra. A few showers

around the region itself, but

staying dry in the city. 12

degree this afternoon after a

pretty mild night of 4. Strong

winds across the border and

alpine snow:

There's been some cloud

sweeping up from the Bight over

towards New South Wales, but

most of the country is actually

quite clear. The strong winds

have come from a trough that's

now moving well off the coast,

but a high pressure system is

bringing fine weather for most

of the country. There's plenty

of sunshine in store tomorrow

for Sydney and Brisbane:, the

Alice and for Darwin.

And that's the latest from

the Canberra newsroom, but you

can keep up to date at ABC

Online and on Twitter. We leave

you with with pictures of a school of whales spotted off

the coast on their journey

north. I'm Craig Allen. Thanks

for your company. Goodnight.

Closed Captions by CSI.