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(generated from captions) Make me premier - for the National Party a star recruit to become a Labor leader. accused of trying that's just become front page news. This morning - the secret deal Greece goes to the polls - Decision time - the start of the end for the Euro? could today's election mark Father of the internet - who changed our lives forever. we meet the man So what's his next big idea? And Caviar on course. We join our most famous sports star of her life. as she prepares for the race of Weekend Sunrise begins now. Our Sunday edition for the sunrise BAND: (SINGS) # Reach out to the big sky. # # Put your hands in this is Weekend Sunrise Live from Studio 52, and Andrew O'Keefe. with Samantha Armytage There is a beefy bottom end on your Sunrise this morning, isn't there? It skews me. -- excuse me. and welcome to the show. Good morning, everyone later in the show. Looking forward to meeting Vint Cerf of the internet. He's widely regarded as the father in the production office - And that got us talking the world's greatest invention ever? is the internet as the most crucial breakthrough? What do you rate Well, the internet is pretty cool. It has changed the way we think about society, in a way, hasn't it? Its amazing. The printing press was a big thing. The Plough was pretty big. That moved us from being hunter-gatherers to living in towns and cities. Hair straighten us. They are very good. As always, we'd welcome your views. as the best invention ever? What do you rate a weather snapshot from JT. But right now - let's get Good morning, I'm at the National Dog agility trials in NSW. I hope you can hear me. Let's have a look at what is happening around the nation. Around the country today - for Victoria a few showers New South Wales. and parts of and Western Australia A fine day for Queensland the rest of the nation. Partly cloudy for As the rest of the world focuses on London, let's not forget about our four-legged friends today. They will be more with a shortly. Good morning. in a crucial election Greece is heading to the polls today future in the eurozone. which could determine the country's by investors around the world The vote is being closely watched who fear a Greek exit from the Euro into turmoil. will send global markets has pledged its support The conservative New Democracy party for the EU's bailout plan, austerity measures. and the associated is calling for a new deal. While rival leftist party Syriza has warned the debt-laden country German Chancellor Angela Merkel the terms of its bailout package. it will not be able to renegotiate suspended their mission in Syria United Nation peace monitors have across the country. because of escalating violence Government troops and rebel fighters to put down their weapons have refused despite a ceasefire agreement into affect two months ago. which was meant to come With no cease-fire to monitor, the United Nations monitoring team in Syria has judged it to be a dangerous waste of time. They have decided to wait in the hoped that the situation improves. UN observers will not be conducting patrols. They will stay in their locations until further notice. Engagement with the parties will be restricted. The UN believes that their arrival in Syria in April did bring about a brief lull, but steadily, their position has been eroded by gradual escalations in the violence, particularly over the last 10 days. They have come under fire as they have sought to monitor the civilian massacres that define a Syria's descent into all-out conflict. Whatever protection the Thin Blue Line provided, for the people who are caught up in fighting, that is gone. Aung San Suu Kyi, Burma's Opposition Leader, Nobel Peace Prize speech - has finally delivered her 21 years after winning the award. on her behalf in 1991, Her two sons accepted the prize while she was under house arrest. her fight for democracy. Overnight, she vowed to continue institutions and practices I believe that democratic of human rights. are necessary for the guarantee for 'cautious optimism' The political activist has called towards democracy. in her country's move Two men have been taken to hospital in Sydney's south-east. following a shooting outside a home in Eastlakes Police were called to Barber Avenue around 10:00 last night. On arrival, non-life threatening gunshot wound. officers found a man suffering a to hospital. A second man took himself in a fight with a group of men It's believed they'd been involved before they were fired on. immigration detention centres Security at Australia's has been put into question have managed to escape. with revelations hundreds of people 'The Sunday Herald' reports have broken out from detention 524 asylum seekers and over-stayers in the last decade. Nearly one-third remain on the run. The Opposition says is proof the system is under stress. the increasing number of escapees and Nationals recruit Richard Torbay New South Wales Independent MP has lashed out at claims Labor premier in 2009. he negotiated to become Sam Dastyari, claims Labor's general-secretary, eve of the dumping of Nathan Reece. Mr Torbay asked for the job on the pulled out $200 He says the 51-year-old if given the position. and said he would join the party Mr Torbay, who last week announced on Independent MP Tony Windsor he had joined the Nationals to take at the next election, for the seat of New England has denied the allegations. has resumed his duties And Prince Philip after recovering from an infection. the Colour ceremony with the Queen He attended the annual Trooping official birthday. in honour of Her Majesty's Thousands watched on by horse-drawn carriage. as the royal family arrived and 240 horses took part More than 1,600 officers in the impressive display. It must have been great to be there. It was amazing. Did you get any sunny weather? You s, we got a couple of days. To see all of those troops outside Buckingham Palace, lined up and marching, it was extraordinary. I suppose you wanted to be quite cool if you're wearing all that regalia. Those jackets are heavy. By take my hat off to the royals - particularly that day they stood... Kate Middleton was wearing only a little suit, and it was freezing. Are like a good firm all. Me too. And at the Dell likes some good shape where, as we heard yesterday. Coming up - the high profile bikie hit with a $5 million tax bill. We have the inside story. But next - a last-minute kick from a Kiwi saw the Wallabies topple Wales in the rugby. Beretts has all the details, next. And JT has your local weather from the Sydney dogs agility trials. VOICEOVER: When you have a cold or flu it can turn your life upside down. (WHIMPERS) Act quickly - relieve symptoms with adult-strength Demazin cold and flu tablets. The clock is ticking. The Holden 4 Day Sale Event on new and used vehicles is on now. Get incredible deals plus a huge Factory Bonus on a great range of new vehicles.

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about the cheese in my pocket. Are you supposed to feed dogs she is? Yes, yes - not as their total diet, just a treat. Good luck today. Thank you, Sparkle. And good luck NSW. We need to put a Blues Jersey on her. She will have a blue-collar on. You would love a German short- haired pointer, wouldn't you? Yes, we were communicating in German. You just make it more guttural. ( Andrew makes dog sound with German accent). Coming up - dating a 'Playboy' playmate. Coming up - the footy star why it's page three news. We'll tell you Marshall jumps aboard the 'Ghan'. Also this morning - our Paul his travel companions. Wait until you meet the star politician accused But next - a Labor premier. of demanding to become for the National Party? So what's he doing running It's your dinner time. I know, puss. Miaow. Alright, then. Miaow. VOICEOVER: Whiska's Oh...So Meaty, meat you know your cat will love. packed with whole pieces of real Can I pay the bills now, puss? huddled and cuddled... # WOMAN: (SINGS) # I wanna be of the highest rates out there. The new RAMS Saver account has one 5.75%. And you can sign up easily online. (CLICKS TONGUE) Small effort, big gain. Visit: Bonus conditions - each month deposit $200 and make no withdrawals. Aagh! Aaaaagh! Aaaaagh! Aaaaaaagh! Aaaaah! Allianz Insurance. Ah... That's right. How can I help? Allianz - it's one word think of for insurance. two million Australians Hotel Melbourne M-Gallery. at the iconic heritage listed Grand Stadium, Melbourne Aquarium, Close to Crown Casino, Etihad Yarra River's Southbank precinct, DFO South Wharf, and the excuse to escape to Melbourne. this offer presents the perfect an exclusive rate of $159 per night Sunrise viewers are offered studio apartment in a fully self-contained and full kitchen facilities. featuring a grand bed for the first 200 callers. This offer is only available Book online at a rather big problem on its hands. The Federal National Party may have take on Independent MP Tony Windsor The man it last week selected to at the next election, a secret deal in 2009 has been accused of trying to cut in New South Wales. to become the Labor premier page of today's 'Sunday Telegraph'. have been printed across the front to walk us through the papers. The paper's Jonathon Moran is here Good morning to you. So what do you claim he did? Essentially what happened is that Richard war they had some meetings bagging 2009 with the NSW general secretary. They discussed the possibility secretary. They discussed the possibility of him becoming Premier. It's to the point where Richard tour they pulled out $200 from his pocket and said "these are my membership fees".... I guess what this shows it is the depth of discussion that goes behind the scenes in state parliament and Federal Parliament. Yes, you can't claim to beat a nationals men met when you're trying to buy your way into the Labor Party. He was the mayor of Armadale. In has, until 1999. You have to be ambitious to be in politics, don't you? Interesting that it only costs $200 to be the NSW Premier. They got into a lot of trouble back then, so they would have taken 50 bucks. Or those Chinese banquets set them back. Adelaide's 'Sunday Mail' today reveals that the tax office has declared war on bikies? Not just by Keys, there is one guy in particular who is facing $5.5 million in tax bills. What they are broadly looking at is organised crime and broadly looking at is organised crime and this unexplained wealth that these people have. This member of the motorcycle gang has amassed a wealth portfolio of around $20 billion - 40 houses. How did he get that? Servicing bikes. Yes, well I'd pay a lot when I serve as my little Mazda, so... -- service. No doubt we will see a television movie about this soon. You have a page three story in Sydney today on the football star turning into quite the playboy - in more ways than one? Why is this news? It is the news because it happened during the week of the State of Origin. They have been hanging out in hotels. Ricky Stuart is going out and saying "nothing will stop us from keeping our mind on the game". Well, this Gaia has his mind on more than one game. Why was his face pixelated on the front page but then named him with several photographs here. Be is the temptation of dragging someone to page 3. And what relationship does Richard tour they have with Lionel Richie? He is probably trying to get a ticket to go and see him. For or $200.... Lovely to see you. I'm sad we didn't see your shoes, because they are spectacular. Ahead this morning - how trainers solved Black Caviar's home sickness. Our cameras go behind-the-scenes. Also coming up - the election that could change the course of history. We'll take you live to Athens. But next - the latest from the newsroom - including the ducks refusing to obey traffic rules.

Global investors are nervously awaiting the results Shortly - could koalas be facing extinction? of today's Greek election which could determine the country's future in the eurozone. It's feared Greece could exit the Euro if anti-austerity party Syriza wins. Unofficial polls put it neck and neck with the conservative New Democracy Party which supports the EU's bailout plan and tough economic cuts. it won't be allowed to renegotiate the terms of its bailout package. And Egyptians have gone to the polls in a run-off presidential election. They're voting between an Islamist candidate from the Muslim Brotherhood and Hosni Mubarak's ex-prime minister. and those who want to keep religion out of politics. Police are investigating the shooting of two men in Sydney's south-east overnight. Officers were called to a home in Eastlakes around 10:00 following reports of gunfire. On arrival they found a man suffering non-life threatening injuries. A second man took himself to hospital with a gunshot wound to the foot. It's understood they'd been in a fight with a group of four men shortly before the shooting. And a good Samaritan has been killed while trying to help victims of a multi-vehicle pile-up in Sydney's west overnight. Officers arrived at the smash in Warwick Farm to find a man in his 40s laying on the road with serious injuries. who stopped to offer assistance It's believed he was a passer-by before being struck by another car. He died at the scene. has denied claims Nationals recruit Richard Torbay for a missing Australian sailor There a grave fears was discovered in Tonga. after the wreckage of his yacht activated an emergency beacon He and his English shipmate to a relative on Thursday night. and made a distress call on the island of Late. Debris from the boat was found authorities in searching the area. Local fishing vessels have joined has blasted into space. China's first female astronaut crew members lifted off yesterday 33-year-old Lui Yang and two other on the edge of the Gobi desert. from a space centre attempt to dock with a space station The 'Shenzhou-9' capsule will for more than a week. where the trio will work onboard How wonderful. outside the AFL's top eight North Melbourne is only one win over the Gold Coast. after posting a hard-fought victory and 42 disposals Gary Ablett bagged 4 goals in a best-on-ground performance until the final term. as the Suns kept pace with the Roos Brent Harvey kicked four of his own with accuracy as North Melbourne battled for the 7-point win. but managed to hang on doing some goal kicking I think Brett Allison will have us during the week. win by a little bit more. You take your chances you probably You don't, you scrape home. by 12 points. but held off the gallant Giants the Eels 24-6 at ANZ Stadium. The Rabbitohs have dominated when he hyper-extended his elbow Greg Inglis looked troubled the Bunnies cement their spot but played on to see in the NRL's top four. COMMENTATOR: Gets away from Sandow. Pops the ball to Justin hunt. Pops the ball to Justin Hunt. to inspire the Sharks to a 20-19 win And Jeff Robson landed a double over the Warriors at home. a sideline penalty after full time with Mike Harris converting to see Australia snatch a 25-23 win. Man of the match Berrick Barnes for celebration now with a double cause first son, Archie, on Friday night. after his wife gave birth to their childbirth knows Anyone who's been through it's emotionally draining. I was tireder this week than I was last week. after playing two games in a week the damn thing out. And I didn't even push Wales is on June 23 in Sydney. Australia's final test against the Aussie charge John Senden is leading of the US Open midway through the third round at San Fracisco's Olympic Club. for the tournament, Senden is currently 6-over 7 shots off the pace a further shot back. with Adam Scott overnight leader Tiger Woods remains the joint after a second round 70 alongside Jim Furyk and David Toms. It is a big day today. Will Davison handed over to Jamie Whincup. It is going to be a big one. It is a pretty cool in Sydney. The national dog agility championships are concluding today. Plenty of them a -- are warming up right now. partly cloudy. Brisbane, fine, mostly sunny. Sydney, cloudy. Canberra, a few showers. Melbourne, shower or two. Hobart, afternoon a few showers. Adelaide, of a shower. Perth, chance Darwin, fine. Sunny for Dust have a look at this. It is a fascinating sport to come and watch. You are not just watching it for the dogs but for the trainers, their handlers. The way they communicate with their animals is amazing. They are exceptionally talented and the bond is... It is wonderful to watch. They say that they look like their dogs. Can you set-up a line-up of them later so we can test the theory? We will do that in 30 minutes. They are all beautiful or so the owners will be beautiful as well. If you can get one or French bulldog that would be great. I do not want to see you standing next to a German short-haired pointer. this morning A cute yarn off the satellite we thought we'd share with you. We all know the nursery rhyme - over the hill and far away..." "Four little ducks went out one day Now there's video to prove it of Washington. from the American state Here's Allen Schauffler. Traffic has stopped cold. More than a day's work. They are trying to Corral a mother and three ducklings. They waved the traffic through and provide a role in Shield. Don't Dad ducks Walk with the kids as well? The State patrol has other business and the family are on their own. And then this good Samaritan pulls over to help. After a bit of a chase he puts the duckling in his over to help. After a bit of a chase he

car. The - continues and he gets another and more help arrives on the scene. At this point the last two make a break for freedom. They wobble across traffic and the chase is on. Left, right, until this human has human has had it. Just one minute is on. Left, right, until this

later the second good Samaritan pulls over. Pretty soon there are three people waving two coats at pulls over. Pretty soon there are

two backs. -- ducks. The last one is safe now and slow-motion, one of them it flies off after another nightmare commute. What happened to the one that went into the car? I hope so. It turns out the true -- the driver and a Chinese restaurant. That's all for! Ahead this morning - 'Dancing with the Stars'. the finalists in this year's from rehearsals. All three will join us live for Australia's koala population. But next - the dire prediction with New York? And what does it have to do about the Mazda3 range. There's something irresistible of SkyActiv technology And with the choice promising more fun for less fuel, the car that you love driving... loves you back. Mazda3...loves drivers. These aren't just any oats - Uncle Tobys Oats. these are beta-glucan, in something

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to lower cholesterol reabsorption. Uncle Tobys Cholesterol Challenge. So join me in the For plenty of online tools and tips, find Uncle Tobys on Facebook

and make your pledge today. but Australia's koala is under real threat. Take a look at these maps. Before Europeans settled here, about 10 million koalas lived along the east coast in eucalyptus forests. Nearly two-thirds of those forests have since been removed - leaving behind less than 80,000 koalas. The fight to save our furry friend has now gone to New York. That's where we find Deborah Tabart from the Australian Koala Foundation. Good morning to you. Explain to us how serious the threat is. Is there a possibility that they face extinction? I have seen localised extinction in my career in the south-east Queensland population, 25,000 have died in the last 10 years. I truly believe that there is nothing in place to stop them going to extinction. I do not think the law is good enough. We build houses, cut up their habitat and think that they will be there. Even the tourist industry is at risk if we do not get a handle on it. Do you think loss of habitat is the biggest threat? Is there also a disease threat? No, honestly it is about the trees. If you cut down your house you have got nowhere to sleep, to eat and you get sick. You cut the tree down and they start wandering around and a dog and a car gets them. I am not saying they're not getting stick they're not getting stick from disease but their diet is bad. They need a diet like us. People think they can plant a few trees and they will sit there and live happily ever after. It is not as simple as that. As a matter of interest, Arbib different species of koala or is it a generalised threat? It is a generalised threat. There was a Senate inquiry and 200 pages of threats were on there. There is no question that on kangaroo Island, there are koalas that are safe but they were not there originally. The mainland populations of Australia are at risk across the entire country. Look at the map. I have been obsessed about koalas 4 shuis' now and there is not a place in Australia when you can find them doing well. Why are you in New York City, not Canberra? I was there a couple of weeks ago and Senator Brown and others are going to help pass with a call -- going to help us with a koala Protection Act. They did it with the ball -- with the bald Eagle act. The bald Eagle act basically said the species is Sowell important to our country, and Maj-Gen America without it. -- re-imagine America. It is pathetic when you think about it that we sell billions of dollars worth of stuffed koalas and somehow or other we think we can keep cutting their habitat down thinking they will be there forever. In 1929 the Americans stopped the importation of fur. We would have wiped them out then. The Americans are good, they love koalas. I come here readily, there are donors that give us money. And the lawyers will help us. Part of the problem, they are so iconic that people cannot imagine them becoming extinct but there we are, we are heading down that path now. We need to pressure politicians. Thank you so much for your time and good luck in New York and Canberra. We're not far from the latest news and weather. We'll also take you live to Athens as Greece heads to the polls. Also coming up - why a car was blown up within sight of Buckingham Palace. How are you liking the new car? Yeah, good, mate. Leather, sunroof, and if it ever gets written off, no matter how old it gets, GIO will replace it with a brand-new car. Wow. So, even in 12 years time... Oh, my back! (EXCLAIMS) (BOOM!) (ALARM WAILS)

..still gonna get a brand-new car back. VOICEOVER: Take our GIO Platinum Car Insurance within a year of buying your brand-new car, and keep the cover to insure it new - for life. And 21 years after being awarded the Nobel Peace Prize, been able to accept her award. Burma's Auun San Suu Kyi has finally The democracy icon vowed for reconciliation in her country to continue fighting as she accepted her award in Oslo. in London, Martin Frizell. For more let's cross to our man Martin, emotions were high in Oslo? Yes, she was given two standing ovations. If you get the Nobel Prize what you get is an award, some money and to get to make a speech. 21 years ago she got it but has not been able to make the speech until now. They loved her there. She was talking in front of Norwegian royalty, she had flowers in ahead in respect to her father who was assassinated when she was two. She said getting the prize was like a door being open and that it gave her hope. She is the Nelson Mandela, I suppose, off of this century. She's going to Bergin tomorrow with Bono. There is going to be a special concert for her and then she is coming to London, she will address parliament and then she's going to Oxford University to receive an honorary doctorate. aren't taking any chances Moving on and police to the London Olympics. in the lead-up A tourist's car was blown up near Buckingham Palace. after it broke down with a parking ticket. The driver was also issued How did this happen? I drive to work every morning in London and believe me, one car Les and I am not crying. He managed to drive around Parliament Square where there are traps. Westminster and Buckingham Palace are quite close. He parked between the two of them on a yellow lines in London. He left a note saying "PSO, car broken down. Please do not find. -- fine." They slapped the ticket on as it was being towed away. Do you know where he is from? He is actually a business student. He is from Wales, here for just 24 hours. To Scotland now become a global internet hero. where a 9-year-old blogger has Tell us the story? Jamie Oliver is behind her. She has a blog with 5 million people following her. She took photos of her school dinners. Some killjoys saw it, saw the press it might be getting and took care out of and said she could not take getting and took care out of cars

pictures of the school dinners. The press got wind of it and they have had to make a retreat. She's back and she is promising to take pictures of her lunch on Monday. are moving up in the world. Finally, Kate Middleton's family worth more than $AU7 million. They've just purchased a new home helped them prosper? Have their royal connections Well, let me think. You make paper hats and paper cups and Collins'... But they have made a lot of money out of that. They had a house worth about 2 million. It is on a main road, they have got prying eyes. They have decided to move into one that has quite a bit of land. $7 million. A lot of people are asking where they got the money from. You wonder if there is a bit of taxpayers' money being put on to it. That is a bit cynical. The Queen has 8,000 people to an annual garden party, that is a lot of paper cups. That is right. And the bunting to stop all of the bunting in London in the last two weeks, they probably provided that. And paper hats to the entire Bunting family. You feel for the family because there is a lot of attention on them and they do not have the protection that Kate has. You will not be able to see anywhere near this house. It has security. It has got out buildings for policemen, horses, servants, all sorts. Visiting origami artists, that kind of thing. Anyone involved in the paper trade. Do not part your car anywhere near their house. OK, thank you. That is the reason they blew up the car. Because of that best. -- vest. We are going to meet the person who invented the internet in a moment. This person here says the invention of penicillin was important. This is a good one. Speech is the greatest invention. Was it invented? Someone at some point had to come up with a way of expressing abstract thought for the first time. He in the carried it. The telephone is a good one. Toilet paper. The phone? The tin can and the string. The dishwasher and a washing machine. That is part of the revolution for women. And some men! The toothbrush. As soon as that hits England that will be... Keep them coming in. In a moment, we're live to Greece for the election that could change history. And later - our exclusive with Black Caviar. But right now, it's news time with Jess. Good morning. Preparations are being made on the Cocos Islands for a potential influx of asylum seekers. Seven News political reporter Alex Hart has been speaking with worried locals who say they don't have the resources to cope with the arrivals. Welcome to the Copus islands. Not exactly what you envisage when you think of a tropical paradise -- Cocos Islands. This could be Australia's next detention centre. It is an abandoned a township on the west of the island. It appears that it is being prepared to howls of the -- are prepared to Hell's the next influx of asylum seekers. In the past five weeks, there have been four vote arrivals. Locals are concerned about this. We are the first media organisation to come here since the influx begun. We have spoken to a number of locals. They say they are not an egg asylum seekers, they just don't have the resources to cope. -- anti-asylum. This is the only hotel where tourists and locals can gather for a beer, it is currently closed. Tourists are enjoying the spectacular surrounds, and locals would like to stress they are still open for business, but they need better resources on the ground. We want to reassure everybody that it's business as usual. it's business as usual. Please, still come. It seems as though the Australian Federal Police, customs and immigration are taking it seriously. A lot more people have come in over the past few days, along with a huge amount of supplies. Rumours have come in that more boats are still in the water, possibly 5-6 on their way now. This situation will not go away in a hurry. And Seven News reporter Alex Hart will have a full report from the Cocos Islands tonight at 6:00. European leaders have warned an election win by Greece's far left party, Syriza, would have 'unpredictable' consequences for the eurozone. Greeks head to the polls today to either vote against tough austerity measures or in favour of parties which support the EU's bailout package for the debt-stricken country. The leader of the radical Syriza party has vowed to tear up the bailout deal currently on the table and re-negotiate, if he wins. But German Chancellor Angela Merkel made clear overnight the terms of the deal would not changed. UN peace monitors have suspended their activities in Syria following increasing bloodshed in the war-torn country. Government troops and rebel fighters have continued their violent rampage despite a ceasefire agreement. The situation was deemed too dangerous for UN workers to continue their operations. UN observers will not be conducting patrols and will stay in their locations until further notice. Many say the move proves Kofi Annan's peace deal has failed. After 21 years Burma's Opposition Leader, Aung San Suu Kyi, has finally accepted her Nobel Peace Prize. Suu Kyi was under house arrest when she won the award in 1991. She spoke to a delegation in Norway about what the prize meant to her. For me, receiving the Nobel Peace Prize means personally... ..Extending my concern for democracy and human rights beyond national borders. The Nobel peace prize opened up the door in my heart. The political activist vowed to continue her fight for democracy. A man has been killed in Sydney's west overnight after stopping at the scene of a car crash. The 40-year-old had pulled over on the Hume Highway at Warwick Farm to offer assistance after driving past a multiple vehicle smash. It appears that the man was struck by another vehicle passing by. Despite attempts by emergency services, he died at the scene. Police are investigating a double shooting A good Samaritan on the Gold Coast is calling for a car thief to return his beloved dog. Des Payne stopped to help the man who crashed a stolen four-wheel drive at Mermaid Waters yesterday morning. But the driver took off in his car with 7-year-old Dachshund still inside. He's one of the family. He'd be beside himself. I mean, he stresses out when you leave him alone at home. His name is Tou, which is a New Guinea word for 'man'. So just find our little man, please. Officers are still searching for the Mitsubishi Magna. And swimming in this Shanghai pool might take a lot of courage but the view from inside is spectacular. Half the pool is suspended off the 24th floor of the Holiday Inn with the bottom made completely from transparent materials. Swimmers describe the experience like flying - looking down onto the crowded street below. It's the first of its kind to be built in China. You feel for the people looking up, don't you? Well, they're not skinny dipping. You never know to what goes on in the Holiday Inn in goes on in the Holiday Inn in China. Well, Holiday Inn, holiday out. The s, as wise Confucius once said - skinny dipping. And now with sport, here's Beretts. A 4-goal haul to Brent Harvey has lifted North Melbourne to a nail-biting 7-point win over the Suns at Metricon Stadium. Gary Ablett bagged 4 goals and 42 disposals to keep the Suns in the hunt until the final term Harley Bennell kicked two majors to get the home side within reach two minutes from time. COMMENTATOR: And Bennell does the rest and they're back within four. Drew Petrie then nailed a crucial goal to keep the Roos in front as the Suns' loss was further soured by a serious knee injury to defender Seb Tape. Meantime, Richmond managed to hold off a fast-improving Giants side by 12 points at Skoda Stadium. The Wallabies have claimed a thrilling 25-23 win over Wales in Melbourne to clinch the 3-match series. With a 1-point lead in the dying seconds, the Welsh looked set for certain victory until Mike Harris stepped up for a penalty kick after the final siren. COMMENTATOR: It's a great shot. It's over. They're a very good Welsh side. We had to back up from a good week last week but I'm just real proud of them. Australia takes on Wales in the third test next Saturday in Sydney. The Rabbitohs have cruised to an 18-point victory over the Eels at ANZ Stadium, running in four tries to one. Greg Inglis sent a scare through the Bunnies and Queensland Origin camps when he appeared to suffer a serious elbow injury but returned to play a significant role in the win. Oh, mate, just hyperextended it a little bit. Pretty much had to go on for the game. That's the way I wanted to play. Got inside, got a bit of treatment and away we go. Meantime, halfback Jeff Robson scored two second-half tries to guide Cronulla to a thrilling 20-19 win over the Warriors at Shark Park. Nicky Hayden and Valentino Rossi have both suffered almost identical crashes in qualifying at the British MotoGP, leaving them to qualify outside the top six for tonight's race. Alvaro Bautista claimed a career-first pole while Casey Stoner came in third quickest. And a hotly contested battle for the V8 Supercar championship resumes today here in Hidden Valley. Defending champion Jamie Whincup goes into this afternoon's 13th race of the year with a 2-point lead over Ford's Will Davison. Watch the duel play out right here on Seven and 7mate. Check your TV guides. Now to JT and today's weather. Thank you very much. The sound of those engines is very similar to the yapping and barking of dogs here at the National agility championships. We will do that test - you know how they say dogs and their owners sometimes look a light? Here is the test. Here is like love. Holly, indie and rum. Hello, Rum. They are the dogs. The test is - for you in the studio and everyone at home, who belongs to which all? We have got Greg, Annette, Madeleine, Barbara. We have next everyone up, Greg, Barbara, Madeleine and Annette. Have a thing about it. Rahme belongs degrade. (LAUGHTER). Is that a clear? (LAUGHTER). He is just coming for the cheese. Maybe it The rump end Andy, our cameraman. Let me give you a hint. If you could turn around, please. There is a clue. Madeleine is nine years old. That could be a clue. Alright, you were correct - it is Greg and Drum, Barbara and the poodle. We had Madelaine and all other end we had an ate and indeed. -- or above. What do you think about the theory President about the theory President Barack Obama sometimes it's correct, and sometimes it's the opposite. Would you ever put it treatment through the dock was right hip to straighten it end your hair as well? It will have a blow-drying to straighten it. Believe me. Good luck today. When the EU compete? I in the second event after this. Business at the front, party at the back. We will come back in 30 minutes. See you here for some more dog agility. Greeks go to the polls today in an election that could change history. The result may be the start of the end for the Euro. It could even trigger another global financial crisis. Seven News reporter Adrian Brown joins us now from Athens. And our foreign affairs editor, Dr Keith Suter, is in the studio. Adrian, it's just after 1am there now. What's the mood? Not quite - but it is celebratory. The reason is that Greece has defeated Russia denied in the Euro 2012 Soccer Championships. Guess who they are likely to play in their next game? Germany. Exactly. So this financial tussle will be played out on the soccer field. The Greeks haven't had much to celebrate in the last five years, they have been in recession, but tonight they are in the square below me - car horns have been tooting all night long. The mood is celebratory. Politically, there is a sense of foreboding. Tomorrow people know it will be a crucial moment for this country. They are aware that the eyes of the world around Greece. They know the implications of this fraud. It will be a momentous morning. Why it is the likely result? -- what is the likely result? The two parties with the most seats - neither one could form a majority - that is likely to be the case again this time. It will be down to either one of these parties trying to do a deal with a small party. It's not going to be easy. The other problem is that it's hard to get a true indication of where the election is going it was in Greece you don't have opinion polls. There will be exit polls, and once they closed at 7pm local time, we will know within a couple hours who has won. I think there will be days of horse-trading, like last month. There is no chance of Greece leaving the eurozone in the next few months, these beers, in a sense, the end of the beginning, you might say. Someone told me the other day that this is 1913 and they don't know what 1914 will bring. If the anti-austerity party gets the numbers, what will that look like? This new party, which has risen to prominence, it is less than one decade old. It's basically a coalition of social groups and environmental groups, it does not have much governing experience. That is the first problem. People mean well, but they might be experienced in government. That is your first problem. The second problem is that this party is saying that they will want to stay in the euro. They basically have two points - one of them a say they will accept the austerity measures and stay in the euro, and the other one is say they do not accept the austerity measures but they do want to stay in the euro. Then you have the old Communist Party who say they are against the euro and want to get out. They are all trying to find a way of still staying within the euro. The Germans are saying "we are sick of paying for these Greeks". There's a lot of anti-German feeling that comes out in the Greek elections as well. It is a very interesting thing. You have got an egg Greek feeling: egg German feeling, it's not a good look -- anti-Greek feeling, anti-German feeling... If the end result is that they are out of the euro, does the rest of Europe cut them loose, or does Europe crash? You will not crash - let's get this clear, Europe will not crash because Greece pulls out. The problem will be what happens to Greece. Last time there was a high degree of instability the military took over - that was 40 years ago. The worry will be, what happens to Greece? 80% of the people who enter Europe illegally actually enter through Greece. Greece is the doorway to Europe. If Greece falls apart, you can imagine more people from Afghanistan, etc, entering to Europe. They should never have been allowed into the eurozone in the first place. Robert thank you, Adrian. Ahead this morning - the man behind the internet. He'll join us live with his next big idea. And we'll join Black Caviar as she prepares for the race of her life. But next - some racers of a different kind. The V8 drivers who joined the slow lane for a trip across Australia. A special postcard from our Paul Marshall. Get unlimited Optus to Optus mobile voice calls with your new Samsung Galaxy S III on selected plans. Visit your Optus retailer today. Tender, kofta-style lamb, exotic Moroccan spices, tangy mint yoghurt dressing. Add a little exotic to your day with the new Moroccan Lamb sub from Subway restaurants. For a limited time only. Grab yours today. Get triple Qantas Frequent Flyer points for the next two years with your new Samsung Galaxy S III on selected plans. Visit your Optus retailer today. but V8 drivers Lee Holdsworth and Tim Slade took the slow road here to Darwin. Our Paul Marshall hopped aboard the 'Ghan' for a trek across the desert with the Ford duo. COMMENTATOR: He is going to get hit, he is going to get hit. Oh! They just want to go fast - Ford drivers Lee Holdsworth and Tim Slade from Stone Brothers Racing. It's only early days but the blue overall boys are having a ball. Catching the 'Ghan'. 3,000 kilometres from Adelaide to Darwin for this weekend's V8 Supercar round. Nothing fast about it. In the books and magazines, there's lots of information about the tours, if you'd like to do them, let me know. Not a bad life as a race driver - they had their own private carriage. Only one stateroom, though. Scissors, paper, rock, bang. The Ghan is named after the Afghan camel drivers who opened up Australia's red centre 150 years ago. When the train started in 1929, it only went as far as Alice Springs. Just eight years ago, the line was extended to Darwin. You don't catch the Ghan because you're in a hurry. It's 2.5 days to Darwin at average speed of 85km/h. A V8 race car will do that in first gear. The Ghan is more knitting than racing. Not very fast at the moment I don't think, probably 60km/h. (LAUGHS) We're going fast enough or slow enough to see everything that's on the ground beside us. We're looking for a snake, we really want to see a snake. Genevieve Alcock is making her first trip on The Ghan as part of the crew. Remember Tim's stateroom? This is Genevieve's. At the moment we're standing in the kitchen. This is for the guests on this carriage so they have a tea and coffee facility. But at night-time, this actually is my bedroom. It looks like a cupboard but actually a bed pulls down like that and clips in there. This is where I sleep. Genevieve, you sleep in the kitchen. I certainly do. I've been told that everyone who starts gets this cavern. Everyone cops it. After the first night, and a brilliant sunrise, The Ghan stops for a few hours in Alice Springs. And it just happens to be the end of the Finke Desert race - nearly 600 bikes and cars, the biggest community sporting event in central Australia. RACE CALLER: Give them a big welcome. They're on their way to race V8 Supercars in Darwin. John McDowell Stuart came up to this area looking for an overland telegraph line and Alice Springs was chosen because it had permanent water. We're right beside the ancient Todd River bed. It only flows once every two or three years. For Tim and Lee, a chance to race. They're pretty good, I think. They're pretty competitive. They both ride bikes to stay fit between races - not usually on a train. Ever ridden a bike on a train before? No. That's a first. I can't even remember the last time I went on a train. It's time for the top 10 shootout here at Hidden Valley and Lee Holdsworth. And as they pedalled, they watched last year's Darwin race. Lee Holdsworth looks on. Slade across the control line it's a... Mum celebrates, well done, mate. We live, eat and breath racing and I know at home, the first thing I think about when I get up is motor racing and it's about the last thing you think about before you go to sleep. Hey, guys, how you doing? Here's the motor racing fan you, on your way to Darwin. I am. I'm old enough to be his mum. After another night there's a stop in Katherine and a boat trip through the Katherine Gorge. So folks as you can see you've got your freshwater crocodiles here in the water. This is totally new to us to see these amazing gorges Do racing drivers have to shave their legs. No. We just do it because we think it feels really good when we're away from the girls. (LAUGHS) My girlfriend's jealous because mine look better than hers, I think. It's a bike thing. The food's been fantastic have a look. On the train Tim and Lee made friends with the chef. This guy's good. He's been giving us extra ice-cream every day. You're one of the harder ones to recognize. Tim with his jaw, well... The high cheek bones - he's got that GI Joe look about him. GI Joe, what does that mean. Well, he was actually saying he recognised you from your facial... oh, has GI Joe got big chops as well? Yeah, yeah, he's like an army man looking bloke, like, the hero jaw. The Ghan has always been about the journey, not the time. Tim and Lee made it Darwin... slowly... You have just spent 2.5 days together in the same train carriage, still mates? ..but ready to race again today. still mates? Both of the guys pick their highlight as Katherine gorge. They said it was spectacular. It is an incredible place, Katherine gorge. It takes your breath away. Thank you, Beretts. Maybe we will do the show from the Prince of Wales carriage on that train. We would love to produce up there. All the Orient Express. Or maybe the trans-Siberian railway. What is not get carried away. As long as I don't sleep in the kitchen, I will go anywhere. He can sleep in the bar. Yes, I often do. News, sport and weather is straight ahead. Also coming up - the man known as the Father of the Internet. He'll join us live with his future predictions. And later - we join Black Caviar in the UK. How his trainers solved the problem of loneliness. Making news this week.. Bad news for ANU School of Music staff.. as the uni pushes ahead with plans to axe 13 jobs.

Canberra Airport wants to spend 140 million dollars on a high speed rail link.. next to the new terminal. More problems for defence.. as a new report showed little

evidence perpetrators of abuse were held to account. About 30 Queanbeyan nurses went on strike.. against cuts to workers compensation. A firefighter.. uni Vice- Chancellor. . and Questacon Director were among about 50 locals.. recognised with Queen's Birthday honours. Nine TransACT staff've lost their jobs.. after the company was bought out by internet provider.. iiNet. ACT police tasers may be fitted with video cameras.. to ensure they're being used appropriately. Country Energy power bills will soar by about 427 dollars a year.

And Monaro roads were big winners in the New South Wales budget.. with more than 46 million dollars for upgrades. Greece is heading to the polls today in a crucial election which could determine the country's future in the eurozone. The vote is being closely watched by investors around the world who fear a Greek exit from the Euro will send global markets into turmoil. The conservative New Democracy party has pledged its support for the EU's bailout plan and the associated austerity measures. While rival leftist party Syriza is calling for a new deal. German Chancellor Angela Merkel has warned the debt-laden country it will not be able to renegotiate the terms of its bailout package. Security at Australia's immigration detention centres has been put into question with revelations hundreds of people have managed to escape. The 'Sunday Herald' reports 524 asylum seekers and over-stayers have broken out from detention in the last decade. Nearly one-third remain on the run. The Opposition says the increasing number of escapees proves just how much stress the system is under. Police have been called out to two deadly crashes overnight. In Melbourne, a security guard was killed in a head-on collision with a taxi in the city's north. The accident occurred just south of Broadford in the early hours this morning. Unfortunately, one of the drivers died at the scene. and the other's been airlifted to Royal Melbourne Hospital in a critical condition. And a good Samaritan has been killed while trying to help victims of a multi-vehicle pile-up in Sydney's west overnight. He was struck by a passing car. Police are investigating a double shooting in Sydney's south-east overnight. Both men, aged in their 20s, were shot outside a home in Eastlakes around 10:00. It's believed the pair got into a fight with a group of men before they were fired at. The two have been treated in hospital for non-life threatening injuries. New South Wales Independent MP and Nationals recruit Richard Torbay has lashed out at claims he negotiated to become Labor premier in 2009. Mr Torbay asked for the job on the eve of the dumping of Nathan Reece. He says the 51-year-old pulled out $200 and said he would join the party if given the position. to take on Independent MP Tony Windsor for the seat of New England at the next election has denied the allegations. And comedian Russell Brand has fulfilled his role as a unlikely compere for the Dalai Lama in Manchester. The funny man introduced the religious leader's address but not before this awkward moment. Not really a lot I can do in a situation like this. I just have to go with it. Brand described the Dalai Lama as "intense and sort of mellow, "which is what you expect of someone who meditates five times a day". You are a fairly mellow kind of fellow, aren't you? It will be intense today. Updating sport and North Melbourne has survived an almighty scare to down the Suns by seven points on the Gold Coast. by the loss of defender Seb Tape to a serious knee injury. NRL and Greg Inglis has overcome an elbow injury to lift the Rabbitohs to an 18-point win over the Eels at ANZ Stadium. While the Sharks came from behind to claim a gutsy 20-19 win over the Warriors. And Greece is celebrating a 1-0 win over Russia at Euro 2012, sending the 2004 champions straight into the quarter finals along with the Czech Republic. They have not had a lot to celebrate lately but there you go. And now the weather. I am having a go at this, putting a dog through an agility course. OK, ready. Seat. How good is that? Go! Around. Other way. Let's go. Around Around. Other way. Let's go. Around here. Come on! Through these these. Ago! Bo! Yes! here. Come on! Through these these. Ago! Bo! Yes! How good is that? (PANTS) Brisbane, fine, partly cloudy. Sydney, mostly sunny. Canberra, cloudy. Melbourne, a few showers. Hobart, afternoon shower or two. Adelaide, a few showers. Perth, chance of a shower. Sunny for Darwin, fine. This is the dogs owner. She likes the crowd. The faster they Cup, the faster she goes. How long does it take you to train her? It is my first time. She will do it with anyone because she loves it so much. She does not care. Training, as long as you teach her to play. She loves to play so she will do anything to pull on this bit of rope. She is a wonderful dog. Would you believe that about 3-4 weeks ago I rode 1,700 kilometres on a bike but I run for 22nd and I can hardly breathe. -- I run for 20 seconds. We have had young girls outside the window, screaming, and a young boy. If you are wondering why we have been cheering about the bad news out of Europe, it is not us, it is them. They are trying to get someone to Australia. We had to Google her, we do not know who she is. Cher Lloyd. She's 18 years. She finished fourth in the Inky series of X Factor. -- in the UK's series. Her single was released but entered Number One on the UK singles charts. She was a bit of trouble maker at school and is known for having a potty now. She has lots of tattoos. She is engaged to a hair stylist. She is the ultimate 21st celebrity musical fabrication, by the sound of it. From the same stable as One Direction. She is very alternative. And very popular. If you love her that much, we will try to get her here. Because we are very powerful in the international music scene. We did get One Direction here. We started the campaign. Kind of. If we cannot get the fourth place better in the seventh series of X Factor then obviously we don't have much clout. Coming up - why Lady Gaga has banned photographers in Australia. We have the inside story. But next - the man who changed our lives. His name is Vint Cerf - the father of the internet. Crunch time is here for getting hospital cover. 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and keep the cover to insure it new - for life. Like Alexander Graham Bell. Almost 40 years ago, Vint Cerf became father of the internet. Today, his business card says "Google's Chief Internet Evangelist". We are very lucky to be joined by the man himself. Vint, thank you so much for your time. Firstly, take us back to 1973 when you were sowing the seeds that would become the net. Was there an 'ah-ha' moment? No, nothing like that. It is important to understand that two of us did the original design. My partner and I, with whom we work today celebrating the 100 anniversary of one of the men who developed the early days of computing. They helped the Allies the Germans. Bob and I were working on the problem of getting computer networks to communicate with each other. We had experienced a project that the defence department developed. Bob was involved in the architecture of the system and I was a graduate student at UCLA at the time working on be protocols with my fellow graduate students. It is 1973 when I got to Stanford and we had seen the success of the open -- ARPA net. We had a pretty good idea of what was possible. We did not know if we could actually do it. It took us about six months to figure out how to write the protocols. Then came a period of nearly 10 years of experimentation, implementation, revision, implementation on multiple operating systems until January 1st, 1983 when the internet was launched. Did you have any idea of what you were unleashing on the world and how we would revolutionise communication and it really, the sense of community? The honest answer might be no but it would not be accurate. By that time, by January of 1983 we had already successfully experimented with the predecessors to what you do today with mobile phones and cameras. Email had been invented in 1971. We had seen a system that was called the online system developed by a man who invented the mouse. The system was operating on the early internet. It was like a one Computer world wide web. We understand that Tim Berners-Lee developed what could work across the entire internet. He could see the internet in operation. The platform allowed the system to propagate rapidly. You are Google's Chief Internet Evangelist. What's in your job description? First of all I explain to everyone that I am geek Orthodox. You are actually helping me do my job. My job, in part, is to get more internet out there. There are only 2.5 billion people on the internet today and 7 billion people on the planet. We need more infrastructure to get the internet everywhere. Thank God for your NBN project because you are providing super high-speed services to everybody in Australia. It is a great example. It is one that I hope everyone It is one that I hope everyone will follow. We have seen a lot of developments for the internet, spam, streaming, remote medicine, that kind of thing. What is your view of where the future of the internet lies? Where will we be in 20 years? First of all you can see some of the trends now. About 20% of mobile phones that are in use are internet enabled and in that time they will all be internet enabled. Appliances at home, in the office, that you carry around, some of them are entertainment devices and some are going to the office equipment. The buildings that we leave in, they will be fully instrumented and we will have sensor networks that will help to deal with security, environmental control, monitoring resources and helping us be more efficient. Especially about the use of non-renewable resources. You can anticipate a fairly dramatic evolution of the internet into virtually everything. Everything will be online. It'll be scary because what's important is making it more secure and there is an effort needed to accomplish that objective. Otherwise people will be afraid to use it. We have some serious work to do and I am confident that it is achievable. You are doing a very good job. We are such Luddite its here. -- Luddites here. Imagine going to dinner parties and saying that I invented the internet. Your friends would say, yeah right, have another drink. Can you imagine being Jesus? I am the son of God. Ahead this morning - the expert who says parents are hurting their kids by telling them they're special. His wake-up call after 9am. Also coming up - Black Caviar's lonely UK trip. We're on location as our greatest sport star battles home sickness. But next - it was the brawl that made headlines around the world. Wait until you hear what Rihanna did next. Here comes Radio Ga Ga. # Pour some sugar on me. # Made me strawberry jam. That is your favourite song. The one of many. It was a very personal rendition. Well later in the show, we'll be joined live by the three finalists in tonight's 'Dancing with the Stars'. Right now - Danielle Spencer, Johnny Ruffo and Zoe Cramond are locked in final rehearsals. So while they're out of earshot, let's get an impartial view of who's going to win. Shelly Horton and Melissa Hoyer are here. Good morning to you both. Shelly, Danielle is by far the most improved. Does that mean she deserves to win? I think that you have got to realise it comes down to personality. Popularity. I think she does deserve to win. I have loved seeing her focus and I like getting an insight into her because she is a closed character. Not big on publicity, a very reserved. That is a nice change from the rest of us! I definitely think, I love that she is getting quite technical, you can see she is working hard and I would love to see her win. I love Danielle. My son is mad about her. Johnny Ruffo has got the biggest internet presence. The power of social media with this is phenomenal. We have seen it around the world. If you have one million followers you are more than likely to win even if you are a hopeless dancer. He has that behind him. Chris Brown has had a rival with a wrapper over Rihanna. When I say, and I mean mutual. Rihanna met up with Chris Brown to console him. What do you make of these? I know your connections to the hip-hop world are deep. You do not get whiter than me. I am sick of all of these. I really do like her music and I do not mind Chris Brown's music but it is time to stop buying their records until they sort themselves out. Chris tweeted a photo of himself with a cut chin and I wanted to reply it was Rihanna's face when she found out. I hate that it has been dragging on. How pathetic. I am a gangster with a cut chin. What about the girl he got hit by the bottle? Rihanna are just keeps getting him back. That is the problem. She adores him. And finally, don't expect to see too many pictures from Lady Gaga's Australia Monster Ball tour. Her people have banned all but one official photographer from shooting any of the performances. Shelly, this isn't normal practice, is it? It is not normal but I can kind of understand. It is a way of her controlling what photos come out. My issue is that if she gets hit on the head, like in New Zealand, the official photographer will not give you those photos. It is not you those photos. It is not going to stop us with our phone taking a snapshot. That is going to happen around the world. She fell off the piano, she would not be embarrassed about falling on stage, would she? N