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(generated from captions) New targets - over a resurgent al-Qaeda. America puts the world on notice operates without Osama bin Laden. This morning - how the group beyond the rhetoric - Keeping the faith - to same-sex marriage? why are church leaders so opposed to explain. We've invited them to join us live between MSG and obesity. Hidden danger - the new link We list the foods in question. And brush with darkness - to re-build his life, how Ken Done overcame the odds a very personal interview. Weekend Sunrise begins now. for the sunrise BAND: (SINGS) # Reach out to the big sky. # # Put your hands in this is Weekend Sunrise Live from Studio 52, and Kellie Connolly. with Andrew O'Keefe and welcome to the show. Good morning to Kellie Connolly. And a very big welcome (CHEERING AND APPLAUSE) Thank you. It's nice to be here. I am told you are holding my hand today. People will start talking if we do it literally. Sam is in London. She is seeing some family. If you met Sam's family it is like visiting the Queen. They're very regal. In San's defence, I am here. Hello, Danny Flannery. It is a good morning for you to be here. We will tackle of the big questions. to the world? How do you sell Australia to be perceived overseas? And how would we like Australia the right image of us? Do we think the world has Was the last big successful campaign, was that the Paul Ogun campaign? The Lara one was not a huge success. Paul Ogun was considered to be the biggest and the best. Were haven't really moved on since then. It America, that very much the case. But we are so on since then. It America, that is

much more. We are so much more. There is a cultural cringe, who cares? It's like we have to excuse ourselves. I tend to agree with you. We worry too much about what people think. We and tourism accounts for 11% of the economy, so much rides on whether or not our image can draw people in. Other ways you be tempted to say, who cares? It yet. What is Australia's image? What should be applied to the rest of the world? We will find out later. check from JT at Falls Creek. but right now, let's get a weather You said that incorrectly. You're supposed to say, James, where the bloody hell are you? Talk about talk -- holding Kellie Connolly's hand. Come and hold them, it is very cold. It is great news. There is a nice place of natural snow. Here at Falls Creek. Around the rest of the nation. around the nation A fine day in Queensland and Victoria with a few showers in South Australia. and some early morning frost from the snow shortly. I'll have your detailed weather with Jessica Rowe. But right now - the 7am news Good morning. have rattled several towns Two small earthquakes in northern New South Wales. Tamworth and Gunnedah last night. A 4.2-magnitude quake struck between of similar size in the area. It followed a second tremor had hit the building. It kind of felt like a semitrailer in windows There's a few kind of cracks here now. that we can see in the dark and I felt it go through my feet. We heard a funny kind of a rumble of major damage or injuries. There have been no reports the New South Wales Labor Party It's been revealed in legal costs has forked out almost $350,000 to defend federal MP Craig Thomson. was paid to Fairfax Media More than two-thirds of the money under an agreement reached last year defamation action. when Mr Thomson withdrew his other legal expenses. The rest covered the 'Sydney Morning Herald' Party officials have told but to foot the costs they had no choice from going bankrupt. to stop Mr Thomson as an MP, forcing a by-election This would have disqualified him the Government. which could have brought down Only one of the Big Four banks 0.25% interest rate cut. has matched the Reserve's for slashing its rates by 0.25%. The ANZ has been praised and St George have all lowered rates The NAB, Commonwealth, Westpac by some degree. news for the country It's been a week of good economic for Mr Abbott and Mr Hockey and a week of embarrassment variable rate of all the major banks NAB now offers the lowest standard for 35 months. in the Syrian capital, Damascus, Violence has erupted with government and rebel forces fighting in the city locked in some of the fiercest since the 15-month uprising began. finally gained access It comes as UN monitors of the country's latest massacre. to the site denied access to the village Government troops earlier were murdered in cold blood. where it's alleged up to 78 people has admitted UN special envoy Kofi Annan his peace plan isn't working. Some say the plan may be dead. Or is the problem implementation? Is the problem the plan? describing the scenes as appalling. Reports coming from the village are to the floor An elderly woman has been forced in Sydney's inner west overnight. during a violent home invasion in her Balmain apartment The 83-year-old was asleep intruders just after 1am. when she was woken by two male and forced her to the ground One of the men grabbed her throat while the home was ransacked. neighbour, who scared the men away. She managed to get away and alert a is urged to contact Crime Stoppers. Anyone with information The family of a teenager of serial killer Ivan Milat murdered by a relative over his death say a sentence of 43 years isn't enough. David Auchterlonie with an axe Matthew Milat attacked 17-year-old Belanglo State Forest in 2010. in the New South Wales murdered seven backpackers. It's the same place where his uncle He was sentenced yesterday. and he shouldn't have been leaving It should have been life and in a body bag until he was old and gray like my son, left the forest. as a cruel and brutal killing, The judge described the crime for the teen's own enjoyment. carried out and his predecessor, Gordon Brown, British Prime Minister David Cameron Leveson Inquiry into media ethics. are expected to be grilled at the to give evidence at hearings Mr Cameron and Mr Brown are both due next week. The British PM commissioned the inquiry to examine malpractice in the media and look at the close relationship between politicians and the press. The Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg is also set to appear. Bee Gees star Robin Gibb has been remembered for his 'magnificent mind and his beautiful heart' during a funeral service in the British town of Tame. Friends and family gathered to remember the singer and songwriter who died last month at the age of 62. As a piper played, he left his beloved Oxfordshire home for the last time, his courage of class and red roses. Behind him, his widow and his big brother, Barry. The only brother from the band left. Robin had wanted his fans to have the chance to say farewell and they lined the streets to catch a final glimpse. I just got to get a message to you. With his brothers, he had With his brothers, he had written some of the most enduring pop songs in history. The Bee Gees had sold more than 200 million records but last month, aged 62, Robin died from kidney failure after battling cancer. Today, they hit, How Deepa Is Your Club, was played as his coffin was carried into the church. There would be a tribute from his brothers and his son. As he was laid to rest, Barry looked up to the sky. He lost his brother Andy, his brother Maurice and now Robin. He seemed to lift people's spirits. He did. For a mother to have to go through this, I think that is what we were all talking about. Three of the four Suns. His words lifted people's spirits. Was he talking about the fun times they had together? That is exactly what he did. To date, family said goodbye. Later this year, there will be a public or more real. -- memorial. A dancer and model from Western Australia has taken the crown as Miss Universe Australia. After a night of fierce competition, which saw finalists take to the stage in swimwear and evening gowns, 21-year-old Renae Ayris from Perth has been named the winner. The winner of Miss Universe Australia 2012 is... ..Renae Ayris. Renae was presented with a diamond, pearl and opal tiara. She'll go on to compete in the international Miss Universe pageant in December. Really, why do we need these things any more? I'm sorry. It is a bit of fun. It is, but we don't have nail Mr Universe contest. Mr Puniverse. It was at one pub I used to go to. You're not speaking personally? I was not permitted to enter. I was more at the guerrilla end of the market. If the people whom were the master of ceremonies, didn't sound like they had stepped out of an RSL on a Friday night. Amazing, give it up. Exactly. Elegant, like Maggie T. I don't know that will help. Let us try some sport. Carlton's mid-season slump has continued, going down to Geelong by 12 points at Etihad Stadium. The Blues took control early, Eddie Betts booting three goals in the opening term. Carlton led by five points at the main break but a dominant third quarter from the Cats saw them steal the lead. COMMENTATOR: Finds a way through, does Selwood, and they talk about a captain's goal. Well, there it is! The Blues squandered chances and couldn't match it with the premiers, going down 97-85. To Duncan, who kicked the first goal of the night and runs it home and Geelong get some breathing space late in the match. The pressure is building on Carlton and coach Brett Ratten. They've lost four of their last five while it's three straight wins for the Cats. The Wests Tigers have extended their winning streak to seven, beating the Storm 10-6 in Melbourne. The Storm put up a fight without their big three away on Origin duty but they couldn't hold out a rampaging Lote Tuquri early in the second half. Matt Utai provided the match winner for the Tigers just minutes later. COMMENTATOR: Matt Utai scores for the Wests Tigers through some most un-Melbourne-like defence. The Tigers hanging on for their first-ever win in Melbourne. The Socceroos have made a slow start to the final stage of qualifying for the World Cup held to a 0-0 draw in 35 degree heat against Oman. The Aussies had a number of chances to break the deadlock late in the match but were forced to settle for a share of the points. COMMENTATOR: Chance for Archie Thompson. Oh! Just over the angle of post and bar. The Socceroos face Japan in a huge test in Brisbane on Friday. Rafael Nadal, looking unstoppable, is through to his seventh French Open final after beating David Ferrer in straight sets. The king of clay dominated from the out set and needed just over 1.5 hours to wrap up the match 6-2, 6-2, 6-1. He'll face Novak Djokovic in the decider after the world number one beat a disappointing Roger Federer in three sets. UMPIRE: Game, set, match, Novak Djokovic. COMMENTATOR: Too good in the end, Djokovic is now just one win away from being the first man in 43 years to hold all four Grand Slam titles. The Wallabies will be out to make amends for Tuesday's shock loss to Scotland when they take on Wales in Brisbane tonight. Robbie Deans has made eight changes to the starting side to take on the 6 Nations champions with prop Benn Robinson to make his first apperance since the 2010 spring tour. Flanker David Pocock will captain the side for the second time. The Volcom Pro is back on in Fiji today after yesterday's huge swell at Cloudbreak forced competition to be out on hold. The world's best big wave surfers made the most of the incredible conditions but it's backed off enough this morning and round 3 heats are under way. As one gorgeous looking wave. Better to be watching from the safety of the studio. Down in the snow, here he is, your snow bunny, JT. If we talked about the snow, it would be remiss of us not to mention the Miss Universe Australia competition. If you think the MC can be improved on, I'm just putting it out there. I was thinking in if it was Sir Les Patterson, that would be an improvement. But getting a Metro sexual like yourself, that would be a new era. Is it coincidence that the ground shook in Gunnedah, the home of Miranda Kerr. That's a long bow. Also the home of Stephanie Hunt. She was an incredible producer who worked on Weekend Sunrise with us. Right around Australia, it is very exciting. We have plenty of white stuff. This is exciting news. Around 27 centimetres of snow as a base here at Falls Creek. Five lifts open today and at every resort in Australia, lifts will be operating. If you are into skiing and snowboarding, think about Did we get through the entire national forecast? We are not clear. We were busy eating croissants. Let me give him a national Let me give him a national forecast now. Sydney, partly cloudy. Melbourne, a Adelaide, Early frost. Perth, plight Blee cloudy. -- partly. If you're interested, here at Falls Creek, you can get a passport $37. $37? $39. They get that. I tell you what, there is so much fun. We're here all wear -- weekend. So much stuff. I have a surprise for you in 10 minutes. Something you're going to like. The likes surprises. You do not get the more the time here. Ahead this morning - the scandal at 'America's Got Talent'. The war vet who pretended to be someone else. Also coming up - another classic Paul Marshall postcard. He's found a tree with a fetish for shoes. But next - TV debates - Greek style. The untold story from this exchange. If you're caught speeding this June long weekend, you're on your way to losing your licence. Or if you and any of your passengers are caught not wearing their seatbelt, your licence could be gone. Remember, double demerit points this June long weekend. The Don... ..meets Caesar. The new, limited edition Red Rooster Caesars. Come. See. Conquer. Fly from Gold Coast to Christchurch for just $109 per person, Melbourne to Auckland for $119 per person or Sydney to Queenstown for just $149 per person. Fares are one way, checked baggage not included. Grab a great deal with some great packages also on sale like this one to Auckland. Stay three but only pay for two nights at The Langham, Auckland. Includes return economy airfares to Auckland and three nights in a classic room. Starting from $374 per person from Gold Coast or Melbourne. Sale ends midnight this Wednesday. For more details or to book: Some troubling news has emerged overnight from Washington. Senior US officials claim that al-Qaeda has grown 'stronger, larger and more capable'. In fact - they claim the group is now seeking recruits with specific knowledge of Western targets. The timing of that revelation is curious - given al-Qaeda's second-in-command was killed this week by a US drone attack. Keith Suter is our foreign editor. Good morning to you. There are some articles claiming that there is not many people that in the chain of command. Is it still a threat? The level of terrorism has gone down. These are US government figures. 13,000 people killed in acts of terrorism in the past year. Well worldwide? My eyes to the Muslims killing each other or blowing themselves up in the process. -- most of them. It is mainly Muslims were the victims. 17 Americans were killed in acts of terrorism. That is less than the number of people who die because furniture has fallen on them. That's interesting. You are more likely to be killed by appalling couch? Or a bookshelf. The US seems to be stirring up this sentiment but there is still a war to be waged on terrorism. The threat is not as bad as the Americans have made out. They had distorted their defence priorities for the last decade and are put a lot of resources into the war on terror. A cadre is a franchise operation. At the end of his life, he was very annoyed about how the ALP Haida brand was being misused. -- Kentucky. Carrying out their local sectarian agenda. As we are seeing in Iraq and Syria. People are saying, we are part of al-Qaeda. The misuse of their trade marks without paying a fee. You s, in a way, that is why he was getting annoyed. They share the same name. But it is difficult to West to make the total number of members. As Andrew said, people are being killed. These drone attacks, which while not legal, are effective in killing members. Particularly those in Pakistan. The number involved is not that significant. In your view, with the rump of al-Qaeda in Morocco and the Mayor -- Arabian peninsular, it is the US right to insist the terrorist threat is as great as it ever was. By two was it as great a but to start with? But figures from the US government so would seem to indicate that on an American point of view, it is not a major threat. The Americans have distorted their defence planning to go after a fairly small number of people. While we have you here, a totally different topic. Some pretty ugly scenes in Greece. We don't have that kind of behaviour here but did you see those shots? A spokesman for the Golden Dawn party through a glass of water at a female MP and then he slapped the deputy leader of Greece's Communist Party. It is barely Baath. A disquiet confronting. Is it just a TV show or does it show the level of frustration and a vision? It comes out of somebody on the far right and they have a culture of violence with neo-Nazi groups. It does reflect I think the frustration people feel. An election in one week. It will be very much an election on whether Greece stays within the eurozone. It may well be that Greece will simply boat to leave the euro which a lot of other people would be glad to see them go. The problem is, it then creates a precedent. Will Spain also say, we will get out to have our doubts by leaving? As the American President said, there is this risk of almost a domino effect. Because as the American President said, the eurozone is America's major trading partner so his election chances in November depend partly on the state of the American economy which in turn depends on the state of the European economy. He has a close interest in what goes on. Francis great the exposed to Spain and Italy. In exactly. And the Greek economy has contracted by 6% in the last quarter. They are going backwards. What we saw on that program, it is a sign of the anger that people just deal with in Greece. But it creates a bad image of weeks overseas. Today in Darwin, there is a Greek Festival. They will end up as a figure of fun. But that that that I felt so comfortable using violence like that that he would do it on national television. We only do that with blokes on debates with the Republic. Ray Maarten, Ron Casey. That is a good old Australian punch up. Ahead this morning - the new link between MSG and obesity. Also coming up - we join the Aussie pop stars using music to prevent human trafficking. But next - the latest from the newsroom and James Tobin, chilling out in the snow. At Pedigree, everything we do is for the love of dogs. So extra proteins and vitamins are packed into every bag. Because every dog deserves leading nutrition, from wet nose to wiggly bum. Pedigree. We're for dogs. I've been working as a pharmacist for 25 years. There are a lot of silent sufferers of dry mouth out there. Dry mouth can be a side effect from taking medication. People have difficulty swallowing. They can suffer from bad breath. Water only offers a temporary relief. There is an easy solution, and that is Biotene. The enzymes in Biotene are naturally found in our saliva. Biotene helps moisturise the mouth and it's going to give them relief. I always recommend Biotene for dry-mouth symptoms. The Don... ..meets Caesar. The new, limited edition Red Rooster Caesars. Come. See. Conquer. # Feel the city breaking and everybody shaking # Staying alive, ah, ah, ah. # Robin's funeral, did they played that song? Oh, come on. That would be the ultimate gag. Shortly on the show - Simon's app of the week. And the evidence now piling up against MSG. But right now, some headlines from Jess. Good morning. The New South Wales Labor Party has defended its decision to foot $350,000 in legal fees for embattled MP Craig Thomson. Officials have told the 'Sydney Morning Herald' the costs were covered to protect Mr Thomson from bankruptcy, which would disqualify him as an MP. The move was therefore made to save the Gillard Government from a possible by-election. More than two-thirds of the bill was paid to Fairfax Media under an agreement reached last year when Mr Thomson withdrew defamation action he'd started in 2009. Two earthquakes which struck northern New South Wales overnight haven't resulted in any injuries or serious damage. The quakes happened minutes apart between the towns of Gunnedah and Tamworth. One registered 4.2 in magnitude, the other was of similar strength. They're the strongest tremors to rock the region in more than 40 years. A man has died and two others are in hospital following a crash in Melbourne's south west. The silver sedan was travelling on Forsyth Road in Truganina when the driver lost control and crashed into a power pole just after 11:00 last night. His front seat passenger died at the scene - he escaped with minor injuries. Two other men in the car were taken to hospital, one in a serious condition. ANZ customers have reason to smile with the bank the only member of the big four to pass on this week's RBA rate cut in full. Rivals, Commonwealth and NAB cut their standard variable rate by 0.21% while Westpac lowered its by 0.2%. After a week of good economic news - Reserve Bank Chief Glenn Stevens has called on Australians Ladies and gentlemen, our glass is well and truly half full. Mr Stevens does concede, though, there are some sectors, like manufacturing, which are struggling. Prince William and Prince Harry have taken time out to visit their sick grandfather. They didn't stop to comment as they left King Edward Hospital in London, whisked away in a silver four-wheel drive. Prince Philip is currently being treated for an infection. Buckingham Palace says the Duke of Edinburgh may not be discharged by his 91st birthday on Sunday. When Stevens does deadpan better than anybody. There is no greater divide between the message and the media and Glyn Stevens saying everyone get happy. When he says the glass is half full, it is like the glass is half full of medicine. He could say ( SPEAKS QUIETLY "Carlton has won their match. Carlton could slip out of the eight this weekend after their mid-season slump continued last night, going down to Geelong by 12 points at Etihad. The Blues got the early jump, Eddie Betts had three goals before quarter time but the Cats found their feet in the third term with captain Joel Selwood leading the way. Geelong get some breathing space late in the match. Carlton have now lost four of their past five matches. The Wests Tigers have extended their winning streak to seven, beating the Storm 10-6 in Melbourne. Minus their big Origin stars, the Storm struggled to create chances and a defensive lapse after half-time proved costly. Tigers wingers Lote Tuqiri and Matt Utai running in back-to-back tries to seal the win and a spot in the top four. The Socceroos have escaped the first challenge of the final stage of qualifying for the World Cup with a scrappy 0-0 draw against Oman in Muscat. Veteran keeper Mark Schwarzer who was brilliant, was un-impressed with his defenders while the men up front squandered a number of late chances to snatch the win. Rafael Nadal will take on Novak Djokovic in the French Open final after the pair cruised through their semifinals. Nadal will be chasing a record seventh title at Roland Garros after a straight-sets win over David Ferrrer. Likewise, Djokovic didn't drop a set against Roger Federer and is now just one win away from becoming the first man in 43 years to hold all four Grand Slam titles. The first one to do that was when Labor. Also, Greece and Poland. Euro 2012 kicked off last night. JT has your weather in the snow. The home of the snow bunny is the snow. We are here all weekend and we would like to find the best snow bunny going here Ian Falls Creek. If you are almost nobody, come down tomorrow morning for Weekend Sunrise weather. Not just the traditional snow bunny, the cute girl with the white snow gear and skis and the blonde hair. Whatever you think as nobody years. But they cannot they are a traditional snow bunny. Did you run this by the producers? I did. I want like little kids to come as actual bunnies. Or all the blokes to turn up as Roger Rabbit of some kind of Bunny. A girl to dress up as a typical snow bunny. Whatever it is, come down and be part of tomorrow morning's weather. Speaking of having fun a... All the blokes would turn up drinking their hair of the dog. There are a few of them around this morning. These guys are hanging out getting ready for tonight's getting ready for tonight's big opening party at a restaurant here. They're having a Hollywood-themed party. Anything to do with Hollywood. A trashy blonde wig or whatever it is. It is by Linda's birthday today so when true Hollywood fashion... ( EVERYBODY SINGS) Happy birthday to you. Melbourne, a few showers Adelaide, early frost, fine. Perth, partly cloudy. Sunny for Darwin, fine. Here in this know it is sub-zero temperatures, a great start to the season. If you're in the area, come down. I am serious about this nobody thing. -- snow bunny things. I will check in again tomorrow night. I will get people to come down with their outfits. We will let the nation judge. You can vote on Twitter or Facebook and we will find a great prize. It's going to be fun. If you live near Falls Creek and your name is Warren, you a have a good chance of winning at the competition. And now it's time for... (SINGS) # It's time for App of the Week, App of the Week # It's time for App of the Week, App of the Week. # I love the new operatic version. And it is good to that Kevin back. He is back from his honeymoon. We thought he died in a gardening accident. And this week Simon, you're going to show us a new take on augmented reality apps? We had virtual reality and now we have augmented reality. Certain plastic surgery procedures come to mind. You always keep abreast of these issues. Good one, Kellie. You can stay. This one is WikiTude. If you are in a city, download it. You have a lot of things on it. YouTube. Flickr. Exports around you. You can. This. It says Jessica is the Dom. I am the dominant the dominant one. Don't put her in the Miss Australia competition. It but pointed out the door, it would say here Aarau happy viewers. He pointed out buildings, at landmarks, restaurants as well. It tells you what's what. Why wouldn't you just look at it and say that's what that is? That's a very good question. See, she is the dominant female. If that's a very good question. You might not know however. Listen to me. Nobody Listen to me. Nobody does around here. You pull up information so you can go to YouTube or whatever and there might be reviews about restaurant. Right there and then. It's very good. You can point it at the building and it says the monastery of the brothers of St Eugene. A bit of a mystery about the brotherhood. Mine says we're in Austria. The fantastic. That is obviously American, that one. Look at Simon's trousers and see if it says lederhosen. It says alpenhorn. No, it says Commando. What were we talking about? Google Goggles or stop it is a similar type of thing. Can anyone use the prefix wiki. It means, to join up. In a sense, we are one. His that the definition? It's where you have a source on the net where everyone can kind of join in. Thank God you're here. Does it come from the wiki tribe of than a white to? -- New Caledonia? What is a court -- called? Wiki Tude. Ahead this morning - selling Australia to the world. Also coming up - it's not just Chinese. But next - the Aussie pop stars on the front line against human trafficking. We're on location in Vietnam. (HUMMING) (LAUGHS) Oh! (CRUNCH!) (LAUGHS) Maltesers. The lighter way to enjoy chocolate. to combat modern slavery in Australia. The laws will ban forced marriages and labour trafficking. In South-East Asia - pop music is educating the young on how to avoid getting trafficked. We sent Geraldine Nordfeldt to Vietnam to find out how. It's a fun way to sell a serious message - this is the new frontier against human trafficking. Young, carefree, they could be at any concert but this is for a cause. Instead of raising money, this free concert here in Hanoi, Vietnam, is about raising awareness among people across South-East Asia who could become victims of human trafficking. Kate Miller-Heidke donated her performance to a problem the world can't keep ignoring. There's a real culture of music and pop music here so that's a very powerful medium to spread the message across. I think that's what makes it so effective, really. Human trafficking is where people are bought and sold by criminals, forced into various forms of labour or sex work. It's believed at least 2.5 million people worldwide are affected - more than half of them are from the poorest parts of Asia and the Pacific. No-one intends to become a victim of human trafficking. There are many reasons why people are lured in. Some are seeking job opportunities that were too good to be true or to improve their family's quality of life or escape from poverty. Worse still, then, there are those who were tricked by people they thought they could trust. Michael Wilson from AusAID believes far too many fall victim to modern slavery. into all sorts of industries. They're being trafficked into domestic work, into the sex industry, they're being trafficked into construction. And in some tragic cases for organ donation. It's been estimated that this crime earns $32 billion a year worldwide. Vietnamese photo journalist Na Son took these images of trafficking victims to show the human impact. He gets emotional talking about brothers M.L. and Mi L - their parents were murdered in their home. Kidnapped and taken to China where it's believed their organs were going to be harvested. Luckily, help came. They are very innocent. They're just kids, six and nine years old. And... Human trafficking is on our doorstep. Right here in Australia. I was shocked to find out that there are more slaves in the world today than have ever existed throughout history. And that in Australia, we have slaves as well. In recent years women trafficked from Thailand have been found working as sex slaves in brothels in Melbourne and Sydney. Their presence is driven by Australian demand for cheap sex. Human trafficking is a particularly nasty crime and violation of human rights of the citizens of this part of the world. EXIT stands for End Exploitation and Trafficking. The campaign joined forces with MTV to target youth with celebrities who influence. Matt Love, the man in charge. It is a pretty dark issue where people are exploited quite horrendously across Asia. However, it's something that we want youth to engage with in a positive way. And by being empowered with the knowledge and the information they can hopefully protect themselves from falling into that trap of being deceived or coerced or forced into a situation of labour or sex trafficking. Youth leaders have been chosen from across Vietnam to teach their communities how to beat the traffickers at their own game. For Pham Minh Trang, the lesson is priceless. After my contribution to this campaign, I will go home and tell my friends and family to be more careful with all the offers. (SING) # When you're on the edge of breaking # And there's no-one there to save you # No, you don't know what it's like # Welcome to my life. # Canadian band Simple Plan headlined this free show for 40,000 Vietnamese fans. Lead singer Pierre Bouvier says exposure is key. a lot more aware of what's going on and it gives them a way to get out of it. For the power of music indeed, a great approach. Coming up - Australia's top church leaders here in the studio. Will they surrender any ground on same-sex marriage? Also this morning - the war hero who wasn't on 'America's Got Talent'. But next - do you know what you're eating? Our health experts reveal the truth about MSG. VOICEOVER: New from Air Wick - a glowing candle that gently changes colour to create an enchanting mood. Its delicate aroma will captivate you and brighten your world. The new Air Wick Multicolour Candle. Roger, I'm going to have to leave you but I've got big news for you. Ooh - Schmackos Chomp 'n' Chew. (MIAOWS, GRUNTS) (BARKS) Did you miss me? SONG: # Dogs go wacko Dogs go wacko for Schmackos. # The Don... ..meets Caesar. The new, limited edition Red Rooster Caesars. Come. See. Conquer. clinically proven to be absorbed at double the speed of regular Nurofen tablets. (SINGS) # Turn me loose, let me go # Dr Feelgood Most of us have heard about Chinese restaurant syndrome when you feel a bit off, been there, but now, there's growing evidence linking MSG to obesity. The additive is in a staggering range of food and often you won't even know it's there. So let's get the full story from our GP, Dr Ginni Mansberg, and nutritionist Susie Burrell. Susie, what is MSG? And why is it added to food? Ms Gee is a particular type of flavour enhancer which makes foods taste better. Particularly chicken flavoured foods and Asian flavoured foods which have a rich mouth feel and adding this makes it taste flavoursome and that tends to make us want more and more. When you open a bag of chicken chips, they taste so amazing that it makes the brain want more of that taste sensation. What is this link with obesity? It is pretty staggering. It comes back to rats and mice, as it usually does. If they want to study a new drug for obesity, they need about that. They will not try to the fat person first. In order to get a fat rat, you cannot overfeed them. They do not overfeed but if you take a baby rat and injected just a couple of times with a tiny amount of monosodium glutamate, or the rest of their lives, it becomes an obese about. You start to think, if this is what they're using as the Rat fatter no, what is it doing to us humans? We have heard about it in Chinese restaurants, the spinning wheels and the raised that a -- despite the spinning wheels and the lazy Susan's. What can we expect? In the 1980s, there was a lot of media attention. It is sneaking back in. Potato chips. The tricky thing is, it is not in all packets. It is in particular flavours. What we are looking for. If you look quickly. 621. Flavour enhancer 621, that is monosodium glutamate. Any flavour enhancer, there is a range in the 600, are also having in the 600, are also having that effect. While monosodium glutamate is often linked to it, it is anything that says Labour-run answer. All these products. The two-minute noodles. That is surprising. It is confusing. It is the flavour sashayed that they add. That often has that flavour enhancer in it. A lot of children's snack foods. The rice crackers. You think they're healthy and he had a quick look and it has 621 in it. They are being primed to what more and more. Bad behaviour with kids as well? We haven't got proof of that. That is how would slip under the radar. That monosodium glutamate syndrome, that Chinese restaurant syndrome, not objective proof that they are related. A lot of food authorities stamped safe on it. Under the radar is this lead to obesity. It is very concerning, particularly when given to young children. Remember, 621. You want a snack foods that say no additives. It is those six hundreds we are looking for. 621 is monosodium glutamate. It is disappointing to me because I love this stuff. I do, I love it. I am a savoury girl. What does extra cheesy twist is that turn your map blue, they wouldn't have additives? Let's try and see if you're even more active, and drew. News, sport and weather is straight ahead, including the latest from JT in the snow. Also coming up - South Australia's shoe tree. It's a story only Paul Marshall could do. And beyond the hype. 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Get back to what you were doing fast with Nurofen Zavance. SONG: # Sitting beside you in school # While we'd paint, I'd make you laugh # Mine was never very good # Yours looked exactly like the photograph # Looks like I'm growing # I'm growing up beside you... # DR HARRY: Supercoat - tailored nutrition for every life stage. # I'm growing up beside you... # (SEDUCTIVE MUSIC PLAYS) Stay cool and dry with the KingGee Workcool 2 range, made with breathable fabric and extra ventilation - it's the coolest work gear under the sun. It's just another way Protector Alsafe is looking after you. Residents in northern New South Wales have been rattled by two small earthquakes. A 4.2-magnitude quake struck between Tamworth and Gunnedah last night. It followed a second tremor of similar size in the area. It kind of felt like a semitrailer had hit the building. There's a few kind of cracks in windows that we can see in the dark here now. We heard a funny kind of a rumble and I felt it go through my feet. There have been no reports of major damage or injuries. It's been revealed the New South Wales Labor Party has forked out almost $350,000 in legal costs to defend federal MP Craig Thomson. More than two-thirds of the money was paid to Fairfax Media under an agreement reached last year when Mr Thomson withdrew defamation action. The rest covered his other legal expenses. Party officials have told the 'Sydney Morning Herald' they had no choice but to foot the costs to stop Mr Thomson from going bankrupt. This would have disqualified him as an MP, forcing a by-election which could have brought down the Government. Three of the big four banks could face customer backlash after failing to pass on the Reserve's 0.25% rate cut in full. ANZ has been praised for slashing its rates by 0.25%. The NAB, Commonwealth, Westpac and St George have all lowered rates by some degree. It's been a week of good economic news for the country and a week of embarrassment for Mr Abbott and Mr Hockey who just go and talk our country down. NAB now offers the lowest standard variable rate of all the major banks for 35 months. An elderly woman has been the victim of a violent home invasion in Sydney's inner west overnight. The 83-year-old was asleep in her Balmain apartment when she was woken by two male intruders just after 1am. One of the men grabbed her throat and forced her to the ground while the home was ransacked. She managed to get away and alert a neighbour, who scared the men away. Paramedics treated her for shock at the scene. UN peace monitors say they've found body parts and damaged homes at the site of the latest massacre in Syria. Nearly 80 people were murdered in the attack, allegedly carried out by government forces. The bodies you can smell, the burn, the smell of dead bodies and you could also see body parts in and around the village. As the violence intensifies, the UN is warning the country is on the break of full-blown civil war. 16 students have been killed and 32 injured after a bus drove off a cliff in Bolivia. The students were all aged between 16 and 18 and were on their way to a school sporting competition. Survivors say the driver tried to let another vehicle pass before the bus plunged into the ravine. Friends and family have paid tribute to Bee Gees star Robin Gibb during a moving funeral service to farewell the singer. Crowds lined the streets as a horse-drawn carriage pulled the 62-year-old's coffin to a church in his home town of Thame in England. His brother Barry delivered an emotional eulogy. He seemed to lift people's spirits when everyone was so low. Robin died last month after a long battle with cancer. A public memorial for the singer is expected to take place later this year. Nice to see Peter there. He has obviously soaked up a bit of the early summer sun. If you're going to change to a British accent, wouldn't you choose something a bit posh? I think he has been on the coast of Spain with a lot of people were not so posh. Carlton could be out of the eight this weekend after fading out and going down to Geelong by 12 points at Etihad. The Blues burst out of the blocks, Eddie Betts had three goals before quarter time but the Cats bounced back with captain Joel Selwood leading the way. Geelong running away to win 97-85. COMMENTATOR: To Duncan who kicked the first goal of the night and runs it home! And Geelong get some breathing space late in the match. The Wests Tigers have extended their winning streak to seven, beating the Storm 10-6 in Melbourne. Minus their big Origin stars, the Storm struggled to create chances while the Tigers took their chances after the break. Tigers wingers Lote Tuqiri and Matt Utai running in back-to-back tries to seal their first win in Melbourne. The Socceroos were lucky to escape the first leg of the long final stage of qualifying for the World Cup in Brazil - a scrappy 0-0 draw against Oman in Muscat. Veteran keeper Mark Schwarzer made a superb save but was none too happy with the defensive efforts. The Socceroos now face a huge challenge against Japan in Brisbane on Friday. Rafael Nadal will take on Novak Djokovic in the French Open final after the pair cruised through their semifinals. Nadal will be chasing a record seventh title at Roland Garros after a straight sets demolition of David Ferrrer. Likewise Djokovic didn't drop a set against Roger Federer and is now just one win away from becoming the first man in 43 years to hold all four Grand Slam titles. The nutritionists are put out a warning for Raphel Modahl. Too many sixs. Now to JT and today's weather. The ski season opens today and right around Victoria and NSW, it seems like every single ski field will have lifts operating. Boston operating Mount Hotham, Thredbo. Falls We are hanging out with Pete, the celebrity Snow Dragon. Duggan, the dog. Kids galore. Skiing, snowboarding, tobogganing. Try and make it to the snow this make it to the snow this weekend. The opening weekend. It is fun. Of cortices -- of course it is, you're there. Well, it's clearly a controversial topic that's been evoking some passionate debate this week. On Thursday, our counterparts on weekday Sunrise featured 'marie claire's 'I Do' campaign in support of same-sex marriage. Both sides of the debate were featured but the coverage still sparked a heated response from the Australian Christian Lobby. They asked their members to complain to the Seven Network. As of yesterday, Sunrise had received more than 15,000 emails and we estimate 90% of those were negative. But in contrast, the I Do campaign received more than 40,000 messages of support for the show. But one area that hasn't been explored fully is exactly why so many Christians see same-sex marriage as contrary to their beliefs. To help us better understand the position, we're joined in the studio by the Anglican Archbishop of Sydney, Peter Jensen and the Catholic Auxiliary Bishop of Sydney, Julian Porteous. And in Canberra we have Jim Wallace from the Australian Christian Lobby. Jim, we'll talk to you in a moment. Are wanted an opportunity to explain the basis of Christian beliefs around same-sex marriage. First of all Bishop and Archbishop, can you take us through the basis for Christian opposition to same- sex marriage? Maybe I could begin by saying, Christians, our basis is to go back to the teaching of Jesus Christ. The first 0.4 Ross would be to look at what Jesus himself said about marriage. There is one place where he was specifically asked about the nature of marriage and his response was interesting because what he did was, he said let's go back to how it was in the beginning. How were we created? What was God's plan, God's intention? Obviously, he referred to the Book of Genesis which gives an account of the creation of man and woman. One of the things that is interesting is that immediately following the description of the creation of man and woman, it says this is why a man leaves his father and mother and Joyce himself to his wife and the two become one flesh. He then commented that there are no longer to. They are one. He was talking here about the idea that something very profound happens to a man and a woman when they United. It is not just a partnership, not just of legal arrangement. A profound change takes place in the people themselves. Essentially, cheeses was the first person -- Jesus Christ was the first person to use the Adam and Eve not Adam and Steve argument referring to the Old Testament. Is that the way the Anglican Church bases its opposition? Definitely. Everything the bishop has said, I agree with. We would also agree that's it in the Bible but it is also very good for human beings. The way God designed it is the way we are designed and its best for us. We're in favour of marriage. My way of putting it is this. You can play rugby league or AFL. You can't create a game where it is rugby league on an oval. That is a different game. What is being proposed he is, it's trying to create a new game and it won't help marriage. We have got to be committed to marriage. At we account for social evolutions? You know, the Old Testament which Jesus Christ referred also has plenty to say in other areas of the marriage bond. It concerns polygamy, it condones the authority of a husband over his wife. Every reference to polygamy is negative, really. In the end, the Bible does not condone polygamy. That is why we have monogamy in Western civilisation. There is not really a condemnation of Abraham taking a couple of wives and Jacob taken a couple of wives. If you read the story, you to discover that it is not really a good way to have a marriage. Solomon famously, 1,000 wives. One will do for me. For me, Andrew, the other thing that is important is that what is given to us in the scriptures really accords with the human experience. It's not as though there is an evolution only. There is also a fundamental truth that his enduring over the centuries and over cultures. Christians don't stand alone in their belief about the fact that marriage is between a man and a woman. Many, many other religions, the great religions of the world do as well. It deals with something that isn't just a set of beliefs but something which is, which speaks truly about the nature of human life. I think that's important here. Jim, just a second but can I ask one more question? Would you, if not support, but would your opposition be less to a same-sex union that wasn't called marriage that had all of the legal rights attached to it but are pertinent to marriage? Certainly, in Australia, that already exists. Because of the legislation around de facto couples, although legal protections and economic predictions are in place. As against other jurisdictions around the world. In Australia, it is not an issue. Redefining marriage simply means the changing of the definition of marriage. It really has no legal implications because they are already being looked after. Don't we accept these days that marriage is essentially a civil Union? In the church, it is still a sacrament but the sacrament of marriage is not necessarily recognised as a legal bond and these days, marriage itself is a civil Union. Do we not render unto God what is called's and unto Caesar what is sees a's? Here is what is an example of what is good for God's is good for Caesar. God has a great interest in the community. What we have done as a community is said that in order to create something called a family, we recognise we have got to unite to were different. That is not easy to do and we accorded special significance in the community. That is not a religious argument, that is the truth of the matter. That's what we want to define and support because marriage these days is not doing so well and we really need to support marriage. To bring in two while the same will be, it's not marriage, no matter what it's called, it's not marriage. It's not going to be called marriage. It will distort the picture, make it much more difficult for people who are bringing together the two are different. Jim, as I mentioned at the top, we have had a lot of response about this over the last week. Many responses are pretty much cut and paste variance of the emails paste variance of the emails you have received. There have been some that have been extremely vitriolic. What you say to those who want to make their views known about this? Certainly I'll be very surprised if those are coming from Christians and I'll be disappointed. We have people on our website all the time come on and pose as Christians and end up proving themselves end up proving themselves not, usually by the language. We have had to trash around 100 emails that have been vitriolic, vile language. I very much doubt that those are coming from Christians. There is a lot of deception around that debate. I would certainly encourage Christians to stand up. We would certainly encourage them to do that. We don't agree with Sunrise taking on the role of an activist organisation and partnering itself so visibly and publicly with GetUp! They issued an email saying that those who proposed gay marriage were propagators of hate. There is no place for that in the public square. I tended to agree with that. There is no role for accusations about propagators of fate unless the language itself demonstrates that and some of the emails that we have received had indeed demonstrated that. There is nothing hate all about making your view known. Just quickly before we go, we have to leave it, to all of you, I guess, in the event that same-sex marriage is written into law here in Australia, what will the response of your church as be to that? God loves all people. When we reflect him, we accept and if that all people. -- reflect all people. That must fundamentally be the case. It doesn't mean that God agrees with all but a visible people. We respect what the law does but it will be very important indeed to make sure that churches are not forced, as they have been in some jurisdictions, are forced to take part in this. The churches have got to stand up and say no, this is not marriage as we understand it. We may have to find a new word for it. We know the churches would be compelled to marry people of the same sex but Bishop, for example, if a child of a same-sex union wanted when role in a Catholic school, would that be something that you oppose? We would except that on the basis that the child would be coming to the school, accepting the teaching of the Catholic Church in the school. What would be important would be its say that not only would churches be free to be able to conduct an celebrate marriage according to our beliefs about teachings but also the teaching in schools. We have, both churches have networks of schools. Obviously we need to be free because people say if they want to go to a Catholic school but, they need to be assured the teaching will be at according to Catholic belief. Somebody couldn't say, we have been discriminatory because we're not teaching what will now says. But the protection of religious freedom will be a vital element to be considered if there is a change. We would add states all schools to that as well. That will be very important. We do not know if this will pass on not. AQ All for joining us this morning and putting your side of the case on this issue. Ahead this morning - selling Australia to the world. See if you agree with the new strategy. Also coming up - Ken Done on re-building his life. The famed artist will be here in the studio. But next - the story of a tree and hundreds of shoes. Paul Marshall with some Aussie folklore, right after this. Like any family man, I like my toilet time. I also like my toilet clean, so I use Harpic White & Shine. Its improved thick formula has five times power action. And the bleach and baking soda... (ANGELS SING) ..well, it kills 99.99% of germs, with a delightful fresh scent. Excuse me. VOICEOVER: Harpic White & Shine. And for quick touch-ups, try new Harpic Flushable Wipes. unmanned planes killing terrorists for sure but does that justify breaking international law Just Facebook! Remember Sean Parker from 'The Social Network'? He's back with his old partner in piracy. You come across as a jerk. The character was a jerk. And they're librarians with a fetish for death. A bizarre postcard from our Paul Marshall. The Sunday edition of Weekend Sunrise from 7am. Well it might seem odd that we're dedicating an entire segment to a tree. But as you're about to see - this story branches out in ways we could never imagine. Here's Paul Marshall. Ready, alright, I hope we get it, Bec. Oh, damn it! (LAUGHS) On the side of the Tod Highway, about half an hour out of Port Lincoln, there's an old tree where people throw their old shoes. The shoe tree. I just think it's a typical west coast thing. Yeah, somebody's come up with a funny idea and everyone's jumped on the bandwagon. These are an old pair of RM Williams, 5 Percy Street Prospect. Oh, look at that, you're a professional. Joe and Dawne Cooper know how this started. Well, our son Brad got the idea he'd like to do a shoe tree in the area. So one day he left home, drove on down looking all the way and he thought, "I'm starting to run out of trees, "Oh, there's a good one." That was eight years ago. There's no real reason behind it, no crazy story or nothing, just something to do. Brad's away at the mines now. A country footballer, he still drives past the tree every time he's home. Yeah, threw them up there and eight years later I'm here talking to you about it, so... (LAUGHS) There's about a thousand up there now or more so... There's probably not quite a thousand but there's a few. Oh, you always talk it up, I was going to say 5,000. He picked a good tree, that Brad. Some people like to write their names. "Christine Daniels, 2012, on holiday from the UK." "Sasha, up here, those they're an old pair of shearers moccasins." "Tess, ha, call 1800 kiss my big toe." The tree's on the edge of Terry Secker's farm. Terry's never tossed anything up there and doesn't know why anyone would. So have you ever thrown up a new pair of boots? No, you can't. I wear elastic sides, no laces. OK, just slow down, concentrate. It's a place to get a photo now and, if you're lucky, a cup of tea. A picnic by the shoe tree. A picnic by the shoe tree, isn't that nice. Diana Williams moved to Port Lincoln a couple of years ago. You're just a blow in. I am a blow in. 20 years it needs to be until you're a local. Of course, if you land a shoe... Yeah! I'm now part of the Eyre Peninsula. My favourite Dunlop Volleys. I wanted to make sure I parted with something that was dear to my heart and now they're finally up there. Beck Patterson is a local but she had to fight... ..for her place on the tree. Yes, well done. I threw a pair of Crocs. Yeah, they've seen lots of good summers here on the west coast so it's time they probably sat up in the tree for a bit. Because no-one's going to miss a pair of Crocs. No, they're not. Jessica, you could really spruce that tree up. I'm glad we don't have smell-0- vision. I spent five years of living in Port Lincoln. The only thing I knew we tossed was tuner. Fishing. The didn't toss tuna fish over the tree. I was a really strong little kid. That huge, those tuna fish. You could toss over some of those tuna fishermen galoshes. That could be a gum tree. Start a new trend. Maybe not. I just got bad. It's alright. I'm catching up. It takes a while. If I were cops, I would be hanging around that tree to see if there were any dodgy deals, you know? Shortly on the show - selling Australia to the world. Does a new commercial do the trick? And the war hero who wasn't on 'America's Got Talent'. But first, some headlines from Jess. Good morning. The New South Wales Labor Party has defended its decision to foot $350,000 in legal fees for embattled MP Craig Thomson. Officials have told the Sydney Morning Herald the costs were covered to protect Mr Thomson from bankruptcy, which would disqualify him as an MP. The move was therefore made to save the Gillard Government from a possible by-election. More than two-thirds of the bill was paid to Fairfax Media under an agreement reached last year when Mr Thomson withdrew defamation action he'd started in 2009. It's been a sad start to the long weekend with police attending a fatal crash in Melbourne's south west. A silver sedan was travelling on Forsyth Road in Truganina when the driver lost control and crashed into a power pole just after 11:00 last night. The front-seat passenger died at the scene. We're investigating whether speed and alcohol may be involved in this crash. Two men were taken to hospital, one in a serious condition. Experts say the size of two earthquakes which rattled northern New South Wales was unusual for the region. The tremors struck between Tamworth and Gunnedah at around 9:00 last night and were felt from as far as 100 kilometres away from the epicentre. One quake registered 4.2 in magnitude, the other was of similar strength. There have been no reports of injuries. has taken the crown as Miss Universe Australia. After a night of fierce competition which saw finalists take to the stage in swimwear and evening gowns, 21-year-old Renae Ayris from Perth has been named the winner. ANNOUNCER: The winner of Miss Universe Australia 2012 is... Renae Ayris. were any dodgy deals, you know? But old Ray Warren? Could be. Renae will go on to compete in the international Miss Universe pageant in December. Her you'll be running a Her you'll be running a Facebook support page. They are beautiful young women, but a... Updating sport, quick. Carlton's mid-season slump has continued, going down to Geelong by 12 points. The Blues have now lost four of their past five while the Cats made it three straight. The Wests Tigers have moved into the top four after extending their winning streak to seven, beating the Storm 10-6 in Melbourne. The Socceroos have made a sluggish start to the final stage of qualifying for the World Cup, sharing the points with Oman in a 0-0 draw. And Rafael Nadal will take on Novak Djokovic in the final of the French Open after the pair cruised through their semifinals. Rafa smashed David Ferrer while 'the Joker' didn't drop a set against Roger Federer. Poland drew with Greece in that the Euro 2012 Oct. Now, for the last time, JT at the snow. This is Britt. She's the youngest Olympian at the Vancouver or have unpicks. -- Olympics. You will be 19. My original plan was to qualify for the 2014 Olympics. That is what I am aiming for. The previous ones was just a bit of luck and good fortune. I was only 15 and found out a qualified about three or four weeks before so that was just a bonus for me and I'm going to try and give it a crack to do better. Use the on -- you ski moguls. That's tough on the legs. Its own extreme sport. With the aerial component, it is an extreme sport. You have to be really strong. I spend a lot of hours in the gym so I can be really strong so I can go down the 250 metre one course. I will be training over here in Australia for the winter but every night, I will have the TV on. I'm keen to watch the diving and the other sports on the Olympics other sports on the Olympics bus stop you're going to be training here at Mount Hotham and Falls Creek and all around Australia. After this, we will officially open the season. Brisbane, a few showers. Sydney, partly cloudy. Canberra, mostly sunny, fine. Melbourne, a few showers Hobart, cloudy. Adelaide, early frost, fine. Perth, partly cloudy. Sunny for Darwin, fine. This will be the official opening of the ski season. I can't tell you how excited I am. Are you guys ready? 3, 2, 1. Let's do it properly. I announce the 2012 ski season opened. (CHEERING AND APPLAUSE) So very regal. Nice to be in the company of an Olympian. I am living out the fantasy of doing a whole ski season by doing one weekend in Falls Creek. Britt's Milo tunic. She looks so young. What a lovely young Australian girl. Coming up - the make-over at Cuba's Guantanamo Bay. So what happened to plans to close it? And how do you think the world perceives Australia? The uncomfortable answer is right after this. VOICEOVER: Dishes not drying properly in your dishwasher? Finish Shine & Dry actively improves the drying process, leaving sparkling dry dishes straight from the dishwasher. Shine & Dry from Finish. Join Medibank hospital and extras by June 30 and get one month free. Plus, claim straightaway on most extras. Join Medibank today. The high dollar makes it hard to attract overseas travellers. But cheap for us to travel abroad. So how should we market Australia overseas? Our Masters of Spin are along shortly. But first, take a look at our latest tourism ad. # It's like love in your soul. Feel it in your veins. Breathe it in your lungs. It's like love. For the first time. It'll all make sense. You know it. # We should go there. Let's bring in Joe Hildebrand from the 'Daily Telegraph' and Tim Burrowes from marketing website Mumbrella. Joe, like the new ad? I don't think tourism Australia have ever done a good dad. It is an emperor's new close things and the advertising industry will try to kill me because I am speaking the truth but it is simple. It looks exactly the same as every other tourism Australia at. There is a picture of the desert, there is a picture of the Opera House, come to Australia. Someone has paid millions of dollars to come up with that. They said, OK, there is something like Australia, how do people respond to that? There is nothing like Australia? Oh, that is different. When you are making a decision about travelling overseas, I don't reckon the production values of the advertisement of a demographic of a person fishing and a water hole is going to do it for you. People have these ideas of countries that are built up over time and built up in the media and they make the art impression on that and I find out what the dollar is doing an a chuck them in and go. This is a chord with or challenge what people think about Australia? Obviously, that is nonsense. Advertising works, good advertising works. It's a conspiracy. The whole point of an and like this is, we're not as high in other people's minds as we might be and we need to move up and that consideration. When they're thinking about where to go, that Brace looks pretty good -- place. That advertisement cost us how much? $180 million over three years. But at pitching at a big market, the Chinese. The low point is, if you look around the world where the economy is going UK, that is the place to look, it is kind of nearby and there are a lot of people. Chinese visitors went up by 34%. South Koreans, 17%. Before that advertisement came out. They have already been marketed to China in down as. If they want to attract Chinese visitors, they should show the inside of a casino. You are complaining the and is stereotyping Australia. We should stereotypes everyone. He was spot-on. That is a huge attraction to them, statistics will show that but show that we are more than Kangaroos and Colombia's. Give them what they don't want. If they want a casino, they can just go to Macau. Don't we want to show the more? It can't just be about beaches. Show the man experience. Beaches and gambling. Gambling is one of the things but it is not the only thing. While you guys are chatting, we hit the streets in LA to find out what people really think about us. Australians? Love them. It's Australians? Love them. It's pretty cool, I did a project on an earlier. I would like to take a trip to Australia and is it be, what is it court, the kangaroo? Australia? Never been, looks good on TV. I don't know much about it. It's there and it is down under. Crocodile Dundee. I think they have sex the accents. Yes. And admittedly, they would the same thing say about any country on earth. Australia, that the country, right? None of those people were Chinese but there we go. Maybe we will do wave vox pop in Shanghai. Ahead this morning - the resurrection of Ken Done. He'll be here in the studio. He was the war hero who shone on 'America's Got Talent'. Or was he? VOICEOVER: The National Broadband Network is already making a difference around Australia. We can teach virtually any subject here that students need to do. The National Broadband Network is the key to that. The horticultural class had a link down to the botanical gardens. There's no way on earth we'd be able to do that without the NBN. That's just brilliant - an expert able to speak to our students. You're just using technology in a way you couldn't do before. For us, we've got a system that is cheaper, and if I said 10 times quicker, I'm probably not even getting close to it. It's given us a lot more ways to connect with the world. To be part of something that I think will revolutionise education, that's so good. To learn more about the National Broadband Network, visit I am not a morning person. There's a bit to do - do my buttons, do my shoelaces. Mum says breakfast is important and that oats fill my tummy. Quick Sachets are the same as Uncle Tobys Oats, just cut up smaller so they cook faster. Done in 90 seconds. Which means we can get you to school on time. Right. And they're nourishing, right? Real oats, real qu