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(generated from captions) Hello and welcome to The

Contrarians, I'm Peter Van

Onslen, the only show on sky

where we involve you the

viewers by reading out your

Tweets and emails. I want to

do my editorial on Bob

Francis, who is that I hear

you ask? Lucky if you don't

know. He's a shock Jock,

there's really no other way

to put it in Adelaide. He

wins his time slot which is

late in the evening, but it's

what he says that I find most

despicable. It's been

reported in 'The Australian'

suggestion of today he said this on air, no

misinterpretation by a

journalist on air, he said

bugger the boat people I say

as far as I'm concerned I

hope they bloody drawned out

there on their way over here.

In my opinion they're not

welcome here, well, Bob

frankly with views like that

I would think most Australians would agree

you're not welcome here, a

disgraceful position, his

radio station senior

individuals that work there,

more senior than Bob have reprimanded him strongly,

what we hope is that radio

management has the guts to do

the same, this should be a

bloke that should be kicked

off the airways, if Kyle

Sandilands is going to get in

trouble for jokes and silly

comments that rhetoric from

Bob Francis should see him

not conducting radio no

Adelaide or Tasmania, retire

Bob you're a disgrace. Let's

see what the panel think of

Bob's dumb comments, Dr Greg

O'Mahoney thanks for your

company. Thanks, Peter. And

Troy Bramston, welcome.

Thanks. And former Labor

leader Mark Latham? Thanks,

Peter. Anyone going to

defend Bob No, he should be

expelled, put on the boat and

have it sunk. What do you

want to say about that? We

life in a country where David

Oldfield is a radio

announcer, he has expressed

views in the past. Not to

the same extent, he's had

problematic views. He's

actually on a boat in the med

terrain ian doing something and perhaps you should sink

him too. If you said that

bloke would have a full time

career in broadcasting I

would eat my words. Do you

know him

know him well I can't

believe he's a broadcaster.

Sfoo or a cruise ship

entertainer. Bob Francis's

comments if it's not bad

enough he made them he's not

apologising for them. When

approached by a journalist he

kaid called this lady a

bloody bitch and another

journalist made contact with

him made contact with him he

told him to go and get iffed.

This guy unbelievable. Bob

may well real realise there

is a vacancy at A Current

Affair given the low standard

of ethics, he's making a job

application, I'm your man.

With those tabloid views he

would slut nicely into Tracy

Grimshaw's chair. We will

get to that litter, you're

gone out of the order. I

want to move into a new

segment gentlemen we have on

Contrarians, we are doing

this each week, it is a

serious segment. I want you

to go with our lead in, say

something serious don't take

the mickey out of it. Here


we go. All right, lathe lathe

you can go first, make it

harder perhaps for Troy and

Greg, say something nice

about the Gillard government?

The miracle government,

46000 new jobs in May,

unemployment at around 5%,

just to tick over, low

inflation, low interest rates, the Gillard government

didn't create the miracle

economy, but they haven't

stuffed it up, the first rule

of good public policy is do

no harm, on the economic

front they have done no harm,

there is more they could do

on micro reform, labour

market deregulation, in terms

of the economic

of the economic status they

haven't stuffed up the Hawk,

Keating Howard legacy. What

about debt? They could have

had tidier budgets, cost

saving, they could have been

running a more efficient

public sector, that's true.

Governor of the Reserve Bank On the statistics, the

has said this he goes to

forums where you have 40 or

50 central bankers, he would

not want to sit in anyone

else's chair but he's own,

he's happy as an independent

policy maker by the way that

the economy is going. By international comparison this is a big tick for the

Government. The paradox is

why aren't they getting

leverage on an issue such as

economic manage. That's a

skill about Wayne want's

speeches. You used to write

speeches for Kevin Rudd, how

do you think Julia Gillard

government is going? I'd

like to add to the economy.

A different one. Slim

pickings, Peter, the Prime

Minister is someone I had a

little bit to do with when worked in the Government, she

respected throughout the is someone who is widely

Government, someone who is

admired by her staff, admired

by public servants, up close,

she has a warm and engaging

personality, someone with

almost unimpeachable integrity dig nitly and

honesty, that often doesn't

come through in her public presentations, people who

know her and have worked with

her like her and respect her,

I think before she became

Prime Minister she was one of

labour's better speech

makers, she could always give

a great speech to a Labor

darling among the true audience and regarded as a

believers. You look like you

disagreed with what he said.

I don't think he covered the

field, the nicest thing about

the Prime Minister is she is a decent speech giver.

That's not the only thing I

said. You said those who

like her unlike Kevin Rudd,

those who love him hate him.

If you don't know Kevin Rudd

you like him. The people who

know him the best dislike him

the best: You're making a

point. Those who have never

met him are likely to tell

the poll ster he's okay,

Julia Gillard is the polar

opposite, those who know her

like her and those who

haven't met her don't like

her. What happened to the

public speeches since she

took over? She hasn't got a

good speech write r. Bring

back Troy Bramston, the obvious solution to all her

woes, isn't that true, Troy?

Not at all. Sitting here

lolg around on the panel you

should be putting your

shoulder to the wheel and saving the labour movement.

I received a direct message

on Twitter by someone who

should remain nameless, the

jobs of journalists to

protect their sources, they

told me to ask Troy specifically if there is any speech he wrote for Kevin Rudd that he actually

delivered? Of course, there

would be dozens and dozens of

speeches, but I'm not going

to go around here saying a

speech that I wrote for

deven, no, because that's

wrong, the cardinal rule of a

speech writer, whoever makes

the speech owns the speech.

Some of them he didn't change

a word some of them he changed the complete thing.

You didn't answer the

question, Troy. What about

the Chinese new year message,

did you write that one he

tried to deliver in the ante

room that got out on YouTube,

did you write that stuff?

I'm not going down the path

of claiming credit for

certain speeches that's not

the role of the speech

writer. Would he have been

Prime Minister without Troy? Of course he would have.

Troy is a person of

integrity, it is true, some

speech writers Don Watson has

peed off Paul Keating by

saying too much. Troy is

from the Fruedenberg's school

of public speech writers, the

more private the role the more effectiveness you have

as the alter ego of the

politician. We don't want to

talk about this too much, if

Kevin Rudd didn't have any

respect for me or the

speeches he wrote he wouldn't

have launched my book in

Brisbane. You'd be writing

pretty nice things about

Kevin Rudd, like mark I

disagree with Greg I have

respect for your continue teg

gritty. What did I say about

his integrity? Back to the

debate, the Government has

had a good week at the end of

the day we have had the a

current affair sort of

alleged prostitute saga blow

up in channel nine's face,

tonight tonight took great

delight in it that's obvious.

We have had the strong

economic news, admitted ly

it's the Western Australian

economy that is... Not

exclusively. You have to

read the Australian, Judith

Sloan and your own paper, a

very good piece she points

out the May edition of the

labour force publication by

the ABS contains a good

analysis of the key states of

WA, Queensland and NSW, in

all three cases unemployment

is two-thirds of what it was

15 years ago, mining is clearly benefiting these

states particularly WA the butt being of employment

gains is mining related in

service fields rather than

mining itself, mining

mightn't show up as

generating many jobs as

measured but the spin off

benefits in profession and

service fields is enormous,

in the just WA but Queensland

and NSW. This is the

difference in the debate you

have the popularist

perception, people making

money with no jobs as opposed

to 'The Australian' newspaper

reliable source you must

agree Peter, using the

figures produced by the

status tigs, broad based employment growth spilling

over into professional and

service areas. By contrast

in 'The Australian' today

I've got to point it out the

popularist newspaper. Here

is Graham Richardson with the

popular media myth trying to

argue NSW and Victoria the manufacturing states are not

seeing any benefit from the

boom. This is just not true.

Read the ABS report on the labour force stats, NSW in

particular is getting benefit

from the mining boom. What

is it about you, you guys are

always fighting? I'm on the

side of truth and accuracy, same paper different interpretations, I'm trying

to reconcile the two, Sloan

is right, Richo is wrong, the

media love to put out fear

and scare tactics to make out

we will all be ruined in the

economy, the truth is

different. Mark we saw the

report that NSW isn't

growing, unlike other states.

Not true at all. NSW

recorded huge growth. Huge

tracts in the economy are not

recording growths Which

tracts? NSW has measured and

it's growing. Victoria about

1.7. Both of those states

growing are now growing

again, unemployment is coming down and employment growth is happening in those states.

We have seen whether it's

Qantas, hasty, fitness for

us. I'm not going into individual firms that might

shed jobs you have to look at

the overall national

situation, over 46000 extra

full-time jobs created not in

the him lay yas Honduras, but

in Australia. In a patch

work economy that's what it

is. In a dynamic economy

people pick up new jobs and

they're often better jobs,

rather than working

underneath a Qantas plane you

want to set up your own

business and work this a

cleaner more productive

industry, in a dynamic economy things aren't frozen

moving around all the time,

real employment growth across

the country that's of benefit

to most Australians. That's

the truth of it. Forget

about all the media scare

campaigns and doomsdayers out

in the debate. Let's give a

big tick to the Gillard

government and the resilience

of the economy. If I knew

you were going to be that

positive I would have ended

it segment sooner. One Tweet

nice about the Gillard

government she introduced me

to hard liquor and now I

drink. He's obviously got a job in hospitality.

We will continue with the

panel in a moment. But the

news. Glen Stephen has said

that recent interest rate

cuts are not designed to

spare mortgage holders the

pain of rising prices.

Household debt levels

characterised the pre-2007

housing boom. Rate cuts will

benefit mortgage holders by

allowing them to pay down the

home loan quicker. Westpac

has cut the rate by .02 as

the treasurer welcomes the

ANZ's decision to pass on the

full cut of .25. The he's

encouraged the other major

banks to follow suit. Mr

Swan said the Reserve Bank's

decision to cut rates was the

result of the Government's

strong fiscal policy. The

parents of triplets killed in

a fire in Qatar have

remembered three very special

but different individuals at

a memorial service in

Wellington. Lillie Jackson and Willsher Weekes were

among 19 people who died when

a fire broke out in a nursery

of a shopping centre in the

capital Doha. She said

tribute to the two yearly olds describing them as

perfect in their own way.

New South Wales Police have

confirmed that an ultra light

plane has crashed near Temora

in the Riverina region, the

male pilot was killed in the

crash occurring after 3 pm.

Police don't believe anyone

else on board was killed when

the aircraft went down.

Emergency cruise are on the

scene. Matthew Milat the

great nephew of serial killer

Ivan Milat has been sentenced

to 43 years in gaol for the

murder of his friend David

Auchterlonie in 2010. His

accomplice Cohen Klein has

been gaoled for at least 2

two years, the victim was

lured to Belanglo State

Forest in NSW with the

promise of smoking cannabis

and drinking to celebrate his

17th birthday. In sentencing

the judge said that Milat had

no other motive than a thrill

kill. Milat will serve a minimum of 30 years behind

jars. The ARU are

investigating an alleged

incident involving star backs Quade Cooper and Kurtley

Beale. Bail was involved in

a scruffle with a bouncer

which resulted in police

being called, neither player

is in the squad to make an

Wales tomorrow due to injury. Shoirs developing in the

west, remaining cool in the

southeast. Welcome back, this

is The Contrarians where I'm

joined by Dr Greg O'Mahoney

Troy Bramston and former

Labor lead Mark Latham. Trar

yus Tweets and emails have

come in shocked and appalled

we would have a segment on

nice things about the

Government. That's an achievementment plenty of

government around the world

that have stuffed up the

economy. If we were sitting

here in Greece sipping Ouzo

and Soulakie. We have

footage of a Greek politician

on a program. Let's take a

look at it. In a different

language but I tell you what

however bad Australian

politics get it doesn't

descend to this. Look at

this, it's unbelievable.

Look at what he does, look at

this. Oh, geese. That's just

common assault. That's

disgraceful. The glass of

water, the right slap to the

woman owes cheek, I hope

they've got an expulsion law

they can kick him out of

parliament. Pretty

unbelievable. Are you saying

we can't act like this on

this panel is that the idea?

You can, either side of you.

That's pretty surprising it

gets to that extent. At

least we have to keep it in

perspective in this country

how ever people are upset s,

how ever bad people think

politics in this country have

descended. Politicians like

Craig Thomson treat women

better than that and paid

them for their services. Allegedly. There are

findings on the matter, I'm

trying to give you another

segue, would you take it. Dr

Greg O'Mahoney you're a

regular viewer, what did you

think of the way this has

transpired with the alleged

prostitute that was going to

go on 'A Current Affair' decided she didn't want to

she was no longer sure,

snapped up by today tonight

it's turned into an internal

war between the two versions

of current affair journalism.

So grubby, we like to think

we are above Fleet Street,

paying 60000 to a woman who

says this is a chance I might

have slept with this guy,

outrageous, he should be

vindicated by the fact that

there is a pros tilt tute out

there who looks like mickey

Rourke he might not have

slept with. This this is

muck raking sludge, this is

not public affairs

television, you don't go to

those shows for serious

current affairs journalism.

If there's a suggestion. You

don't, you watch Sky News,

are you disagreeing with

that At the same time. Most

programs on quality would go to Sky News for the

journalism, apart from the

ones you host. It is

outrageous The thing about

her, if it is true what she

said that she made a

statement, signed a Stat Dec

then she retracted that before 'A Current Affair'

broadcast the idea, the

notion they had a story, that

is a disagree. Andrew is

saying there is a second

prostitute above the glassie

can Noel. Fourth, fifth or sixth, plenty of hookers.

Would you want to be seeing

this kind of stuff? Is there

much public interest in

seeing a pros tit tud being

paid $60000. Fascinated

about where this would go.

I'm not fascinated, I'm over

the Craig Thomson stuff, if a

grubby television network

wants to pay a prostitute

60000 to spin a yarn, that is

not current affairs or a

proper political analysis,

there shouldn't be any place

for it. It raises issues,

politicians get slagging

about a lack of ethics, in a

political arena you have to

research things and cover

your bases it could blow up

on you and it will be the end

of your political career.

From 'A Current Affair' did they establish proof she was

in Australia at that time or

in that establishment. Did

they say can we have a look

at your passports, if they

undertook those tasks they

would have found out she was

in New Zealand on the dates

in question. And the penalty

for a current affair s for

absolutely no attention to

research and detail? There

is no penalty in the system.

If anything they get more

advertisings out of it as a

result of the kerfuffle.

Steve glibbons the member

for Bendigo says that outfits

like that should be put in

the sin bins and they could

broadcast Gill gans island

instead of A Current Affair,

that is unfit for free to air

television, they haven't

undertaken decent research or

ethical standards they should

have six months in the bin.

I would like to see myself or

yeah regard Henderson to head

up the authority that makes

these judges. Do it

together, my old malt Hendo.

You used to work for channel

nine. I'm still waiting for

a callup. I should declare a

conflict of interest. There

should be a system that

applies throughout the media

where this sort of incident

has a punishment. Because at

the moment these people,

Tracy Grimshaw will be back

in the chair unsanctioned

tonight and unembarrassed,

unembarrassable these people.

Next week we will give Mr

Williams executive producer

of 'A Current Affair' a right

of reply, if he's watching we

would like to have him on

next Friday. The joke is how

they took the high ground at

the end of this episode,

saying we handed the papers

and everything we had to the

Victorian police like there

is some inquiry that is going

to be grounded in what

happened this week. Put them

in the bin. The quick issue

Peter, even if there is a

question mark over the date

that the pros dit tute told

them she was retracting the

story, as soon as they knew

it happened, a text message

or a call saying she

retracted the story, she

should have jumped on air and

issued a statement what we

have been saying and other

people are reporting is

untrue and we backed away

from it. They didn't do that, that was their opportunity before today

tonight went to air, they

didn't do it, it shows them

for the frauds they are.

Tell us what you really

think. We're taking a break,

when we come back we will

take a look at childcare.

This is an issue that's been discussed certainly today,

been some pressure putting on

the Gillard government about

this in weeks past when Tony

Abbott talked about extending

the rebate to Nannies, we

will discuss what the ins and

outs may mean for you, you're

watching The Contrarians.

Welcome back, you're watching The Contrarians I'm

joined by Dr Greg O'Mahoney,

Troy Bramston and Mark Latham

keep the treats and emails

coming in. We have Jenny

sent me an email saying you

just outed yourself once

again, Mr Peter Van Onslen

finally we get some truth

aired on the program from

Mark Latham. If I had known

you were going to be positive

about the Gillard government

I would have ended the

segment earlier, thanks for

your advice. I suggested

vote for Gillard, I showed my

by as. Earlier Mark, good to

hear Mark offering his

support for labour, loved

him, loved his book, gone off

him recently, maybe he has

won me back. Are you having

a tilt for pre-selection.

Which seats? Dobell. A

speech to the national press

secretary he said he believed

Labor has to be looking to

bring back former leaders

like yourself, he can

disagree internally with what

he have to say, stopped

attacking you publicly, awe

tacked him back. What do you

say about that? Interesting

sentiment, good on him. Are

you interesting in that? I

talk the general view talking

in the media I need to be of an independent mind and call

the issues as I see them, I'm

not answering to any faction

or party or trade union, I

like to present hopefully an

informative view that's view

of any prejudice rather than

against Gerard Henderson, as

for Paul Howes he's a person

of good intent in the Labor

movement and Labor has got a

whole bunch of intuitional

structural policy personality

issues that need resolution

and good minded people should

put their shoulder to the

wheel and try and help out.

A lot of advice I offered.

Helping out for you not to

make the comments publicly,

for you to go into a

controlled fall I get the

impression? That's well and

good, in my situation these

media peer appearances are

part of my livly hood, I have

a bigger responsibility to my families, you can't tell me

to pull my punches given the

history, I need to do my

work, could it as best I can, I'm not going to compromise

that, I appreciate his

comments, but I can't change,

you want want me here acting

as some sort of Labor pay

tree ot when the truth is not

that way. You have another

robots on him, that and

politicians that will parrot

the party line, the best

thing that Howes can do is

take my advice, plenty of it

there, take it. I find the olive branch attempt that

comes with it, it seems to be

an attempt at least by him to

avoid there being this clear

rift that Labor has with

figures like yourself What

happened is this, when the

diaries came out, people

thought this is so fantastic,

so unreal, this can't be

possibly be true. This is

the work of a crazy embittered figure who is

spraying everyone on the way

out. Low and behold they

reread the passages and said

I recognised that Kevin Rudd,

that factional system. The

caulk sass meetings, people

are working out there's true in that book, maybe that's

why the olive branch is out,

they're starting to recognise

that I was a forerunner,

talking the truth about the

Labor Party before all these

recent problems. I remember

picking up that book when it

first came out reading it,

finding it a fascinating read, when you go back and

look at it, at the time it seems extraordinary things

you were saying, interesting extraordinary, this is what

we accept modern politics is.

Wayne Swan says about Kevin Hold it up against what

Rudd and all the Ministers,

my book is mild. On the

topic of pulling punches

you're the first person to

express concern about the

health of Craig Thomson, your

article said you were gravy

concerned. You've been one

of the harshest critics

personally of politicians, on

the show last year you said

things about Andrew Robb I

couldn't believe, they were

superbly vindictive. Andrew

Robb was on the public record

saying he needs a cocktail of

chemicals to keep him going,

someone like that would be

better off working in a job

with less pressure. If

that's how you feel why do

you feel he's addicted to

politics? People get

delusional his book was a job

application to be the leader

of the Liberal Party which

he's never going to be.

People in those situation

need to take a step back and

those around them need to

give them compass nat advice

they're better off in another

vocation. Since I said that

I don't think anyone would

think that Andrew Robb does a

great job as shadow finance

minimumer, a weak link in a

weak economic team he would

be better off going back to a

less stressful job like head

of the farmers federation.

We will do what we said we

would do, childcare, the Gill regard government Troy

Bramston are trying to

address angst in the

community, you have young

children, you know the dill

lem mass of childcare, what's your response to Tony Abbott

putting this on the issue a few weeks back where he

talked about the idea of

using taxpayers dollars

perhaps to fund Nannies, do a

productivity study on it What

Julia Gillard is saying in

the last couple of days is

spot on, I the biggest

question is why did Labor

walk away interest the

childcare policies after the

last election, I hate to

match a positive with a

negative the Labor Party had

an election promise to build

child-care centres, they

walked away from most of

them. The problem people

have in the zero to two age

group it's finding a place,

not the fees but finding a

place to send the children,

Labor under Kevin Rudd had a

policy to build 250

child-care centres, they

scrapped most of those. And

14 hours of learning based

play for 4 year-olds, 40

hours a week for 4 year olds

for learning based play.

Another important early

childhood initiative which

they walked away from. What

they said is good they should

do what they originally

promised. Where does the

money come for all of this?

We're in a situation where we

have this narrow 1 billion

surplus they're looking to

cling to, and a large amount

of money is inject nood

childcare. At the moment

from nowhere, the summit yesterday had a lot of Kevin

Rudd about it, important talk

test, no hard policy coming

out of it, most Ministers

involved saying you won't see any concrete results for some

time. Right out of Kevin

Rudd's play book. Isn't this

part of the problem

generally, it comes back to Joe Hockey's age of

enentitlement speech, we are

in a situation where there is

less revenue, increased

amount of revenue, so much in

terms of government spending

that the state is addicted

to. Crittens have become

addicted to it. They expect

it. What do we do about it,

Mark? You have to be

hard-headed about the future,

you have to say to the

Australian people the

Europeans are in trouble

because they've had an open

welfare spending the

difference is sending them

broke. To avoid that future

Australia needs to be

hard-headed about its budget

management. We need to end

the age of entitlement as

hockey points out, he has a

70 billion hit list of

spending cuts, let's hope

that's real and hope there's

genuine as tear tee in an

Abbott government. At the

same time you have to make a

decision with limited

government resources where do

you spend it best? The best

thing we can do for younger

Australians is not ramp up

childcare sub December but universal access for pre-children education for three, four and five year

olds in this country, pay

them a means tested voucher,

every kid can get into

preschool, all the pressure

off the childcare system

improve the Earl early

learning credentials which is

a great thing for the nation.

The early learning agenda,

Mark wrote about this stuff

and spoke about it as well,

this is a big Labor agenda

that's missing, not just

about childcare fees but an

early learning agenda. He

wrote a comment to the

telegraph where I suggested

this could be a big new Labor

agenda item. Somebody

involved in the Labor said

that's not a big agenda item

for a big idea, it is a

economic idea and a social

policy idea. The Labor

government have missed it.

education, that's the Not child minding but early

difference. Don't have a

summit about child minding

but a summit about the

preschool system we need to

enable young people to get the best start. All the

research, the intuitive stuff

the anecdotal stuff tells you

if kids are doing well early

on it comes back. Labor are

spending more time on the posteriorly liftic issues don't reflect the issues you're talking about.

Labor's problem is there's a

child minding union, Gillard

has been har ragged by these

people to have a summit. No

preschool union that's

ragging the Prime Minister powerful. We need them har

and getting it where it

belongs. So many young mothers in Australia who are not going back to work

because they can't afford the

childcare. If that's not a

crisis what it s? Clearly

affecting things. I

mentioned a few minutes ago

they after years they could

say we build 260 new schools

and achieved universe Wal

education for three and four

year olds that is an election

winning achieve the. Why not

have a summit about the side

issue child minding, the

money in the place where it

is effective the preschool

system. One minute left on

the program, very quickly,

are we going to expect any

political antics in the last

sitting weeks for the winter recess before parliament resumes Abbott will be

hoping for good news he's had

the worst fortnight he's had being Opposition Leader.

Troy? Anything the

Government does positive or

negative will continue to be

sidetracked by the Craig

Thomson show. Mark do you

agree with that? In the new

paradigm new antics. We are

out of time, Dr Greg

Mark Latham great to have you O'Mahoney, Troy Bramston and

on board the show. Thank you

for your company as well. Be

sure and tune in on Sunday for Australian Agenda we will

be speaking to Greg Combet

the climate change minister

about the all important

carbon tax, plus Tony Sheldon

will be joining us interest

the Transport Workers Union

to discuss the carbon tax but

Qantas about the news about

the massive decline in profits, lastly we will be

joined by the small business

minister Brendan O'Connor,

see how he is travelling in

the new portfolio in cabinet.

I'm Peter Van Onslen. Thanks

for your company.

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