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(generated from captions) out-of-pool controversies. Tell it like it is, Jim. Thank you. A lottery system is being considered centenary of Gallipoli in 2015. to decide who can go to the The ballot's being considered on the numbers that can attend. because of restrictions president, Jock Statton, But the RSL's South Australian of Australians who died at Gallipoli is concerned relatives the important anniversary. will miss out on attending our Big Guns of Politics - Let's bring in in Sydney Environment Minister Tony Burke Shadow Treasurer Joe Hockey. and in Hobart, Tony, would a lottery be unfair of the original Anzacs? to the relatives I think first thing we have got to note here is that no decision has been made. No decision can be made right now. We are still in a negotiation with New Zealand and Turkey. Only 10,000 people will fit. Obviously, there is going to be a much higher demand than that this time. But in terms of working out what the arrangements are, we are in somebody else's country. We need to work it out sensibly with Turkey New Zealand are in those work it out sensibly with Turkey and negotiations as well. There are lots of Australians who want to be there. And the precise methods are something we are still, probably a couple of month being able to land exactly how it is done. But certainly, for what will be one of the most solemn events ever for Australians, not everybody who to be able to get there will be able Australians, not everybody who wants to get there. How we manage that we haven't decided yet. And Joe, I suppose, if you say let the relatives of the descendants have first go, whatever is left over the public can go into a ballot but 100 years on, the relatives of those descendants could number in couple of hundred each? Couldn't descendants could number in the they? Well, Kochie, I agree with Tony there. Let's see how the process unfolds. We, remember, we had a lottery process to get tickets to the Olympicss. But at the same time, there were tickets that allocated to families. Families of time, there were tickets that were Olympians and families of the Olympic family. So I am sure they can get the balance right. I don't think, at this stage, people should be too worried. I am sure the process can be dealt with. OK, thanks, Joe. Look, federal police say they didn't have enough evidence to hold an alleged people-smuggling king pin. The man known as Emad fled Australia after being identified on TV. How was he allowed to leave the country and should he have been some It is a good question. The federal government has cut $ government has cut $250 million out of the -- billion out of the federal police. It is kind of surprising that it was another TV program that was able to identify 'Captain Emad'. Frankly, the minister needs to explain. If he did have the powers why didn't he use them. If he didn't, when is he going to introduce the laws to give him power to deal with the matter. But introduce the laws to give him the we have been on this program talking about boats for a while. We have had 50 boats arrive this year alone, if there were temporary protection visas in place which we have been argueing and which we had been before he would have been thrown out of the country at the appropriate time or there might be some other process available. Tony, you a bit embarrassed by all this? Couldn't the police or the government advice the police say holding him until we get to the bottom of it. get to the bottom of it. I only know what I read from the federal commissioner of police, Tony in the paper today. He said there is commissioner of police, Tony Negar difference in information you have to provide to a journalist and what they believe would stand up in court. They were in a situation they didn't believe they had enough to charge. I don't have access to the federal evidence the way the police do but if the ploothe police commissioner is saying they didn't have the evidence to hold someone, I have no reason to not believe him. OK, thank you, gentlemen, catch you