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(generated from captions) this afternoon. They finally began to ease From the satellite quickly up the New South Wales coast the east coast low moved fairly last night. Areas south of the Hunter of the strong winds and rain. copping the worst off the state's north coast The system is sitting and is moving out to sea. to ease overnight. Conditions will continue It will still be cool tomorrow. the New South Wales coastline. A few showers continuing along in Perth. Chance of a thunderstorm Sunny in Adelaide. in Melbourne. Shower or two severe morning frost. Canberra, in Brisbane. Mostly fine

will continue in Sydney tonight A few isolated showers and into tomorrow morning. by tomorrow afternoon. The sunshine will return 17 degrees. mostly fine and cool overnight. Western suburbs will be Tomorrow - through the west. fine and sunny skies are forecast return on Friday and Saturday. Fine and sunny conditions will It will still be chilly. onshore again Sunday, winds will swing more close to the coast. producing a few showers but I'll be back with updates later. That's Seven News for this Wednesday Thanks for your company. Goodnight. I'm Chris Bath. Good evening. Thanks for joining us. on the Craig Thomson affair - Tonight we have breaking news of the scandal the prostitute at the centre has now changed her story, to the former Labor MP. and apologised Just two hours ago, Victorian Fraud Squad detectives on the Gold Coast went to a lawyer's office to interview the woman, damning claims against Thomson. who had allegedly made Neil Doorley, Earlier, she spoke to our reporter from our Brisbane newsroom. who joins me now who claimed Neil, this is the same woman had paid her for sex, that Craig Thomson Union credit card. using his Health Services What is she saying now? As you mentioned to interview her Federal Police have been this afternoon in her lawyer's office she changed the entire story. after her confession that why she did it This afternoon she explained to me and what happened going public in the first place. when she tried to stop the story I must add, us through her lawyer that the woman in question contacted and was not paid any money and did not ask for for what you're about to hear. of Channel Nine's allegations Are you the woman at the centre at the Boardroom Brothel in Sydney? Yes. at the Boardroom brothel in Sydney? that Craig Thomson used an escort

you'd slept with Craig Thomson? Why did you say that I believed I had at the time. that you're telling the truth? Why should we believe you now, to prove that it's not me. Because there is evidence And that evidence is the passport? that it was so long ago now The passport, the fact that time, that after thinking about it all how can I be 100% sure it was him? looked like that. I used to have a lot of clients who Channel 9 begin? How did your association with I was called by a Justin Armsden. I was obviously very curious. I just lived the quiet life Why ACA would look for me.

I met him at the beach. of an article of Craig Thomson He showed me a picture if I knew that picture. and he asked me I said, I'm not sure. He only flashed the picture. He didn't give me any information. He said, did you work for Boardroom? of course, I had just met him. I was unsure of this gentleman, of Alina? He said, did you work under the name this man was a client of mine He said he believed and wanted to interview me. Why you? I don't know. records. They could have looked at the Craig Thomson was a client of yours? Did you tell anyone that Not at the time. He was no one special then. When Justin Armsden approached me, driven that this all was. I had no idea of how politically gentleman had supposedly, He just told me that this from the government allegedly, misused funds for it, or whatever. and he wanted him to go to trial the political implications of it - He didn't tell me anything of bringing down the Government. that I was supposedly I had no idea about that. who initially approached you? Was it Justin Armsden Yes. Tell us about that anything up-front? and did they offer you and said, Justin Armsden called me later on to do an interview he offered me $50,000 and that he would fly me up in the Channel 9 helicopter to Brisbane to start with me it probably isn't a good idea. because my friends had been telling do it, I'm not interested," and I said, "No, I am not going to

called me a little bit later His boss, Grant Williams, and we will fly you to Sydney. and said he would offer me $60,000 just to tell a story about some guy I thought, "OK, alright, $60,000 "that I met ages ago." I mean, what is wrong with that? revelation made This stems back to explosive when, on May 23, and a reporter the program's executive producer met with Federal MP Craig Thomson an interview with an escort in an attempt to show him in a Sydney brothel in May 2005. he'd supposedly slept with And that same former escort a sworn statutory declaration has also supplied us with in regard to the investigation? She provided that last week. That is right. are pretty obvious. The implications of that under the Oaths Act, This is a legal document, if it's found not to be true. punishable by jail, with his union credit card for that liaison The inference he'd paid

the first smoking gun was meant to be to allegations physically linking the MP Health Services Union credit card he had misused his for escorts while a union official. REPORTER: This is Craig Thomson's credit card statement from when he was Health Services Union secretary and it contains a transaction for $770 for a company called International Immobiliare on 7 May, 2005. Identity theft in Australia... Craig Thomson has consistently denied he has ever been involved in hiring prostitutes using his union credit card. The escort at the centre of these allegations said she tried to stop the story two days earlier. When did you tell them that you had not slept with him? On 21 May but in between that time, that they hadn't contacted me for a little while because they were checking their, what is the word for it? Checking all the aspects of it, dotting the I's and crossing the T's I hadn't spoken to him for a while and I looked back through my records, my passport particulary, and said, I wasn't around on these dates. He was asking me if May 7th, 2005. Was that the only day? That's the one they're claiming he charged. You believe you were in New Zealand? I believe I was in New Zealand. Have you got any records? I have my passport. Can you say 100 per cent, categorically, you were in New Zealand? The only problem with that is that New Zealand does not stamp your passport in and out but according to my passport, it says that I left in April and came back in June. Departed Australia in April and arrived back in Australia in June. OK, so you have basically contacted Channel Nine and said you want to basically do a backflip? Retracted everything I said. I emailed them, texted him and that was after I said everything checks out. He said send me the bank account details, or call me with them and that is when I retracted everything. He said you need to call me urgently and we spoke. He said I wish you kept your bloody end of the bargain. I said, I am not signing any contract to say this is the truth because I am not sure now. I am not a credible witness. three days before they went to every Let me get this straight, three days before they went to air with the allegations you contacted the reporter involved and said you were no longer a credible witness? That is correct. It was 12:28 on 21st May and my text message reads: What was the response? I texted him and I said no, you cannot use the information because I am not 100 per cent sure. That they still went to air. Absolutely furious. Not only have they discredited somebody else's name but my name as well under so much pressure and put so much pressure on a man for something that I am not entirely sure about. May 21, when you sent the journalist the email, the text message, did you think that was the end of the story? Yes. Yes I did. If I say no, that was meant to be it. I had never signed a contract, I made a statutory declaration. Only 'cause I was 100% sure. When I looked through my records I knew it not to be so, could not have been me. You have kept the text messages. Why did you keep those messages? I keep all of my text messages anyway. These were of particular importance, especially once he had aired it. I felt really like, screwed over. Can I say that? You can edit stuff out, can't you? I felt really hard done by because I had not given permission for anything to be aired. On the day after A Current Affair's meeting with Craig Thomson, he went on the front foot, What I am here to say, enough is enough. This defies credibility that you are going to spend $60,000 to buy an interview from a prostitute about the story and quite frankly, this is journalism at its worst. Let's not descended any further into the gutter. On the same day Channel Nine broadcast details of their investigation findings and alluded to the fact that this woman had slept with Craig Thompson and had said so in an interview. And in an affidavit. Which according to her they knew was wrong. Yes, I have agreed to pay this woman but we did not mention the figure of $60,000. Was it accurate? It was thereabouts, I can tell you that. They offer you, initially $50,000 and then another $10,000. $60,000 is pretty tempting, isn't it? Yes. Did that money cloud your view? It didn't cloud my view because I said no to $50,000 and I could say no to another $10,000. It wasn't that. It was more, I had thought about it and thought I am pretty sure, I'm 100% sure I remember him. And so that was more what it was. The money, yes, I am poor but I didn't lie for anything to get money. I haven't received any money. I refuse to receive any money from any media outlet for any of this information. But you would have? You would have received $60,000? If I signed a contract. I didn't sign any contract and nothing was supposed to go to air until the contracts were signed. But they still used it. They didn't have my permission. There has been a lot of talk about whether we paid this escort. Has money changed hands? A big topic. Our boss Grant Williams has discussed a fee for the story but not a cent has changed hands and nor will it until the investigation is complete. She could face a maximum of between 5-7 years in jail. Her lawyers says his client is remorseful for the confusion and heartache she has caused. My client is devastated. Her intention now is to set the record straight and clear her conscience. Money has never featured in the conversation she has had with me about this. I would like to apologise to Craig Thomson, his family, his friends, everyone this has affected. That is their misdoing because I retracted everything before this went to air and I feel terrible for Craig Thomson and his family. Were you aware that the executive producer and a journalist flew to Canberra and wanted him to see it? I did not know they flew down but I did hear the news that they offered to show him a copy of our interview and he had refused. Not only did Channel Nine do that, they sent out the interview to all the other media. Apparently Justin Armsden used to work for the 'Gold Coast Bulletin' and has sent out all my information, where I live, where I work, everything and sent it out to them. They have a picture of me in the newspaper. It completely discredits me for my work and where I live. Why are you setting the record straight? I just don't think Craig Thomson should be punished over something that Channel Nine has aired that is quite likely false. What dealings have you had with the police? I haven't had any. They've called me. Are you worried that you might be charged? No. I don't see why I should be when I have told the truth. OK. Have you been paid by anyone? I haven't been paid by anyone. You've touched on a message to Craig Thomson. So what would you like to say to Craig Thomson and his family? I am really genuinely sorry for all the harm I have caused in the first place. by even speaking to Channel Nine complete mistaken identity It is a case of putting you through all of this. and I can't apologise more for Craig Thomson, your family, friends, I hope you can accept my apologies. watching, There could be people out there thinking you made this statement, the fall-out from the statement you didn't realise into retracting what is said. that you have basically been scared since the initial interview. Nobody has approached me anything or anything like that. Nobody has bullied me into saying It was me. I feel bad, terrible about it. I want to set the record straight That is why I have come out to say has done the wrong thing here. because Channel Nine 'A Current Affair', Justin Armsden, they have all done the wrong thing. I feel Gone behind my back, and put extra pressure on Mr Thomson aired all this stuff and everything like that. But I guess they did that It's just rude, basically.

you had slept with Craig Thomson. after you told them that. I've retracted it before they aired A complete case of mistaken identity? Completely. Categorically say that? Absolutely. and I feel awful about it. Mistaken identity I am terribly sorry. Weren't in the country at the time? absolutely not. According to my passport, I was with my mother. So, Neil, just confirming again for that interview. that no money has changed hands At interview was done but all Victorian fraud squad detectives moved in. What can you tell us about the process? Officers from the Victorian fraud squad spoke to her in a car park outside The Office of her loyal on the Gold Coast, for about an hour. It is my understanding she signed documents in front of those officers which basically went over all the reasons she told us why she had changed that sworn statement. Again, it's my understanding those officers are now on the way back Victoria. officers are now on the way back to He spent a fair bit of time with this woman this afternoon. How can we be convinced she is now telling the truth? I asked the question, she said she was telling the truth and as you heard there, because she has changed that sworn statement, she can change face up to seven years in jail. It is fair to say this woman wanted the chance to dig herself out of a whole and set the record straight. She has given a pretty clear apology to Craig Thomson. Have we heard from Craig Thomson today? We have. There is a statement out. Today Tonight has spoken to Craig Thomson and he says he is believed she has come forward. He is yet to decide what action, if any, he will take about these latest claims in regards to the woman. I guess now it's a matter of wait and see just what happens and regards to what the Victorian police will do them Regards to her changing her sworn statement. The letters be absolutely clear. No money changed hands for that interview. Absolutely not. No request from the woman or her lawyer and if there had been, it would have been rejected flatly. Obviously this is an explosive revelation you'll be hearing about over the coming days. Let us revelation you'll be hearing more

take a Next - Petrol rips-offs at the bowser... ..and in the boardrooms. driving people to this. How the price is manipulated,

(SNEEZES) When you have a cold or flu, VOICEOVER: it can turn your life upside down. (WHIMPERS) Get on top of it quickly. (IRON HISSES) with adult-strength Relieve symptoms Demazin cold and flu tablets... ..and help make things right again. It is Australia's fastest growing crime - who just aren't prepared to pay. fuelled by frustrated motorists it's not just at the bowsers But as you're about to see that rip-offs are occurring. Rodney Lohse has more on a report on how petrol prices are manipulated casting doubt on an hourly basis. in oil company boardrooms Petrol theft - fastest growing crimes. it's one of Australia's in the past few days. These are just some caught on film hundreds of petrol stations are hit Every week, drive off without paying. as the desperate and dishonest an even bigger petrol heist going on But there could be and we are all the victims. I think it's 100% wrong. I think it's wrong. with petrol hitting $1.30, Even this week we've seen in months, some of the cheapest prices to fill the family car. it still can cost more than $100 we have to pay here in Australia, I think it's ridiculous what to be perfectly frank. And she's not alone. and Consumer Commission agrees The Australian Competition might be cheating us and suspects the industry leaders by colluding on prices coupons and targeted discounting and also using supermarket discount to wipe out independent competition. is completely dysfunctional. The Australian petrol market It has too few players. with nearly 50% of the market share You've got Coles and Woolworths time and time again. and consumers are getting done over believes it's time Independent Senator Nick Xenophon transparent about their pricing. the petrol retailers were any alleged collusion. A move, he believes, would nullify in the dark. Consumers are being kept can exchange information The fact that the big oil companies can find out who's charging what and the retailers, between them, itself is problematic. Four years ago, they tried to prove It's not going to be easy

for the ACCC. Four years ago, they tried to prove were all in cahoots. that the petrol powers that be Then, chairman Graham Samuels. What it does mean - Caltex, Mobil and BP, that the three price leaders, by 10 up to 20 cents a litre can raise their prices of each week on that Wednesday or Thursday and they know in every specific site by the informed sources arrangement that's governed what their competitors are doing. to lay a glove on the majors The ACCC has never been able actually contact each other directly and that's mainly because they never with their pricing information. Rather, they outsource it. their pricing information here, What they do is they send to Informed Sources in Brisbane, to their competitors who then sends that on their competitors' pricing. and, in turn, gives them This place is like the bagman for petrol pricing information. The information passing through Informed Sources is so regular petrol stations like this 7-Eleven can get price updates on other stations every 15 minutes. And this operator gets them via text message from his head office. It's why prices can change throughout the day and week, all for the exact same fuel in the tanks under the service station. Are there other days when they put the price up and you know they're gauging motorists? Oh, pension day, pension day. Small operator Leon Dennis runs a mechanical business and sells fuel. He once would sell 100,000 litres a month. Since Coles and Woolworths entered the industry he's lost 60% of his business. You can't survive on fuel alone. It's ridiculous. You'd go broke. How we survive is our mechanical workshop and our tyres and supplying good service to the customers in the area. He buys a tanker worth and sets his price at four cents above cost price while his competitors' prices go up and down daily. Nick Xenophon believes the ACCC inquiry needs to go a lot further and examine wholesaling monopolies which stop more independents entering the market. Look, there's something seriously wrong with the petrol market when small independent outlets have to pay more for fuel at a wholesale level than what Coles and Woolies can sell it to consumers at a retail level. That shows you there's something completely distorted about the market. Rodney Lohse reporting. As always, you are encouraged to have your say on that story or anything you see on Today Tonight on our website on Facebook or Twitter. We'll be back after the break. Coming up - he spots them... ..he grills them... ..he chases them down. The shopping centre vigilante on the lookout for troublemakers. Obviously, things made way for our breaking news on the Craig Thomson affair. So, tomorrow, we'll show you the shopping centre bounty hunter at work. He is hiding. Possibly has some stuff under the car there. ( SCREAMING) That story tomorrow. Hope you can join us then. More on the Craig Thomson affair too. Thanks for your company. Enjoy your evening. Goodnight. RUBY: Previously on Home and Away... Sounds like your big brother's got everything worked out, eh? Someone had to keep it all together when you went away. Did you get what you came for? I want you to do something for me. I want you to get some info on my old man. This should be enough to get you started. There's plenty more where that came from if you don't screw up. LIAM: If you're not smart enough to stay away from this guy, I can't trust you, and we're certainly not doing this. I can confirm your diagnosis. Malaria. That's what I told the young bloke last night. I don't want you to come to Hong Kong with me unless you can look me in the eye and tell me that you're not still in love with Romeo. I'm leaving. I don't know why you leant Indi that money and, quite frankly, it doesn't matter anymore but if you have any intention of getting back together with her, don't you ever let her down. What did he say about you lending Indi money? I want you to settle down on the sofa 'cause Sid wants you to take it easy. You're loving this, aren't you? Oh, yes, I am. Because you're so much fun when you're sick. RUBY: I can't believe you went behind my back like that. ROMEO: I'm sorry, OK? No, that money was meant for the business, Romeo. So much for taking it easy. We're back! Hey. Er, sorry. Ruby and I were just having a business discussion. So we heard. I'm going for a walk. Ruby... Welcome home. Thanks. Well, as long as he's settling in OK. That's good. Give him my love. Tell him I'll bring him a big piece of chocolate cake home. OK. Bye. Did Alf get back alright? Oh, yes. Thank goodness. He gave me a scare. Well, why don't you go home? I can cover your shift. Oh, no, no, that's not necessary. But you just said you're worried about him. I was. I mean I AM, but, um... ..there's a big fight going on about Harvey. I don't want to get involved. Oh. Well, you know what? You can't blame the guy. He goes away for a couple of months and everything changes. I know. But Roo and Harvey are such a lovely couple! Yeah, they are.