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captioned by Ai-Media This program will be live

delivering unrivalled liver

coverage, this is Sky News,

Australia's news channel.

This is PM Agenda. Good

afternoon, I'm David Speers,

coming to you live from welcome to the program,

parliament house in Canberra.

There is a deep lack of

confidence in Australia at

the moment in both politics

and the economy. The markets

and the polls tell the story today. Australians aren't happy with the choice on today. Australians aren't

offer here in Canberra.

They're certainly pessimistic about the economy. The

Australian market has lost

more than 20 billion in value

today. We will take a look

at that coming up. Clearly

this is being driven by

concerns of where things are

United States. Here in going in Europe and the

Australia too. This will be

a big week for the economy,