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Tonight - the killing

continues in Syria as

anti-Assad protests spread to

Australia. We are

brothers. Nothing left to

chance, the countdown to the

Queen's diamond jubilee celebrations. It's drawing

people from all over the world, everyone converging on the

River Thames for this magical

occasion. The Brumbies return

to form with a win over the

Rebels in Melbourne. And the

Canberra fanatic who's taking a

tilt at the pin ball world


Good evening, Siobhan Heanue

with ABC News. Those stories

are coming up but first Egypt's

ousted President Hosni Mubarak

has been handed a life sentence

in a historic trial on charges

of ordering the killing of prodemocracy protestors last

year. Mubarak arrived at the

court by helicopter. He

attended the sentencing hearing

on a hospital stretcher as he

has done throughout the

hearing. The verdict was handed

down just a few minutes ago. Be

sentenced to a life term for

the accusation ascriebed to

him, being accessory to the murder. Crowds gathered outside

the court erupted in

celebration as soon as they

heard the decision. But because

of that they didn't hear the

verdicts against Mubarak's

coaccused, some of whom were

acquitted of similar charges.

The court also dropped charges

against Mubarak's two sons. As

we go to air that news is

filtering through and it's

already prompting unrest in the

streets and the court. To other

news now and there are more

signs the United Nations peace

plan for Syria has feal -

failed with another round of brutal killings and more

protests against the Assad

regime. Russia is coming under

renewed pressure to support

tougher action against Syria

but it's holding out despite

the worsening violence. Middle East correspondent Anne Barker

reports, and a warning , her

report contains some disturbing

images. It's become an all too

familiar scene, a row of bodies

shot at close range. Villagers

at Al Qusair say around a dozen

factory workers were travelling

home when they were forced off

a bus and executed. This was

the second massacre of factory

workers in two days on top of

the killing of more than 100

people in Houla a week ago.

Residents there remain

defiant. Activists uploaded

video of a protest in the town

against the government of

Bashar al-Assad. Another

demonstration said to be in the

town of Hama attracted an even

bigger crowd. The shockwaves

from the massacre have also

continuing outside Syria.

Australia responded by

expelling the Syrian

ambassador. Anti-Assad protestors gathered at Sydney Airport last night where the

diplomat was due to fly

out. There were heated words

when supporters of the Syrian

Government showed up. The UN

human rights council has voted

for a full investigation of the

events at Houla to identify the

killers and collect evidence to

prosecute them. Most of the 47

member nations gave their

support but three nations voted

against. Most significantly

Russia, Syria's closest ally,

prompting more criticism from

the US. The Russian President

though had more than the US to

contend with as he flew into

Paris last night where

protestors were waiting,

demanding that Moscow stop

supporting a nation that

massacres its people. In the

United States the economic

recovery is floundering and

that's stoking fears of a

global slowdown. Last month job

creation hit a one-year low and

the unemployment rate hit 8.2%.

6 months out from an election

that's bad news for the

President and ammunition for

his opponent. Here's North

America correspondent Craig McMurtrie. The Romney campaign

was ready with a new ad calling

for change in the White

House. It's the feeling we'll

have that our country's

back. Just in time for the

dismal May jobs report. That's

what will be different about a

Romney presidency. US

unemployment ticked back up to

8.2% but it was a set of miserable underlying numbers

that sparked a Wall Street sell

off. 69,000 new jobs created in

May, less than half of what was

expected with other monthly

results also revised

down. We're still fighting our

way back from the worst economic crisis since the Great

Depression. On a factory tour

in Minnesota Barack Obama blamed head winds from the

Eurozone debt crisis and

inaction by Congress. We knew

the road to recovery would not

be easy, we knew it would take time, we knew there would be

ups and downs along the way. A

sell off across Europe was

followed by the worst trading

day of the year on Wall Street,

the Dow wiping out its gains

for 2012. There are new calls

for the US Federal Reserve to

do more and new political

pressure on Barack Obama. The

American people really deserve

better. The man who wants

Barack Obama's job called job

creation the number one

priority for any

president. This is very bad

news for the American people

and the President is always

kick - quick to find someone to

blame. Analysts use words like

feeble and awful to describe

this jobs report blaming the

poor result on employers

holding back on hiring because

of uncertainty over the global

economy. The American economy

has slowed over each of the

past two summers but in an

election year another prolonged

seasonal slowdown could be far

more damaging for Barack Obama.

European authorities have also

released monthly employment

figures and they're even worse

than the US results. For the

second month in a row the

jobless rate in the Eurozone

was above 11% rkts its highest

level since records began 17

years ago. Spain is the hardest

hit with nearly 25% of workers

there unemployed. Europe's embattled finance sector

received better news from

Ireland where voters endorsed a

key fiscal treaty. The Irish

people have sent a powerful

signal around the world that

this is a country that is

serious about overcoming its

economic challenges. The EU

fiscal treaty will lock Ireland

into spending cuts but it will

also guarantee emergency

funding to solve its debt

problems. The bottom line

figures in Tuesday's ACT Budget

will be easy to spot. They will

be the ones in red. The

Territory will end the

financial year in deficit to

the tune of $125 million.

That's more than 3 times the

figure predicted in last year's

Budget papers. And next year's

deficit will be even larger, forcing the Territory

Government to tighten its belt.

More nursing and teaching jobs

will be announced but some

senior public service

executives and administrative

staff will go. The axe will

also fall on some contracts

advertising consul tancies and

travel. A tip off to police has

led to a gruesome discovery in

south-west Sydney, the body of

a 33-year-old woman. She was

reported missing last week

after her parents came home

from holiday and found their

home had been burglared. Days

later search of the property

uncovered her shallow grave in

the property's backyard. The

discovery was made in Lakesland

near Picton. Police are

revealing little about the way

Colleen Deborah Ayers died

except to say it was certainly

a violent death. Known to her

friends as Debbie, the

33-year-old was discovered

buried at the back of a 10

hectare Lakesland property

which belongs to her father and

step mother. Police were called

to the property on May 10 by neighbours who had reported a

robbery. The victim's parents

were away on hol deas. They

returned a fortnight later and

reported their daughter Debbie

was also missing. Yesterday

police finally had information

which led them back to the

parents' property to find Debbie Ayers buried in a

shallow grave. The tragedy of

all this is they've come home

and not realising their

daughter has been buried in the

backyard for 3 weeks. Police

say Debbie Ayers knew her

killer s. Xi and 5 others had

been drinking at a Picton hotel

on May 10 before heading to Lakesland. Essentially there

were 6 people including Deborah

went to this house and

essentially 5 people left. 5

people have been arrested. So

far 3 have been charged with

break and enter and one of

those 3, a 31-year-old man, has

also been charged with murder.

The news is clearly taking a

toll on the relatives of a

21-year-old man charged over

the robbery. He was just in the

wrong place at the wrong time.

He was group with a bloody

people who did something

stupid. Police are calling for

witnesses to come forward and

expect more charges to be laid.

The United Nations

environmental body UNESCO has

put the Australian Government

on notice. Protect the Great

Barrier Reef or risk it being

listed as world heritage in

danger. It's issued a deadline

for a long-term environmental

plan and announced it will be closely monitoring the progress

in the years ahead. The report

echos what conservationists

have been saying for years,

that unhindered port

development and an explosion in

shipping should hit the Great

Barrier Reef like a

bomb. They've recommended that

there be no new ports, that our

reef not be turned into a coal

and gas highway and have the

guts dredged out of it but that

it actually be protected and

treated like a world heritage

icon. The report released in

Paris is based on a UNESCO monitoring mission sent to the

reef for 9 days in March. It

recommends that there be no new

infrastructure outside the

existing ports and warns that

unless there's substantial

progress the Great Barrier Reef

may be listed as in

danger. Boy, this is a huge

wake up call for us as a

nation, it's a disgrace to have

an in danger listing hanging

over our heads. UNESCO is

concerned about 3 LNG plants

approved for kus tis Island in

Gladstone ha r Harbour and

gredge dredging to support

them. In developments have been

approved in a process describe

fwid new Premier as ad hoc. I

think they're totally right. We

do need a proper plan for the

Queensland coast in terms of

how these developments will proceed and how future ports

will be developed and

operate. The Federal Government

has already begun a joint strategic assessment with Queensland and believes that

the deadline for the protection

plan can be met. Within that

8-month period we're absolutely

able to do it but I don't want

to dismiss the fact that they

do view us as being at a cross

roads and I agree with

that. The miners say they've

already embraced the new

environmental rigour. We are

determined that the reef will

never be categorised as being

in danger, as far as the

resource sector is concerned,

that's a must do. The

Queensland cabinet will take up

the issue of new ports on

Monday. New research has been

launched into the deadly Hendra

virus. A $12 million funding

package has been provided by

the Federal, NSW and Queensland

governments. 4 people have died

from Hendra in Queensland in

the past 18 years. Last week 2

horses were found to be

infected in the State. 67

horses have died in Queensland

and NSW since 1994. We need to

know why some animals are

resistant, we need to know how

we can combat and protect

ourselves against the Hendra

virus. Last year a pet dog was

also infected. The Federal

Health Minister says while a

vaccine might one day result

from the research the main aim

for now is to work out how to

prevent and treat the virus. Full dress rehearsals

have taken place in London in

preparation for the Queen's

diamond jubilee celebrations.

One of the main events will be

a pageant on the river and

Australian surf life savers

will be part of the procession.

Lisa Millar reports from

London. Just after dawn as

London slept, thousands of

service men and women quietly

rehearsed. Nothing's being left

to chance as Britain prepares

for an extravaganza. Even being

here from out of town you kind

of get caught up in the

patriotism and the excitement

of it all and it's a lot of

fun. The stage is set for 4

days of celebrations including

a concert here at the gates of

Buckingham Palace. 10,000

people in the stands, the Queen

will watch from her balcony.

The keenest of royal fans are

already taking their place. On

this occasion it's a big

occasion. It's going to be lots

of people here and once you've

got your spot you can't leave it. This weekend 1,000 boats

will take part in the river

pageant, among them Australian

surf life savers who will row

down the Thames. A little bit

nervous when we nominated

wondering whether we'd actually

get in so it's really good, a

really big honour to be here

and get to participate in it. A

once in a lifetime opportunity. I think it really

epitomise s what Australia's

all about. There's a lot of

mateship that goes on with surf

lifesaving and being active and

out there on the water it's a

celebration of Australian

culture. The Queen will lead

the procession, a million

people expected to line the

banks. It's drawing people from

all over the world, everyone converging on the River Thames

for this magical occasion. This

level of pomp and pageantry

hasn't been seen in Britain for

hundreds of years and many are

hoping it will be not just a celebration of the Queen's long

reign but a happy chapter for

the country itself. The woes

for the Raiders continue

tonight. The side is set for

another hefty defeat, this time

to the Wests Tigers at Canberra

Stadium. The Raiders conceded 3

tries in the first half to

trail 20-0 at half time. Last

night the Titans won their

third match in a row defeating

the Cowboys. And the Sea Eagles

won their fifth match in six

games as they defeated the

Dragons. Manly ran out in front

of its home fans looking to

turn around last week's loss to

Penrith and with Kieran Foran

back from injury the Sea Eagles' backline is brimming

with confidence. Shortly after

the break Glenn Stewart and

Jamie lie Lyon combined to

prevent - present Oldfield with

an open try line as he crossed

for the second time in the

night. But the premiers did

not wilt, holding off a surging

Dragons attack to strike twice

in the space of two minutes.

Dars Darcy Lusick's try sealed

a win It was a great ert effort

from the Dragons, I thought

they pushed us to the wire

there. The Gold Coast's start

against the Cowboys left a lot

to be desired. Zblm In fact

the home side didn't get hold

of the ball for the first 8

minutes of the match but still

managed to carve out a 12-0

half-time lead. And when Ashley

Harrison cross ed the Titans

were on their way to a 22-0

advantage after 70 minutes. It

ended with 5 four pointers and

a 5th win of the year. A very

good reason for high 5s to be

flowing. It's the number 6

which has Raiders fans excited

with Josh Dugan running out at

five eighth against the Tigers.

There was one-way traffic

though with the son of a

Tigers' legend opening the

scoring with his first career

try. The Wests Tigers

dominated the remainder of the

half in pursuit of their 7th

win of the season. And they

dominated all the way to the

end. The final score in that

match, the Tigers beat the

Raiders 40-0. And in the

Canberra Raiders Cup today the

Queanbeyan Kangaroos defeated

Tuggeranong 16-10. The Brumbies

will sit comfort ably on top of the Australian Super Rugby confor instance during the mid

season break after a gritty win

over the Rebels last night in

Melbourne. The Crusaders were

far too strong for the

Highlander s while the Brumbies

were made to work for their

8-point win over Melbourne.

The Rebels hoped to rebound

from their hefty loss last

weekend but the Brumbies freely

slotted penalty kicks to race

to a 9-0 lead. The Rebels

didn't learn their lesson, when

the Brumbies capitalised

quickly a rout looked on the

cards. The Rebels got back into

the match though,

controversially disallowed try

allowing Melbourne a half-time

lead. Wallabies hopefuls did

battle on the wing after the

break and though disjointed for

much of the match the Brumbies

showed why they're the

strongest Australian side of the competition this season.

They eventually cracked the

Rebels again.

A Cooper Vuna try straight

off the restart had the match

back in the balance but Zach

Holmes who missed the chance to

secure a win last weekend had

no such problems sealing last

night's contest. I'll take that

every day of the week. That's four points in this

competition. It's extremely

hard to do. Melbourne, they're

an improving side. I think

we're still pushing off a

hangover from last week but the

guys showed a lot of courage and bounced back from last

week. The Brumbies defeated

many of their former team-mates

and consolidated their 5-point

lead to top the Australian

conference. The Brumbies

captain Ben Mowen has been

added to the Wallabies'

extended squalid for next

week's Test against Scotland.

He has been added as cover for

number 8 Ben McCalman who's in

doubt due to a shoulder injury.

The 22-man squad will be named

tomorrow. Gungahlin proved too

strong for Uni Norths in tough

conditions at the ANU this


Gungahlin were looking for a

forth win in a row at the ANU

this afternoon and while the

Owls were happy to take 3

points when they were on offer,

Gungahlin successfully opted to

take on the defensive line.

Tempers boiled over in the

otherwise frigid conditions

before the game opened up in

the second half with the teams

trading tries. A late 5 pointer

to the Eagles was enough to

seal victory and hand the Owls their fourth consecutive

loss. To the AFL now and

Hawthorn star Lance Franklin

has almost single handedly torn North Melbourne apart this

afternoon booting 13 goals in

the Hawks' crushing 115-point

win. Last night Richmond beat

St Kilda, this afternoon

Geelong had to work

surprisingly hard to put away


A characteristic of

Hawthorn's season so far seems

to be its ability to make a definitive statement every time

its premiership credentials are

questioned. Sometimes you have

to sit back and enjoy the

show. North Melbourne is a side

battling to enter the bottom

part of the top 8 and the Hawks looked determined to prove that

was a part of the ladder they

wanted nothing to do with.

After an even first term the

Hawks put on 7 goals in the

second term and 8 in the third.

Lance Franklin wasn't so much

silencing his critics as

embarrassing them and proved

his coach's prophesy of a big

game was on the mark. He booted

an astonishing 13 goals and

terrified the Kangaroos'

defence in the 115-point win.

North looked anything but a

finals ready outfit. Hawthorn a

very, very much back in the

2012 race. The final margin of

65 points at Kardinia Park

would surprise no-one but the

manner in which Geelong got

there was truly astonishing.

GWS kicked the first 3 goals of

the afternoon and showed signs

they might continue what they

started. They were level with

the Cats at quarter time and

after spending much of the

second period 2 goals ahead

were level again at half time.

In undoubtedly the most

impressive half of football in

the Giants' short history. A 12

goals to 2 second half set

things back on track for

Geelong. Steve Johnson slotted

5 and in his 100th game Harry Taylor's cameo up forward

yielded 6 goals. Last night

Richmond and St Kilda showed

how little there was between

them and put on one of the

games of the season at a packed

Docklands. It's not often an

entire match is goal for goal

but that's what happened until

the very last moments of the

match when Tiger spearhead Jack

Riewoldt topped off a memorable

100th game. Richmond is very

much now knocking on the door

of the top 8. And in the

north-eastern football league

Belconnen defeated Sydney Uni

134-43. One of Australia's best

medal hopes for the London

Olympics says she's confident

of bringing home the gold.

Beijing silver medallist Sally

Pearson trained for the last

time in Brisbane today before

taking on the world in the

hurdles and the 4 x 100m metre

sprint. Sally Pearson is the

reigning women's world champion

hurdler. In front of a small

crowd in Brisbane she ran her

hardest completing the 100

metres in 12.47 seconds. The

girls are running 12.66 in Rome

last night and they got the

adrenaline, the crowd, the

excitement. It's actually

running after Usain Bolt's

sensational time, so I can't

really complain too much. At

the Beijing Olympics in 2008

the Gold Coast athlete put in a memorable performance to secure

a silver medal. Oh, my god.

You've got to be kidding me,

right? Is this real? Since then

she's shaved almost 0.5 seconds

off her medal winning

time. Everything r everyone

thinks about my silver medal in

Beijing, I won the world

championships last year, the

Commonwealth Games before that

and the indoor title this

year. The 25-year-old's coach

says she's confident her charge

will take home the gold medal

in London. Definitely be

surprised if she didn't come

home a winner, yeah,

definitely. I'm not going out

there to get silver, I'm going

out there to get gold. I can't

guarantee I'll win but I can

guarantee I'll be putting 110%

every time arace out there in

the Olympics. Pearson leaves

Australia on Monday to compete

if Oslo and Paris before

heading to London. Sam Stosur's

French Open tennis campaign

stepped up a gear gear

overnight with a win over Nadia Petrova.

She'd only one two of her

past 7 meetings against the

Russian but took the first set

in under 30 minutes. We've had

past and she's gotten the some pretty long matches in the

better of me a lot of times so

I was really aware of that and really wanted to come out

well. Stosur's display

impressed the pundits, she's

trying to go one better than 2

years ago when she was runner

up. Yeah, a place where I

wanted to get to to this

weekend and hopefully it's

going to set me up for the next

one and we'll see where things

go. Stosur will play American

19-year-old Sloane Stevens for

a place in the quarter

finals. From public servant to

pinball wizard. It sounds like

the stuff of dreams but for one

Canberra man it's a reality.

Known to his friends as Pinball

Pete the man who has followed his childhood passion is now

heading to the United States to

take on the world's best hoping

to be crowned pinball

king. They were once a familiar

sight at the local shops and arcades. And like many

10-year-olds the bright lights

and catchy tunes of pinball had

Peter Menzel hooked. Almost 4 decades later that passion

continues. It's fun, I really

enjoy doing it and it's a

challenge, the challenging of

trying to win or beat the

machine. 2 years ago the former

public servant quit his day job working at a business

specialising in his passion. I

was very nervous about it

because he's studied and he's

got a degree and he had very

good jobs. But the ball rolled

Peter's way and he was selected

as one of only 2 people

representing Australia in the

upcoming world championships in

Seattle. It's going to be held

at a private house, I believe.

He's an ex-NBA star called Todd

Mac- MacCulloch. Peter says

there's only one sure way of

geting good at a game. Playing

lots. And that's what he did.

Enlisting the help of friends

to set up a strict training regime. There's a wide variety

of machines he has to practice

on, both your late model

electronic machines and the

earlier electromechanical

machines. If you think pin ball

is a game of chance think

again. To keep the ball alive

you have to have good hand eye coordination. There's also from

the experience of playing over

and over again you can antis

paited where the ball is going

to go. I didn't realise how

good he was. Australia's and

perhaps even the world's next

pinball wizard. Heavy snow has

prompted an early start to the

ski season in Perisher. Front

Valley has opened for skiing

and snow boarding a week

earlier than usual with the

proceeds of ticket sales for

this week to be donated to the

local community. Other resorts

in the Snowy Mountains will open next weekend as

scheduled. To the weather now

and it was a dreary old day in

Canberra. We only reached 10

degrees after a low of 5. It rained on and off all day but the totals were relatively

low. Across the boarder patches

of rain and cloud around the region:

A broad trough and low over eastern Australia are

triggering areas of rain and a

few storms in Queensland and

NSW. Another trough over

southern WA is generating

showers. A trough and a front

are causing showers through

southern Victoria, South

Australia and Tasmania.

That's all from

That's all from the ABC's

Canberra news room and don't

forget the switch over from

analogue to digital television transmission happens on

Tuesday. So there are only a

few days left to prepare. Enjoy

your evening, goodnight. Closed

Captions by CSI