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(generated from captions) Tonight - the international investigation stolen and fake identity syndicates. into Australia's Inside the $6 billion industry has been working to expose. that Pauline Hanson to be either too nice or too nasty. the shows instructing judges startling confessions - Also, TVs top judges'

Kyle unloads on the new breed before the truth. who put their own popularity just became even better - Plus the world's best diet for greater weight loss - healthier eating, more choices up to 6kg gone in a week. Thanks for joining us. Good evening. private details are being stolen First tonight, how your and traded on a black market $6 billion a year. that costs Australians has taken Pauline Hanson Our investigation behind fake IDs. has this exclusive report David Eccleston $1.6 million a day. on a crime that's costing us Pauline Hanson undercover. you're putting out false passports. You know, You're cheating me. You're cheating people. identity fraud syndicate. Smashing a South-East Asia from Channel 7 Australia My name's David Eccleston and you've just been busted. what you're doing What you're doing... is stealing peoples' identities. of Australian identities Where thousands organised crime in Malaysia. are being traded to fund What you're doing is illegal. I don't know... You're stealing peoples' identity. No, no, no. Evil trade. Our national security under attack you've ever seen. with the most sophisticated fake IDs with it? Can we get through the airport Yes. dollars with what you're doing, Costing the Australian taxpayers selling false identities. Let's go, Pauline. turn us into the hunted. And police do nothing as our cameras Come on, get in. You OK? Are we being followed? Yeah, let's go, mate. Let's go. came to Thailand, Last year, 850,000 Australians most for holiday. now come with criminal intentions. An increasing number you can buy any form of ID Here in Bangkok, and we're just about to take you black market passport trade inside the sinister your identity can be stolen. where, for a price, It's the seedy backpacker strip, of makeshift stores a tourists' playground trinkets that flood the footpath, selling counterfeit brands and where everything is made to order. How long will it take? Which one? New South Wales driver's licence. 1.5 hour. 850. And how much? 850 baht. We may be 7,500km from home, is everywhere. yet Australia's presence university cards, Any Australian driver's licence, degrees from Sydney University disabled parking permits, Medicare cards, press cards, even Qantas staff cards. out in the open as what it is I didn't think it would be so much and it just amazes me that - and it just amazes me that... this is going on. Here you have the police so handy, to expose, what she believes, to expose what she believes Pauline Hanson has travelled with us and Thai governments is a failure of the Australian to protect innocent Australians their personal details stolen. from having is rising 10% every year, Identity crime in Australia costing us $6 billion annually. Since her time in public office, countless stories of identity crime. Pauline Hanson has heard Now, she's taking it to the streets of Bangkok Now she's taking it to all of us. to highlight how serious it is what they're doing is wrong They know it's illegal, they know our government, our authorities, and I have no doubt that know it's happening here. about it? Why hasn't something been done the fraud is, To prove just how prevalent for Pauline. we'll create a new identity how farcical the system is And what more, we'll flaunt high-profile woman in Australia - by turning Pauline into the most Prime Minister Julia Gillard. Hello. Is this good quality? Yes. Good quality. So just call it Gillard, E. Julia. buying a new identity for Pauline - We walk from vendor to vendor, a Medicare card, a fake driver's licence, and an OH&S card a Qantas staff card for between AU$30 and AU$50, all right in front of police. they've got the police on side. The sellers tell us are they OK with you doing this? The police - No problem, no problem. No problem, the police. No problem? I pay them. How much do you pay them? You pay them? A lot. I'm disgusted with the whole lot - these identity cards, being able to buy and they look so real. Australian citizens Law-abiding citizens, would not be buying them. $50 a card, that's the bottom line. They would not be forking out to use them for fraudulent reasons. So here we have people who intend put the Australian Federal Police It's what happens next that should on high alert. How much could we get one for? Which one? us an authentic Australian passport. We find a vendor who says he can get the next day. We're told to come back When we do, at the back of the complex. he leads us to the storeroom It's there we meet this lady. an Australian passport made. We need to get I do many, many already. Can we do it? How much.

Oh, really? Yes. You've done lots already? You've done lots? Yes. How real do they look? I make from real. Yes. You made it from real? the following day Again, we're told to come back to see a sample passport. So, this is it? It's good, isn't it? It's exactly the same. That's amazing. Is the chip in there? It's got the chip in there maybe? Yeah. If we buy one, it will look exactly like that? Yes. Same. She tells us she has made six Australian passports in the last month. If we want one, it will take three days to make and cost AU$3,500. We could have any name on the passport, steal anyone's identity or completely make it up. I'm happy that you're happy. OK. No problem. How much you give me? And can we get though airport And can we get through the airport with it? Yes. You try them, sure. What degree are these used back in Australia? to open up bank accounts? Are they used to actually go and apply for jobs? So, therefore, have we got illegals that have actually now got this identify going tp tap into our welfare system, to tap into our welfare system, our hospital system? Detective Superintendent Brian Hay has been a member of the Queensland Police Service for 30 years. He's also in charge of the Fraud and Corporate Crime Group. There is no process to verify the documents at this point in time and that is on the agenda of the National Identity Security Strategy, to look at document verification systems, but it is a vulnerability add this point. We contacted the Australian embassy in Thailand who wouldn't comment on camera, instead referring us to the Australian Federal Police. The Australian Government takes identity security very seriously. VOICEOVER: The Australian Government takes identity security very seriously. To combat identity crime, the AFP has Identity Security Strike Teams which are regional multi-agency teams, hosted by the AFP, dedicated to the investigation of identity-related crime, including the compromise of personal information. For Pauline Hanson, not enough is being done. She wants to see authorities revisit a form of Australia card where all of your details are able to be accessed or, at the very least, changes made to our current driver's licences. Why don't we have a bar code on it so that once it's scanned, the bar code comes up with all details and proves what the person is. You produce your driver's licence, it has a chip, and if it is scanned, rather than pop up with your details, it may pop up with a red light or a green light and the red light says, "This chip is not known to our system," and the green light is. I'm devastated by it. One person who would sign up to a bar-code system for greater protection is Victorian Joseph Daou. His driver's licence was stolen and identity copied. It took him six months to clear his name from speeding fines and credit card debts that weren't his. I believe we need more adequate security for getting things like phones, loans, or anything, especially on the internet. With all the evidence we needed, Pauline wanted to confront the illegal vendors. You are putting out false passport, you are cheating me, you are cheating the Australian taxpayer, and it costs us $6 billion a year. What you are doing is illegal! Don't you know what you are doing is illegal?! How many people from Australia do you get buying these? Did you bring the Australian passport? I watch to bring it in. You are costing the Australian taxpayer money. -- I watched you. Scooter knee is not welcome Scooter knee is not welcome here. After revealing what we were therefore, we had no doubt that, for our own safety, we needed to get out of there. You alright, mate? You cool? I'm telling law-abiding citizens what's happening. Criminals already know what's happening because it's evident. It's happening here. So, wake up, Australia. This is happening. That was David Eccleston reporting who, along with Pauline Hanson and Detective Superintendent Brian Hay, will be available to answer your questions in an online forum straight after the show, starting at 7:00 Eastern Standard time. And Pauline will also be on 'Sunrise' tomorrow morning after 8:00. Still ahead, the science of weight loss as the CSIRO develops an even better diet, improving on a healthy weight-loss program acclaimed as the world's best. You can lose 6kg as week. That's still to come. In the high-stakes world of TV talent shows, it seems the judges - and not the talent - are creating all the controversy. They're accused of being too nasty or too nice and often they determine if the show is a hit or not. Tonight, as Clare Brady reports, the judges open up about making TV's toughest calls. If you act like an ass, people won't like you. Bedazzled sack of potatoes... It was appalling. The way I've always thought is if you get through on one of these shows whether it's any of the music, the singing shows, the talent shows and then you get thrust into the big, bad world where the rest of the media get you, I don't want them to get torn down, I don't want them to go out there making mistakes, wearing the wrong clothes, saying the wrong things. I think honesty from the beginning is the only way to get through it. Hard love or harden up for Hollywood. Talent show judges walk a ratings tightrope. They must choose to keep it real or rosy. That's a no from me. Ultimately, you're dull. The sound, the track, it was just wrong. 'Australia's Got Talent's Brian McFadden. We're here to judge people as fairly as we can and we just see what's on the stage and then we say what we see. You know, we're not there just to give a standing ovation and clap for every person. We're there just to judge what happens on stage and that's our job. Kyle Sandilands says not all that glitters is gold. There's judges all around the world on a lot of different shows that have their own personality and their own career that they like to protect and they want to come across and push a particular agenda of what they want people to think they are. Beyond the show? Beyond the show. And they have careers outside of the show and so do I but, luckily, I've been able to base my career on being honest, being tough, being harsh, being sweet, giving to people that don't have things. There's a lot of things that I can do that a lot of people just won't do because they're just too scared that they're going to ruin their own career. That's a crazy, great voice you've got there. So, the sugar-coated judges could be just all about self-preservation? And a lot of them are probably getting prompted as to what to say. I know for a fact that there's a lot of these performers, judges and prompted by the TV producers, that are getting handwritten notes "Say this, say that," and they're just saying it. They're pretty much puppets on a string. TV commentator Di Butler. performers, we can't forget that. Clearly, the judges are also performers - we can't forget that. They're artists themselves, they're precious and they're divas and they're very mindful of selling records and their own reputation. Of course they're mindful of that as well. And they want to be perceived in a certain way and so they're performing as much as the performers up there on the stage. We can't forget that. Jack Vidgen! Jack Vidgen had broad shoulders when he made his debut and it's paid off. I got constructive things throughout the show when I was on it. Yeah, I think criticism is always good because you can take stuff away from it. Yes. I'm gonna criticise you and say that is driving me nuts. Get that off your face. OK. Let me do yours now. I think you've got to build up a thick skin and you've just got to be open to the fact that you've got to take on board a little bit of criticism. You've got to not listen to all the good stuff and not listen to all the bad stuff. But just, you know, try and harness it to make your performance better. And I think sometimes when you've been down it makes you want to get up even stronger. And so... And is it that grit? Does that make a difference if you've got a bit of grit in you? Some good grit in a bottle. It's like a cooking show, isn't it? A bit of grit in the bottom, stir it around and it's a souffle. I feel like I'm watching SBS. or the catalyst for success. Criticism, kryptonite or the catalyst for success? That's constructive criticism. It was the hour-long speech protected by Parliamentary privilege in which embattled MP Craig Thomson denied allegations so did he pass? We've had his performance analysed by a body language expert and a former police officer who specialised in getting the truth. Tineka Everaard has more. "Go cut your wrists." "You are dead. "A bullet between the eyes..." These are the types of emails that my family, myself and my staff received. It's the explanation that was a long time coming. I didn't realise that this was going to go four years. It also took a long time to deliver, Craig Thompson spending 59 minutes today trying to clear his name. The former Labor MP accused of using union members' money on brothels and escorts. But I have done nothing wrong. But did he do enough? Tonight we get the experts' opinions on not just what he had to say but the way he said it. I didn't see the emotions. It was a disconnect. The allegations came out of a Fair Work Australia report claiming Mr Thompson rorted $500,000 of Health Service Union money when he was national secretary. Evidence against him seems strong. It's reported that his credit card was used to pay for services, his signature signed off on those payments, his license details were also handed over and phone records show his mobile was used to make calls to escort agencies. At no point did he report any of these items missing yet he insists he's been set up. Identity theft in Australia and around the world isn't new. Today he blamed identity theft, saying it was all part of an elaborate plot by the union's deputy general secretary, Marco Bolano, who threatened... Would set me up with a bunch of hookers. You can tell, that subject in particular, is making him feel very uncomfortable. Mr Bolano denies it. Lie detector expert Steve van Aperen and body language dynamo Dr Louise Mahler listened carefully and watched closely. Truthful people being falsely accused, they'll state that they're telling the truth. Steve believes he didn't talk enough about the issue of money misuse and that smells of guilt. If we want to sidestep the issue, well, avoidance or deflecting is probably the more appropriate way of going because we don't want to be caught out in a deception. many a powerful politician, Sexual allegations have brought down many a powerful politician. Possibly the most memorable - Bill Clinton. I did not have sexual relations with that woman. Louise believes Mr Thompson's speech shares some similarities with Clinton's. It's actually an unconscious response. The voice becomes broken. I have consistently, from day one, denied any wrongdoing. Something within him is blocking the air from coming out. So he doesn't trust what he's saying? I believe so. So what else can Louise reveal? She says lip licking, drinking water and a breaking voice are all signs of nerves, in her opinion. There may be some wrongdoing. Of course, these are just observations. Only Craig Thomson knows the truth. With the Government on the brink, his fate is crucial. Former Labor powerbroker Graham Richardson says it's a fine line. Damaging to the government every single hour of every day. Parliament may censor him but they can't kick him out and he'll be there till the next election. So, what do you think? So what do you think? Do you believe Craig Thomson's explanation? Have your say on our website: Or have your say on Facebook or Twitter. We'll be back after the break. Next, Australia's most successful diet gets an massive overhaul. We have helped over 500,000 Australians lose weight. Test Australians lose weight. Test there and back by our National Science organisation. The feels great to be happy and fit. We're talking to people who have switched to Colgate Sensitive Pro-Relief. Why did you switch? I couldn't believe how well it worked. By rubbing onto each sensitive tooth for one minute and through regular brushing, the Pro-Argin formula repairs sensitive areas of the teeth by blocking open channels to the nerves. Care to prove it? Beautiful! I'm eating ice and I feel OK. Switch to Colgate Sensitive Pro-Relief

for instant and lasting relief. Prove it to yourself. Ask your dentist. MAN: We're here today because KFC has made the important decision to change to canola oil. So it's good news for customers, but it's also great news for our farmers and our rural communities. I think it's really important that it's being grown out here by Australian farmers. MAN 2: We just wanted to come out here and say thanks very much. If you ask me, I think the chicken that we had tonight was even tastier, but I'm probably a bit biased because we've grown the oil. It's all part of the goodification. to change to canola oil. Great news for our farmers and our rural communities. We just want to come out here and say thanks very much. but now it's been upgraded to give greater choice for better weight loss results. Backed by Australia's peak scientific body, the CSIRO, the Total Wellbeing Diet is being called a key weapon in the battle against obesity. Madeleine Kennard has more. We've helped over 500,000 Aussies lose weight. It's completely changed our life. It's the science behind the diet that's made it Australia's most successful. People feel better, they feel more confident, they feel like they can do more. I used to be a size 18 and now I'm a size 10. The CSIRO - on a mission to help Australians target those unwanted kilos. Definitely living the dream. It feels great to, yeah, finally be happy and fit. Since its release in 2005, the Total Wellbeing Diet has sold more than 1 million copies. Seven years on, CSIRO have updated the diet that guarantees healthy, fast weight loss. You don't have to have special foods, there are no shakes or bars or anything like that. I want to have energy, I want to get down to a healthy weight, I want to be able to run with my kids. Bethwyn Boyt-Cullis is 28 years old. 10 years ago she developed a medical condition and her weight spiralled. In a matter of months, she gained 40 kilos. It's hard to keep up with kids, don't want to go out too much, don't want to clothes shop, but you need new clothes she is trying the new CSIRO diet as a last resort. I have a friend who's had a great success on it - she's lost 26 kilos, her sister's lost 20 kilos. I've tried tons of other things and they've worked with varying degrees to try something new. but now it's just time Her friend is Danielle Phillips - 26 kilos lighter, turned healthy eating advocate. she is a stay-at-home mum just after I'd had my son I saw a photo of myself and it was a family photo overweight and unhappy and I really looked and it should of been the happiest time of our lives, and it should have been a new baby you know, with two young kids, that's what I wanted my whole life and all that, you know, with myself. but I still didn't feel happy underwent a complete life overhaul, Danielle and her husband, Luke, cutting out takeaway and excessive carbs. For the past two years, the CSIRO diet has helped them lose a total of 46 kilos between them. My husband has lost 20 kilos and since losing his weight, he has joined the army, which he wouldn't have been able to do before as he was over 100 kilos, so he's also done really well. The 'Total Wellbeing Diet' focuses on losing fat, not losing muscles. CSIRO food scientist Dr Manny Nokes CSIRO food scientist Dr Manny Noakes is the brain behind the diet. She says the key to its success is the high level of protein, which ensures you never go hungry. 20 studies that we've done The book is based on more than of the higher protein diet. on the role for dinner You're allowed 200g of protein and up to 100g for lunch. Throughout the day, you can have limited amounts dairy and fruit of wholegrain bread, cereal, and at least two cups of vegetables. of indulgence foods a week. The diet even allows for two serves doesn't exclude any food groups It's an eating pattern that the dishes that are in the book and so, in that regard, for the family could be just as easily prepared that's wanting to lose weight. as they can be for the person I'm feeling positive, I'm feeling really good, I'm feeling motivated, I'm feeling on track and I'm feeling great. Bethwyn has now been on the diet for a total of two weeks and, without exercise, she's lost three kilos. It's been good, it's been easy, I haven't had to think about it and the food's just great so I'm not wanting to come off it for any reason. I definitely recommend it to anyone. If you need to lose weight, I mean, you've got nothing to lose except for the kilos. Coming up, the road-rage Rambo. He was looking at me when I hit that a wind shield. He lined her up, mowed her down and took is already making a difference The National Broadband Network around Australia. I run my own business from home, all day. and run around after the kids for about 12 months now. I've had the NBN has been patchy at best. Internet in rural and regional areas stable and really fast. The NBN makes it consistent, multiple people using it in my home. The big difference has been whatever they want Everyone can be doing in the quality and not see any difference and the speed of the Internet. something, I just load it up. If my client needs to proof straightaway. It's available for them To learn more about the National Broadband Network, visit The National Broadband Network rollout is underway,

and provides access to high-speed, more reliable broadband to every home and business in Australia. Learn more at and the three words she wishes she never said. I remember getting hit and jumping, just thinking, "Jump or you're gonna go under." He was looking at me when I hit that windshield. He looked me right in the eye. He used his car as a murder weapon. That story tomorrow. reporter David Eccleston, And a reminder, and Pauline Hanson Fraud Squad chief Brian Hay online. are ready to take your questions See you tomorrow. Goodnight. Thanks for your company.

by Red Bee Media - Supertext captions APRIL: Previously on Home and Away... I'm interested in you, Dex. I think I'm interested in you too. you told me to throw out? You know that lottery ticket It's a winning ticket! You'll never guess what. Oh, my God! How much? $135,000! last time you screwed things up. We only just saved the house We're not gonna lose the house. Obviously you're spending all your money on your court case. But do you think it's possible for you to put anyone else first? Any idea how long this is gonna take? Probably a couple of days to get the gear out of her system and then we'll just play it by ear. Whoa, whoa, whoa. That's not the way we should be dealing with this. Oi! (WHISTLES) Why weren't you picking up your phone? Because I'm working. Why aren't you at the motel? I can't do it, mate. What? I can't be around her anymore. OK... Look, could you do us a favour? and I'll take care of business? Could you go back to the motel