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PRESIDENT KARZAI: Madam Prime Minister, it's a happy day for us in Afghanistan to consider
ourselves partners with Australia, a country that has been generous and kind to us, that has
contributed to our stability and progress, that has spared no effort with risking the lives of its
men and women in uniform, with relief Afghanistan, the taxpayers money of Australia to help our
country and then today the signing of a document towards a strategic partnership for the future and
for the announcement from Australia, by you Madam Prime Minister, of contribution to the Afghan
Security Forces of $300 million for the next three years, all go very well with a lot of gratitude
from the people of Afghanistan, Madam Prime Minister.

We will remember this and take it into history and I hope the day can come that Afghanistan can do
its very small part as well in this regard.

PM: Can I say, in front of the friends gathered here and with you, President Karzai, that it is a
great pleasure to be able to execute this agreement today.

I have said consistently to the Australian people that we would not abandon Afghanistan and we will
continue to be working with you and this document today is our way of saying this is how we will
continue working together.

We want to see, for the people of Afghanistan, an end of conflict, a growing economy and the
ability to enjoy health, education, opportunity in life and if we can make a contribution to that
we will be pleased to do so.

So thank you very much.