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(generated from captions) Let's take you back

to Sydney and the Sydney

the Opposition leader Tony markets and Flemington where

Abbott is speaking to the need

were. The Sydney markets are an

essential part of the life of

our city. These markets are

wake while the rest of our city

is asleep. They're providing

us with the food without which

this flight city of Sydney

simply couldn't function. At

every step of the way these

great markets are going to be

hit by the carbon tax. There's

200,000 cubic metres of cool

room in these markets

critically dependent on

electricity. There are 500

trucks come into these markets

every day. There are thousands

of trucks and vans that leave

these markets every day. The

carbon tax will hit them when

the fridges go on. The carbon tax will hit them when the

trucks turn up. The carbon tax

will hit them when the trucks

go out. The carbon tax is a

real threat to these markets.

It's going to put all their

costs up and because they're in

a very fiercely competitive

sector, many of those costs

aren't going to be passed on.

Some of them will. It is going

to mean higher prices for

consumers, squeezed profits for the business, less secure

employment for the workers,

that's why this is such an

absolutely toxic tax. My clear

lesson to the Government is

this tax is just going to do the

the families of Australia, the

businesses of Australia, the

life of Australia, untold

damage and it will get worse

pan wore as the tax goes up and

up and up. There is a

solution. The solution is to change this Government because

the first act of an incoming

coalition Government will be to

scrap this toxic tax. Craig

understands this because he has

been in business all his life.

He understands that the task of

business is to get on with its

job and the task of Government

is to try to make it easier for

people in Australia to create

wealth. The trouble with this Government is they're more

interested in redistribution

than they are in wealth

creation. That's one of the

many reasons why we need to change them change them

quickly. Craig, you might like

to say a few words in support

of these markets. Thank you,

Tony. To follow on from what

Tony said, Australia make your

way around - We'll leave Tony

Abbott's press conference at

the Sydney markets in Fleming

there. Later in the day he'll