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(generated from captions) throughout the day. Moving on now to support gay marriage continues and the push for Julia Gillard comments on the issue with US President Barack Obama's around the world. causing a ripple effect For me personally, it is important for me to go ahead and a -- say that same-sex couples should get married. and newlywed Blair Late It comes as our showbiz reporter twice about where she stands. urged the prime minister to think Prime Minister, if we rolled currently based on opinion or there would not be women in public office because of the opinion of mankind has been wide there were no women's rights for hundreds of years. amount of feedback from our viewers We received an overwhelming in support of same sex unions and Opposition Leader Tony Abbott but despite contacting Julia Gillard numerous times joins us again live in LA For more on this, Blair Late human rights spokesperson along with Greens in Adelaide. Senator Sarah Hanson-Young Good morning to you both. for gay marriage rights We just saw your passionate plea from the show last week. What has the response been like? First of all, thank you so much for giving me this platform to talk about important issues. It was the most response I have received from any report in my career. I received thousands of tweets from Australia, Germany, the UK, America, South America. The positive response was incredible. When doing these controversial stories is still get naysayers but I received not one negative comment whatsoever. It was positive, supportive. It shows that we are evolving at a rapid pace. Blair, since we last spoke to you in the US? how is the issue moving forward Republican candidate Mitt Romney gave a speech this weekend at a well-known Christian University and in his speech he made it clear that marriage is between one man and woman in his opinion. He is a Mormon and there is a sector of the Mormon Church who are polygamous, they have multiple wives to one man. He is trying to appeal to the evangelical far right. They don't like him very much but he is the only choice they have. Coming out against gay marriage improves his base. When he was governor of Massachusetts he was actually for gay rights, civil unions. He will literally do and say anything to get a vote. The good news is that President Obama, there was a poll this weekend and over 50% of the American community agrees overwhelmingly with his stance. It said 62%, 12% over 50, believe in gay marriage. He is on the right side of history. Sarah, over to you now. Prime Minister Julia Gillard Back in Australia, we contacted along with many other politicians, and Opposition Leader Tony Abbott, to Blair's video. asking them to respond for an interview or comment. No-one was available Should they be addressing this? I think this is a really important issue. What we saw from President Obama on Thursday was such commitment to the issue. He didn't just say he supports gay marriage but said he is willing to fight for it. In the middle of an election year, the bravery is incredible. You just said he is on the right side of history and in Australia our own Prime Minister is on the wrong side. Overwhelmingly, Australians support marriage equality and most people seem to think if two people love each let them get on and marry each think if two people love each other,

other. Most people it does not bother. What it does do, the current situation, it really enforces a negative attitude towards people in same-sex relationships. Most of us agree it is time to move on from that outdated view. If people want to get married, if they love each other, it should not matter if they are of the same gender. President will now write to Gillard It's been reported that Argentina's gay marriage to encourage her to support the first foreign same-sex couple after an Australian pair became to marry there. on her opinion? Will this have any weight They are good friends of mine actually. I wrote to the Argentinean government to ask them to allow Alex and Fichte to get married in their country, the first foreign couple. -- and Victor. I said in a gesture of compassion my friends would like to get married and the response was, how about your Prime Minister get on the right side of history. What we are seeing around the world, we have got President Obama coming out and supporting gay marriage in the United States, we have the Conservative Prime Minister, David Cameron, in the UK, saying he supports gay marriage, leading the charge. As a Conservative, someone who believes in the strength of the institution of marriage, he supports marriage equality because he is a conservative, not despite of it. Bin New Zealand, John Key, the Conservative Prime Minister doing the same. -- in Air New Zealand. We do not prefer that our leaders leader rather than being dragged by the people. On the weekend we saw thousands of people rallying for this, showing support. The support in America was backed up in Australia as well. It is also worth noting, with the economies around the world struggling, it is safe to say that gay marriage is only going to help the economy. Decorators, planners, lawyers for divorces! If anything, Julia Gillard, get your head out of the ground and let that be your excuse to fix the economy. There were some facts that said it would be $146 million of stimulus if we allow it in Australia. If for no other reason, do with for the economy! Thank you for your thoughts this morning. Thank you, Sarah, for all the work you're doing for your community and I trust you will make it happen soon. You heard it here