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Interviews With Rob Oakeshott MP And Tony Win -

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(generated from captions) pick-up in economic policy that engineers a

activity. Thank you, to get

this Budget through the House

the Government will need the

support of either the

Opposition or the crossbench

spousht that it currently has

in parliament. -- support

that it currently has in

parliament. To get some

initial reaction at least I'm

sure they want to spend a bit

more time pouring through the

details let's see what they

think of the headlines announcements independents Tony Windsor and Rob

Oakeshott join me now. Thanks for your time. Rob Oakeshott

first to you what's your general take on the Budget what do you like and what

don't you like? It's a tight budget in a tight parliament personally I think it will pass, I will be really interested to see the Coalition response to some of

the measures in there. For me

the Pacific hoy is obviously

the big one, the -- highway

is the big one, the $3.5

billion for that, there is

now a tax reform, 35 page

document, that is part of

this budget and hopefully

it's there for a while. That has been something that's

come out of the tax forum at

the end of 2011, and is

really the road map for the

future so hopefully we can

build on that. Have they

really pursued tax reform in

24 Budget, this e-- in this

Budget they have shelved a

key Henry recommendation in

cutting the company tax

rate. I am pleased there is a

35 page document there and

hopefully it inviting long

term tax reform. Issues likes

the business loss carry back

have come out of the tax

conversations that is forum and out of those

substantial for sectors like

retail construction and

tourism right now who are

sectors feeling the pinch of

an economy that is changing.

So loss carry back is a big

win but, this 35 page

document does expose there

are some skinny elements in

the out years in regards

comprehensive tax reform you

are referring to. Twidz

what's your take on this Budget -- Tony Windsor what is your take on the

Budget? Think it will get

through the parliament, I

don't think it will have any

risk of doing that, there may be some minor modifications that some people would like to make I am very pleased

that the Government's adhered

to the regional packages, I

think they have been

something that we have been

keeping an eye on, very

pleased to see the caring for country initiative has been rolled on fore another five

year, it was being flagged as

something that can be wiped

out the land care

arrangements etc. So I thinks

it a pretty fair budget

actually. Wayne Swan - I was

God to add to that, 130 regional hospitals are now getting funded over the last two years that wouldn't otherwise have been funded that is significant for many

regional communities as is

something known as the FAD grounds which are direct

financial assistance grants

to local councils a small

item is bringing forward of

$1.1 billion for regional

councils at the moment, local road networks are collapsing

and the bringing forward of

that money is significant for

about 600 councils in Australia. The big change in

this Budget is redirecting

where some of the proceedings from the mining tax are

going, they are no longer

going to the company tax cut

they are going to families

pockets how does this sit

with you Tony first to you,

how does this sit with you

the idea of simply boosting

family payments, giving them

special one-off payments on

top of that. The school kids

bonus, all these sort of cash

handouts to families. Do you

think this is genuine

enhancement? Well there is productivity

obviously a bit of politics

in it. And Governments do

that. John Howard did it, this Government does it and

all Governments will. But, I

think there is an attempt

there, genuine attempt to try

and level out the multi-speed

economy as Wayne Swan calls

it. But some of the minerals

boom money is also going into

a national partnerships

agreement which is looking at

some of the key issues around

coal seam gas and coal mine development, so there

is... But the bulk of it is

going to families pockets do

you agree Rob Oakeshott that

there is politics at play

here? Sure, and we can all

see where the accusation are

going to come from but short

term, you know they are

representing a seat with a

lot of low income families,

this is talking to low income

families right now. And hopefully a sustainable for

the long term. Does it help

with the impvm concerned out there about carbon tax concerns out there how this is going to effect the cost

of living --. I think the

effect stands up on its own

and compensation in there

stands up on its own. In 50

days time that fear will

start to sort Stev out and

the compensation that starts

to flow through straight

separately will address that,

short term there are benefits

for low income families also

long term, you know, sorry,

short term as well, the

issues I have mentioned

before around construction,

tourism and retail, you could

argue this is a stimulus

package by sector. You know,

there are these surn of certain sectors of the

economy that are struggling,

cash in the pocket is going

to help those particular

sectors in need and hopefully

put I a about the of

confidence into people's

spending a bit more than they

would otherwise. Surely there

would be businesses in your electorate that would have

been hoping for that 1%

company tax cut? Yeah, but

1% isn't a lot when you are

coming down from 30% to 29%

and a lot of small businesses aren't structured as

companies so there are were a

lot of people who were

outside that small benefit.

Whilst it's always welcome

picking up what Cootes was

saying tax reductions are

welcome if it was not going to get through the parliament... But the Government could have got the small business part of it

through, the Greens were on

board for that. I was up for

that conversation as well. We

could have a progressive

company tax system like an

nvm system they have changed

-- income tax systemen they

have changed strategy and it

will be interesting to see

whether it does generate

confidence in small

communities. What about the

spends cuts there, the

foreign aid promise to

increase foreign aid spending

that's been pushed back and

saving nearly $3 billion how

do you feel about that? I

think a lot of people will be

disappointed to hear that and

no doubt the Treasurer will

say they will keep on trend

by bringing it back in latder

years. But -- latter career

years but that is something

we have to keep an eye on,

that could go down reasonably

well in some sector tos of

the society as well, we believe we spent too much

overseas, personally I don't.

I think we need to maintain a relatively high foreign aid

budget, we are part of the

globe and I think we have got

to assist those that need a

little bit of help. So,

stalling the progress, they

are not walking away from it

they are just going to bring

it back in in a year or two's

time. The $5.4 billion cut in

defence that's a lot of money

can we afford to lose that

much out of defence? I'm not

an expert, but I'm not opposed to that. I think we really need to have a close

look at what we are doing,

defence has been an empire

under itself for a long time

and we have seen a number of Defence Ministers, including

the one that's there now,

trying to come to grips with

some of the issues in

defence. The enormous amount

of money, I think it is $25

billion a year so we are

talking about $100 billion

over the forward estimates

and a $5 billion save, I

don't think that is that difficult to achieve given

the history of defence. And

there has been a fair bit of

waste in defence in recent

decades. Are there any

spending cuts that worry you

Rob Oakeshott, I know,

truckies are going to face an

increase in the heavy vehicle

user charge, means their fuel

tax will essentially go up

about 2.5 cents, will that

effect many if your

electorate? It will but

that's by agreement with the

states and that's not a policy decision of Government

that's part of a weight of

load s consideration that is

on going and is hard to argue against, probably the overseas aid one is the one

that stings the most. You

know, if we are the great

economy, 0.35 being the

number is very, very low by

equivalents and... Getting to

0.7 of a per cent of gross

national income. We could do

it and for, as Australia and

the Asia-Pacific region where

most of the action is in the Asia-Pacific region if we are

region this is the serious about stabilising our

contribution we could make to

for example stopping the

boats. If we want to pick up on some of the rhetoric if we

are serious about some of

that stuff stabilising our

region and commits to good

overseas programs within our

region is a sensible

sovereign activity let alone

one for the region. Just on

that road transport thing,

there are certain aspects of

that that actually have

reduced costs as well. That national transport

arrangement were you talking

about. The - some of the trailer configurations will

actually be better off and I

think it's the road trains

that are going to suffer. So

just finally, to you both,

you both made it clear this Budget will get through, there is nothing in there

that you can see that you

particularly want to vote against? Not at this stage,

we have still going through t

we have only really just

picking through the documents

now but look I think in a

tight parliament, it's a

pretty tight Budget from my

perspective it looks like one

that will get through. Do you

think Wayne Swan has done a

good job? Nothing leaps out

and me and says that's a

no-no, I think the regional

stuff has been covered well,

there is a lot of education

issues here too, setting up

for Gonski as well, a few