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Tonight - cash handout - the

Government's gift to beat the

school budget blues. Silent and

the defiant - military justice for

the man accused of the 9/11

terrorist attacks. Big or

small, weird and wacky - orange

fever strikes in Collector. And

bittersweet - the Brumbies'

victory comes at a

cost. COMMENTATOR: Oh, bad news

for Lealiifano. Look at the No.

10 here as he goes down. Oh,

with ABC yeah! Good evening. Craig Allen

with ABC News. We've been told

it will be tough, but Tuesday's

Budget won't be all bad news.

In a pitch to families, the

Government will fund direct

payments of up to $820 to some

parents of school-aged children. The Prime Minister

says it's part of a traditional

Labor Budget, giving back to

those who really need it, but

the Opposition has labelled it

poorly designed compensation

for the carbon tax. Political

correspondent Narda Gilmore reports. The Budget shopping

list is complete and there is a

gift for families. The winter

uniforms. From a Government

keen to make every cent count. 5.48. That's pretty good.

That is pretty good. They

hinted at Budget pain on

Tuesday. Today it was all about gain for families with

gain for families with

school-aged children. This is a

helping hand for those families

many families are under because we understand that so

pressure. Over a million

families will be eligible for

the new School Kids Bonus. $820

for each high school student,

$410 for primary schoolchildren, paid directly

into parents' bank accounts

twice every year. $2 billion over the forward

over the forward estimates. It

will mean that parents get

money in their bank accounts

when they need it. It will be

means tested and replaces the

current system of claiming back

expenses. The first payments

will flow within weeks with

legislation to be rushed into

Parliament. The Labor Party is

panicking about the impact of

the carbon tax on everyday

Australians, and they're trying

to give people a sugar hit with

an upfront payment. There is

more sweet news - dental

more sweet news - dental care

is set for a half a billion

dollar boost, including a blitz

to reduce public waiting lists.

But it can't all be good

news Revenues are down

something like $150 billion and

that has meant for this Budget

we've had to make very significant savings. We

haven't heard yet quite enough

year to do the sort of $5 billion a

year in cuts that the Treasurer

has been talking about. There

may still be some bad news out

there. The Government is doing

its best to keep the focus on

the Budget, but it won't last.

Fair Work Australia is

preparing to release a

statement tomorrow on its

report into the Health Services

Union and the major parties are

continuing to trade blows over

the allegations against Peter

Slipper. Not to mention persistent leadership

questions. This is Prime persistent leadership

Minister is as tough as nails

and she ain't going anywhere. Hoping for a smooth

ride through Budget Week. The

political schoolyard brawl to

one side, the School Kids Bonus

appears to be winning over

parents and welfare groups.

They argue families have been

left out of pocket by an

the new underfunded school system and

the new payment also make a

difference. Getting children to

school is a costly affair. It's

no longer just pencils and

books, but laptops, Internet

connection and high-tech

calculators, just to name a few

items. Even for public school

students, the price is

high. Look, it does vary a lot,

but the notion that it is

affordable or that it's

affordable or that it's even

free has been long gone. Matt

Burgen is struggling to put his

two girls through primary

school. For one daughter alone,

this year's excursion fee is

$350 and the camp is still to

come. He says changing the

education rebate to a direct

payment will help him meet the

bills. I thought it was a good

thing that we were able to get the money

the money upfront, as opposed

to find the money first, wait

until the, find it in the

budget and then wait for the

tax benefit to get it back. For

some, it was the tedious task

of keeping every receipt, while

others didn't have the money to

spend on education in the first

mean their children don't miss place. Upfront payments will

out. We think it will be a

positive move. I

positive move. I think it does

highlight though, I suppose,

how low and inadequate that the

response such as this does make

a difference. Parents groups

say more is needed with the

cost of education is creeping

up We know now with the

underfunding of schools that P

& Cs and parents are asked to

put their hand in the pocket

even for public education. The

Federal Government's own

Federal Government's own review

into education recommended an

extra $5 billion be injected.

While advocacy groups welcomed

these cash payments to parents,

they say the Gillard Government

needs to deliver a much larger

mitt met to education in

Tuesday's Budget. The alleged

mastermind of the September 11

terrorist attacks has gone on

trial at the place that's

become synonymous with the war

on terror. On

on terror. On the first day of

the Guantanamo hearing, Khalid

Sheikh Mohammed and four others

remained defiant, refusing to

answer the judges' questions.

They each faced the death

penalty in a trial that's

expected to last years. The

ABC's Stephanie Kennedy

reports. At Camp Justice at

Guantanamo Bay, the long

awaited court case of the

so-called Gitmo 5 began. The accused mastermind of

accused mastermind of the 9/11 attacks, Khalid Sheikh

Mohammed, and four alleged co-

conspirators are charged with

2976 counts of murder. Six

family members of the victims,

who won a lottery, were there

to witness the proceedings. I

want to see the people that

killed my sister face to face.

That's what you do in America,

you go and face your fight. One

of the defendants was brought

into the courtroom shackled to

a chair after refusing to enter

voluntarily, while another

shouted that the Guantanamo

jailers would kill them and

make it look like suicide.

Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, the man

who has boasted that he

organised the terrorist plot

refused to speak in the courtroom after the five

launched a silent protest.

During the hearing, their

lawyers repeatedly challenged

the military commission and the

evidence gathered by the

prosecution The defence will

seek to pull back the image of

secrecy. The law prohibits the

use of any statement obtained

as a result of torture or

cruel, inhuman or degrading

treatment, and we will

implement the law. These

proceedings will be fair. The

case was beamed to 6 military

bases in the United States

where families of the victims

watched the trial. They were

less than impressed with the

five alleged terrorists'

efforts to disrupt the

case. I've only seen body

language and that in itself

indicates that they have

nothing but contempt for our

values and our way of life. If

convicted, the five men are

facing the death sentence. The

US President Barack Obama has

officially launched his

campaign for re-election in November, laying out his

economic credentials. He told a

crowd of supporters that under

his leadership, the US had been

fighting its way back from

recession, and that victory is

crucial. This is not just

another election. This is a

make-or-break moment for the

middle class, and we've been

through too much to turn back

now. He says Republican nominee

Mitt Romney's policies would

only benefit the

wealthy. Greeks have already

gone to the polls in what's

been billed as their most

critical and unpredictable

election in decades and the

outcome may very well determine

whether the country remains in

the Eurozone. With public anger

over wage cuts and record

unemployment, neither of the

two parties is expected to win

two parties is expected to win

enough votes to form a

government. We have never had

these kinds of conditions in

Greece before, never, ever, not even during the occupation in

the Second World War. Political

instability could endanger

international bailout funds

that have rescued the country

from bankruptcy. Polling booths

have opened in France as the

country votes in the final

round of the presidential election. After seven years in

the top job, Nicolas Sarkozy is

set to be the latest casualty

of the economic crisis. The

Socialist candidate Francois

Hollande is winning widespread

support with his anti-austerity

message. Lisa Millar filed this

update from Paris. Francois

Hollande has been the favourite

to win this race virtually from

the moment he entered it, and

although the polls started

closing in the last few days, Nicolas Sarkozy is certainly

looking at defeat. In fact, an

anonymous aide has apparently

been reported saying it will

take a miracle for the

President to be able to pull

this one off. It's all been

about the euro crisis and the economy. Francois Hollande has

led this pushback against austerity measures that is

being seen not just in France,

but elsewhere, and that's being

looked at wearly by Germany and

other countries. The

relationship between France and

Germany is so critical to the

health of the Eurozone and

Francois Hollande's argument

has been that growth has to be

emphasised as well. Nicolas

Sarkozy turned up at party

headquarters in Paris last

night. He might be down in the

polls, but he certainly got

warm cheers from his

supporters. The reality is his

popularity has sunk. He has

been seen as a president for

the wealthy and he has not been

able to overcome that. The

unknowns? Well, the gloomy

weather - whether that will

affect turnout, and also what

will happen to Marine Le Pen's

supporters? She scored well in

that first poll, the far Right

leader. She has told them not

to vote for either men. If they

vote for Nicolas Sarkozy, then

that could be his only hope

perhaps of getting across the

line. For the first time in

more than 40 years, Japan is

nuclear-free. The last of the

country's 50 reactors was

switched off overnight for

safety checks in the wake of

the Fukushima disaster. Before

the reactors can be turned back

on, they need to get the

permission of local

authorities, and so far not one

has managed to do so. North Asia correspondent Mark Willacy reports from

Tokyo. Energy-hungry and

resource-poor - for decades

Japan and its economy have

relied on nuclear power. That

was until the Fukushima

meltdowns. Now for the first

time in more than 40 years,

Japan is producing no nuclear

power. Its last functioning

reactor was shut down overnight

for regular maintenance, and

like the other 49 already off

line, no-one knows when it will

be allowed to start - to

restart. So fearing power

shortages during the sweaty

summer months, Japan has

started its Cool Biz

energy-saving campaign a month early

TRANSLATION: Wearing neck ties

and the like can be rather

tough in Japan because the

summers are quite muggy, so we encourage people

encourage people to take off

their ties and coats. Other

workplaces are allowing

employees to wear gaudy

Hawaiian shirts and even

sandals. It makes it easier to

work and it feels better as

well. Lights are also being

switched off and airconditions

set at a sultry 27-28 degrees.

The central government here in

Tokyos that been almost begging

local communities to allow

local communities to allow them

to restart reactors, arguing

that imports of natural gas and

coal are driving Japan deeper

into debt, but so far not one

single community has agreed to

allow their reactor to

restart. As Japan's last

operating reactor was powering

down, thousands of anti-nuclear

protesters were firing up in

Tokyo, calling on the

government to find alternative power resources

TRANSLATION: We want to show

our resolve to stop all nuclear

plants and not restart

them. With a third of its peak

generating capacity now gone

and another sweltering summer

on its way, Japan is facing the

progt pekts of blackouts in

some parts of the country,

including here in the world's

largest metropolis. The

Brumbies have left ahead on the Australian Conference table

after last night's win over the

Waratahs, but the gloss of the

victory was tarnished after fly-half Christian Lealiifano

suffered a broken ankle in the

dying seconds. He will have

surgery tomorrow and is

expected to be sidelined for

six months. In the rounds of

other games:

Amid last night's

celebrations, many of the 19,000 at Canberra Stadium might have missed the moment

that one player's season

ended. COMMENTATOR: Oh, bad

news for Christian Lealiifano.

Look at the No. 10 year as he

goes down. Oh, yes. It was a

cruel blow to what could have

been a near-perfect night. The

ball tell between Christian Lealiifano and Berrick bapbs

had been hyped as a battle for

the Wallabies No. 10 jersey.

The match began in a scrappy

fashion as both clubs struggled

to make the most of a

free-flowing start. The traditional rivalry kept

tensions high. The physical

battle stalled both sides in

attack and the teams took the penalty opportunities to register points. Soon the

Brumbies got the upper hand,

though, and began to mount

waves of attack. Finally, with

the last play of the first

half, individual brilliance got

them over the line. Oh, what a

try! After the break, the home

side picked up where they left

off, crossing again to take a

match-winning lead. Wide. Now

Andrew Smith - had to happen.

Try to the Brumbies. And Lealiifano's boot was on song.

Nice strike. That's a

beauty! A late yellow card to

Ben Mowen was of little

consequence as the Brumbies

stepped past the Waratahs, but

in the last play after the

siren, an injury to Lealiifano

soured the otherwise sweet

victory and will give coach

Jake White plenty to think

about ahead of their next match

in a fortnight. It was an honourable loss but another

defeat for the Raiders

nonetheless. The Canberra side

has lost four of their last

five games, going down to the

reigning premiers by 6 points:

Brett Stewart wasn't going

to let a wardrobe malfunction

get in the way for his bid for

a Blues jersey as Manly got off

to a perfect start against the

Raiders at Brookvale. Stewart

was at his defensive best and

after half-time, the Raiders'

left edge was exposed again. While Josh Dugan made his

observe claims for a Blues

jersey to give the Raiders an

unlikely lead. But Manly hit

straight back. Captain Jamie

Lyon finished a chaotic run to

score the match-winning try.

The Knights faced a barrage

from the Opposition defensive

line while the Roosters just

had the ball it worry about That's gotta hurt! Newcastle were the first

to hit the scoreboard. It was

their only joy of the day,

though of the Sydney was in

front by half-time. They lead

the race, the

Roosters. Mitchell Pearce

continued his run of good form

as the Roosters ran home

comfortable winners. Last week

the Tigers got an early lead.

Last night they gave up the

first 14 points of the match to

the Titans. But Tigers captain

Robbie Farah guided his side

back into the game and in a

tense finish, a late chargedown

resulted in a professional foul

giving the Tigers the chance to

level scores. Here is a chance.

Forward. The Tigers can steal

it. Robbie Farah knocked to the

ground. Not long into goltd

enpoint extra time, the men of

the hour stepped up to win the

extra win. Penrith leapt into

the lead midway through the

first half, but any hopes of an

upset were dashed when

Melbourne jumped to another level Reaching out and slamming

it down. Justin O'Neill scored

a hat-trick as Melbourne

continued their ub beaten 2012

season. While Panthers fans and

Blues selectors will sweat on a

shoulder injury to Michael

Jennings. In Round 4 of the

Canberra Raiders Cup

competition, Gunghalin has

defeated West Belconnen: blo Well, the scoreboard didn't

show it, but Carlton's win over

Greater Western Sydney was

hardly a convincing

performance. The Blues stumbled

to a 67-point win over the

Giants. In the other games:

Even without a sore Chris

Judd, Carlton was expected to

deliver a three-figure margin

of victory over GWS and the

early signs were there as

Carlton kicked the first three

goals. The then the Giants

kicked the next four, two of

them coming from a pumped-up

former Blue, Setanta

O'hAilpin. Carlton's 10-point

half-time lead didn't impress

(CROWD BOO) the Navy Blue faithful.

The Carlton crowd not happy.

Not happy at all. And although

Carlton improved after the main

break, the 25-point

three-quarter-time margin still

raised eyebrow as well as the

ire of Carlton coach Brett

Ratten. The Blues woke from

their slumber in the final term

to deliver the glut of goals

which had threatened to arrive

all afternoon and secured a

67-point win. Last night, the

perfect 2012 record of the

Giants' older brothers went on

the line, add in a gripping

encounter, the Swans tasted

defeat for the first time this

year. After Adelaide had looked

likely to run away with the

game with a super-fast start,

the Swans came storming back.

Oh, they're back within 3! The

second half was a gripping

tit-for-tat battle with

countless lead changes, but in

the end it was the Crows who

just hung on in a gutsy

display. Five goals from

Adelaide forward Taylor Walker

caught the eye. A feat matched

by Adam Goodes before he went

off with an injury, while Lewis

Jetta thrilled his only

crowd. He will take it and

leave you for dead! Claims of a

struggling Hawthorn, struggling

Cyril Rioli and struggling

Lance Franklin were very much

disputed last night. Rioli and

Franklin kicked 11 goals

between them as the Hawks put away a brave St Kilda at the

MCG. The match was never

really in hau torn's keeping

until the final term, but there

was enough in the performance

to suggest the Hawks are the serious players everyone

thought they were in the

premiership race. Chelsea has

beaten Liverpool 2-1 to win the

FA Cup final for the fourth

time in six years. The Blues

will now set their sights on

the Champions League decider in

two weeks. Duncan Huntsdale

reports. This was the 1 31st FA

Cup final, but the first time

Chelsea and Liverpool had faced

off for the famous trophy of

the Blues set the early

pace. COMMENTATOR: Ren reek.

First goal is chel cease and Ramires. Chelsea doubled its

advantage when Didier Drogba

became the first player to

score in 4 FA Cup finals. Yet

again at Wembley! Fancy

footwork from substitute Andy

Carroll put Liverpool back in

the contest. Petr Cech

prevented a late equaliser. Absolutely brilliant

from the goal keeper. John

Terry set a new mark by

captaining the same team to

four FA Cup triumphs. Fresh

from his win in Spain last

weekend, Australian Casey

Stoner has clocked the fastest

time in qualifying for the

Portuguese MotoGP, ahead of

Honda team-mate Dani

Pedrosa. It has been a good

week ep for us here and it

would be lovely to finish it

off. Randy de Puniet finished

off Colin Edwards. Randy de

Puniet will take some bruises

into tonight's race. The first

American Saturday in May means

it's time for one of the

world's foft most famous horse

races, the Kentucky Derby. A $2

million race over 2,000m for

3-year-olds in front of a

record crowd of 165,000. Having

led by five lengths, the favourite Bodemeister was

overhauled in the straight by

I'll Have Another with Mexican

jockey Mario Gutierrez winning

in his debut Derby. I'll Have

Another has won the Kentucky

Derby. I'll Have Another had

started at odds of 15/1. The

American cyclist Taylor Phinney

has won the opening stage of

the Giro D'Italia, one of

cycling's three grand tours.

The Tour will cover almost

3,500km over 3 weeks. Cadel

Evans isn't competing but is

his BMC team-mate Phinney

produced an impressive ride in

the time trial. Michele

Scarponi is the defending champion, after Alberto Contador was stripped of the

title for doping. 2012 hours to

go - more than 40,000

spectators turned up in the

rain and cold to test the new

stadium for the London

Olympics. The official opening

duties went it a 9-year-old

girl who lives just down the

road from the Stratford

stadium. This time the athletes

were university students

competing in front of their

biggest crowd. It's fantastic.

I mean, you know, you go

through all the logistics, all

the desktop operations, getting

the teams into the frame of

being able to deliver such an

extraordinary thing, but

actually it comes to life when

you see the athletes walking

through the zone like

this. There will be twice as

many people watching the multimillion-dollar

extravaganza when the Games

begin in 82 days. Athletes

shivering in southern climes

have packed their bags and

headed north and members of the

Olympic swimming team based

here in Canberra are part of

that migration. While the

temperatures are a touch hotter

than those expected in London,

their coach says Townsville is

the perfect place to prepare

for the Games. The Tobruk

Poole is a regular haunt for

Townsville swimmers, but

amongst these squads are

amongst these squads are elite

athletes taking warming up to

the next level Yes, minus-1 in

Canberra today. Nice to be up here. Spectacular today.

Townsville has really turned it

on for us scblft this two-week

training camp marks the start

of the final push ahead of

London for James Roberts and

Alisha Coutts We can take our

training load up by 20%, so

swimming 60km this week. 6km

in the morning, gym, run, 6km

in the afternoon of the we do

300 abs before each training

session and I skip 10 minutes

every afternoon before I get

into pool. Dipping into the

open-air environment is as much

about mental clarity as

mastering each stroke. We don't

have anything to worry about

during the day, don't have to

focus on uni and orchestra and

those kind of things that pop

up through the day, so really

good to get away. These

swimmers will be hoping a touch

of past Olympic glory rubs off

on them at this site. It is the

same location where Dawn Fraser

and Murray Rose trained ahead

of the 1956 and 1960 Olympics.

A little extra inspiration, if

any it needed, to kick on in

these crucial months.

At about this time of year,

farms around Canberra reap the

rewards of their toil. The

harvest is celebrated far and

wide and for some towns,

certain large orange vegetable

is the symbol of the season.

You wouldn't think the humble

pumpkin could have such a pull,

but for one sleepy town it is a

winning recipe. It doesn't come

much fresher. After hauling in

the pumpkins after the first

autumn frosts, it is a

farm-to-table frenzy Come and

get your pumpkin, I goose. $3

each. Two for 5. The town of

Collector is famous for its

orange bounty and each May, thousands of connoisseurs Des Ced for the pick of the

crop. Oh, that's not a pumpkin.

No, this is a pumpkin!

Otherwise known as a colossal

cure cue bit in the botanical

parlance. There must be

something in the soil out here,

or maybe the water is to blame

for some of the fruitier

specimens I had to bring it

with me. Nothing says "I love

pumpkin"ite like dressing and

tresing your favourite

specimen. They can turn it into

pretty much anything Pumpkin

soup, roasted pumpkin.?

Pumpkin pie, pumpkin scones.

I don't know where it

ends. Well t doesn't have

to Pumpkin pies, pump kib

scones. Whatever you can think

of, they took it. It's nights

like this I miss Mark Carmody.

A very cold and foggy morning

around Canberra. It took until

lunchtime for the sky to clear

in some suburbs. It was a

little more pleasant on the


Around the country today:

Sydney has had some dangerous

surf conditions but a top of


There is patchy cloud over

southern Australia, but it

stayed mostly dry with just a

few showers over South

Australia. We'll have a high

pressure ridge keeping local

conditions fine for the next

few days with the next change

in conditions due later in the

week. There will be some rain in Melbourne, Adelaide and

Perth tomorrow, but it will

stay mostly fine for the other


Before we go, a brief look back at our top stories of

tonight, and the Gillard

Government is offering a cash handout to families in an

effort to ease the Budget pain.

Around 1.3 million families will benefit from

will benefit from a School Kids

Bonus to help parents meet

education costs. And five men

charged over the 9/11 attacks

have gone on trial at a US

military tribunal at Guantanamo

Bay. If found guilty, they face

the death penalty. That's the

latest from the Canberra

Newsroom. For more ACT News,

you can follow us online or on

Twitter. I'm Craig Allen.

Thanks for your company. Goodnight.

Closed Captions by CSI.