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Police search for killer of 8-year-old Bundab -

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ELEANOR HALL: Police in the Queensland community of Bundaberg, are appealing to the public for any
information that could help them investigate the murder of an 8-year-old girl, who appeared to have
been abducted from her bed.

The girl's father raised the alarm that she was missing around daybreak yesterday morning.

Her body was found later that day in a drain and police are now studying the records of all sex
offenders in the area as Charlotte Glennie reports.

CHARLOTTE GLENNIE: Teams of detectives and forensic experts have descended on Bundaberg to help
local police find the person responsible for the death of the 8-year-old girl.

Queensland Police Commissioner Bob Atkinson says the crime has shocked everyone.

BOB ATKINSON: It is not easy at any time but hopefully with this, what will happen is that because
it is a relatively, not a massive city, that will help and enable the police in terms of the lack
of anonymity.

CHARLOTTE GLENNIE: Police investigations are centred around signs of a break-in at the girl's
Bundaberg home. Commissioner Atkinson says police are also examining the records of known sex
offenders in the area but he won't reveal details of how many there are.

BOB ATKINSON: It is fairly consistent across the state really in terms of the number of people of
what is called the National Child Offender Register. So those numbers, you know, in terms of the
population tend to be fairly consistent. So a town like Bundaberg would have the same number as a
town say the size of Maryborough or a similar sized town, or Gympie.

CHARLOTTE GLENNIE: Police are yet to publically name the young girl killed.

The Mayor of the Bundaberg Regional Council Lorraine Pyefinch says her death is taking a toll on
the whole community.

LORRAINE PYEFINCH: Bundaberg is a very safe community so I think this whole thing has come as quite
a shock for everyone but at this stage certainly our sympathy goes to the family and the friends of
this dear little girl and we obviously want to provide them with the kind of support that they may
need at this time.

CHARLOTTE GLENNIE: The girl's Bundaberg parents say they put their daughter to bed on Monday night.
It appears she was dragged from her bed, while her family slept. The next morning her battered body
was found in a drain.

Here's Councillor Pyefinch again.

LORRAINE PYEFINCH: I think that is probably the most disturbing thing about it. You know, it just
seems to be such a shocking thing to happen in such a community like ours and I'd urge anyone who
may have information that might help the police investigation to come forward quickly.

CHARLOTTE GLENNIE: Last week twelve year old Brisbane boy Elliott Fletcher was stabbed to death at
school. A memorial page was set up for him on the social networking site Facebook. Police are still
investigating how it came to be flooded with pornographic images and obscene messages.

Overnight a similar thing happened with a tribute page set up for the young Bundaberg victim.

Queensland's Police Commissioner Bob Atkinson says it's a concerning issue which needs serious

BOB ATKINSON: I think this is an important public debate. Firstly, obviously it is an offence to
publish offensive pornographic material as with the Elliott Fletcher case and certainly with this
one. If we can prosecute anyone, we will but I think there is a broader debate here about Facebook
sites generally and the control and establishment of them and their obvious ability to be hijacked
by people who really, quite frankly, have got very sick values.

ELEANOR HALL: That is Queensland's Police Commissioner Bob Atkinson ending that report from
Charlotte Glennie.