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Concern over fake passports in Dubai death. -

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ELEANOR HALL: The British Foreign Office is calling Israel's envoy in London in for discussions
about the assassination in Dubai of one of the senior leaders of the Palestinian group, Hamas.

Police in Dubai released video footage showing a group of 11 people they suspected were involved in
the killing, and that's raised questions about the involvement of the Israeli security agency,

The investigation has revealed that the alleged assassins were travelling on forged passports.

Already British citizens whose names and identities were revealed have expressed shock at being
caught up in the assassination plot.

Now the Irish government has confirmed that the alleged Irish passports identified were not merely
faked but stolen.

Shane McLeod has more.

SHANE MCLEOD: The pictures showing the 11 alleged plotters preparing the assassination of Hamas
leader Mahmoud al-Mabhouh released by police in Dubai appear a compelling study in how to prepare a

Now the mystery is drawing in governments across Europe.

The alleged assassins were travelling on fake European passports; Irish, French and German, and six
of them, British.

The UK Prime Minister Gordon Brown isn't pleased.

GORDON BROWN: Well, we've got to carry out a full investigation into this. The British passport is
an important document that has got to be held with care.

We are looking at this at this very moment because the evidence has got to be assembled about what
has actually happened, and how it happened, and why it happened, and it is necessary for us to
accumulate that evidence before we can make a statement.

SHANE MCLEOD: Ireland isn't pleased either.

It initially said the three Irish passports used by the plotters were entirely faked.

Now it's revealed that three real passport numbers were used, although the names on the faked
documents weren't correct.

Some of the British citizens whose identities were stolen have been expressing their shock at
finding out their role in the scandal.

Steven Hoages is a British citizen living in Israel. He spoke to local television after finding

STEVEN HOAGES (voiceover): I was shocked and since I don't know what's happening. I'm in shock. I
don't know how they reached me or how... those, of course, are not my pictures, I don't know how they
got my details he took them. I haven't left the country I think for two years and I've never been
to Dubai ever! I don't know who's behind this, I'm just scared these are major forces.

SHANE MCLEOD: It's the Israeli connections to the fake passports that have fingers pointing at the
Jewish state.

Hamas believes there's no doubt Israel was involved.

Spokesman Ayman Taha.

AMON TAHA (voiceover): The Israeli Mossad is behind this assassination especially after France,
Britain, Ireland and Germany freed themselves from any association with the names that were
announced by the Dubai police. This confirms that the Zionist enemy is the main suspect in this
operation, especially after seven of the names have been found to belong to people in Israel whose
identities were used.

SHANE MCLEOD: For its part, Israel isn't saying whether or not it was involved.

Foreign minister Avigdor Lieberman.

AVIGDOR LIEBERMAN (voiceover): There is no reason to think that it was the Mossad, not some other
intelligence service or country up to some mischief.

SHANE MCLEOD: The opportunity to rid itself of a senior Hamas figure may have been too good for
Israel to refuse.

Yossi Melman writes about intelligence and military affairs for Israel's Haaretz newspaper. He's
the author of a book about Mossad.

He believes the assassination looks likely to be a Mossad operation, but says the truth may never
be known.

YOSSI MELMAN: The link to Israel this time is very, very artificial, circumstantial. No agents were
arrested, there is no evidence that Israel was involved. It's just a guessing game

SHANE MCLEOD: Israel's ambassador in London is being called in by the British Foreign Office for an

Other governments closer to home have had problems with Israeli involvement in fake passports.

In 2004, New Zealand cut diplomatic ties after two Israeli men were caught trying to obtain a fake
passport there.

ELEANOR HALL: Shane McLeod with our report.