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Outpouring of grief after fatal schoolyard fi -

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ELEANOR HALL: To Brisbane where hundreds of people gathered this morning for a church service at
the private Catholic boys' school where a 12-year-old student was stabbed to death yesterday.

Elliot Fletcher was stabbed in the chest at a toilet block at St Patricks. A 13-year-old schoolmate
appeared in court today charged with his murder.

This morning the college held a mass to mourn the Year Eight student's death and those attending
said the sense of shock and sadness in the community was overwhelming.

In Brisbane, Nicole Butler reports.

NICOLE BUTLER: St Patrick's College on Brisbane's northern Bayside was in lockdown again this
morning. The private Catholic boys school was keeping media throngs at bay 24 hours after a fight
between two students claimed the life 12-year-old Elliot Fletcher.

The Year Eight student had been fatally stabbed in the chest with a knife before yesterday's
classes had even begun. A 13-year-old Year Nine student has been charged with his murder. He'll
face Brisbane's children's court in April.

At the northern Bayside school the grief is palpable. A special church service was packed with over
a thousand students past and present, teachers and parents gathered to mourn Elliot Fletcher's
shocking death.

Former student William Carr was one of them.

WILLIAM CARR: It was just touching. Nice to see. There was old boys from 2001 that had come in just
to support the family.

NICOLE BUTLER: Mr Carr and other past pupils say they still can't believe a fatal stabbing could
happen at St Patrick's.

WILLIAM CARR: No, I saw one fight and the kid 20 minutes later apologised and just said he has been
having a bad day. Like it is a real community in there. I felt safe. I had come from public schools
where there has been fights and you don't really feel safe. Left that, came here. First day made
more friends than I did in a whole year at some other schools.

It's, and I've made friends for life. Like we have all come together. I got five phone calls at 6am
saying come on boys, we are all going up.

NICOLE BUTLER: Mourners have placed floral tributes at a simple memorial to Elliot Fletcher that's
been set up in the school grounds where the deadly fight took place.

The chairman of the St Patrick's board, Damian Gallagher, says the school community needs time to

DAMIAN GALLAGHER: We will release further statements later today. I really aren't in a position to
answer any more questions. There is a lot of, it is still very raw for us and this is a very
special moment for the community.

NICOLE BUTLER: St Patricks Boys College is part of Wayne Swan's electorate. The Federal Treasurer
has echoed the appeals for privacy.

WAYNE SWAN: It's a good school. It has got a good principal and I think the school community in
particular needs some time to deal with the heartbreak of this tragic event.

The immediate family is obviously devastated. I'd just appeal to everybody in the wider community
to give everyone in our local school community time to grieve and time to deal with the devastating
consequences of this event.

NICOLE BUTLER: But the Federal Treasurer concedes there needs to be broader discussion about
violence among young people.

WAYNE SWAN: Look, I don't want to speculate about what has occurred with this event but I think as
a parent we all have concerns about violence and how it appears in our popular culture and I think
it is something we do have to deal with as a society and we do need to work our way through these
issues when tragic events like this happen.

NICOLE BUTLER: Police are still investigating yesterday's schoolyard stabbing. They're also
examining the online reaction to it.

Students upset over the fatal attack responded yesterday by setting up Facebook groups on the
internet in honour of Elliot Fletcher but police are now investigating complaints that violent and
pornographic images were posted on one of those sites.

Past pupil Josh Noble says the St Patrick's community is outraged and disgusted by the vile

JOSH NOBLE: It is just disgusting how someone can post something like that on a 12-year-old boy's
memorial page especially a St Pat's kid. Like we didn't know him personally 'cause we left before
he came but he is still a St Pat's boy and it is just, it is disgusting. The stuff that was posted
on that site shouldn't have been allowed in the first place.

ELEANOR HALL: That's St Patrick's College old boy Josh Noble ending that report from Nicole Butler
in Brisbane.