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Fresh charges laid against former Bega doctor -

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Fresh charges laid against former Bega doctor, Graeme Reeves

David Mark reported this story on Tuesday, December 15, 2009 12:34:00

ELEANOR HALL: Police have laid more charges against the former New South Wales gynaecologist,
Graeme Reeves.

He was first arrested last year when he was working in Bega and was charged with 17 offences
including female genital mutilation.

Now police have laid another 52 charges against him relating to events that date back to 1989. He's
due to appear in court shortly.

David Mark has been watching developments and joins us now.

So David firstly remind us who Graeme Reeves is?

DAVID MARK: Well, Eleanor, Graeme Reeves was a gynaecologist and obstetrician who had worked in
Bega and Pambula on the New South Wales south coast as well as in Sydney.

Now following a series of allegations against him, which was led by a medical errors support and
action group and mainly relating to his time in Bega, the New South Wales Police Force set up a
strike force in February last year. It was called Tarella and made up of members of the sex crimes

Now they investigated over 100 allegations of patient misconduct against Graeme Reeves between 2001
and 2003.

He was arrested in September last year and charged with 17 offences. Now they include aggravated
sexual assault; indecent assault; female genital mutilation as you mentioned, and one count of
maliciously inflict grievous bodily harm.

The allegations related to the time that he was working in Bega but also in Sydney.

Now he was on remand for a month but eventually given bail on the condition that he report three
times a week to a police station and not leave New South Wales. He couldn't approach any alleged
victim or witness and he doesn't have a passport.

He was due to reappear before a court to face these original 17 charges in March next year.

ELEANOR HALL: Now what can you tell us about these new charges?

DAVID MARK: Well, the Sex Crimes Squad detectives on the Strike Force Tarella who had been
investigating Reeves essentially continued their work and it seems that more alleged victims have
come forward and the police have uncovered fresh evidence.

They've charged Graeme Reeves with an additional 52 charges relating to 21 separate alleged
incidents, some of them dating back 20 years.

Now the new charges are 16 counts of aggravated sexual assault; 11 counts of aggravated indecent
assault; five counts of common assault; five counts of grievous bodily harm and also 15 counts of
fraud-related offences.

He was charged this morning when he presented himself at the Parramatta police station.

He's been refused bail and I understand that he's due to face the Parramatta court shortly and once
he appears in court we'll know more about the details of these fresh charges against him.

ELEANOR HALL: David Mark our reporter there. Thanks for bringing us up to date on that case.