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Kevin Andrews shows his hand -

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ELEANOR HALL: A short time ago, the former Howard government minister and Liberal backbencher Kevin
Andrews announced that he does intend to put himself up for the leadership.

He held a press conference at Parliament House a short time ago.

KEVIN ANDREWS: Ladies and gentlemen, as you will know, a meeting of the federal parliamentary
Liberal Party has been called for 1pm today, and as I've indicated earlier, if there is a spill
motion which is successful then I will stand for the position of leader of the Liberal Party.

The reason I'm doing this is because I believe that the decisions or the purported decisions that
were taken yesterday firstly do not reflect the overwhelming majority of what Liberal Party members
throughout Australia believe about this issue. They do not reflect the views of the majority of
Liberal Party supporters throughout Australia, and increasingly, fail to represent the views of
ordinary Australians about this issue.

REPORTER: And do you have the numbers?

REPORTER 2: ...reverse the party decision. If you won would you reverse yesterday's decision?

KEVIN ANDREWS: My position would reflect what was quite clearly in my view Michelle, the majority
opinion at an all-day party meeting that we should either reject or postpone this decision.

Now the sensible thing to do would be to postpone this decision, to send this legislation and the
amendments which we've only got in the last 24 hours or so off to a Senate Economics Committee, to
allow all of these matters to be looked at in detail over the coming weeks and then for that report
to come back to the Parliament and for us to consider it rather than being rushed on it at the

REPORTER 3: Mr Andrews, have you got a chance of beating Mr Turnbull and if you lose by a
substantial margin won't you just reinforce his leadership?

KEVIN ANDREWS: Look what I'm doing is reflecting what is a clear view, in my opinion and in the
opinion of many of my colleagues, of Liberal Party members, Liberal Party supporters, and indeed,
many Australian about this issue. They are concerned about it, they're starting to realise that
this is not just something to do with climate change, but has real economic consequences for them
and their families.

REPORTER 1: Do you believe you have the numbers?

REPORTER 4: Are you saying that Malcolm Turnbull has deliberately misrepresented the views of his

KEVIN ANDREWS: What I'm saying is, it's a fact and you can collaborate this with numerous of my
colleagues who attended the meeting yesterday, that when the finish, when the speaking had
concluded, there were 41 people on my estimate who had said that they wanted to either postpone or
reject this legislation and there were 33 who were supporting it. Now you can add up for yourself.

REPORTER 1: Do you have the numbers to win?

KEVIN ANDREWS: Look, I haven't actually been canvassing all my colleagues about this. This, for me,
is a matter of principle about whether or not we're going to respect what I believe is increasingly
the wishes of the Australian people and indeed to respect what I believe is a majority of the
members of the party room.

ELEANOR HALL: That's Liberal backbencher and aspiring leader Kevin Andrews speaking at Parliament
House in Canberra.