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NSW mid-north coast starts flood cleanup - ag -

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ELEANOR HALL: On the north coast of New South Wales flood waters are still creating havoc. This
morning authorities called for a building in the centre of Coffs Harbour to be evacuated because
they were concerned about an explosion.

The fire brigade and emergency services have been on the scene, as Madeleine Genner reports:

MADELEINE GENNER: On Friday night flood waters rushed through the centre of Coffs Harbour. Six cars
became trapped under one building and now there are concerns about a potential explosion from
contaminated water. The building houses the ABC and a number of government departments. Helen
Merkel is a local ABC reporter.

HELEN MERKEL: During the flash flood on Friday night in the Coffs Harbour city centre, about six
cars got trapped under the building that houses the ABC studios and a number of government
departments and financial institutions and other offices.

They'd leaked oil and petrol into the flood water and we got a knock on the door just shortly
before 10 o'clock from the State Emergency Services saying that there was a potentially explosive
situation. Apparently there is concern that vapours from that fuel could ignite and you know, take
the building out.

MADELEINE GENNER: For the moment, everyone has been evacuated from the building while HAZMAT and
SES crews work on the scene. It's hoped the situation will be resolved in the next few hours.

Throughout Coffs Harbour, Nambucca and the Bellingen Shire a massive cleanup is under way. Josh
Brown spent the weekend cleaning up after Saturday's floods. He and his family had just finished
renovating their home after the March floods hit the area.

JOSH BROWN: We lost all the appliances. Once again, the stove, the dishwasher, two fridges, all the
kitchen cupboards which they'd only just been replaced, they'd been in, the cupboards have been in
just over a week and the dishwasher has only just been going, I think we've used it three times.

MADELEINE GENNER: For many who live on the NSW North Coast, this is the third or fourth time they
have been flooded this year. Some say they are now beginning to question whether they can afford to
stay in the area.

Josh Brown again.

JOSH BROWN: It is very devastating. We love the area we live in and we were lucky enough to come
across the property we moved to and we have family next door and it is going to be hard. It will be
a hard choice. We haven't made any decisions yet but you know, when you hear that it is going to
happen again, it really leaves you no choice, really. It is very traumatic to go through and I
don't think we'd like to go through it, you know, another time.

MADELEINE GENNER: Keith Rhoades is the Mayor of Coffs Harbour City Council. He says lots of
residents are worried about rising insurance premiums in the wake of the floods.

KEITH RHOADES: Following the March 31 event, we've seen some premiums increase by in excess of 1000
per cent. Okay there was a very strong reply to the survey that we conducted through the Recovery
Committee to those people still suffering financial loss or inconvenience following that event in
March and from that we've been able to identify 80 families or individuals who are still displaced.
That means they are not back in their own place of residence.

They are the ones that are facing this financial problem.

MADELEINE GENNER: The World Today contacted a number of insurance companies to ask about rising
premiums. None were available for comment.

ELEANOR HALL: Madeleine Genner reporting.