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Shocking jockey slapped for finish line gestu -

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Shocking jockey slapped for finish line gesture

Alison Caldwell reported this story on Thursday, November 5, 2009 12:41:00

ELEANOR HALL: Jockey Corey Brown's Melbourne Cup win has been somewhat tarnished today. He was
fined $500 for using his whip to celebrate his win as Shocking was about to cross the finish line
on Tuesday.

Stewards spoke to the winning jockey over concerns he may have displayed a so called "celebratory
gesture" with his whip before his mount crossed the finishing line. A fortnight ago, jockey Glen
Boss was fined $1,000 for making a similar celebratory gesture.

Alison Caldwell has our report.

(Excerpt of Melbourne Cup race commentary)

COREY BROWN: I just won the cup!

ALISON CALDWELL: Winning jockey Corey Brown was ecstatic after he realised he'd won the Melbourne
Cup. Besides jubilation, he said he felt a sense of vindication after coming a close second on
Bauer last year.

But his celebrations have been soured by claims that he's being investigated for an illegal use of
the whip on Shocking at the finishing post in breach of the new whip rules which came into being in
late September.

The claim was splashed across the front page of a Melbourne newspaper this morning. The RSCPA
pounced on the story. It's been campaigning against whipping.

But this morning a spokesman for Racing Victoria said Corey Brown was being investigated with
respect to his celebratory gesture, standing in the saddle and waving his whip, before he crossed
the winning post.

The Victorian Jockeys Association's Des O'Keeffe explains.

DES O'KEEFFE: Well it's been around for a number of years now, and the stewards introduced it as a
safety measure. What they don't want is riders going off to use a colloquial sort of expression,
but you know, going wild in celebration prior to reaching the finish line, they want riders to wait
until they've actually completed the race and they regard that as a safety issue for the riders,
the horses and for riders following them.

ALISON CALDWELL: Last month jockey Glen Boss was fined $1,000 for his lavish celebration on So You
Think when he won the Cox Plate. A serial offender, Glen Boss has been charged 18 times for making
such gestures before the winning post.

Stewards argue it's a safety issue. At the time Glen Boss said "if you were told you are going to
win the Cox Plate and it's going to cost you a $1,000, what are you going to do? You'd pay the fine
every day of the week" he said.

Des O'Keeffe says jockeys are well aware of the offence.

DES O'KEEFFE: If you win a Cox Plate or a Melbourne Cup or a Caulfield Cup and you're clearly
winning it, which Corey Brown and Glen Boss both were, it's probably very difficult to contain your
exuberance, to contain your excitement.

ALISON CALDWELL: Des O'Keeffe is angry with the RSPCA for claiming Corey Brown was being
investigated over an illegal use of the whip. He says it's outrageous.

DES O'KEEFFE: That's a complete false premise that the RSPCA seem to have run with. Stewards are
enquiring into Corey Brown's celebratory gesture and determining whether it's pre or post the
finish post. That's what they're enquiring into and if the RSPCA have knowingly run this false
premise they should be ashamed of themselves, and if they're unknowingly running it, well it just
shows how out of touch they are with the rules in an industry that they take such an active
interest in.

I've spoken to Corey Brown this morning, I've spoken to him here today at the races, he's insulted
by it, he's upset by it. He deserves better and the RSPCA should behave in a more responsible

ELEANOR HALL: That's Des O'Keeffe from the Victorian Jockeys Association ending that report by
Alison Caldwell.