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Tsunami victims remembered -

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ELEANOR HALL: Tributes are flowing in for the Australians who died in the Pacific disaster.

As we heard, five Australians have been confirmed dead in Samoa. Among those who lost their lives
are a school teacher from regional Victoria, a Tasmanian horse trainer and three children, as
Rachael Brown reports.

RACHAEL BROWN: Friends of Vivien Hodgins say it was one of her passions that cost her her life.

JENNY BROMLEY: She had a passion for travelling. She, you know, often was, you know that was one of
her loves so most holidays she did something, you know, that she loved.

RACHAEL BROWN: Jenny Bromley is the acting principal at Ms Hodgins' school, Mount Clear Secondary
College in Ballarat in regional Victoria.

Ms Bromley says the school is morning the loss of a friend, mentor and gifted teacher.

JENNY BROMELY: She's been here about 33 years. She taught media and drama and the arts so she had a
passion for arts. So with those sort of subjects they touch every student in the school and she
taught students from year seven right through to year 12. She's also heavily involved in rock
eisteddfods and productions so she had a real involvement in the whole school community.

RACHAEL BROWN: She says there will be counselling for students when school returns next Monday and
for the wider community.

JENNY BROMELY: She also had an amazing way of keeping in touch with ex-students. It always amazed
me, you know, how many people kept in touch with Viv because they'd seen her not just as a teacher
but as a friend.

She will be so, so dearly missed. But our sympathies certainly goes out to her lovely daughters,
Steph and Carla, and to her husband Rod and of course to her immediate and extended family and of
course everyone who's been touched by the Samoan tragedy.

RACHAEL BROWN: Vivien Hodgins' husband Rod, a councillor on the Hepburn Shire, has described her as
a beautiful mother, a wonderful wife and a teacher who was loved by thousands.

Another victim was Tasmanian Maree Blacker who died in the arms of her husband, racehorse trainer
John Blacker.

The couple from Longford, south of Launceston, were in Samoa celebrating her 50th birthday.

A former jockey and family friend Fred Baker says he's been in touch with Mr Blacker's

FRED BAKER: He just said that they were running and obviously the wave just came and threw them
out, took them back out to sea.

RACHAEL BROWN: Mr Baker says it's a big loss for Longford and the wider racing community.

FRED BAKER: John and Maree have been in Tasmania a lot of years and you know, she's a very outgoing
person and the strength behind John I think. You know he's been the leading trainer in Tasmania and
so it's a real tragedy.

RACHAEL BROWN: The Deputy Prime Minister Julia Gillard is visiting Longford today and expressed her

JULIA GILLARD: This is a very sad day for this community with the loss of Maree Blacker in the
tsunami in Samoa. A family will be grieving here. A family will be grieving in my home state in
Victoria. A family is going to be grieving the loss of a six-year-old. And we know that there's an
Australian-New Zealand family who are going to be grieving the loss of a two-and-a-half-year-old.