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Swan speaks on stimulated economy -

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ELEANOR HALL: And returning now to our lead story on the surprisingly strong growth in the
Australian economy over the June quarter.

A short time ago the Federal Treasurer, Wayne Swan, spoke about the figures to journalists in

WAYNE SWAN: This is a remarkable result given how fragile the global economy is currently. Now,
today's result means we are the fastest growing advanced economy over the past year, and the only
advanced economy to have recorded positive growth over the past year, and when every other major
advanced economy fell into technical recession, we did not.

So economic stimulus has meant that Australia has avoided technical recession, we've been going
forwards while so many other economies have gone backwards. I think Australians everywhere can be
proud of this achievement in the worst global conditions in over 75 years.

Now today's result would not have been possible without economic stimulus. Our economy would have
contracted by 0.3 per cent in June without economic stimulus and it would have contracted by 1.3
per cent over the year without economic stimulus.

Now this does show that our nation building for recover strategy is working, supporting jobs today,
but building the infrastructure we need for tomorrow.

ELEANOR HALL: The Federal Treasurer Wayne Swan.