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Ashes decider brings out the best -

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ELEANOR HALL: When Australia meets England in the series-deciding Fifth Test at the Oval tonight,
their biggest fans will be there cheering them on.

This year the Fanatics from Australia and England's Barmy Army have played in the same city as the
actual Ashes matches in a 20/20 game on the eve of every test across the UK.

So far the score has Australia up 2 to 1 - so could this be an omen for the Ashes decider?

Europe correspondent Emma Alberici asked the skippers of both sides.

DAVID MCCLATCHEY: Well I think this series has actually sort of set the tone for the actual Ashes
series. We were under the pump and didn't win in Cardiff and then we had to basically turn things
around at the last test up in Leeds and we managed to do that and win that match against the Barmy

Sure enough, the Aussies came out and flogged the English as well. So yeah, good omens I think. If
we take this one today you can pretty much say the Ashes are in the bag.

EMMA ALBERICI: What do you think about England's prospects over the next five days?

ALAN FARELY CLARKE: Well, we've got to play a lot better than they did up in Leeds. It was pretty
much the worst I have seen them play in a long time now. So fair play to the Aussies, they stuck at
their game and actually lifted themselves from a couple of pretty poor performances at Lords and

So it's all to play for. We have bounced back once after Cardiff so I believe they can do it again.

EMMA ALBERICI: Do you think that the edition of Andrew Flintoff to the team is going to do anything
more than lift spirits? Do you think he really can pull off a win for the team?

ALAN FARELY CLARKE: Very much so. I mean the Aussies themselves will admit he is the ball that they
least want to face so having him back in any team in the world is a bonus and he will be a danger
on a quick and a bouncy oval pitch.

EMMA ALBERICI: Do you think he is going to intimidate the Australian side?

DAVID MCCLATCHEY: Yeah, I mean you could definitely feel and sense you know how flat the English
team were when they walked out at Headingley without KP and without Flintoff and that obviously
made a big impact.

I think for this test, obviously, once again the toss is going to be crucial. If Australia wins
that toss and we can get through you know Freddy's firey opening spell and hopefully see off
Anderson and just basically put a toad on the ball, we can pretty much put the Ashes out of
England's reach you know, on that first day so that first session like we saw in Headingley where
we even managed to topple the English top order and pretty much the rest of the their order in a

EMMA ALBERICI: Now Jonathan Trott, a risky move bringing him in on such an important deciding

ALAN FARELY CLARKE: Yeah, so it is a great chance for the young lad. I mean you've got to look at
it the other way. He has got absolutely nothing to lose. He has been brought in with batsmen who
have not done particularly well in the role so he can't do any worse than them so it is a great
opportunity for him to go out and make a massive name for himself.

EMMA ALBERICI: Now what sort of result do you reckon you want to bet on?

DAVID MCCLATCHEY: If we win the toss, I don't think England are any chance. If England do win the
toss and bat, well then they're a chance of putting on a score and then putting us under pressure
which their bowlers can do as they proved up at Edgbaston.

So, toss of a coin but probably you would have to favour the Australians.

ALAN FARELY CLARKE: It is a two horse race and Aussies have shown they are capable of finding it.
English have shown that they are capable of playing a great game.

ELEANOR HALL: That is the captain of the Barmy Army Alan Farely Clarke and before that the
Fanatic's David McClatchy speaking to our own cricket fan, Europe correspondent Emma Alberici.