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England outlook gloomy ahead of final Test -

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Now to the cricket, this year's battle for the Ashes is going right down to the last Test,
beginning in London next week.

Last night Australia beat England at Headingley in Yorkshire, winning by an innings and 80 runs
with two days to spare. The series is now level at one Test match each.

But as Europe correspondent Emma Alberici reports, the Poms are already sounding as though they've

ENGLISH CRICKET FAN: It went wrong in the first morning, the first hour and a half when the ball
was swinging earlier on, I just think England couldn't cope, especially Prior getting injured in
the warm up, it's just kind of made things hard for them, and that's where I think they lost this
Test match, to be honest.

ENGLISH CRICKET FAN 2: 'Cause when you're winning, to talk to us English people, isn't it?

EMMA ALBERICI: You think we're only talking to you because we're winning.

ENGLISH CRICKET FAN 2: Yeah, something like that. No, you're all quiet when we're winning but now
when you're winning, you're speaking to us, aren't you?

EMMA ALBERICI: Well it's a draw isn't it?

(Sound of clapping)

ENGLISH CRICKET FAN 2: Yeah, but you only need a draw to claim the Ashes back.

EMMA ALBERICI: And tell me what's your impression of how the Test wrapped up today?

ENGLISH CRICKET FAN 3: Sadly I think it was almost inevitable. I think we were batting on the edge
for the last three of four games anyhow, so it didn't actually come to any surprise when they got
bowled out for 100 on Friday.

EMMA ALBERICI: They could have wrapped the series up so what happened?

ENGLISH CRICKET FAN 3: Not good enough batting, Australia are probably a better team. Better
together so that individuals batting for England, people have been tried and found wanting before I

EMMA ALBERICI: What's it going to take for them to secure any kind of victory next week at the

ENGLISH CRICKET FAN 3: I've got no idea, they'll manage that, it's usually pretty flat wicket I
would have thought a draw would be the best we could get out of it. I don't know how we're going to
get enough runs anyhow. No Flintoff, no Petersen, it's going to be very difficult.

ENGLISH CRICKET FAN 4: Also taking 20 wickets would be nice as well. I think that would be a start.
If England can take 20 wickets, they've got a good chance of maybe winning the Ashes again.

EMMA ALBERICI: Do they have any chance next week at the oval?

ENGLISH CRICKET FAN 4: Um, yeah, I think it's pretty even, the Test match, the series has been
pretty even so far. Obviously Australia have got the momentum so far, but last Test match, cup
final, anything can happen. If Australia go out with the mentality of trying to draw the Test
match, they could easily lose it so, should be a good one, let's see.

EMMA ALBERICI: Now, I didn't catch your name over there, but how does it feel today of being an
Aussie out here amongst all these English blokes at a cricket match?

CHRIS RIDLEY: Chris Ridley from Sydney, from Bankstown in Sydney. Today's a good day, I think.
Especially after the win this morning after the first of the good performance the Aussies have put
up over the past three days. Hopefully, where is the last test, at the oval? No, next is at the
oval isn't it? I think that the oval will be two-one to someone, that'll make it exciting.

Both teams have nothing to lose, like if Australia goes, as my friend Maz Hatergy (phonetic), said
next to me here. He said, "If Australian goes in with the mentality to draw the test, I think
there's a good chance that they might lose. Sort of a bit of negative cricket. Hopefully they will

ELEANOR HALL: An English cricket fan, ending that report from our Europe correspondent, Emma