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Territorians may go to early poll -

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ELEANOR HALL: Now to the Northern Territory which is teetering on the brink of an election. It's
not even 12 months since Territorians last went to the polls but yesterday's defection from the
Labor Party by the Minister for Indigenous Policy has thrown the Government into crisis.

Alison Anderson now holds the balance of power with an Independent Gerry Wood and they're yet ready
to declare their intentions.

In Darwin Sara Everingham reports.

SARA EVERINGHAM: The drama in Northern Territory politics continues to unfold. Yesterday the
Indigenous Policy Minister Alison Anderson quit the Labor Party leaving it struggling to hold on to
power. She's staying on in her seat but isn't saying where her allegiances now lie.

ALISON ANDERSON: I want to leave that as a major surprise for Tuesday. What we need to do is we
need to understand that I don't want to really paint the picture or make, give anybody any
impressions of my move. My move will come on Tuesday, and like I said, it's a huge surprise.

SARA EVERINGHAM: The future of the Northern Territory Government is now at the mercy of Alison
Anderson and the Independent Gerry Wood. It's likely the Territory's Opposition will put forward a
motion of no confidence in the Parliament early next week.

If the motion's passed it could trigger an early election. Gerry Wood says that could be a good

GERRY WOOD: Going to an election is an option, it's an expensive option, it can be nuisance, but
really it's also the foundation of our democracy, and if there are times when a Government is
struggling to continue, then it's certainly an option I've got to look at.

SARA EVERINGHAM: Alison Anderson says she wants to hear what Territorians want. The idea of an
early election is one that received some support from callers to ABC Local Radio this morning.

MALE RADIO CALLER: Well I really believe you have to leave the decision up to the people, I think
you can't, they've already tried to make a decision and they haven't really got anywhere, we really
have a hung Parliament at the moment, a hung situation where there's no decision making,
government's failing to operate.

We really need the decision to be made by the people again and I think you'll find you'll have a
clear outcome after another election. Even though it costs money, you have to go back to the

MALE RADIO CALLER 2: Mate, go to the polls, I was in the military and that's what we fought for.
Freedom of rights, freedom of speech, freedom of democracy.

SARA EVERINGHAM: Alison Anderson says one reason she's left the Party is because the Government has
failed Indigenous Territorians. Marion Scrymgour another member left the Labor Party just two
months ago for similar reasons but she returned to the Labor fold yesterday.

In Labor circles there are suggestions another member could be about to quit the party. Karl
Hampton the Minister for Central Australia recently joined Alison Anderson in her criticism of the
Territory Government's efforts on Indigenous housing.

He's due to make a statement later today. Alison Anderson told ABC Local Radio this morning she
doesn't know what he's planning.

ALISON ANDERSON: Oh look absolutely, he feels the hopelessness as well because he travels his
electorate and other people's electorate as well with the regional development portfolio, and he
sees the hopelessness there as well, and Karl is a very committed Indigenous man in the Northern

LEON COMPTON: Could there be another member of ALP caucus about to leave the ALP today?

ALISON ANDERSON: Oh look I don't want to pre-empt anything Leon, I mean Karl's his own man and he
will decide for himself.

ELEANOR HALL: That's the Northern Territory's former Indigenous Minister, Alison Anderson ending
that report by Sara Everingham.