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First performance of new Mozart works -

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First performance of new Mozart works

Lindy Kerin reported this story on Monday, August 3, 2009 12:54:00

ELEANOR HALL: He died more than 200 years ago but two new works by composer Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
have just been played in Austria.

A small audience in the musician's native Salzburg has just heard two recently discovered works by
Mozart performed for the first time.

Lindy Kerin has our report.


LINDY KERIN: The two piano pieces were believed to have been written by Mozart when he just seven
or eight years old - sometime around 1763 or 1764.

The Piano Piece in G and the Concerto Movement in G were found in the archives of the International
Mozarteum Foundation. The foundation's Director of research is Ulrich Leisinger.

ULRICH LEISINGER: The pieces were in a very famous place, namely Nannerl's Music Book, and they
were among the many pieces that have no author's name so it took a combination of stylistic and
handwriting analysis to get to this conclusion.


LINDY KERIN: Ulrich Leisinger told the BBC that Mozart's father Leopold most likely transcribed the
music as his son played the keyboard.

ULRICH LEISINGER: The pieces are in the handwriting of Leopold Mozart and at first sight, they make
the impression of a composition score, a working manuscript, but if you look into the music, this
cannot be something that an experienced composer like Leopold has written because the concerto
movement is almost crazy. It is extremely difficult and there is nothing like this in Salzburg -
keyboard music of this time.

LINDY KERIN: Mozart was born in 1756 and began playing music when he was three years old. He
started composing when he was five. Before his death in 1791 he'd written more than 600 pieces.

Last September, the International Mozarteum announced that a French library had found another
previously unknown piece of music handwritten by Mozart. That work, described as a draft of a
musical composition, was found in western France by library staff members going through archives.

These latest discoveries were performed for the media by the Austrian pianist Florian Birsak an
expert on early keyboard music.


They were played on Mozart's original piano at the home where the composer lived with his family
but the public will have to wait until next year to hear more of the pieces when they'll be
performed at the annual Mozart Week next January in the composer's home town



ELEANOR HALL: Lindy Kerin reporting.