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Alleged Carlton rape victim says she was thre -

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Alleged Carlton rape victim says she was threatened by drug dealer

Lexi Metherell reported this story on Monday, August 3, 2009 12:38:00

ELEANOR HALL: A woman allegedly raped by a Carlton Football Club player 10 years ago has pointed to
a link between the club Melbourne's criminal underworld. She says Jason Moran was dealing drugs to
players on the night of the alleged attack and that he later held a gun to her head saying he would
hurt her if she told anyone about the drugs.

In Melbourne, Lexi Metherell reports.

LEXI METHERELL: Just over a month ago a woman came forward saying she was raped by a Carlton player
10 years ago when she was 19. Now she has elaborated on her initial allegations.

The woman who identifies herself only as Kate says someone was dealing drugs to players on the
night she was raped. And although she didn't know who the dealer was at the time, she later
realised it was the notorious Melbourne crime identity Jason Moran.

After the alleged attack, Kate decided to leave the strip club she had been working at,
Goldfingers. The day she left the club her boss called her into his office. She has told ABC local
radio that Carlton president at the time, John Elliott, was there.

KATE: John Elliott was in his office, and I've just turned around and walked the opposite way. In
my mind instantly I knew this has got to be something to do with some negotiation, why else would
John Elliott be sitting in my boss' office.

LEXI METHERELL: Then, she says, in a separate incident, as she was leaving the club Jason Moran
confronted her with a gun.

KATE: As I left that club maybe 10 minutes, 15 minutes later I was approached in a laneway by Jason
Moran and another guy and was threatened with my life about the drugs. It was never about the fact
of what happened to me - it was all just about the drugs.

LEXI METHERELL: Kate says she never told police about the threat by Jason Moran because she was so
scared but she did go to police with the rape allegation.

Police have admitted they botched the investigation at the time but they haven't closed the case.

KATE: They're trying their best. Obviously there is not much they can do being that all evidence
has never been, you know, even my DNA evidence has gone conveniently missing. They never took
forensic tests off the player. They never interviewed witnesses. They never did anything so there
is no chance of me getting my justice.

LEXI METHERELL: Rob Melasecca is a criminal lawyer and barrister. He says he would expect more from
Victoria Police.

ROB MELASECCA: I'd hate to think that it was corruption. I'd like to think that it's been just
negligence that will never happen again. The reality is that if any person, any young lady gets
raped in our society, one would expect the fullest of investigations and every single witness being
interviewed and I thought we had that in place. I'm extremely concerned that this young lady says
that this occurred.

LEXI METHERELL: A spokeswoman for Victoria Police says it's now investigating Kate's claim of the
attempted meeting with John Elliott. Police are also investigating recent claims by Mr Elliott that
the club paid hush money to women in the 1980s and '90s who said they'd been raped by players.

Rob Malasecca says interfering in the course of justice is extremely serious.

ROB MELASECCA: We need a police force that is totally uncorrupt and we need victims to be able to
articulate their concerns, so anything that stands in the way is most serious.

LEXI METHERELL: A spokesman for the Carlton Football Club, Ian Coutts, would not comment on the
allegation that drugs were involved on the night Kate was allegedly raped. He says there has been
no known link between the club and Jason Moran.

John Elliott did not respond to The World Today's calls but has reportedly denied knowing Kate's
boss and that any meeting took place.

ELEANOR HALL: Lexi Metherell in Melbourne.