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Berlusconi in spotlight after alleged tape re -

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PETER CAVE: The private life of the Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi is again in the

An Italian newspaper has released audio recordings of what it says was a night of passion Mr
Berlusconi spent with an escort.

Patrizia D'Addario allegedly made the tapes during a visit to the Prime Minister's official
residence in Rome.

Mr Berlusconi has not denied Ms D'Addario was there but insists he did not pay for sex.

Bronwyn Herbert reports

BRONWYN HERBERT: The left-wing Italian newspaper L'espresso has released tape recordings of what it
says was the night Silvio Berlusconi spent with a prostitute.

The escort, Patrizia D'Addario, gave the audio to the newspaper after recording her alleged two
visits to Mr Berlusconi's official residence in Rome late last year.

In one conversation, a man can be heard telling a woman to wait for him in "Putin's" bed while he

(Excerpt from audio)

MAN (voiceover): Take this gift from someone.

WOMAN (voiceover): No.

MAN (voiceover): No, it would be a waste.

WOMAN (voiceover): And this one; did you design it?

MAN (voiceover): This is my idea but I did not design it. But look at it, how it is made. A friend
of mine made it. He makes lots of things for me. I'm also going to have a shower, and after, after
will you wait for me in the bed if you finish first?

WOMAN (voiceover): What a bed ... is that Putin's?

MAN (voiceover): It is Putin's.

WOMAN (voiceover): Ah, how pretty, that one with the curtains.

(End of excerpt)

BRONWYN HERBERT: In another conversation, Patrizia D'Addario allegedly protests to the man who set
her up with the Italian prime minister.

(Excerpt from audio)

WOMAN (voiceover): Hi, good morning.

MAN (voiceover): Good morning.

WOMAN (voiceover): How are you?

MAN (voiceover): Good.

WOMAN (voiceover): We didn't close our eyes all night.

MAN (voiceover): I can imagine. How did it go?

WOMAN (voiceover): Good, no envelope however.

MAN (voiceover): Really?

WOMAN (voiceover): I swear. How come? You told me there would be an envelope. He gave me a gift, I
don't know, a little turtle.

MAN (voiceover): Um...

WOMAN (voiceover): And then he gave me a promise.

MAN (voiceover): And?

WOMAN (voiceover): That... OK, I can tell you... that you would look after everything. He told me
that he would send me people. Should I believe what he told me?

(End of excerpt)

BRONWYN HERBERT: She says she didn't' receive the 5,000 euros she was expecting from Mr Berlusconi.

(Excerpt from audio)

MAN (voiceover): I sent you a message yesterday, love.

WOMAN (voiceover): Ah, but was the finish time on it? As Barbara said, as soon as he arrived, "Have
you the envelope with 5,000 Euro?" I said, "No, I didn't get anything."

(End of excerpt)

BRONWYN HERBERT: Mr Berlusconi says Patrizia D'Addario attended a party at his residence but
insists he didn't pay for sex.

The private life of Mr Berlusconi has been under intense scrutiny since his wife filed for divorce
in May.

She said she could "not remain with a man who consorts with minors".

Mr Berlusconi faced further scandal when photos were published of topless women and a naked man at
his villa on Sardinia, and also of a celebrity using the Prime Minister's official jet to fly to
the island.

A spokesman for Mr Berlusconi's Party told Associated Press that the Italian newspaper was trying
to revive an "already dead" scandal.

PETER CAVE: Bronwyn Herbert reporting.