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Judy Moran appears in court on murder charge -

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PETER CAVE: Judy Moran has faced court this morning charged with the murder of her brother-in-law
Des Moran, who is definitely dead.

Mr Moran was shot at the suburban deli last month in the city's first underworld killing since

His sister-in-law Judy and a family friend Suzanne Kane were initially charged with being
accessories to the murder.

But yesterday the women's charges were stepped up to murder to match those of Ms Kane's partner
Geoffrey Amour.

Rachael Brown is in the Melbourne Magistrates Court, she joins me now.

There's been a lot of media interest in this case because of Ms Moran's connections to the
underworld. How did she appear?

RACHAEL BROWN: Peter, as you said Judy Moran is no stranger to these courts. She's spent years in
here after the murders of her sons and husband in Melbourne's underworld war. They were part of the
so-called Carlton crew.

But today she was in a different seat in the court, she was in the dock. Gone were her designer
accessories and outfits. She was dressed in a navy twin-suit and pants. But here trademark pout
remains, however.

Alongside her was Geoffrey Amour who was also charged with Des Moran's murder. But the other
co-accused, Suzanne Kane, who is the sister-in-law of Judy Moran's late son, she wasn't in court
today. Her lawyer says she has a virus.

Now Ms Kane and Mrs Moran were initially charged with being accessories after the fact but Task
Force Purana yesterday upped the stakes and changed them with having a larger role in Des Moran's

PETER CAVE: Was it spelt out in court why those charges were stepped up to murder?

RACHAEL BROWN: Unfortunately, no. All we understand is that the police say they have more evidence
for a motive and there's been a more detailed examination of CCTV footage in the streets
surrounding the cafe where Des Moran was shot.

Now this shooting, you might, remember followed the newer trend of very public hits that started
when his nephew Jason Moran who was shot at an Auskick clinic in Essendon North in 2003 and the
next year his brother Lewis Moran was gunned down drinking in a Brunswick pub and last month it was
Des Moran's time. His number was up and this time it was a cafe in Ascot Vale.

Now you might remember Des Moran narrowly escaped death in March when a masked gunman botched a
shooting as he sat in his car. And at the time police said it wasn't a gangland-related hit but
they obviously have had new information since then. Police submitted a brief today but the media
haven't been able to access that. We'll find out on Tuesday whether we can see what they've
detailed to be the new information.

PETER CAVE: Just very briefly, what was her defence?

RACHAEL BROWN: Well today her lawyer said that there was a very sinister aspect to this charge of
murder. She was expected to appear to apply for bail today. It's been reported she has
blood-related cancer but now with the murder charge there's a much higher bar that she has to clear
and she'll have to apply if she wants bail in the Supreme Court. And in regards to a police
application for more time to work on their brief, Mrs Moran's lawyer said it was incomplete and
indecent haste.

There are four 64B applications, which are applications for forensic samples to be taken and
interviews to be taken of Ms Kane and Mr Amour.

So lawyers say that this is all being rushed but police say they need more time to prepare their
hand-up brief. Ballistics and DNA reports aren't expected to be complete until the next couple of

PETER CAVE: Rachael Brown in the Melbourne Magistrate's Court there.