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Moran house fire under investigation -

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Moran house fire under investigation

The World Today - Wednesday, 17 June , 2009 12:18:00

Reporter: Samantha Donovan

PETER CAVE: Gangland widow Judy Moran will face court this afternoon, charged with being an
accessory to Monday's murder of her brother-in-law, Des "Tuppence" Moran.

Her co-accused Suzanne Kane is the sister-in-law of Judy Moran's late son, Jason Moran. She's
charged with the same offence.

Meanwhile police say that a fire that severely damaged Mrs Moran's home overnight is suspicious.

I've been joined on the line by Samantha Donovan. Sam, I thought that Judy Moran was expected to
appear this morning?

SAMANTHA DONOVAN: Yes, we were expecting that, Peter. There was a big media presence at the
Melbourne magistrate's court this morning but we were of course expecting to see her before the
court along with Suzanne Kane, both women are charged with being accessories after the fact to the
murder of Des Moran.

But their lawyers asked for the matters to be held over until this afternoon and we'll find out
then if both women are applying for bail. The man charged with one count of murder, Geoffrey Amour,
who's Suzanne Kane's partner, is due in court tomorrow morning.

Another man was arrested yesterday. He was questioned overnight and later released.

SIMON OVERLAND: Particularly for this type of murder it's a little unusual to be in a position that
we find ourselves. We've been able to move as quickly as we have. I think that's a variety of
factors but a lot of it's just good, old fashioned police work.

And so we're obviously pleased to be in a position where people are charged and before the court
because I think it just provides some reassurance to the community, and that's one of the key
messages, I think. The community wants to know is this is a restart of the gangland war? I don't
believe it is. The evidence or the briefings that I've got indicate to me that it's not but we'll
obviously continue to watch the situation pretty carefully.

PETER CAVE: What about the cause of last night's fire?

SAMANTHA DONOVAN: Well, that was the Chief Commissioner of Victoria Police Simon Overland, speaking
on ABC local radio this morning. Police have held a press conference at the scene of Judy Moran's
home this morning. They are saying that the fire is suspicious. They've had arson chemists out
there this morning and examining the scene. They're also interviewing a number of witnesses and
people in local businesses to find out if they saw anything. The fire broke out last night at
around 11 o'clock.

PETER CAVE: What else has Mr Overland had to say?

SAMANTHA DONOVAN: Well, he does speak with quite a bit of authority on the gangland wars Peter,
because he headed up the Piranha Task Force that investigated the crimes over that period, which
were though roughly to run from 1998 to 2007.

This is what he said on ABC local radio this morning about the latest development.

SIMON OVERLAND: In a sense fact is stranger, almost stranger than fiction with some of what we've
seen and if you were a script writer and sat down and wrote this sort of stuff, you'd probably say,
"Oh no, look it's probably a bit farfetched, no one would believe it".

But, you know, as we know sometimes the world is a strange place and I find it an increasingly
strange place where people like Mick Gatto can become social commentators on things like this.

And I guess interestingly enough Judy Moran did to a degree as well. You know, the point I keep
making is these are not nice people and I'm not sure we should be giving them the sort of attention
that they are actually getting. They are not celebrities, they should not be treated like
celebrities. I mean, we've now got the ridiculous situation where Mick Gatto's coming out and
saying, "It's all the media's fault," or "It's all the TV's fault that this has all stirred this

Well, what a load of nonsense. What a load of self serving nonsense.

PETER CAVE: What is happening to the others allegedly involved?

SAMANTHA DONOVAN: Well, Suzanne Kane as I mentioned is due to appear in the Melbourne Magistrate's
Court his afternoon, Peter. She of course is related to Judy Moran. Her sister was married to one
of the Moran sons, Jason Moran. He was the son of Lewis and Judy Moran and of course he was shot
dead in June 2003 in suburban Melbourne. And Geoffrey Amour, her de facto partner, will appear in
court tomorrow morning.

PETER CAVE: Samantha Donovan reporting.