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Gatto shocked by Moran murder -

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Gatto shocked by Moran murder

Reporter: Samantha Donovan

PETER CAVE: Police in Victoria say there's nothing so far to suggest that the murder of the
Melbourne underworld figure Desmond "Tuppence" Moran is linked to the gangland wars that claimed
the lives of his brother and two nephews.

Moran was shot dead by two masked gunman yesterday afternoon at a favourite cafe on a busy shopping
strip in inner suburban Melbourne.

There's plenty of speculation about the motives for the murder but Victoria Police say there's no
evidence linking the killing to the bloody gangland feud depicted in the books and the television
series Underbelly.

SAMANTHA DONOVAN: Union Road in suburban Ascot Vale is returning to normal after Desmond Moran was
gunned down there yesterday in a coffee shop that was one of his regular haunts.

It was the ninth anniversary of the shooting death of Moran's nephew Mark Moran but police are
unsure if that was a coincidence or some sort of message.

The Homicide Squad's Detective Inspector Steve Clark says his detectives have worked through the
night to try and pin down who may be responsible.

And they have a number of people in mind.

He says officers who investigated the gangland murders are working with his detectives.

STEVE CLARK: We are working with Purana detectives. Obviously they've got some knowledge of the
Moran family but I do want to point out that at this stage there is nothing to link Des Moran's
murder with any of those gangland murders that occurred over the past few years.

SAMANTHA DONOVAN: Detective Inspector Clark says police can apply to interview prisoners about a
crime like this but no such application has been made as yet.

STEVE CLARK: We can apply to interview those people of course but like everybody else, they have
the right to remain silent so we can apply to interview people, it is a matter for them whether
they speak to us or whether they don't.

SAMANTHA DONOVAN: Victorian Premier John Brumby is hoping that the murder of Des Moran doesn't
signal a resurgence in gang-related violence.

JOHN BRUMBY: Victoria Police are obviously taking the case very seriously indeed. The homicide
squad has its full resources on it but I am hopeful that this won't lead to any resurgence in
gangland activity and we hope that's the case and we hope that this is the end of the matter.

SAMANTHA DONOVAN: Mick Gatto is one of the few figures of the gangland wars still alive and not in

In 2005 he was acquitted of murdering Andrew Veniamin after they'd argued in a Carlton restaurant.

Mr Gatto said he'd acted in self-defence.

He was a friend of Des Moran's but this morning has angrily denied newspaper reports quoting him
saying that he'd deal with the Moran murder once he returned from overseas.

He told ABC local radio that he was surprised to hear of Moran's death.

MICK GATTO: He was a nice bloke. He was a nice, quiet bloke that sort of done his own little thing
but he obviously had plenty of enemies out there or he must have otherwise it wouldn't have

I just want to make one thing crystal clear - Des Moran was a friend of mine that I seen once a
year. I had nothing to do with it in any way, shape or form.

SAMANTHA DONOVAN: Mick Gatto says he rang Des Moran after a shot was fired into his car in an
apparent murder attempt in March.

He says Moran didn't appear worried by the shooting.

MICK GATTO: I don't know what he has done to anyone. I mean I couldn't answer that question. I mean
he knows in his heart if he had a problem or not like I know in mine.

If you have done something wrong to someone well, of course you have got something to worry about
but only he knew that and all this stuff gets sensationalised all the time and that is the reason a
lot of this stuff happens. You know they connected 26 murders with this gangland stuff and I mean,
that is nonsense. There's about 10.

You know, they just blow it all up. Oh, this one got killed and he spoke to Alfons one day or he
spoke to this one one day.

SAMANTHA DONOVAN: It's been reported today that Desmond Moran and his sister-in-law Judy Moran,
Lewis Moran's widow, weren't close.

Mick Gatto says it's unlikely he'll be contacting her.

MICK GATTO: You know, I'll probably put a death notice in and if I am back in time for the funeral,
I'll go and that is it. You know, I won't be contacting anyone. You know, I mean, of course, I feel
terribly sorry for Judy. I mean no woman in the world should go through what she has been through
and people can say whatever they like about her, but put yourself in the same position and see how
you'd end up, you know, you wouldn't be here. You would probably kill yourself and my condolences
and sympathy goes out to all of them but I certainly won't be running around making enquiries or
trying to find out who done it or whatever, I mean it is none of my business. You know, I just go
along and mind my own business and do me own thing.

PETER CAVE: Mick Gatto ending that report from Samantha Donovan.