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Surgeon says he questioned Patel's performanc -

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Reporter: Annie Guest

ELEANOR HALL: A highly trained surgeon has told a Brisbane court he confronted Jayant Patel about
his competence to perform some operations in the corridors of the Bundaberg Base Hospital.

Patel is now facing a committal hearing on 14 charges including manslaughter.

The court also heard how an angry Patel threatened doctors with his resignation when they tried to
transfer one of his patients to Brisbane.

Annie Guest is at the Magistrates Court in Brisbane and she joins us there now.

Annie, tell us about the evidence from this surgeon?

ANNIE GUEST: Eleanor, Dr Brian Thiele is a retired vascular surgeon from Bundaberg Base Hospital,
he had earlier worked for 18 years in the United States, as a professor and chief vascular surgeon
at Penn State University Hospital.

He'd also been the co-director of a 24 bed intensive care unit there.

He told the court that during Patel's time at Bundaberg between 2003 and 2005, he sometimes saw him
in the corridors. He said that on one occasion Patel told him he was going to perform a certain
vascular operation.

Now Dr Thiele said he became concerned and he asked Patel about his training in the US. He told the
court that he didn't believe doctors trained at their Rochester facility where Patel trained, had
the capability to perform such operations.

ELEANOR HALL: And who, sorry go on Annie.

ANNIE GUEST: Dr Thiele also shed light on the resources of the Bundaberg Hospital to handle major
operations, now Patel's facing 14 charges, including manslaughter and part of the prosecution's
case is that he shouldn't have performed some big operations there.

Dr Thiele told the court that Patel performed a major operation, an oesophagectomy, on a patient
who was at significant risk of complications, that patient James Phillips died two days later.

And he also told the court that the hospital once had the capability to do some major surgery
because it had good quality resident doctors training to be surgeons, and he said that it lost that
standard when it lost accreditation to train surgeons in the early 2000s because it had lost
several senior surgeons.

ELEANOR HALL: And we're there any other witnesses at the committal hearing today?

ANNIE GUEST: Yes, a doctor who had been a resident in the intensive care unit at the hospital, Dr
Carl Kennedy appeared, sorry gave evidence by telephone, and he said how there was a stoush between
doctors in intensive care, because they, several doctors wanted Patel's patient, who they
considered seriously unwell, transferred to Brisbane and Patel became angry and uncooperative and
threatened to resign if the patient left.

ELEANOR HALL: And have we heard at all from Patel's former patients?

ANNIE GUEST: Not yet Eleanor, but later today we're expecting to hear from Ian Vowles. Patel's
charged with grievous bodily harm in relation to Ian Vowles over an operation he performed on his

ELEANOR HALL: Annie Guest at the Brisbane Magistrates Court, thank you.