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Grand final parade a hit for local fans -

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LISA MILLAR: Well, it's a glorious day for a parade in Melbourne, sunny and warm although a touch
windy and thousands of people have lined the streets of the CBD to watch the Grand Final parade of
this year's two AFL finalists, Hawthorn and Geelong.

The reigning premiers, the Cats, lost only one game this year and are hoping to win back to back
flags while the Hawks have timed their finals campaign beautifully.

Our reporter Alison Caldwell is at the parade, she joins me now.

Alison the city usually slows down each year for the parade, but with two Victorian teams vying for
the cup, are you noticing more have shown up for the parade than usual?

ALISON CALDWELL: Oh yes Lisa. I would say that there are a few more who have showed up. I reckon I
would say there are between 70 and 80 thousand people here today.

Because of the glorious weather, a lot more people have come out and also of course because two
Victorian sides will be playing in this final but I can see people hanging out of balcony windows.
There were people standing ten lines deep at some points in the city but as you know, no trams
could move, no cars could move.

It has been an absolutely day for a parade.

LISA MILLAR: How do the players look?

ALISON CALDWELL: The players, Lisa, looked, I could say that Hawthorn looked nervous. They looked
like a first time sort of premiership contender. They were all wearing their dark glasses when they
first got onto their cars which was a bit frustrating for some fans but then they took them off,
they started to look a lot more relaxed.

Geelong looked like, they looked extremely healthy. They looked happy. They looked relaxed. They
weren't wearing sunglasses. They were all with their children and they looked ready to play another
great game.

Now we spoke to, ABC Radio spoke to a few of the players. First of all Geelong's Paul Chapman who
has been out injured for a while but he has come back in. His hamstring has repaired and this is
what he had to say.

PAUL CHAPMAN: Definitely really enjoying it as much as last year so obviously thinking about
tomorrow more so. Body is really good, the hamstring is great and as I said just looking forward to
getting out there with my 21 buddies and bringing home the bacon.

ALISON CALDWELL: So that was Paul Chapman from the Geelong Cats. We also spoke with Campbell Brown
from the Hawthorn football club. The Hawks fans are hoping for a lot from him tomorrow. Here is
what he had to say.

CAMPBELL BROWN: Feel good. Feel good so a few blokes are a little bit nervous not knowing what to
expect but the week has been really good.

You know, we got there on our own merit and we are playing some pretty good footie at the moment
and we match up well against Geelong too so really looking forward to the contest.

Especially last week. I think that is probably as good as we played all year.

LISA MILLAR: That is Hawthorn player Campbell Brown. Alison, what's the atmosphere like in
Melbourne been these past few days in the lead up to a Grand Final?

ALISON CALDWELL: Well Lisa it has been like a real spring festival. It has been like a carnival. In
Federation Square each day we have had guests, various football players talking to people. There
has been bands playing. There has been music. It has just been a really buoyant atmosphere and
today with this beautiful weather, people are just screaming out, bring on the grand final. The cup
is up there on the stage, gleaming in the sun. The atmosphere has been spectacular.

LISA MILLAR: Alison, I know we should try to stay neutral on all events but I think you should
declare your bias here and now. Who do you think is going to win?

ALISON CALDWELL: Yes, my bias is with the Geelong Football Club. I hope and pray that the Geelong
Cats will take away a back to back premiership but look, the Hawks are looking extremely dangerous.

LISA MILLAR: Alison Caldwell, I am sure and I hope that you will have a great weekend. Thanks very


LISA MILLAR: Alison Caldwell there in Melbourne.