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King of funky soul music dies -

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ELEANOR HALL: Well there wasn't much that Isaac Hayes couldn't do.

Music fans of all ages and from across the world are remembering the many feats and the deep smooth
voice of the Oscar winning soul singer who died at his Memphis home on the weekend.

Hayes wrote and performed the legendary "Shaft" in the early 1970s and much later became known to
millions of young viewers as the voice of Chef in the TV hit series "South Park".

Simon Santow has been looking back at a celebrated career touched by a little controversy towards
the end.

SIMON SANTOW: You couldn't say that Isaac Hayes was an instant success.

His first album in 1968 disappeared without a trace.

But a year later and the album Hot Buttered Soul with just four songs sold more than a million
copies and heralded his arrival as a major talent.

(Sound of Isaac Hayes singing)

The movie Shaft provided Hayes with a number one hit and a tune that is still familiar almost 40
years after it was recorded.

(Extract of Shaft theme music)

ISAAC HAYES: It was a dream come true because every artist would like to have something that lives
a long, long, long time and I had no idea that this would do that and everyday that I hear it I
used to get burned out back in the late 70's oh I'm sick of this!

But now when I hear it, I say thank God it's still here, it's still here, so I'm grateful everyday.

SIMON SANTOW: Shaven headed, trademark sunglasses, outlandishly dressed and covered in gold chains,
Isaac Hayes was able to laugh at himself in the spoof "I'm Gonna Git You Sucka".

And he provided laughs to a generation of new fans in the 90s and beyond as the voice of Chef in
sharply humoured TV series 'South Park".

(Extract from South Park)

SIMON SANTOW: It seemed nothing was off limits.

South Park's satire was biting and, when it came to prime time TV viewing, always at the edge of

(Extract from South Park)

But the Chef didn't see the funny side when South Park's creators turned their sights on

SOUTHPARK CHARACTER: It all began 75 million years ago, back then there was a galactic federation
of planets which was ruled over by the evil lord Fein.

SIMON SANTOW: Isaac Hayes quit South Park in disgust.

ISAAC HAYES: I'm a Scientologist and that is my religious preference and I should be respected for
that. You don't have to like it or love it but respect it.

SIMON SANTOW: Isaac Hayes' many fans will long respect his musical talents.

There was the voice of course but also the songwriting talent he lent others.

SIMON SANTOW: His greatest legacy will be to funk and soul music and the hit that did so much to
excite the music world.

(Extract of Shaft theme music)

ELEANOR HALL: Simon Santow reporting there on Isaac Hayes.