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Olympic swimmers win more gold -

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ELEANOR HALL: China now and Australian swimmer Libby Trickett has given Australia its second gold
medal of the Beijing Games. A short while ago Trickett won the final of the 100 meters butterfly.

Olympics reporter Matt Brown is in the Beijing Water Cube and he joins us now.

So Matt tell us about the race?

MATT BROWN: Well your timing couldn't be any better because Libby Trickett is about to step up onto
the top of the dais to accept her gold medal and it will be her first individual medal. Look it was
a fantastic swim, it was a personal best for her, she just missed out on breaking the world record
but she made her intentions pretty clear from the start.

She went out very hard in the first 50 meters - there she goes getting the cheers from the crowd -
went out very hard in the first 50 and held on strongly to beat the American Magnusson. And good
new for Australia Jessica Schipper, our young butterflyer won the bronze medal, so it's been a good
morning for Australia so far.

ELEANOR HALL: And that caps a pretty good Olympics for Libby Trickett, she did very well in the
relay the other night didn't she?

MATT BROWN: Yes she did, she came home with a bronze medal from that. She had a very disappointing
Athens Olympics and this has been a real mission of hers to make sure she doesn't make the same
mistakes here.

She won a gold medal with the hundred meter freestyle relay team in Athens but was disappointing in
all of her individual events. She's gone from strength to strength since then and at the last world
championships won five gold medals so she's really expected to dominate here in the pool and we're
about to hear the Australian National Anthem, so you really have timed your run well (laughs).

ELEANOR HALL: And what about Brenton Rickard, Matt?

MATT BROWN: Yeah Brenton Rickard finished fifth in the final of the hundred metres breaststroke but
it was a tough, tough race because Kosuke Kitajima the Japanese swimmer actually became the first
man to swim under 59 seconds in that event and actually took 0.2 of a second off the world record,
which in those sprint races is a massive amount, so it was a tough race for Brenton Rickard.

We were sort of hoping he might slip into that bronze medal position, but he ended up in fifth, but
it was still a strong swim.

ELEANOR HALL: And what about other medal prospects coming up Matt?

Leisel Jones won her semi-final in the women's 100 metres breast stroke I understand?

MATT BROWN: And looked very impressive in doing so, if ever there was a certainty for Australia at
these games it was that Leisel Jones would pick up both gold medals in the breaststroke event. I
don't want to put too much pressure on her by saying so, but she clearly is a length or two better
than the rest of the field in that regard.

So her semi-final swim was impressive, Emily Seebohm and Sophie Edington unfortunately missed out
on a place in the 100 backstroke final, but again that was a tough race because Kirsty Coventry of
Zimbabwe broke the world record in the semi-finals and we're about to see the men's four by 100
metre freestyle relay which Australia wasn't expected to be a medal chance in that event but
yesterday they swam under the world record.

Unfortunately two teams; the US and France swam even faster. So three teams under world record
pace, that should be a cracking final.

ELEANOR HALL: It's an exciting time there in the pool Matt, give us a sense of atmosphere amongst
the Australians right now.

MATT BROWN: Yeah look it's fantastic, the Australians certainly get cheers as loud as anybody in
this stadium, there's a lot of green and gold in the crowd, I'm not sure how they got their hands
on the tickets but they did.

And look after a little bit of a flat start yesterday, I think everyone got caught out by the early
start time, the crowds were certainly in here on time today and the atmosphere's fantastic as we
watched Libby Trickett as she's known now and Jessica Schipper perform their victory lap and wave
to the crowd, it certainly is a great atmosphere.

ELEANOR HALL: Matt Brown in the Beijing Water Cube there thankyou.

MATT BROWN: Thankyou.