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Murder Wood trial aborted -

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ELEANOR HALL: There were dramatic scenes in a Sydney court today with the judge hearing the case of
Gordon Wood - who is accused of killing Sydney model Caroline Byrne - aborting the trial.

Justice Graham Barr dismissed the jury only four days into the trial because of a phone call to a
Sydney radio station from a woman who said she was a juror on the trial.

The Byrne family has been wanting to know the truth about their daughter's death for more than 13
years. They'll now have to wait even longer.

ABC TV reporter Emma Renwick is at the Supreme Court and joins us now. So Emma, what did the judge
say to the court today?

EMMA RENWICK: Well, he said it was quite extraordinary for him to have gone through this turn of
events. He said that he believed one of the jurors was being less than truthful and one of the
jurors, one or more of the jurors probably, misconducted themselves and that one was willing to
decide the case without full evidence. So he couldn't let the case go ahead.

ELEANOR HALL: What are the jurors alleged to have done?

EMMA RENWICK: Well to have called Radio 2GB broadcaster Jason Morrison*(see editor's note) and said
that they believed the jurors, a number of the jurors were making a plan to do something highly
improper which was to go to The Gap for a private visit by themselves.

They wanted to go at night time to see what it was like; the conditions were like when the incident
actually happened.

ELEANOR HALL: And what did the judge say about that plan?

EMMA RENWICK: Well, that that is completely improper and that if that were the case, then obviously
someone has either taken a decision about the turn of events on that night and they need to wait to
be guided by the court for those sorts of procedural information.

ELEANOR HALL: So how did Caroline Byrne's family react to the Judge aborting the trial?

EMMA RENWICK: Look her father, Tony Byrne was here today and he made no comment but he did look
disappointed. Initially over the last couple of days there was talk that the case may not be able
to resume until next year.

That has now been changed and it will go ahead quite quickly on the 25th of August. So he has
waited this long, I guess he is willing to wait another few weeks.

ELEANOR HALL: And Gordon Wood's reaction?

EMMA RENWICK: Look, he wanted to thank Jason Morrison for coming forward. He said he is extremely
relieved and grateful to him for coming forward. He also said that he has been under a lot of
stress and he wants the case to be finalised as soon as possible.

ELEANOR HALL: Emma Renwick at the Supreme Court in Sydney, thank you.

*Editor's note: This transcript has been updated from today's radio broadcast to accurately
identify the 2GB presenter's name.