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British lawyer targets Australian Olympian -

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EMMA ALBERICI: Selection on an Olympic team should be about sporting prowess. But for some athletes
there are also the courts as Australia's elite modern pentathletes are finding out.

Last week the British Modern Pentathlon Association was successful in appealing against Australia's
male pentathlete, Alex Parygin, from the Olympic team.

Now a British lawyer who worked on the case has got the female pentathlete Angie Darby in his
sights. Mike Townley has questioned her qualification and is demanding a Greek athlete who he is
now working for take her place at Beijing. Modern pentathlon in Australia is shocked and disgusted
and will fight the appeal.

Olympics reporter Karen Barlow has more.

KAREN BARLOW: Twenty-one-year-old Angie Darby is in heavy training for her first Olympics. Modern
pentathlon is a five-pronged sport with the disciplines of running, shooting, fencing, riding and
swimming. But a sixth element has entered Angie Darby's pre-Olympic bubble - a legal challenge to
her selection on the team for Beijing.

ANGIE DARBY: I don't really understand where this is coming from, it is very hard like especially
only a month out that this should be happening now it is just I have to vent all this frustration,
I guess, into training but it just seems like I a bit of a witch-hunt. I don't understand.

KAREN BARLOW: Just last week Australia's male pentathlete, Alex Parygin lost his spot on the
Olympic team after Britain appealed against his qualification. The case went to Court of
Arbitration for Sport, so there was no further avenue for appeal. Now, Mike Townley, the lawyer
involved in the case against Parygin wants Angie Darby out of the team.

There are claims of cheating by inventing or changing scores and questioning of the standard of
local qualification competitions. Angie Darby is stunned.

ANGIE DARBY: He's trying to throw a lot of stuff at us about, I don't even know like he's just kind
of scratching kind of into whatever he can, because I think he is saying because we didn't sort, in
some events because we didn't have international competitors like over one country there it doesn't

But at the same time we put out the invitations we put it on the international calendar inviting
other federations to come. We don't have the money to pay for them to come or; we have to pay some
much money to go to Europe.

KAREN BARLOW: The Australian head coach of modern pentathlon, Gerry Adams, also says the claims are
without merit.

GERRY ADAMS: There is no doubt Angie qualified last year. If we had any doubt into Angie's
qualification we would have sent her to every international competition possible.

KAREN BARLOW: The International Union of Modern Pentathlon stands by its rules and Gerry Adams says
it has been fighting to keep the Australia athletes on the road to Beijing. As for Mike Townley's
allegations of cheating, Adams says they are false and part of a campaign to undermine the

GERRY ADAMS: He can say what we likes, it's just...we are all gobsmacked in Australia all our
federation, the slanderous emails that we have had from the British federation as well as him about
how we run our competitions here in Australia have been unbelievable.

KAREN BARLOW: This lawyer he was working with the British Association of Modern Pentathlon?

GERRY ADAMS: That is right.

KAREN BARLOW: Did he suddenly move in on the Greek athlete who may be able to be in this position?

GERRY ADAMS: Well we believe so because this information for an appeal had not came from the Greek
Olympic Committee, it has come from this lawyer.

KAREN BARLOW: Time may be on Australia's side. Olympic rules say an appeal against selection must
be lodged within 21 days of the announcement. Angie Darby was announced on the Australian team on
the 1st of June.

EMMA ALBERICI: Karen Barlow.