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Police release names of six victims of boatin -

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ELEANOR HALL: Police have officially released the names of the six young victims of a boating
tragedy on Sydney Harbour.

They were on an overloaded half-cabin cruiser which collided with a lobster boat off the North
Shore in the early hours of yesterday morning.

Police have been holding a news conference at their command post in the inner harbour suburb of
Balmain, and our reporter Brigid Glanville is there.

So Brigid, what did the police have to say?

BRIGID GLANVILLE: Eleanor, there has been some confusion in the last 24 hours about, in the papers
today, a number of the names of the victims have been reported and there has been confusion about
whether or not those names are correct, so the police confirmed that six people had died. They said
that there are three others that remain in hospital - that's at Royal North Shore.

Stacey Wright, a 21-year-old from Wollongong, Elizabeth Holder, a 20-year-old, Alex Nikakis, he is
29. Jessica Holloway, and she has been widely reported as being, Savanna Holloway. Her name is
Jessica Holloway. She is 29.

Alex Rumiz, he is 22 and the sixth person, he didn't actually provide the name of that person
because their family in country New South Wales are still being notified.

The police also then went on to say that Strikeforce Condor is what they are calling the
investigation. It is well and truly underway. They thanked a lot of the witnesses involved and said
that everyone has been quite helpful.

Eleanor as I am standing here at the Police Marine Area Command, on the water at Balmain, I can see
the fishing trawler boat that hit the runabout. I can't see the runabout boat but this is the area
where obviously, all the investigative work takes place on those boats.

ELEANOR HALL: Did the police provide any more information about what actually happened on the

BRIGID GLANVILLE: Unfortunately they didn't. They very much kept to the line that you know, the
investigations were underway. They did however, say there were three fishermen that were involved
that were first on the scene in the early hours of yesterday morning and they have been identified.
They have come forward and he said that the fishermen are co-operating.

He wouldn't go into detail about if those three fishermen were, what information they had provided
or anything like that. He just said that he also confirmed that one of the people that's in
hospital, one of the survivors was pulled from the water.

He then also said the skipper of the runabout, his name is largely being reported as Matthew
Reynolds, he wouldn't confirm the name but he did say the skipper is still in hospital and that
they are yet to actually interview him formally and until they do, they won't provide any more

He said that a number of people were tested, breath-tested on the night of the accident.

ELEANOR HALL: And did they respond to the criticism that there were not enough police patrolling
the harbour when the accident happened?

BRIGID GLANVILLE: He did, they were very defensive about the role of the police. He supports the
police. He said he supports all the officers involved. He said they did a strong job. He said a
number of them came into work late last night, came in this morning and were quite shaken up by the

He said that they cover, the marine area covers from the Queensland border, south of an area of 200
nautical miles out to sea. He said they cover creeks and rivers and dams and that you can't have a
police officer everywhere, but we're very quick with the quick response from the police on the
harbour on that night.

They then went on to say that in regards to the use of lights on the boat that he said that he said
that he recommended that all people using boats understand what is required legally, and that under
the investigation, if issues come up about lights then that will be reviewed and he said regulation
laws will also be canvassed throughout the investigation.

ELEANOR HALL: Brigid Glanville, thank you.

That's our reporter, Brigid Glanville, at the police press conference in Sydney.