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Nelson speaks about Costello memoir plans -

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Nelson speaks about Costello memoir plans

Reporter: Rachel Brown

ELEANOR HALL: A short time ago Coalition leader Brendan Nelson spoke to reporters in Melbourne,
including The World Today's Rachel Brown about Peter Costello's plans and the Prime Minister's
taxation review.

BRENDAN NELSON: A little bit like the old cartoon character Crusader Rabbit has gone from the
bionic eye and one stop child care in 2020 to now telling us that he suddenly wants to see tax
reform in Australia.

We have already announced that taxation will be a major platform for the alternative government for
the next election.

We have already embarked on the process of review of Australia's taxation system but it is worth
remembering that the last significant reform to Australian taxation that was undertaken by John
Howard and Peter Costello was vehemently opposed by Mr Rudd.

Mr Rudd said the day that the goods and services tax was introduced; he said it was a day of
"fundamental injustice". I mean what kind of fraud is Mr Rudd pretending to be when he suddenly
turns around, the day after his 2020 talkfest and says that he is now a convert to root and branch
reform of the Australian taxation system.

RACHEL BROWN: Dr Nelson, today's announcement of Peter Costello's memoirs on October 1st, that
suggests he may have left Parliament by that stage. Have you had any discussions with him as such?

BRENDAN NELSON: Well, look, Peter Costello has served Australia extremely well. He and his family
have made extraordinary sacrifices to make Australia the confident, prosperous country that it is

He has since his re-election as the member for Higgins worked tirelessly and in an exemplary way
for the people of Higgins and I will expect he will continue to do so.

RACHEL BROWN: Have you had any talks about him leaving though?

BRENDAN NELSON: I talk to all of my colleagues about working very hard to make Australia even
better than the country that it is today.

RACHEL BROWN: Is it disheartening that he is still preferred as Opposition leader according to the

BRENDAN NELSON: Well, look what I think. I don't intend to comment specifically on the polls but
the one thing that I will say is that Australians and Australian families who look at their
children going from school, to Uni, to TAFE, to apprenticeships, to jobs owe Peter Costello an
enormous debt for what he had done over the last 12 years in particular but throughout his public
life to make Australia the country that it is today.

ELEANOR HALL: And that's Coalition leader Brendan Nelson speaking to reporters in Melbourne.