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Rudd to sing Stolen Generations apology pop s -

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LISA MILLAR: He mightn't be known for his singing voice, but the Prime Minister is about to join
some high profile artists to record a pop song celebrating this year's apology to the Stolen

Some might ask why, given the track record of politicians who've warbled their way into the
headlines, but as Ryan Sheales reports, it seems they're powerless when it comes to the lure of

('The Power and the Passion' - Midnight Oil)

RYAN SHEALES: Music helped the now Environment Minister Peter Garrett rise to fame in the 1980s.
Now, the Prime Minister is keen to harness its power, by appearing in a new version of 'From Little
Things Big Things Grow'.

('From Little Things Big Things Grow' - Paul Kelly and The Messengers)

RYAN SHEALES: It's common for politicians' words to be hijacked by comedians and musicians. In
2001, former One Nation MP Pauline Hanson had her words used in a dance song by an artist calling
himself Pauline Pantsdown.

('I Don't Like It' - Pauline Pantsdown)

RYAN SHEALES: But Mr Rudd's song has the blessing of the Government. It's even being launched by
Peter Garrett.

Mr Rudd will be hoping for better reviews than his last public singalong, at the Devonport Senior
Citizens Club during last year's election campaign.

(Sound of Kevin Rudd singing 'Hey There Georgie Girl' - The Seekers)

RYAN SHEALES: It may've seemed like a good idea, but Mr Rudd was heckled by a pensioner who accused
him of gatecrashing the event.

PENSIONER: You're an ignorant bastard!

RYAN SHEALES: Mr Rudd is just the most recent politician trying to use the magic of music. Perhaps
the greatest success was the 'It's Time' song, which dominated Gough Whitlam's 1972 election bid.

('It's Time')

RYAN SHEALES: The song's video clip featured elected MPs crooning and bopping on stage.

Former US President Bill Clinton was also brave enough to test his vocal range live on television.

(Sound of Bill Clinton singing 'Imagine' - John Lennon)

RYAN SHEALES: Alexander Downer, the former Foreign Affairs Minister, was caught at international
summit at Hanoi in 2001 belting out a Beach Boys number.

(Sound of Alexander Downer singing)

RYAN SHEALES: The former US secretary of state, Colin Powell also took to the stage at the same
event. So it appears music and politics are firmly intertwined.

Former Prime Minister Bob Hawke even tried to make vocal skills an issue in the 2001 election
campaign, though at the time he was coy about showing-off.

BOB HAWKE: And I tell you one thing, I can beat the hell out of Costello as a singer.

REPORTER: Give us a tune.

BOB HAWKE: Well ... I don't know the song! (laughs)

LISA MILLAR: We'll wait and see if it hits the top 10! That's Ryan Sheales reporting.