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Good afternoon and welcome to the

program, I am David Speers. Let us

make this clear, Julia Gillard is

not about to be rolled as Prime

Minister it in the next few weeks. Yes, the decision announced

yesterday to sideline Craig Thomson

and Peter Slipper have again thrown

into question the Prime Minister's

judgement and it is left senior

ministers who defended these guys

in recent weeks looking rather

silly. It has also seen some senior

commentators saying that Julia

Gillard needs to go. That doesn't

mean she is about to be rolled just

yet. Those MPs who supported Kevin

Rudd in the leadership challenge

back in February say they are not

mounting any new move just yet.

They want to give Julia Gillard a

chance to sell the budget and they

also tell me they want to let her

introduced the carbon tax in July.

There is going to be no move just

yet. Nonetheless, there is talk of

support drifting away from Julia

Gillard. In particular, the New

South Wales right faction, being in

a state of flux. Going up on the

program, we will talk to a senior

member of the New South Wales right,

Environment Minister Tony Burke,

about the leadership and some of

his portfolio issues as well. We

will also be joined by Bruce hooker,

is back in the country, he ran

Kevin Rudd's campaign to return to

the leadership earlier this year.

Meanwhile, on the Coalition side,

the party's biggest benefactor

Clive Palmer the mining billionaire,

has demonstrated why his support is

best left to being on the financial

side. He has thrown his hat in the

ring for Queensland MP. He will

stand against Wayne Swan in his

seat of Lilley. He thinks the

treasurer is vulnerable there. He

loves the idea of having the

competition of Clive Palmer. Nobody

in the Coalition thinks it is a

good idea. It landed with a side in

Coalition ranks. Some good news for

the Coalition to they internally.

I'm told that Tony Crook, who is

the West Australian Nationals MP,

whose crossbencher until now, will

soon join the National Party. That

will happen in the coming weeks.

The state executive have cleared

the way for this to happen. It

should sit within the National

Party room. It went to make a big

difference in terms of votes in

parliament, but symbolically, it is

strengthening the Coalition numbers.

The Nationals and Western Australia

aren't in the Coalition with the

Liberals. They will be sitting seen

within the Nationals party room. 20

to come this Allah. First, back to

the new centre. The top story.

Thank you, David. The Prime

Minister it has announced more

National Disability Insurance detail on next year's launch of the

Scheme from mid-2013. Launch site

will begin serving 10,000 people

with a disability. Funding to

launch or be included in next

week's budget. The Prime Minister hasn't received much applause

lately. Her it was a pleasant

change, announcing more detail on

the National Disability Insurance

Scheme. We know Australia is ready

for a National Disability Insurance

Scheme. (APPLAUSE) Attending one of

several rallies around the nation by the every Australian counts campaign, the Prime Minister

confirmed the details of the launch

of the National Disability

Insurance Scheme. From mid July

next year, at four locations,

10,000 people with significant and

permanent disabilities will start

to receive support. By July 2014,

but number will rise to 20,000. Places where people with significant and permanent

disability, their families, their carers will have their needs

assessed, and will start to receive

personalised care and support. It

is a great an announcement by this

government because it is a

recognition that people with a

disability in Australia are

seriously disadvantaged. There is

bipartisan support that idea, but

some disagree about how to deliver

it. The NDIS is a worthy scheme,

but it sounds to me that it is the

dying days of the government when

they make it, corrupt announcement

about massive programs and they

went tell us how they will do it.

When it comes to the NDIS, I am not

DS. The federal government

confirmed it will find its share.

Those in the sector are confident agreement will be reached.

Just a day before the Victorian

budget is handed down, a new poll

found that support the Ted Balearic

-- Ted Baillieu is falling. He is

replaced as top media adviser and

is yet to see benefit from the move.

The number of votes show they are

dissatisfied with the way Ted

Baillieu is doing. The primary vote

has plummeted by 5.237. The survey

conducted by Newspoll shows that

the Victorian government may

struggle to win it on a two-party

preferred racist they're slightly

ahead of -- two-party referred

basis, they're slightly ahead. They

were warned not to expect a magic

pudding budget tomorrow. They say

it will be a difficult budget but

they have dismissed views it will

be in deficit. Police found a

woman's Wadi on the bank of Crete

in Brisbane's West. Shh...

Woman's body. Their let yet to

confirm if it is Allison Baden-Clay.

Her husband reported her missing.

Police headquarters they did an

intense search at Brookvale

Showground over the last 11 days.

They discovered a woman's body at

Mount Crosby about 10 km away.

Police say at this stage it has not

been identified. A female person

has been located, deceased, on the

banks of the creek in that

particular area. At this time, I

can't confirm it is Allison Baden-

Clay. The person is subject to a

recovery process and also to

confirmation that it is a missing

person that we have been sensibly

looking for over the past 11 days.

Police say her family have been

notified, but they have asked that

their privacy be respected. The

discovery was made with the aid of

a member of the public. Done at the

scientific officers, detectives scene, we have water police,

from the Metro North region and

homicide who are making further

examination in that particular area

of where this person has been

located. Search patterns are

continuing in this area. And,

further decisions will be made

about further deployments of

searches in other areas within the

next few areas. -- Due hours.

Police say there is an ongoing

investigation. The

investigation. The community here

and the family have a painful wait

while the body is identified. South

Australian police have charged a

43-year-old man with the murders of

two men whose bodies were found

this morning. Please discovered the

bodies at a house near Sandalwood

east of Adelaide. Frantic officers

are investigating a raid --

forensics officers are

investigating a red vehicle thought

to be involved. Leading business

and industry groups have appealed

to bank to lower interest rates.

The Australian Chamber of Commerce

and industry released the latest

business expectations survey which

shows that business conditions

should improve slightly. We believe

the circumstances justify a more

substantial interest rate cut in

the order of 50 basis points. Our

expectations will be that we will

see 25 basis points tomorrow and

the prospect of further rate cuts

in the period ahead. The chamber

says that small business is

struggling with week consumer

confidence. Some economists are

banking on them to cut by half a

percent at the monthly meeting.

Overseas news. Politicians and

activists are warning South Sudan

and Sudan are on the bank -- brink

of war. There is evidence that they

are carrying out bombing raids

across the border. 24 attack

helicopter gunship. Sudan says it

is not bombing its new seven

neighbour. -- Sudan neighbour.

Satellite photos have been analysed

by activist in Washington and

seemed to show the opposite. Across

the river at zero, a 10-year-old

boy died strolling... The pictures

document a slide to war with

potentially catastrophic

consequences. The only use of this

is offensive. To takeout tents,

artillery and hard civilians in the

mountains as part of an ethnic

cleansing campaign. We're going to

go see some camp. We are going.

This project is the brainchild of

George Clooney. The actor also

filmed here earlier in the year on

documenting Sudanese aggression

towards the people you. 15 bombs hit this tiny village.

He got worldwide headlines getting

arrested during a demonstration in

Washington. Fighting between South

Sudan and its northern neighbour is

a concern at the highest levels of

the US administration and Congress.

They say it is at a tipping point.

Library is calling the action to

stop this. The bombing has to stop.

We don't want another war. We are

on the brink. We have do both. We

can't allow people to start and die

while we work on political

settlement. We have to stop the

bombing. The worrying truth for politicians and celebrities alike

is that effort have so far failed

to stop the suffering. In a region

that now seems less to another disastrous conflict.

In sports news, Will Genia has done

an enormous backflip, opting to

stay with the Queensland Reds until

2015. The Wallabies at scrum-half

was heading away for a lucrative

deal, but decided after the win on

Friday that he would prefer to stay

with the Super Rugby champion. So

here's. Let's look at tomorrow's weather:

Back an hour to David Speers in

Canberra is PM Agenda continue.

Centre, thank you. After the break,

we will look at what threat there

really is to Julia Gillard and

announcement yesterday to sideline

Craig Thomson and Peter Slipper and

how it went down in Labor ranks. We will talk to Environment Minister

Tony Burke. He announced today

about protecting koalas. We will

also look at Clive Palmer's bid to enter parliament and standing

against Wayne Swan in the seat of

Lilley. Does he have a chance? All

that coming up, the weather. -- Stay with us.

Good afternoon. Julia Gillard and his senior ministers have gone on the defensive, claimed an early rumblings of renewed pressure on the prime minister. Julia Gillard was attending a rally today for the National Disability Insurance Scheme. It was announced that it would be rolled out earlier than many had thought, from July next year some locations will be tested. They will start to receive funding. It will then increase in 2014. This will cost a lot of money but we do not know where it is coming from. The budget is going to be released next week but the prime minister wanted to get on the front foot with a positive initiative. She made it very clear that she is going nowhere on the leadership issue. I will lead the Labor Party into the next election and they will tell you what this is about. It will be whether you stand for a privileged view or whether you stand for Australians and their families.

The pi Minister it has made the

right call on what has been

difficult circumstances. It is

legitimate to the Prime Minister to

extend to Mr Slipper and Craig

Thomson the presumption of

innocence. It was legitimate, I

think, to hope that these processes

would come to a conclusion. Tony

Abbott is having none of that. He

wants to keep the pressure on Labor

and the Prime Minister in

particular. He has again called on

Labor it to accept Craig Thomson it

will be sitting on the crossbench. -- Not accept.

What does the Prime Minister know

about Craig Thomson? If he is so

tainted that he cannot sit in

caucus, how can he sit there are so

smugly and accept his vote? This is

a tainted government relying on a

tainted vote. While Craig Thomson

might be a troubled MP for Labour,

one of the Coalition's strongest

financial backers, Clive Palmer, is

proving to be an awkward

proposition for the Conservatives.

Today he declared that he wants to

enter Parliament and seek

preselection for the LMP and run

against Wayne Swan. I have done this because the Treasurer and myself have clear, different

visions for where this country

should go. I believe we should be

getting bigger and stronger,

creating more well so that we have

got more to distribute for things

in this country. He believes in a

redistribution of wealth and making

the country smaller. Wayne Swan

seems to think this is a great

prospect and loves the idea of

competing against the likes of

Craig Palmer. The Treasurer broke

away from the prebudget

preparations to hold a news

conference. I think it is pretty

much official today that the

Liberal Party in my home state is a

wholly owned subsidiary of Mr

Palmer. Mr Palmer will use his very considerable resources, and has

already use them, to capture the

Labor Party in Queensland and he

intends to use them if he has preselected in the contest between

myself and this Parliament. When

Swan also pointed out that Clive

Palmer has not been to his

electorate since 1986. So how much

support does he have? He was Tony

Abbott's answer. The right

candidate for seats in Queensland that have traditionally been Labor

seats is someone who is going to do

the hard yards, knocking on doors, being in shopping centres, talking

to local newspapers. We need a

grassroots candidate and I am

confident that that is what will

get ahead. A grassroots candidate

who will knock on doors and do the

hard yards? I am not sure that

Clive Palmer will fit that bill. So

what sort of trouble is Julia

Gillard facing within the Labor

Party? There are reports that there

has been a shift away from her and

in particular the New South Wales

Right faction of the Labor Party is

in flux. The senior member of that

faction is the environment Minister

Tony Burke. He joins me today. His

support drifting away from the

Prime Minister? No.

Prime Minister? No. The speculation

will always be there. You cannot

change that. It will not end up

coming to anything. Will it did

come to a challenge. When you sort

it came to, it was hardly a change

of leadership material. There are speculations that it will not

change the fact that Julia Gillard

is the Prime Minister, creating the

reforms that Australia needs and

leading us to the next election.

Are you untroubled by the way that

she has dealt with Craig Thomson?

Yes. You have to remember that the

decision was made on the two issues

together. It was on the fact that

he got to a point where for both of

those issues running together it

was, combined, having an impact on

our ability to have de policy

conversation that hopefully we will

get to in this interview. You could

not get through the fog of those

issues. So it is bad luck for Craig

Thomson that the piece is that they

came -- Peter Slipper issue came

along? Because up until then he was

innocent until proven guilty but

then suddenly he was told to leave

the party? The Prime Minister has

made clear that it is not an issue

in isolation. In terms of the extra layer of public discussion about Peter Slipper, the Prime Minister

was overseas, attending Minister --

meetings that she should have been

attending. She did not have much

time to make the call. On a

judgement call like this you will

always have people arguing about

when it should happen but

realistically it could not have

been much more early than this. So

realistically you are happy to

stick with Julia Gillard even with

the polls as they are? There is no

change on. Years ago people used to

say that politicians are too

obsessed with polls but these days

the media are wanting to constantly

ask about polls and we are the ones

fighting through trying to say

please, can we get to a policy

issue? That is there enough but it

is the best indication of what a

lecture at the back election result

you are about to face and it looks

like a wipeout for Labor. Don't

forget that John Howard also faced

bad polls. In each of the

conversation with history and

people about what is in the

interest of working Australians. Do

you think that conversation is

going alright? At the moment, look

at the issues that the Prime

Minister is working on today! The

importance of a national Disability

Insurance Scheme is huge, it is

immense. For years we have had this

situation, it has come up in every

community Centre. People say it is

not the frontline issue in the

media but the lack of support that

we are getting fundamentally

changes our lives. We now have a

policy to change that for the

better. For people who have had

accidents through work, there is a

support network but if it comes

through a disability or an accident elsewhere, the same level of

support is not there. That has been

fixed. Let's turn to your area of

responsibility. Why was the bin

listed as a vulnerable species,

what will that mean in practice? It

means two things, it means for

those jurisdictions there will need

to be a recovery plan in place.

That work will begin now. The

second being is that if there is a

work application that involves a

loss of koala habitat, that will

now face a national review. Where

will that happen? The main areas

are close to the New South Wales

and Queensland border. There are a

number of other pockets where there

has been a significant impact. It will be harder for property

development to get off the ground?

You will not have extra delay

necessarily, we cleared a loss of

that up at the COAG meeting. It

does mean that if there is a large-

scale clearing of koala habitat,

then maybe you meet not be a bit

able to do that. But if you want to

protect species than that has

consequences. There will be some

developments that cannot go ahead

because of this. What will this

mean for the koala population? Will

it save the population in New South

Wales, Queensland and the ACT? We

need to turn a corner. In

Queensland, since 1990, they have

had a 40% hit to koala numbers. In

New South Wales it is about a third.

That is a massive downward shift in

a very brief period of time. Faced

with that, we need to take stock

and see that we have not been doing

the trick, we need to have Commonwealth oversight as well. Environment Minister Tony Burke,

thank you. We didn't even have a Segway about endangered species!

After the break we will have Bruce

Walker for what is going on in

Labor and a look at Clive Palmer's

tilt to enter Parliament.

Welcome back. Time for a check up

the headline. -- of the headlines.

Prime Minister Julia Gillard has

announced the government will fund

part of the National Disability Insurance Scheme. Money has been

put part in this is budget row to

be launched in July next year. She

was at a rally in Sydney today.

Rallies were heard nationwide

calling for a shakeup of disability

support services. Opposition Leader

Tony Abbott has accused the Prime

Minister of from accepting tainted

vote from Craig Thomson when he

returns to government as an

independent. He said if they want

to discern Thomson, they should

also this -- disown his vote. MPs

and defended Gillard decision. he

says that none of the accusations

have been proved. Treasurer Wayne

Swan says he relishes the thought

of taking on Clive Palmer in the

next election. The mineralogy CEO

says he will run the preselection

of the Queensland seat of Lilley.

Mr Swan accused Mr Palmer and the

Liberal Party of trying to shore up

the profits of the mining boom.

Final report into Australia's media landscape has recommended

significant changes to media

ownership. The Media Convergence

Review proposes a minimum number of

owners review to make sure no

operator dominates the market. It

recommends a public interest test

decided by communications watchdog.

Queensland Police have found a

woman's body on the banks of the

creek in Brisbane's West. Police

have not confirmed if it is that of

missing mother of a three Allison

Baden-Clay. Mrs beating Clay's

family have been informed of the

find. -- Baden-Clay's family. Will

Genia has done an enormous backflip

opting to stay with the Queensland

Reds until 2015. The Wallabies

scrum-half was heading to the Force

but decided over their win on

Friday against the Blues that he

will stay with the Super Rugby

champion. And the weather at:

Thank you, Jacinta. Let us check-in

at the polls. Peter Lewis from

essential media to be patient is

with us. Peter, first up, overall

numbers... I don't have Peter Lewis

there and told. Peter? No, we will

come back to him shortly. His

numbers show the Coalition

improving their ground over Labor.

They are now 57-43 against Labor.

Some improvements there. They will

be troubling the labourer, not

majority support for an election to

be called on yet. In the meantime,

let us bring an a panel. Bruce

hooker back in the country -- Bruce

Hawker. Bruce, I will start with

you. Is it time to start talking

about Kevin Rudd again? I don't

think so, David. He has been

absolutely adamant that he will not

be challenging the the leadership.

In fact, no alternatives are

putting their hands up at the

moment. I think it is too early for

that. It may never it come to pass, although obviously the Prime

Minister is under a lot of pressure

at the moment. How would you

characterise the situation she is

in? The way she has handled these

issues around Craig Thomson and

Peter Slipper. It is the byproduct

of being in a minority government.

You are always in the business of

doing deals and trying to hold the

show together. When you are with a

vote of losing government, you

cannot always choose the people

that you are in bed with.

Unfortunately, that is the problem

the government rates now. If they

have a clear majority, obviously,

the Slipper issue would not be

there. Craig Thomson wouldn't be an

embarrassment to them. But, it is

very much the result of being a

minority government, and... What about Julia Gillard. Has she

handled this will? I think she

should have moved earlier on the

Craig Thomson issue. Having been

around for years now... We can see

the writing on the wall. It seems

like he has shown great little

hesitation on wanting to place

himself outside of the party anyway.

Whenever it looks like you have been dragster position, it doesn't

look good. You would have to

concede that it could have been

done sooner. In the case of Slipper,

it could have been done sooner.

That is a story that has evolved

over a short period of time.

Presumably because of the Liberal

Party, who preselected him nine

times, and a fair bit of

information... Let us bring you in.

What you think about the way the

Prime Minister has handled these

two issues? It has been

extraordinary. The Prime Minister

it went overseas to find out what

Australians thought about that. She

went to Turkey to find out that she

had been abused on. She had an

epiphany that there is something

wrong about what she did in Turkey.

She came back and cut every shred

of credibility she had. If I was

Anthony Albanese or if I was Nicola

Roxon, who went and supported her,

I would be saying that the next

time you want to do that Prime

Minister stick it up your nose and

do it yourself. She left them...

She left them hanging up to dry.

The whole reason was respect.

Respect to the parliament. Respect

to the parliament was in awful

danger with this is best done.

Months and months and months ago.

Is this a question of respect to

the parliament, or is it respect to

the government and for the Prime

Minister it has been a problem? I

think they're dealing with the

political reality. Of course, now

the pressure from within has been

so much that the government and

Prime Minister really had to move

on in my view. That is how I read

it from where I was watching dozens

of miles away. This is very tricky.

But in defence of Julia Gillard, I

don't know what any other Prime

Minister would have done in similar

circumstances, trying to hold a

government together. It is very

tough, and that is why I refer back

to the fact that the cause of this

problem, really, it is a hung

parliament. It is not that Gillard

in her nature is duplicitous or

anything like that. It is just the

nature of the numbers in the

parliament. No, it is not. This is

straight a ministerial judgement.

She took a stand on the principle

of people being innocent until

proven guilty. Fine. That is a

start. Then she throw to the window.

What changed? All of these bleeding

Heart Labor lawyers screaming

bloody hypocrites they are. They

ought to be kicking her to death.

They ought to be out there on the

Peter Slipper thing. All of a

sudden, it doesn't matter if

anybody is -- has allegations about

sexual harassment or anything like

that if it affects a Labor voter.

It doesn't matter. And what about

those! Craig Thomson's vote, it is

not clean enough to vote in the

Labor Caucus. And yet, he is clean

enough to vote in the parliament of

this country. How the hill can that

be? You have had convicted members

of the Liberal Party voting in

parliament. I wouldn't take the

moral high ground on that. Nor

should you be in a position to take

the moral high ground on Slipper.

The report in the Sunday Telegraph,

if they were right, there has been

complaints made about him to Tony

Nutt when he was in the Primus of

John Howard's office in 2003 and

2004. It is very easy to the

Liberal Party to wipe all of that

staying away at the time, or to

sweep it under the carpet, there

was no talk about it then. These

are either politics a convenient.

OK. It was convenient to take the

moral high ground. You know they

would do the same. Let's look at

what can be done now. If, Bruce, if

as you say, it is convenient and

due to the hung parliament. You

also played down talk of the

leadership change, what can be

done? What can Gillard and Labor to

to pull themselves out of this

whole? I am not aware of any leadership challenge is

leadership challenge is being

mountains, David. That is the

reality. I don't know anyone aware

of something like that. This is a

difficult position for Gillard is

to be in. I have no doubt about

that. I wouldn't try to pretend

otherwise. I think they have to try

to get through the budget session

as best they can and start to sell

the carbon tax. I don't think they

will, I mean the compensation

package the carbon tax, I don't

think you can actually get out

there and convince the public that

doing deals with Peter Slipper at

all Craig Thomson is really

something they will that is

commendable. The public formed a

view about that and they need to

get past that. You are selling

those two matches. The budget will

be unpopular. You'll find, the

carbon tax unpopular as well. Too

unhappy things to be selling. Yes,

however, the alternative is to go

into deficit. They were not

prepared to do that for good reason.

They were supported in that aim by

the Opposition as well. The

alternative was to go into the red

and I don't think they wanted to do

that. They saw that as a worsening.

Carbon tax, I don't think they will

be supported by a strong campaign,

advertising and grassroots to

explain to people that the

compensation measures that will be

put in place will more than

compensate families who will be

paying more of their energy as a

result of the carbon tax. That is

all they can do. I don't want to

overstate the ease with which they

can do that. It will be very

difficult. Very difficult. Prime

Minister comes back from overseas

and says that a line has been

crossed. It seems to me that the

lie that has crossed is that the

Labor Party has gone below 30%

again. You and I both know that the

Labor Party with 18 months ago they

have lost another month of trying

to beat up anything. With 18 months

ago, picking up the gap, it is

bloody near impossible. I think it

is now impossible. So, you as a

campaigner and other people in the

Labor Party, you must surely be

starting to think what on Earth

would we be saying to even our own

supporters in the front bars and

pubs and in the barbecues, voted

Julia Gillard because... Because...

Because? Got there. She has taken...

If you had a Bill Shorten what is

meant, you would have clear air,

more pressure on the Opposition

from the media at the moment. She

is stuck in the mud and she ain't

going to get out of it. You're

probably talking to the wrong

person about to to be saying what

to whom inside the Labor Party. I

am not actually actively advising

her or anybody else in the federal

party about any of these issues now. My views were very clearly

enunciated a few weeks ago. However,

you play the cards that you are

dealt. In this case, Julia Gillard

has to go out there and from a very

difficult position she has to start

telling the world that when it

comes to carbon, there is going to

be a decent compensation package in

place. She have to deal with the

other issues as they come up. I am

not trying to pretend that they are

easy, however, I do think that

people say they should go to Smith

or someone else, they are probably

underestimating the response in the

electorate to yet another change or

challenge to the leadership. That

also is a very difficult thing for

Labor to deal with. I don't want to

sit here and pretend it was easy to

label. As I said many times, until

the boat gets up into the 40s, our

position will continue to be... I

can't come up with a miracle answer

to any of those things. That is a

matter of a Caucus to deal with in

the fullness of time if they go

down that path. I just want to

mention a statement we just

received. This is to do with the

Craig Thomson issues. It is about

the internal Health Services Union

report conducted by Ian Temby QC.

The East Branch has released a

statement about the release of the

Ian Temby interim report about

governments issue. The report

highlighted a number of issues

around the procurement, budgeting

and resources. The union council

will review the report and report

back to the members on its findings

and inclusions and the statements

as they look forward to the release

of the full Ian Temby report. That

has just come in. I wanted to also

get your thoughts on Clive Palmer.

Graham? Clive Palmer wants to enter

parliament. He would be a good... I

think we've already seen that is a

huge distraction. The treasurer of

this country, if he is still the

treasurer at the next election. He

had interrupted what is an

important budget of all time to go

and check quite palmar down our

borough. Can understand why? He is

of this country. Clive Palmer said

he is interested in having a go.

You can see now if he did run, all

of the resources of the Labor Party,

all of the ministers, all of the

money would go to one seat to try

and save what might be the former

treasurer... Busy with the want to

run a campaign with a would clearly

be an enormous focus and

destruction from everything Clive

Palmer is saying. Including the CIA

conspiracy theories. We have all sorts of colourful people in parliament. In Australia and back.

Clive Palmer is one of the more

colourful. I doubt when it gets to

the crunch, he will say to the

Labor Party that he will give up

his business interests and go to

Canberra by three quarters of the

year. I will go and knock on doors

and give babies and look after the

local scout hall. I didn't think so.

Already, here's a destruction. -- Destruction.

I am sure that the people have a

lot in common with him as they struggle to pay their mortgages

each month! Clive Palmer is someone

who has always gone out of his way

to through his weight, big Richard

Lee and literally, around for the

Liberal Party in Queensland but

also elsewhere as well. I think he

is exactly the sort of person that

you do not want in politics. That

he is expressing an inclination to

go down that path and the Liberal

Party will either have to get

behind the Hawke pushing out the

door. I imagine they will be

reluctant with his money to do that.

He is exactly the sort of person

that highlights the difference

between Labor and the Conservatives.

Clive Palmer verse Craig Thomson I

think that Clive Palmer is in

front! We will have to wrap things

up there. We will get some more

reaction on some of these issues

with the independent MP Tony Windsor.

Live on Wednesday, Twiggy Forrest

on lunchtime agenda. Despite Julia

Gillard's about-face on Craig

Thomson and Peter Slipper and the

calls for her to go as prime

Minister, it appears that that is

not about to happen. It appears

that this support is still there

for the government to remain in

place, not for an early election.

One of the Independent MPs is Tony

Windsor. I spoke to him earlier.

Thanks for your time. Has your

confidence in the Gillard

government being shaken at all by

the events of the last week? Well,

I think that the confidence of this

trillion public while watching what

has been going on in Parliament, a

lot of people are not aware of what

you present is about in Parliament.

Some people are not even aware that

the Parliament is not sitting.

There is bin a black cloud or

whatever you call it, there's been

a proliferation of activity about

our Parliament and that was one of

the reasons why I picked up the

phone and spoke to Peter Slipper

last week about having a real look

at whether he should resume the

chair. I am pleased that he and the

promised reached an agreement so

that we do not have a vote against

the chair in our Parliament. Do you

think that that is enough to remove

the black cloud as you call it?

Time will tell. The Opposition

leader is on his campaign trail. He

has been in that negative attack

mode right from the word go. He

still seems reluctant to test the

market. He is a market-driven

politician but he will not test the

market in terms of the confidence

of the house. I am not challenging

him to actually do that. If it is

not have confidence in the current

Parliament, there is a way in which

you can display that by holding a

vote of no confidence. He received

is not want to do that until he

knows that the numbers are there.

So your position has not changed?

Would you vote against a no-

confidence motion? Until I see one!

Someone might put it up just to

test the market! You could have a

deal with the government not to

support it. I think if there is a

decent argument as to why the

Parliament should hold a no-

confidence motion in the government,

I think the Parliament needs to see

that, not just the rambling through

the press. And on the face of it,

you have confidence in the

government? I have no reason to initiate a no-confidence motion.

Tony Abbott had a chance that the

same thing and in the 17 day period,

Tony Abbott was repaired to

guarantee the date of the next election, to guarantee that we

would decide the date! We said to

him at that particular time, would you prefer another election now?

Labour, Liberal or we go back to

the polls. Neither side, the

Gillard side or the Abbot side,

wanted to go back to the polls.

They asked to pick one of us. So

you are saying that Tony Abbott

said that there he would prefer

that a minority Labor government

would be formed? He wanted a choice.

He wanted them to choose. Joe was

in the room, Andrew and Rob. Joe

Hockey said, and I apologise to the

questions, he said for Christ's

sake, don't do that to us! Choose

one of us but don't send us back to

the polls. Tony Abbott had an

obvious choice and he refused to

take it then. He won't issue a no-

confidence motion against the

people he wants removed so I

thinking is to work out his own

tactics. I will listen to any

motion in Parliament that this

business that if you put up this on

certain days based on such and such,

it is a lot of nonsense asking that

question is, with due deference to

you. But since that line was taken

by the opposition, we have seen

issues that Tony Abbott would now

say require an election to be

called. You think there is any case

when you look at restoring respect

in Parliament for the election to

be called sooner than next year?

That may in fact happen. Hung

parliaments by their very nature

are difficult. I have been in one

before, I was in another Parliament

were there was a one seat majority.

There is nothing new in any of this

to me. I have seen a government minister, a Liberal government

minister becoming independent to

gain leverage on the government.

All of the attack dogs Bob Carr was

the Tony Abbott in those days! He

was attacking the Greiner

government. None of this is new. If

one player. The pack, the whole

nature of the game changes. That

was independent MP Tony Windsor

talking to us a little earlier.

That is all from us, stay with us

after the break there is the latest

in Sky News.