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Live. This morning, Live. This morning, the

Opposition turns up the heat on the Independents calling on Tony Windsor and Rob Oakeshott

to withdraw their support for

the Government.

Treasurer. Mining magnate A big battle for the roll of

Clive Palmer announces Clive Palmer announces his ambition to take leadership of

Australia's economy. I believe

we should be getting bigger and stronger, creating more wealth

for our people so we have more money to distribute. The Queensland Government to

prepare new gun crime laws prepare new gun crime

Gold Coast shopping centre after the double shooting at a

Gold Coast shopping centre over

the weekend. The Government

anticipating a backlash

headlines miners after it tight tense up national environmental laws for koalas in Australia. World champion laws for koalas in eastern

Casey Stoner holding off a

determined challenger to claim

his first Spanish Moto GP.

Block Good morning, you're watching ABC News 24, I'm Joe

watching ABC News O'Brien. Taking a quick look

at the weather first in the nation capital cities around the

nation this morning:

Miners and the banks have

driven rises on the local

half a percent. The Australian sharemarket. The ASX 200 is up

dollar is higher at around 104.5 US cents. Federal

Government ministers are

decision defending Julia Gillard's

decision to sideline backbench

MP Craig Thomson and to keep

Speaker's Peter Slipper out of the

Speaker's chair for the moment. Tony Abbott says won't accept the move and he Tony Abbott says Australians

wants an election called,

although he won't move a no

confidence motion. Mr Thomson

was yesterday suspended from was yesterday suspended

the Labor Party and will sit on the cross-benchers as an independent. He's denying

allegations of financial

mismanagement during his time

Union. The Prime Union. as head of the Health Services

Julia Gillard, Union.

Julia Gillard, says she acted

to restore public confidence in

the Parliament. The Federal

Opposition leader Tony Abbott

has called on the Independent MPs Tony Windsor and Rob

Oakeshott to withdraw it their

support for government. Mr

Abbott said Julia Gillard's

move to site line Craig Thomson

and keep Peter and keep Peter Slipper out of

the Speaker's chair moment

shows the Government is in

crisis. He must have done

Prime Minister wouldn't have something wrong, otherwise the

Prime Minister insisted that he leave

Caucus. Now, if he's Caucus. Now, if he's done something that is sufficiently

wrong, if he's under sufficient

of a cloud to leave the Caucus,

surely he's under sufficient of

a cloud for the Government not to accept his vote. If this

man is so tainted that he can't

sit in the Caucus, his vote is

tainted and the Prime Minister

must not accept it. There was a convergence of both the Craig Thomson matter and the Peter

Slipper matter such that the

Prime Minister formed a judgment

judgment that the reputation or the standing of the the standing of the Parliament

was being affected in the eyes

of the community. The Prime Minister has a Minister has a responsibility

to uphold the respect of the to uphold the respect of

Parliament and so she formed

the judgment these actions were necessary. Craig Emerson.

Before him, Tony Abbott. They Before him, Tony Abbott.

were both on 'ABC News Breakfast' on ABC News Breakfast' on ABC News 24

earlier today. We're joined our political editor Lyndal earlier today. We're joined by

Curtis in Canberra. It is a

isn't it tough ask for the government

isn't it after there was so

much argument for another line

in relation to this case last

Last week. Yes, it is a change.

Last week the Government,

government ministers, were

arguing very strongly that both

Craig Thomson and Peter Slipper

were entitled to the

presumption of innocence. Most presumption of innocence.

of the news last week was about

Peter Slipper, so they focused on that. The Attorney-General,

Nicola Roxon, and other ministers, were arguing ministers, were arguing that

the action that had been

launched against Peter Slipper

was a civil case and that you

couldn't have people standing

aside whilst civil claims were

being heard because that would

set a precedent that shouldn't

be set. I think Craig hit the nail on the head be set. I think Craig Emerson

hit the nail on the head this

morning when he said there was

a convergence of the two

issues, of the allegations

allegations against Peter against Craig Thomson and then

Slipper, so in reality the line that the Prime Minister said

had been crossed was

effectively the Government felt

deal with one of those issues that while it might be able to

at a time, dealing with two of

It was overshadow ing them at one was problematic.

everything as

everything as they did. As the

Prime Minister said dragging

Parliament into disrepute. Would you also have to say

being totally unhelpful for

Government as well, feeding a perception of the Government

that its judgment was

questionable and that it couldn't handle these things.

The action the Prime Minister took was to try and stem that

issue. I have to say, both men are effectively stood issue. I have to say, though,

aside. Peter Slipper has stood

aside headlines the

Speakership. Craig Thomson has been suspended from been suspended from the Labor Party, so they are both

potentially things which could

come back on to the agenda come back on to the agenda when

allegations are resolved. One

of the lines that Tony Abbott is pushing at the moment, we heard this in the interview

this morning with Michael Rowland, was that the Government should refuse to accept Craig Thomson's vote because it is a this according to Tony Abbott. How does

does that argument stack up?

It is an interesting one.

Certainly for Tony Abbott he's

using it to push his line that effectively Government's

relying on tainted votes to

stay in power. This feeds into

what is really driving this issue and that is the numbers

game on the floor of Parliament

which has been the case ever

since the Government got, Labor got back into Government. got back into Government. It

is a minority government and

the Opposition has been pushing is the Opposition has been pushing

on a number of fronts since the last election to try and swing those numbers

those numbers back to its side. People might remember when the

coalition Government got

Malcolm ston, a Labor Senator

to leave his party to become

deputy speak erser, there were

allegations against him. For a while the Howard Government did not accept his vote but it Malcolm decided to again. The

interesting thing about Mr

Abbott's argument is he's

arguing two different positions for Craig Thomson and Peter decided

Slipper when it was put to him

this morning that the coalition

was quite happy to accept Mr Slipper's vote when there were

allegations, none of which had

been raised it in court action,

Mr Abbott said well, Mr Slipper never faced court charges, but

that's precisely the point

Craig Thomson is at. There are allegations again him but none

of them are the subject at the moment of court action. There's

a bit of talk this a bit of talk this morning about Julia about Julia Gillard's leadership. How many damaging

has this been for her? It is

damaging for her and Government. There are questions again about Julia Gillard's leadership and you'd

have to say many of the

political problems that this Government faces Government faces are problems

of its own making. I have to

say, though, there might be chatter about the leadership

but the Labor Party went

through a very bruising

leadership contest earlier this

year where Julia Gillard overwhelmingly got the overwhelmingly got the numbers

of her backbench to stay in

power and I don't think there's

any appetite to go through that

again. There's a recognition I think that the Labor pare year

it is in some difficulty.

There are hopes that things

will improve. There's a Budget

next week which people are

hoping will set the focus back

on the Labor Party's economic

management, will contain management, will contain a promise to bring the Budget

back to surplus we're all told.

Then there is the carbon price starting and the Labor Government is hopeful Government is hopeful and

believes it will be not as bad

as Tony Abbott has painted. You would have to say the Labor Party

Party has been doing damage to itself.

itself. It really has to stop doing

doing that if it doing that if it wants things

to improve. Lyndal Curtis in

Canberra, thank you. Thank

you. Mining mag night Clive

Palmer has announced he'll seek

LNP preselection to run against

the Treasurer Wayne Swan in the

Brisbane seat of Lillee at the

next Federal election. Palmer is going to the Liberal-National Party preselection. He says he wants to challenge Mr Swan because

they have different views on how to run the Australian

economy. The miner has been critical of

critical of the Treasurer's

handling of the economy. He

says he's campaigned in Lillee for

for many years and knows the Federal seat very well. I believe we should be getting

bigger and stronger, creating more

more wealth for our people so

we've got more money to

distribute to things that need

to be done in this country. He

believes in a redistribution of

wealth and making the wealth and making the economy

smaller. What I want to see in this nation is a greater prosperity, the greater understanding and a understanding and a more

compassion for people who need

help. We can only help people

if we produce more revenue. If

we produce more things and do things. I think with the recent election of the LNP to the Queensland Government Julia

Gillard's days Gillard's days are numbered. Clive numbered. Clive Palmer speaking there earlier this morning. We

hadn't heard anything headlines

Wayne Swan about this up Wayne Swan about this up until

just now. He's just posted

this message on his Twitter

account in response to Clive Palmer's announcement. He says

he's over the moon to fight in Lillee for relief for Lillee for relief for families

and small businesses against

Clive and Tony Abbott fighting

for Clive's profits. That's

the first we've heard headlines

Wayne Swan at this stage. There hasn't been any indication that he's holding a

media conference today at this

stage. There's usually a picture opportunity with the

Treasurer before the Budget, so

we'll get that at some stage. But that's not until next week. We have got the Reserve Bank

announcement tomorrow. I was getting

getting that mixed up a little. We haven't got any We haven't got any indication

that Wayne Swan is going to

speak today. Maybe that's all

we'll hear headlines Wayne Swan on Clive Palmer's announcement

for today. The Queensland Government boosted Government boosted police funding after the double shooting

shooting on the Gold Coast over

the weekend. An extra 20

detectives will join the

investigation into motorcycle gang

gang violence. Police have

released images of the

suspected gunman who suspected gunman who is still

on the run after he opened fire

on another man and a on another man and a female bystander at the Robina bystander at the Robina Town shopping centre on Saturday.

The woman is recovering in

hospital and there are reports

the man was released overnight.

The incident follows a series

of violent attacks last week of violent attacks last week in Brisbane and the Gold Coast

whichly say are linked to a

brewing turf war between bikie

gangs. Bob Atkinson says the gangs. State Government should crackdown on businesses linked

to the tanks. There's been an escalation. We've seen escalation. We've seen a

series of incidents in the

space of less than a week starting from last Tuesday. We were's very concerned about that. The matter course was the worst-case

scenario and that's where

violence has occurred in a

public space, such as a shopping centre, and a completely innocent person has

been shot. Even if that hadn't

happened, the innocent woman

being shot, what happened was

still absolutely and totally

unacceptable to all of us. No,

there has been and we'll do there has been and we'll do all

we can to curb and prevent any

reputation of such violence.

We'll do all we can to identify the people response and put

them before the courts. I with

understand the culture and

that's been a long held culture

of outlaw motorcycle gangs they do not cooperate with the authorities and they resolve

these things between

themselves. But that to themselves. But that to us, in my view, as a society, is unacceptable. unacceptable. We all live by

the rule of law. That's the

way our system works. Bob

Atkinson there. A new report

says the private rental says the private rental market

is failing nearly 7 is failing nearly 7 million Australians on low incomes.

Anglicare says people on the

minimum wage need at least two

incomes to pay the rent. Anglicare Australia's Kasy

Chambers says there's a need

for more public housing. I

think even we were surprised at

how un affordable it actually

is. We surveyed over 65,500 properties two-week ends ago on

internet and in the newspapers

and we found virtually none

that were affordable for people

living on government benefits

and on the minimum wage. Virtually nothing across our capital cities and it wasn't

that different a story in

regional areas like Geelong and

Newcastle or even some of the

rural areas either. There

really is a very short supply

of public housing or of social

housing. A large percentage,

over 90% of the Australian

rental market, is provided

through the private sector.

Hence, why we take the snapshot

once a year. We're getting

bigger every year. This year we covered more properties and

areas. It is a very important segment of

segment of the housing market.

It is a segments that usually

gets missed out when we talk about housing affordability.

We're saying that this is a

national priority. It is a

national issue. It has to take

national action. We're calling

on all sectors. The other

thing with housing of course is thing

it is not an instant fix. You

can't build houses overnight.

We're actually calling to Governments of today but also

well into the future. We've seen substantial investment in the

the last number of years, but

we need to keep that up. Clearly, there is an issue

about ed that questionsive

benefits. It is clearly not

enough. Government benefit enough. Government benefit are not enough for people to get

into housing. Kasy Chambers

there headlines Anglicare.

There's been a big announcement

on koalas this morning by on koalas this morning by the Federal Government. Federal Government. Federal environment minister Tony Burke says he specks Federal

from the mining and development sector for listing Australia's

most at risk koalas as threaten

the species. Mr Burke says

koala populations in the ACT,

NSW and Queensland will be

listed as vulnerable under the

national environment law. He

says it means developers or

mining companies will have to

meet national standards when

they're looking at certain

sites. The Gillard sites. The Gillard Government has committed $300,000 of new sites.

funding to find out more about

koala habitats. Clive

Macalpine is a landscape ecologist with the University

of Queensland. He's the spokesman for the spokesman for the koala research network which

represents a broad ranging

group of scientists who

specialise in koala specialise in koala health and

sustainability and he joins us

now headlines Brisbane. Clive,

good morning. Is this

Government move appropriate?

Good morning. Yes, I think it

is very appropriate and is very appropriate and timely.

A lot of researchers and koala carers have

carers have been fighting for

this decision for the last

decade. Some koala carers have been arguing for something a

lot more substantial. Is this

enough? I think it is a good

start. I think it is very

welcome. What has happened to koala populations in these

areas? There's been a substantial decline in South-East Queensland which is probably due to urban

development. The same in

coastal NSW in such tease such as Coffs Harbour and Port Stephens.

Stephens. There has been big

declines in western NSW and

Queensland, due to Queensland, due to land

clearing drought and

heatwaves. It is more specific

to those areas than to those areas than Australia

wide. Koala populations in

some areas of Australia are

doing quite well. There's a lot

of controversy about

differences between NSW and

Queensland and Victoria.

Victorian koalas are mostly

introduced populations

headlines islands and generally

they're doing reasonably well.

There's some overone Dan

population but they're not all overabundant. The general state of those populations

they're relatively stable and there's relatively moderate to high

high densities of koalas in Victoria

Victoria and also on Kangaroo Island. These populations are

managed for decline. The

Kangaroo Island population nation

nation has been managed through

a sterilisation program to

decline so it is not overabundant. Give us an idea

what's happened with the population in the South-East Queensland. Do you have any idea about numbers, what it was

20 years ago and what it is

today? We know in 1996 idea

surveys were done in the koala

coast area which includes Redland, parts of Brisbane and

Logan, that the population then

was about 6,700 and it's declined now to around about

2000 koalas over a period of 15 years. Would there have been a

danger if Government didn't

come up with some measure like

that the population would have

been wiped out altogether in

South-East Queensland? Well, the population still very much

at risk and it is going to take a lot to

a lot to turn it around. This

Government decision will help

do that. We need good planning,

planning, we need good

strategies to try to conserve

these populations. To what extent will it help the

population? It will mean that

for any development that threatens koala habitat, there for threatens koala habitat, there

will be an environmental impact

assessment done on that habitat

and they'll have to develop -

the develop will have the

it is not negatively impact on

koalas. It sounds koalas. It sounds like you

believe there will have to be

further measures if the further measures if the koala population is to rebound

significantly. What other

measures would you like to see in South-East Queensland? The

big three killers of koalas in South-East Queensland are South-East Queensland are dogs, vehicle collisions and disease.

They're all attributable to

urbanisation and the loss of

hab attachment we need the

further loss of habitat in the

region. We need to control

dogs. We need to reduce big

deaths from cars and put in

place strategies to reduce

disease. Just taking up one of those, for example, what kind

of measures do you think are

necessary to control dogs? How

can you possibly do that? It's

up to the dog owner to control

their dog at night-time and

some of the local governments

are putting in initiatives to

do that, but it is getting

people to comply with that

which is the difficult

part. Just finally, why not a

blanket ban across all of

Australia? You seem comfortable enough with about this patchwork stage? I think it is a

difficult situation. We've had

other listing decisions which

haven't listed koalas because

they said Victoria's were a safe population. I think this

is a good step to say that

Victoria may be relatively

stable population, but we have

to do something about

Queensland and NSW and we can't

keep arguing on about Victoria versus Queensland and NSW. I

think it is a good move. Clive McCall pine in Queensland, thanks very much for that.

Thank you. The victims of a

bushfire that swept through the

course of last queer's Kimberley ultra-marathon have

arrived in Perth ahead of their

appearance at today's parliamentary inquiry. The

hearings will examine whether organisers took organisers took reasonable steps to ensure steps to ensure competitor safety. For burns safety. For burns victim Kate Sanderson it has been a long,

painful journey. She has made

the trip from a Melbourne

hospital to Perth to give evidence at a parliamentary

inquiry investigating an ultra-marathon in the

Kimberley. The 100 kilometre race nearly killed her last

year, not because of its

strenuous nature, but because a

bushfire overran the event. I had to get discharged headlines hospital, have to get

readmitted when I get

back. Kate Sanderson was one of six runners burnt. She has had

dozens of surgeries and had to

have part of her foot am dated.

Her brother, Ian, has spend the

last few months lobbying for a parliamentary inquiry.

Headlines the small number of eyewitness accounts I received

even back then, it was clear

there were a number of that needed further investigation. The inquiry will

also hear headlines also hear headlines fellow competitor and burns victim

Turia Pitt. It is trying to

find out whether the event organiser Racing the Planet did

enough to identify and reduce risks for competitors. Racing

the Planet said it had no

knowledge a fire was knowledge a fire was burning in

the area before the event got

underway. Kate Sanderson has already provided a written

submission to the inquiry. She

said without knowing exactly

what happened history might

repeat itself. The inquiry has also heard from a also heard from a local organiser who said the

competitors ignored warnings,

advice and instructions. Jake

Sturmer, ABC News. One of our

top stories this morning has

been the announcement by Clive

Palmer a couple of hours ago he

intended to put his hand up for

LNP preselection for the seat

of Lillee, the seat that Wayne Swan holds at the moment.

About 10 minutes ago we hadn't heard much headlines Wayne Swan

on this this morning. Sent on this this morning. Sent out a tweet but he must have been

listening. He's just called a media conference for 10 minutes

time. It is a live shot we can

see from the blue room at

Parliament House in Canberra.

We'll go there as soon as that

media conference starts. If

he's called in relation to some

economic announcement we can be

guaranteed he'll also be mentioning the Clive Palmer

issue as well. We'll cross

live there to Parliament as soon as that gets under

way. The head of the UN mission

in Syria has renewed calls for both sides to respect the

ceasefire. General Robert Mood

has arrived in the country to take take charge of the

deployment of UN observer. Anne Barker reports. UN observers arriving in Syria had

few illusions about the chances

of peace. 10 unarmed

observers, 30 unarmed observers, 300 unarmed

observers, even 1000 unarmed

observers cannot solve all the

problems. Even as the UN team spreads out to monitor the

two-week old ceasefire, two-week old ceasefire, the bloodshed continues unabated. At Homs where hundreds have

been killed UN monitors been killed UN monitors filmed

as a man's corpse was retrieved

headlines the ground.

Elsewhere too the UN team has

had little impact. Amateur

video headlines Douma near

Damascus shows plumes of black

smoke from the ongoing

shelling. At least 40 shelling. At least 40 people

have been killed in Syria since

Saturday two weeks after the

ceasefire was men to take

force. To achieve the success

of Kofi Annan's six point land

I call - plan I call on I call - plan I call on all, I

call on all, to stop the

violence and to help us on a

continued cessation of armed violence

violence in all its forms. The Red Cross is less optimistic,

saying it fears the peace plan

is now in danger. Meanwhile, Lebanese authorities have impounded a cargo ship

allegedly carrying weapons to

rebel fighters inside Syria. They've uncovered several containers Fulham full of

rocket propelled grenades

machine-guns and rifles.

Analysts say far headlines

respecting the ceasefire respecting the ceasefire rebel fight remembers increasing their attacks against their attacks against the Syrian regime. TRANSLATION:

This is definitely a new tactic

by which they want to overthrow

the Syrian Government because they've never won against government forces in

they've never

party has called on both the

Syrian Government and leaders

to begin unconditional talks

instead of fighting.

TRANSLATION: Our will for

dialogue is not enough. dialogue is not enough. The

first party which is the regime

needs to move headlines talking

about the dialogue to the act

of dialogue. Secondly, some

strict opposition parties strict opposition parties have

to stop refusing the dialogue

and start an unconditional

dialogue. UN eventually plans

to have 300 monitors on the

ground in Syria. A big weekend in

in footy. Great games in both

the AFL and the NRL. Joining me to talk through all the footy

footy is Cameron Green headlines News

headlines News Radio. It was a

great weekend to watch footy.

We'll go to AFL first. In that

Swans Hawks game it was a big

great game for Adam Goodes. It

looked like it could have turned sour after way through but things turned

around. Completely Swans one

sided in that second half.

Down by 20 points at one point

in that first-half and then

they won every single contested

possession to the ball first and they put a stranglehold

right through that Hawks

midfield. Adam Goodes played his 304th game beating Michael O'Loughlin's record. Jarryd

Roughead had five goals in that

first-half, nothing in the second

second half. Lance Franklin

failed to kick a goal as well.

Adam Goodes the man there, they

three including a couple of three including a couple of key

goals late in the goals late in the fourth

quarter to lift them to quarter to lift them to quite

an important victory. Five

wins in a row now, they're

coming second behind the Eagles

in the top of the table. A

great moment at the end of great moment at the end of the

game. That was where he kicked his goal after he jumped and

there's a beautiful mark flying

above. There's another great

one there. Yes. Wow. A great

game there between west coach

and Richmond. 10 points was

the difference. That was at

the end of the game as well.

Richmond very unlucky. They

had a couple of chances late to

steal the win. It was Jack

Darling kicked a goal with six

seconds to go to wrap it seconds to go to wrap it up before that was Sellwood to

give the Eagles to win. Sheet

down, Adelaide just managed to get past Port Adelaide by 19 points in the end. Taylor

Walker key for the Crows, kicking six goals, including

three in a row and he appeared

in that second quarter. Port

came back in the second quarter to take lead. In the

third-quarter they ran out of

team. A lot of talk about

Richmond's spirit. They Richmond's spirit. They showed

good spirit and fight even they

they lost. Yes. They played

four of the top five teams last

year in their opening five

rounds they've had a horror rounds they've had a

draw. They've been


around for Richmond in terms of their standing in the table?

You would assume so

considering the strides they've

made headlines last year to

this year have been immense.

Thief come up against four of the top five times. The NRL, Parramatta. Another unfortunate

yesterday team. They fought back so well

yesterday but just didn't get

there. Ran out of time. 7

losses out of their eight losses out of their eight games

so far. Woo area down 31 nil

with 13 minutes to go and piled

on five tries in the end of the

it was Tigers for the first 67 minutes and Ben

minutes and Ben Roberts

great game for him. That dropping the ball there. Not a

have to be some record five great game for him. That would

would tries in the 13 minutes. It

would have to be close. Headlines memory I can't

imagine so many tries scored so closely together there.

closely together there. All of

a sudden in the second half we

had tries to Matt Ryan, Blair,

Tonga, all of a sudden they a sniff. But ran out of time. Tonga, all of a sudden they got

Mistakes like the Tigers really

- I love that palm off there,

pushing his forehead. Don't

argue. It is interesting Tim

Sheens described the win as

rubbish after the match as

well. He wasn't pleased with

that final 15-minutes of their

side. The Sharks got up.

Outright third between Their 6th win in a row.

Melbourne and Brisbane on the

ladder. A lot of talk for the

Raiders being that injury

problems. Josh Dugan came

back. He was okay. For the sharks, Todd Carney once again

a stand-out performance. He's

looking like his Origin

credentials should slot into credentials should slot

that five-eighth spot there.

He set up a cerise of tries

with Jeff Robson. NRL tonight?

One game Newcastle taking on

Penrith in Newcastle. Willy

Mason come back for Mason come back for the

Knights. For Penrith they

haven't scored in the last two

30 matches hand lost each game by

30 nil. Probably the Knights

in front playing at home. The

big focus is on willy Mason. Where has he been He went to play French rugby. We Mason. Where has didn't hear much of it. He didn't hear much of it. He has

been trying for a long time to

get a team. He almost signed

with Tigers but has found a

home at the Knights. The rest

of today's court, here of today's court, here is Lucy

down to the Crusaders in Carter. The Waratahs have gone

Sydney. A temming to break a

New Zealand team the hosts eight year hoodoo against the

started well. Adam Ashley

Cooper reverted to fullback and

made an immediate impact setting up the opening setting up the opening five

pointer. The 7 time champions quickly replied. The Crusaders scored four tries to the 'tahs

consolidate their stop in the three to win 37-33 and

top six on the Super 15 ladder.

The Waratahs are outside the

the Australian top six but remain second in

has been a great night for the Australian conference. It

Australians in international motor sports. Australia's defending world champion Casey

Stoner won the Spanish Moto GP.

He beat Spain's Jorge He beat Spain's Jorge Lorenzo

to take out the top spot.

Spaniard Dani Pedrosa came in

third. Will Power has won his

Power started third Indy Car race in a row.

Power started from pole

position and led all the way to

win the Sao Paolo 300 in win the Sao Paolo

Brazil. He's the first driver

in five years to win three consecutive races. Nadal has won his 7th consecutive races. Rafael

consecutive Barcelona tennis

open. Nadal beat compatriot

David Ferrer, 7-6, seven five

in this morning's final for his

48th ATP tour title. 48th ATP tour title. Today I

was lucky for a moment. was lucky for a moment. I'm

very sorry for David. very sorry for David. He

deserved more. Probably he was

a little bit unlucky this

keep afternoon. For me I have to

keep going because I'm playing well,

well, no. Meanwhile, in Stuttgart Maria Sharapova upset world number 1 Victoria

Azarenka in the final of the

WTA event. Sharapova won 6-1 6-4 in avie verse of the pair's

Australian Open final in

6-4 in Melbourne earlier this year.

Fernando Torres has scored a

its hat-trick as Chelsea continued

its recent form its recent form resurgence with

a six-1 thrashing of Queens

Park Rangers in London. Three

goals headlines the Spaniard

the fourth clays in the English helped the Blues close in on

the fourth

Premier League. He committed

himself. Fernando Torres, himself. Fernando Torres, he's

on a hat-trick T force Fernando

Torres. Five nil Chelsea.

Fernando Torres exercises some

Chelsea. A sensational week Demons. A sensation week for

for their nine. Tottenham is in fourth for their number

place after a two-nil win over

Blackburn Rovers at White Hart

Lane. The top stories morning, mining magnate Clive

Palmer has announced he'll have

another tilt at Federal

politics. He'll seek LNP

preselection to stand against

South-East Queensland seat of the Treasurer Wayne Swan in his

Lily. Mr Palmer tried for

preselection in the seat of

Fisher in 1984 but was narrowly

defeated by Peter Slipper. The fall out headlines MP Craig Thomson's suspension headlines the Labor Party is continuing

saying Australians won't accept with the Federal Opposition

moving the embattle Labor MP to the cross-benchers. The Prime Minister Julia Gillard says she Minister Julia


acted to restore public

confidence in the Parliament.

The Opposition leader Tony

Abbott has called on Independents Tony Windsor and oak spoke withdraw their

support for the government.

Rob Oakeshott. The Federal

Government has Government has announced

Australia at rising koalas need

to be inclusion on the

nationalist of threatened suppose despite oxtion

headlines the mining sector.

Tony Burke says qua la

populations in the ACT, NSW and Queensland will be listed as

vulnerable under the national environment law. Casey Stoner

has won his first Spanish Moto

GP. The Australian rider beat Spain's 2010 world Spain's 2010 world champion Jorge Lorenzo and another Spaniard Dani Pedrosa who Spaniard Dani Pedrosa who was third. Stoner produced a wonderful manoeuvre with 25 laps retaining and overtook

Pedrosa and Lorenzo to take the

lead. Foreign Minister Bob Carr

is flying to Fiji today to assess if the military regime

is making genuine moves towards restoring dem drat restoring dem drat democratic

rule in the country. He's joining ministers joining ministers headlines five other Pacific nations to

gain the process being made on

forming a new constitution and

holding democratic elections in 2012.

2012. For more we're joined by

bridge lateral, a long time observer of the Pacific and a

member of the Fiji constitution

review commission. He joins now headlines Canberra.

Welcome. What are you hoping

headlines this mission headlines this mission that Bob

Carr is a part of? The first

point is I'm not a member point is I'm not a member of this constitutional this constitutional review commission. I was a member of 1995 constitution 1995 constitution commission,

so I just wanted to enter that

clarification. I think clarification. I think the important thing about Bob

Carr's visit to Fiji is that

he's there and the group is

there to try and get some sense he's

of what is happening on the

ground, to try and hold a

series of discussions not only

with Government ministers and supporters, but with a supporters, but with a wide

range of stakeholders to assess

their views on Fiji's readiness

to hold elections in 2014 and

to see for themselves the steps

that have been taken to prepare

a new constitution for that to

take place. This is an

important meeting and I hope

that the group will be allowed

the freedom to speak to as wide

a wide range a group of people

as possible. That was my next question. Are you confident

they will be a allowed to talk

to all the people you think

they need to? That's the

commitment the regime has made

and one must hope that that commitment will be undertaken.

I think a far more important

issue here is whether in issue here is whether in this constitutional consultation

process whether the various

stakeholders, political

parties, NGOs, community groups

and so on, will be allowed free

and fair expression of views. We have in the country at the

moment a number of decrees that limit freedom of limit freedom of expression,

freedom of communication,

freedom of assembly, political

parties, for example, have to

seek police permits to hold

meetings and so on, and in this

kind of coercive environment it

is difficult to see how you

could have a free and fair

discussion about the future discussion about the future of

Fiji. It is important, I think, for this particular

group satisfy itself that the

right environment is created,

it is con Bewes duesive conducive to that kind of discussion necessary to have a full discussion about the full future of the country. Bob Carr

has said it is way too early to

talk about lifting or moving on sanctions.

sanctions. Should sanctions has sanctions. Should sanctions

stay in place at the moment? I

think the establishment of

constitution commission is an

important step, but it is a

first important step in a first important step in a long road back to parliamentary

democracy. I think what Mr Carr, what the international

community, should do is welcome

this development, but this development, but with

caution and just to wait and

see what steps are taken to

give concrete life to the

commitments that have been

made. Yes, encouraging step,

but a first step, and the international community just must wait and see and exercise caution in its next step. Do

you think there's any chance of

free and fair elections if

there are still those restrictions in place talked

about in relation to political

parties? This is something

that is a matter of concern to

people of Fiji and, indeed, to the chairperson of the constitution commission. He has expressed his concern to

the powers that be that you must remove all these restrictions for people to have

the opportunity to discuss

their future. Unless you have that guarantee, and unless that guarantee, and unless the

regime takes into confidence the views of the various

stakeholders, unless the

environment is conducive to

open discussion, I don't think

that the results will be

credible and will be judged as such by the international

community. Really interesting talking to you. Thank you very

much for your time. My pleasure. I'll just mention much once again we're waiting for

the Deputy Prime Minister and

Treasurer Swan want to begin a media

media conference in Canberra.

This was due to get underway 7

minutes ago now. This is in relation

relation to - we assume this is

in relation to or in in relation to or in response to Clive Palmer announcing earlier today that he's going to Clive to be standing or putting his

hand up for LNP preselection

for the Federal seat of Lillee.

I've just been having a look at

Antony Green, our election

analyst at the ABC's analysis

of the Federal seat of Lillee. According to him Wayne Swan

holds this with a margin of

just 3%. It is a marginal seat. Wayne Swan is just

stepping up to the lectern stepping up to the lectern now. Let's have a listen

in. Welcome everyone. I just

wanted to say a few word this

is morning about our political

debate. I want to make a few

remarks about the remarks about the commentary

headlines Mr Palmer, and I want

to say a few things Government's commitment to

policy and the importance policy and the importance of

continuing to create prosperity

and to spread opportunity and to spread opportunity to

every corner of our country.


There's a big debate in this

country about fairness and

equality and what sort equality and what sort of

community we want to be. This

is a debate I care deeply about

and it is motivated me every

day of my public life. It is

why I wrote the article in the

monthly earlier this year. I got into politics because I

believe deeply in the dignity of work, in respect for those

people who work hard, who go to

work every day, work hard, come

home, cook the tea, get up and

do it the next day and go back

again and ask for nothing more

than a fair go. A fair go than a fair go. A fair go at

work with decent wages and

working conditions, and access

to affordable health and education. education. That's why I'm education. That's why I'm a

member of the Labor Party. I believe in the dignity of working

working people and the need for

a community like ours to

respect what they do. I

believe we live in a community,

not in a corporation, and in

this Government, this Labor Government, believes the tremendous opportunities of the

Asian Century and the mining

boom should be shared fairly

with all Australians, not just

captured by a fortunate few. I

pointed to the Power, the

growing power of vested interests in my monthly article

earlier this year and how

certain individuals with deep

pockets can not only distort

public policy debates but also public policy outcomes. At the

same time, we've seen Mr Palmer

and the Liberal Party fight

tooth and nail to tooth and nail to stop Australians headlines sharing tooth in the benefits of the in the benefits of the mining

boom. I will be absolutely

thrilled to fight for the thrilled to fight for the tens of thousands of of thousands of small

businesses, not just in

Lillee, but right across Lillee, but right across this

country, for the thousands of

workers not just in Lillee workers not just in Lillee but right across this done Di try,

who will benefit and share in

the bounty of the mining boom through policies of this government. government. Boosting superannuation for Australian workers, giving a decent tax

benefit to small business,

while Mr Abbott and Mr Palmer

fight to protect the vested

interests of people like Mr Palmer. I think it is pretty much

much official today that the

Liberal Party, particularly in

my home State, is now a wholly owned subsidiary of Mr Palmer.

Mr Palmer will use his very

considerable resources and has

used his very considerable resources

resources to capture the

Liberal Party of Queensland and

he now intends to use them in

if he's preselected in contest between myself and Mr Palmer. between

I relish the prospect of that

contest. I care deeply about ideas and what sort of country we want to be, what sort of

country we want to hand to our

children and grandchildren. In

that country that I see for our children and grandchildren the land of the fair go land of the fair go is absolutely essential. I don't want to see this country go

down the American road where in

recent decades the middle class

has shrunk and big money in

politics has dominated the political debate. I have a

vision for this country where

there is a very broad middle class,

class, where people who work

hard get fairly rewarded, hard get fairly rewarded, where

there's an optimism that comes

with social mobility. That has

disappeared in many other

western countries. What I'm

proudest of as treasure in this Labor Government is everybody that we did Labor Government Financial Crisis to prevents this country headlines going

into recession, to keep people

in work, to stop the skill destruction that comes with

massive unemployment. All of

those policies were based on

the values of a fair go. We've seen a couple of other

statements this morning

headlines Mr Palmer which are

also somewhat alarming. He's

repeated his bizarre conspiracy

theories about the CIA and has

also said that Australia is

also said that Australia is too

close to the United States. Mr

Abbott must immediately

repudiate those statements by

Mr Palmer this morning. He

also indicated that he might

find the time just to be a

part-time member of Parliament

and would continue to run his

business interests. I noted

from what he said this morning that

that he last visited the

electorate of Lillee in 1986,

there by indicating not a close

connection with the electorate of Lillee. He probably of Lillee. He probably is

unaware of it, but the closest

gets to it usually is when he

flies into Brisbane Airport on

his jet. The Gillard Government will continue to

fight for working Australians.

I relish the prospect of fighting for working

Australians in this contest with Mr Palmer and the Liberal

Party who simply represent

vested interests and not great vested interests and not the great mass of working people in

this country. Over to you.

Just a second. I'm in the

middle of a Budget so I'm not

going to be around too long.

Okay. Do you believe that the working families you talk about are getting the best standard

of Government they deserve headlines the Gillard Government? I believe that

every day this Government has been

been in power we've represented

the interests of working Australians, whether it is what we've done in tax, whether it

is what we've done in is what we've done in terms of the provision of additional

benefits for childcare, whether

it is what we've done with family payments, whether it is

what we've done during the Global Financial Crisis to keep

people in work, every single

day we've fought hard for

working Australians and what

we've Siev seen recently in the

opposition since Tony Abbott

took it over, is an opposition

party which will throw any

amount of mud and which will

oppose any particular policy

which is there for the benefit amount

of the great mass of working people, and is only prepared people, and is only prepared to represent its own represent its own political

self-interest and other vested

interests in our society. interests in our society. How else you can explain why they

would be opposing the MRRT, would be opposing the MRRT, the mining tax revenue which mining tax revenue which we're

going to use to give a tax

break to 2.7 million small

businesses and a boost of

superfish for something like 8

million working Australians? I

believe in our time in

Government we have vigorously represented the interests represented the interests of

low and middle income earning

Australians and will continue

to do that and I'm proud of

what we've done and I'm what

of the Prime Minister who of the Prime Minister who has

done an outstanding job

fighting for working

Australians. What we're seeing today headlines Mr Palmer is

the real nature of the Opposition that we are facing. Isn't Clive Palmer

doing precisely what people

should do if they want to have

any influence over politics to stand for Parliament. Sure.

Absolutely. If your government was in a stronger position

couldn't you treat him as couldn't you treat him as a

nuisance canned day. Isn't the weakness of the government that

makes him a potential threat?

Not at all. When I published

the essay in the

called for a full public debate

about all of these issues. Mr Palmer

Palmer is now bringing this

very, very clearly into focus.

What I said at the time and

I'll repeat it again today - I

want more Australians to

participate in this debate and

I want more Australians to have

a stake in our future

prosperity. The reason I wrote

the essay was I was extremely

concern by the behaviour of not

just Mr Palmer Mr Forrest and

Gina Rinehart about the

disproportionate say that they

were seeking to have in our political debate and the risk

that that posed to the

distribution of wealth and

social mobility in our society.

I welcome this contest

headlines that point of headlines that point of view

and it predates any of our current political debates. Mr

Swan, given that Labor's - (inaudible) is Julia Gillard right leader of right leader of the Labor Party to connect with the working

people that you are - I think

she's an outstanding leader.

We have a program which goes directory to the prosperity of working directory to the foughtier

Australians. We now see a very

clear contrast between the leadership of our Prime

Minister and the leadership of the Liberal Party which is

the Liberal Party which is now

beholden to the likes of Mr Palmer, opposing - opposing - essential tax breaks for 2.7 million small businesses,

boost the opposing to what we're doing to

savings of all Australians. It boost the superannuation

is all out there in the open now. You've got a significantly

wide range of policies across a

Rangers areas that address the

areas you've been talking

about, but nonetheless the

is not biting with the polls continue to indicate it polls continue to indicate

Australian people. Is the problem the way problem the way you're communicating

conversation think I've had this communicating it? Matthew, I

conversation but on numerous

occasions. I don't respond occasions. I don't respond to

daily, weekly, monthly opinion

polls. What I spend my time

doing and the numbers I spend

my time concentrating on are

the numbers of Australians in

work, 700,000 plus since we

were first elected, the growth

rates for this country which

will exceed those of every

major advanced economy, the

numbers for the investment boom

that's going on, these are the numbers that I spend my numbers that I spend my time

looking at, and seriously

analysing. I don't spend a lot

of time fretting over opinion

polls and I don't think you polls and I don't think

should either. There's a lot of breathless commentary around today about all manner of

What things including the polls.

What the Government is doing getting on with the job of What the Government is doing is

bringing down a Budget to

secure all of the objectives

today that I've spoken about already

today in this today in this press conference. On the Budget, I

know you won't speculate about

too much that's in it, but can too much that's in it, but

you say to working Australians

you've talked about today one

aspect in particular, negative

gearing rules will be safe?

I'm not getting into the

ruling in or ruling out game

Budget it because as we go through to the

Budget it will all be there on

Budget night. I never do that.

What I will say is this - I'll What I will say is this -

say this very clearly and I've

said it consistently - said

will be a Budget that bring

which comes back to surplus and

that's entirely appropriate

because we're growing around

trend or we're coming back to

trend growth. This will be a

to Budget in which there will need

to be substantial savings for the reasons that I've to be substantial savings found

outlined at some length. What

we will do in finding those

savings is to make sure we do

our utmost to protect low and middle income earning

Australians as we go about that savings exercise. That's what I can say to you today. A I can say to you today. A bir

their and it is not Clive

Palmer, Andrew Forrest was on the radio again today saying he doubted he would be paying much

MRRT. I that's not knew it is

20 million last year which is

not much by his standards. He was claiming some time ago that

he was going to be paying a and

the or miners weren't going to

be paying any. BHP executives

have been running around town

saying they're not going to

payback. Have you gone back to

Treasurer to ask them at least

to double-check their facts and

figures so your Budget is not

on quick sand. Let me say on quick sand. Let me say this

- all of our estimates in the

budget are updated in the Budget in the normal way.

They'll all be there in Budget

night. Thanks very much. That

was the Treasurer Wayne Swan was the Treasurer Wayne

live headlines Parliament House

in Canberra. He called that to

this respond to the announcement

this morning by Clive Palmer

that he's putting his hand up

for Liberal-National Party

preselection for Mr Swan's seat

of Lillee in Brisbane. Mr Swan

said in that media conference

the Queensland Libya ralts are

a wholly subsidiary of Mr

Palmer. Joe Hockey has just

sweeted in the last few minutes

one day before the RBA and

eight days before the Budget

and Wayne Swan hopes his press conference talking about his

own seat says it all really. We're expecting Prime Minister something going to talk at a

rally in Sydney in the next hour or so. We will answer did

he ever to bring that live to

pushing for a National you on ABC News 24. A rally

Disability Insurance

Scheme. Sue Lannin joins us

with an update on the markets.

The Australian market is

higher on expectations of a cut

in official interest rates.

Tomorrow the big miners have

been driving the gains,

been driving the gains, the All

Ordinaries up half a percent.

The NAB slightly higher. It

plans to close brand branches and staff in the UK. Spotless

accepted a take over bid. Wall

Street rose on better than

forecast results. The Dow

Jones index gained 24 points.

Spot gold is gaining in


A closely watched survey of A closely watched survey

inflation has found the pace of

price rises has eased back of

it. D security and the monthly inflation gauge by


Melbourne Institute found

consumer prices roads 0.3% over

this month. Over the year to

April they rose 1.9% below the

Reserve Bank's Target range.

Westpac is the latest bank to

cut rates on fixed cut rates on fixed term

mortgages. The bank says it mortgages. The bank

will cut rates on one and 3

Westpac also extended year fixed term home loans.

Westpac also extended its discount on standard variable mortgages for customers

borrowing between 150,000 borrowing between 150,000 and $250,000. I just mentioned that the Prime Minister is

going to be talking at a rally

in Sydney in the next hour or

so, a bit longer than that. We

will answer did he ever to

bring that you live here on ABC

News 24. This veilly to with News 24. This veilly to do News Insurance Scheme and these rallies are being held in many rallies are

of the major cities across the

nation today. There's one

happening in Melbourne and

that's a live shot you can see there from the National Disability Insurance Scheme in

Melbourne. We're hearing that the Attorney-General, Nicola Roxon, is going to be speaking

at that rally. We'll shortly,

we don't know exactly when, we don't know exactly when, we

plan to bring you that live

right here. We can expect

Nicola Roxon shortly and then the Prime Minister within the

next hour or so. Mining magnate Clive Palmer has

announced he'll run for

preselection in the Federal

seat of Lillee the seat currently held by the Treasurer Wayne Swan. Opposition Wayne

Tony Abbott has called Independent MPs Tony Windsor

and Rob Oakeshott to withdraw their support for the Government following Craig

Thomson's suspension from the