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(generated from captions) Today - the Prime Minister announce a

announce a Today - the Prime Minister to

announce a time table for from Afghanistan. Australian troop withdrawal

from Afghanistan. Australian troop withdrawal

Also today - big Also today - takes on Also today - big tobacco

over takes on the Federal Government

takes Also today - big tobacco

over plain packaging. A bikie takes on the Federal Government

over plain packaging. A bikie turf war behind

turf war behind four of five

shoots in Sydney overnight. And Paralympic champ curt shoots in Sydney overnight. Paralympic

shoots in Sydney overnight. And Paralympic champ curt Ferneley's Paralympic champ curt

Boston. Ferneley's marathon effort in

Ferneley's marathon effort in Paralympic champ curt

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The Prime Gillard, is expected

Gillard, The Prime Minister, Julia announce today Gillard, is expected to The Prime

announce Gillard, is expected to for announce today the time table

for Australia's withdrawal from

Afghanistan. The revised time for Australia's withdrawal announce today the time table

table will see soldiers table will see soldiers start

leaving Afghanistan this year

with most home by the end of

2013. That's a year earlier than

than the NATO-led international

forces. The Prime Minister says she's confident Afghan forces

are ready to take control are ready to take control of

security and Australia will

remain committed to supporting

the country well beyond next year. Ms Gillard is expected to

outline long-term financial and

military support. Just before

we go to Melissa Clarke in Canberra, I will mention that

the Attorney-General, Nicola

Roxon, is expected to fronts up

to the High Court in the next

five or 10 minutes or so. This

is for the case where tobacco is taking on the is for the case where big

Australian Government over the

plain packaging laws. We plain packaging laws. We will endeavour to bring you Nicola

Roxon's comment s live if she does turn up there in the next

Melissa Clarke in Canberra.

What it's going to be a significant speech from Julia Gillard today? It certainly is

because it will be the Prime

Minister sitting out the time

table in a lot more detail than

we will have heard before we will have heard before about the withdrawal of Australian

this point is troops. So what we have had to

this point is a lot of

discussion about 2014 being the time. We've time. We've had discussion about transition and how long

that might take and we

certainly have had certainly have had the Defence Minister give some indications

it could take 12 to 18 month to

go through a gradual draw down of troops. We expect Julia

Gillard to outline a much more

specific time table that could see the beginning of see the beginning of that

process begin earlier than

anticipated. We are certain ly getting indications from getting indications from the

Federal Government and defence

that their' plaesed with the

progress being made by

Australian troop s in mentoring Australian troop s in

their Afghan counterparts. So when Julia Gillard addresses

policy Institute today, she the Australian strategic and

will be doing so knowing that

she is going to the next NATO

conference in Chicago mid-next

month and that will be a

crucial one in all the different nations that are

deciding when and how involved in this effort in

deciding when and how to go about this withdrawal process. So it is significant that it is the Prime Minister

who will be laying out the time

table and it could well be that

the situation seems more the situation seems

optimistic in terms of getting

otherwise had been troops back to Australia than

like she's going to be locking anticipated. So does it sound

down specific times or there

will be room to move, depending on what's happening on the

ground there? It's what's

happen tong ground is expected

to be a very big caveat on what

is decide. Things certainly to

this point have been kept this point have been kept very loose, not only has there been

the caveat of needing to have

Afghan forces and indeed even

the Afghan President Hamid

Karzai be happy with a

transition plan about when transition plan about when and

how that might happen but also

at a local provincial level, how

they see it. But also there's

certainly been plenty of room

for defence officials back in

Canberra to make a call Canberra to make a call in

terms of having a bit of leeway

as to precisely - I will interrupt you there. Because

the Attorney-General Roxon is

stepping up to the media at the

High Court in Canberra. Give

me the sign when you're ready.

Thank you very much for

coming here this morning. My

name is Roxon ro.. I'm the

Attorney-General. Today is

obviously a very big day for

public health in Australia,

it's a big day here in the High

Court where a challenge by the

tobacco companies to the Government's laws to introduce

plain packaging is going to be

herd - heard. Here in the High

Court it is now up to Court it is now up to the judges of the High Court to

make a decision on the future

of this piece of legislation.

And I'm very confident that

they will do absolutely their

best job doing that. From the

Government's perspective, we

will defend this action very

strongly. We believe that, as a

public health measure, this is

the important next step to

take, it's why we were able

take, it's why we were able to marshal through the marshal through the Parliament world first legislation to make

sure that tobacco and cigarette

product s will be sold in product s will be sold in plain

packets. This is the example of a plain

a plain pack, this is what a plain pack, this is what we

would like all cigarette and

tobacco producting to be sold

in from 1 des this year. It will be a hard battle. Tobacco

companies have made it clear

from the beginning they would fight this matter in the

courts. We went into courts. We went into this

policy introduction of the

legislation with our eye s open knowing that tobacco companies have a history of litigation

and we are very confident that

we have taken careful advice,

that sweby swre a strong case

and that will be argued by the Solicitor-General today and Solicitor-General today and in

the coming days in this court.

Just a refresher on why the Government is so determine ed

to pursue this action, to pursue this action, with ve 15,000 Australians that are

killed every year as a result

of tobacco-related disease and

many, many thousands more who have diseases that might not kill them in a year but certainly massive affect their health. Some of the tobacco

companies don't even concede

there are health risks from

smoking so we know we have a big fight on our hands. big fight on our hands. Today is not the is not the first day the tobacco companies have been in

court. It won't be the last day

they're in court. But our

Government is determined to make this action because

make this action because we

think it can save lives. think it can save lives. We

think it can reduce a lot of

grief and misery in families an

we think it can have a positive

impact on the budget impact on the budget by

reducing some of the

expenditure that is spent each and every year in treating

tobacco-related illness. So it

will be an interesting couple

of days,ite necessary the hands of the court and the Government

is determined to fight strongly

in the terms of the importance

of this health measure and in

the courts to defend our action. Tobacco companies are

saying you're insfringing their

intellectual property by removing removing their packaging

without compensation. Why are

you so confident that your law also stack up? Obviously each

of these ark lt s will be put

up today. I am happy to address

these issues but fst now a

matter before the matter before the court and

before the judges of the High

Court. We believe that

regulating the way tobacco is sold in Australia is something

that is lawful for any

Parliament and any Parliament and any government

to do. Over decades we have

taken steps to control tobacco

measures an that is the next

step in a long line of step in a long line of measures that the Government has taken

to make smoke less

to make smoke less attractive,

for it not to be able able to

be marketed or advertised and

we believe this important step

is an additional way to reduce

the attractiveness of smoke. If

we can stop people get ing

addicted to this gedly habit

then we can reduce the

costs. (Inaudible) I am not

trying to

trying to put any influence on

the court. The mat they're is

before the court will be argued

in front of the court and it's

absolutely appropriate that

they consider all of those arguments that are put. But

this is a decision of

government, it's policy decision of government which have carriage of and I am going

to defend. I think it's

important to explain to the

public as we have been doing

for the last two years why

we're taking this step and why

we're prepared to

we're prepared to defend nit

the court. Are you confident this legal challenge won't delay the start date? We're arguing very strongly that the

December start date Date is the right date. The legislation has been passed. That is the start

date and unless otherwise advised by the court that is

when the implementation will

take effect. ... the substantive part of your case

is held up? I don't think

is held up? I don't think that

combination is possibly. I

think there are a range of

combinations that are possible.

The court may find this legislation is un

constitutional and if they do obviously government would have

to look at other steps that can

be taken in the ongoing fight against tobacco addiction and

the harm caused by it. Of course

course they might find that course they might find that and find no compensation is

payable. So there's a range of different options. I

different options. I won't be

trying to go through each trying to go through each and every one every one of those. (Inaudible). Taxpayers

pay billions of dollars pay billions of dollars in treating the diseases caused by tobacco-related disease, tobacco-related disease, it's

why the Government is so

determined to take this

determined to take this action. We've done it with our eyes

hope open. We have done hope open. We have done it knowing that tobacco companies

are litigious and we've taken

good strong advice to make sure

we have the best arguments in our pocket

our pocket for the arguments

that will be put nood the court. Tobacco companies say

the next step may be forcing

McDonald's to re the golden

arches or selling alcohol in

plain bottles. Is this the

first step that could lead

further? , no I don't think it

is. I think these arguments are

put by companies that want put by companies that want to

pretend this law has

pretend this law has much

broader reach. Tobacco is the only legal product sold only legal product sold in Australia which if it is used

as intended will kill you. No

other product is in that

category. And it's why over many decades Australian Governments have Governments have been prepared

to take particular ly strong

steps to reduce the steps to reduce the marketing

of tobacco and to reduce harm

from it. And any other comparisons to other products is fanciful. Leter

is fanciful. Leter let you go

into the court. Thank you for

coming. So that Daz waz the Attorney-General, Nicola Roxon

outside the High Court. That was hive from Canberra. A case

is starting there right now. It

should have got under should have got under way about

10 minutes ago with the big tobacco companies tobacco companies challenging

the Government's plain

packaging law. The packaging law. The Minister

held up a packet there of what

it would look like under the

new laws. We might go back to

Melissa Clarke in Canberra now.

We were talking Afghanistan to

We were talking Afghanistan to

begin but but we will segue to

the plain package ing case. Big

tobacco are arguing that their markets of their product, markets of their product, so

their logo, the labels, what

the cigarette packets look

like, they say that is part of

their intellectual property and

with the Government putting in

force legislation that means

they can't use that

they can't use that intellectual property, that intellectual property, that has actually denying them a right

it's the government acquiring

something that they've produce

and that they have to forego

money because of it. Now, the

Government is arguing that they

as a Federal Parliament have

every right to make regulation

and laws relating to and laws relating to people's

health. So that is what anyway

will be putting before the High

Court. We can expect it to go

on for some time. We know

on for some time. We know that

the tiebreak companies have

made it clear they will use

every possible avenue to trier to prevent this and Nicola Roxon mentioned other nations

around the world are watching

closely what is happening here.

And we know in the UK as well

they're waiting to see how they're waiting to see how this

plays out. So it's high stakes court case for both the Government and the tobacco companies >>p and the Government is saying it's

confident of the legal advice

that it's received. But it also said it was

said it was confident of the

legal advice it received about the Malaysia solution. Absolutely. This is

where it gets questionable

because Nicola Roxon is saying she believe s they've got a

strong case, they have taken

advice on this and know what

the options are but the. The

Government was expressing a

similar amount of confidence

about the Malaysia solution and

we saw from Julia Gillard we saw from Julia Gillard after

that decision was handed down

from the High Court that that

from the High Court that that

wasn't just bluff talking that

she was clearly quite stunned

by that result at the by that result at the time. So nothing is certain when you get

to this level of a court case.

Take the judges some time to go through

through what's put before them

and reach a conclusion. So

there is a risk here for the Federal Government and the tobacco companies are made it

clear they think their

compensation claim, should they

indeed be found to be on the

right side of the law, would be

in the order of billions of

dollars. So that is a big

potential liability for potential liability for the

Federal Government. But Nicola

Roxon certainly is not shying

away from that . On a busy day in Canberra, Melissa Clarke,

thanks very much. I will just

mention a few things in relation to Federal politics.

Tony Abbott is in Melbourne at

the moment. He's visiting an

office in none - Nunawading. We expect he will be talking in

the next hour or so and we the next hour or so and we will endeavour to gribry you that

live here on ABC News 24. Just

in relation to the Prime

Minister's speech, so the Prime

Minister is expected to

announce the time table for

withdrawal of withdrawal of Australian troops from Afghanistan. And she's going to make a speech to the Australian Strategic Policy

Institute at Canberra. That function starts at 12:30

Australian eastern standard time. The Prime Minister's

office is indicating that she will probably speak at

approximately 1pm. That is Australian eastern standard

time. So that is be a significant speech for Prime

Minister and we will endeavour

to bring you that live here on

ABC News 24 as well. Moving to

Sydney now and police believe a turf war between the Hells

Angels and Nomad s bikie gang s

is behind four of five

shootings across the Sydney overnight. Bullets narrowly missed five children this

morning in North Mead and about

an hour bullets were fired into

a Merrylands's home. a Merrylands's home. A man was

seen firing at a shop front

from the north western suburb

of Baulkham hills. No-one was

in the building at the time.

Another shop in Merrylands was also shot at and a resident in Glanville alerted police after

finding built holes in his

home. Jason Om, there's been a

lot of talk over recent weeks about how many about how many shootings there

had been in Sydney with had been in Sydney with five

overnight, the alarm bells must

really be ringing for the politicians and the police? It

would be very alarming for the

children who were in this house at the time of the shooting.

One of five shootings overnight

in Sydney's west. The children

are aged between 3 and 14 years

old. They were playing on the

computer upstairs in this house

when bullets flew through their

window and missed them by a

matter of meters. Some of those

bullets won't into the ceiling. Another went into a girl's bedroom window. The relatives

of the family are very shake en

up because they're very

concerned about the safety of

this family. They don't

understand why they've been

targeted. And we will listen to

a bit of what one of the

relatives had to

say. Unfortunately we don't

have that comment at this stage. But yet this was just one of several shootings in

Sydney overnight? That is right. The other four shootings

were on homes and businesses were on homes and businesses as

well. One of them was on a home

at Merrylands, three elder ly

people were in that house at

the time. They were unharmed.

The other two were on tattoo

Parliamentors one at Baulkham

Hills and at Merrylands. The most recent one that's been

announced that was at a house

in Glanville. The occupant of that house didn't realise until

later in the morning that his

house had been fired on. He did tell police he had heard

bullets or heard shots fired at

about midnight, didn't think

much of it and came out at 6:30

and saw bullet holes in the

front of his house. Now this

particular one at North Mead is not related to

not related to the fourure oh

relevance. Police are saying

the four other are bikie

related and link linked to the

ta tie Parliament

Parliamentors They are saying

those - Parliamentors. They are

saying those - parlours. They

are say ing says they've been

showing off their bravado. We

are waiting for the police to

give more detail about this

string of shootings. I should

note that they do claim that

this dispute at North Mead was

in relation to a business dut

put. A short time ago I spoke

to another relivity an he

claims this is a case of mistaken identity. He says

while his uncle is a

businessman it's nothing to do

with a business dispute and

more to do with a case of mistaken identity. Jason Om in

the Sydney suburb of North

Mead, thank you very much Mead, thank you very much for that. As Jason mentioned

there, we can expect that

police will be holding a media conference at some stage today about that number of shoots in Sydney overnight. Five

overnight and we will endeavour

to bring that you live that

when that happens. Around 80 to

it Yoo workers will lose it Yoo workers will lose their

jobs today as the car maker

continue s restrenchments at

its manufacturing plant in

Melbourne. The car maker is

shedding 350 jobs at its Altona

plant. The majority via compulsory redundancies. Over the past three the past three months the company has assessed more than

3,000 workers at the plant testing them on workplace

behaviour and skills. 350 staff

with the lowest ratings will

with the lowest ratings will be

forced to leave by the close of

business today. But that does

include 80 voluntary redundancies as well. Unions

have criticise Toyota's methods

say I ing they could say I ing they could have accepted more voluntary redun

deigns is. Kirsten ven cess at

the Toyota plant in the Toyota plant in Altona and

she filed this report earlier

today. I am here just across

the froed the the froed the Toyota Altona plant where workers are being

taken to be given their mar

67ing orders. Join ing me now

is a representative oh the

AMWU. What is happening here

this morning? I guess today's day two. Today they're

targeting trades and some white

collar. This there is also some

people from the shop floor

probably another 15 or 20,

probably 80 in total today. So

again people have come to work, they've packed their lunch and

they will get a tap on the shoulder. We just don't like

this process. We think it should have been, I guess, been

handled in a different way bit of dignity for workers who have

been there for a long time get

a tap on the shoulder, get pus

put on a bus and

put on a bus and processed here. We have whoe, have been

here 30 years an been told

today is your last day. So the

union is here to, I guess,

coordinate and we are pretty

much doing most of the work much doing most of the work in taking people through the

motions and I guess people

putting in appeals because we

don't believe the criteria is

don't believe the criteria is

fair. Definitely people - you

don't have to be a scientist to work out that people have been

targeted. What do you mean

when people have been targeted?

What do you mean by that? Well,

I guess in is what they would

call a criterion and there's

about I guess Cleese absent eeism, performance, if you've had previous

had previous warnings. But we

can't understand how

criteria works because a lot of

these people sort of have got

top scores for all of those

areas. So you're talking about

why people have been chosen to be sacked? That is correct. We

would have prefer add voluntary

process. Toyota argued that took place but there took place but there was a number - there

number - there was a large

number but a lot of those

people who volunteered didn't

get chosen. And people get chosen. And people who

didn't volunteer have been

chosen. So what do you think

about the process of about the process of ranging them? I guess unfair - ranking

them? I guess unfair. How do

you tell someone he is not a

good worker all of a sudden when he's

when he's been here 25, 30

years? How do you make that

call? Someone who has a clean

record, has been loyal, done the

the right thing, shown flexibility, the Toyota way flexibility, the Toyota way as

toilta say. Toyota say and people are just dumb

founded. It's just

frustrating. The union we've

got a process that a number of

those cases will head to Fair

Work Australia. And we will

look at case by case and it

will be another long day. How

many workers are in the reception centre behind us? At

this stage, it's early . Probably look at about 15 at

the moment. And what is the the feeling inside

feeling inside there right

now? It's very dep - depress

ing. People are on the ing. People are on the phone

with their wives, wive s will

be shocked. People have got

mortgages, like I guess most

people have today, and just on

the run now they have to make

decisions as to what they have

to do to move on with their

life. Thank you for join ing

me. That is a representative of

the AMWU speaking to me just

across the road from the Toyota

58 tona plant where workers are

in - Altona plant where workers

in - Altona plant where workers

are inside being told they don't have jobs anymore. This is

is not such a good day is not such a good day for the

workers find ing out they workers find ing out they are

jobless. Queensland's new jobless. Queensland's new gft

has lost - Government has lost

its first Minister. Gibson has

resigned for driving without a

licence but says he didn't know the licence was the licence was suspended. Political analyst says the

Minister's resignation is a major over major over reaction. If David

Gibson did this unknowingly, Gibson did this unknowingly, I think she should be think she should be given the benefit of the doubt. This is

setting the bar too high. Does

this mean that every time there's another Minister there's another Minister or

existing Minister who have this

issue or problem they're also

going to be sacked? What the Premier really should have Premier really should have done

is checked out the situation

before he went and sacked David

before he went and sacked David Gibson. David Gibson is one of

the better Ministers in

Queensland government and we

should not forget what happen

ed with John Howard. When John Howard first got elected in '96

he sacked Ministers left, right

and centre. He soon worked out you can't operate on that base.

You have to get some You have to get some loyalty from your ministry from your ministry and Ministers and sack people on

the right issues that are

important enough. This is a

fairly minor issue and I don't

think that this is the

appropriate action. To me, appropriate action. To me, Can

do Campbell has lushed into

it. It will just mention

something else that's come up something else that's come up - we have we have mentioned the Prime Minister is making that significant speech at 1pm

today. We've had Nicola Roxon

speak. Tony Abbott is out and about. We have the Deputy PM Wayne Swan and the Climate

Change Minister Greg Combet

speaking in Canberra

speaking in Canberra in the

next five minutes or next five minutes or so. That

is a live shot from Parliament

House in Canberra. They will be

with Jillian broadband bent,

this is in relation to the clean energy clean energy finance

corporation. So we will bring

you that leave live now.. Time

for the markets - the market's

little changed? That is right.

Trade was expected to be fairly

lak lustre after a mixed night the US. Investors are the US. Investors are ise waiting the April's minutes

waiting the April's minutes and

Rio Tinto's first quarter production report. Right production report. Right now

the All Ords is higher by 9 points the ASX 200 matching

that rise. Overnight on Wall

Street, the Dow rose afro bust

US retail sales ignited

investor confidence in consumer

stocks but fierce of spaivern's

ability to repay its dent put a

lid on gains. A 3% slide in

Apple hurt the Nasdaq. Across

Apple hurt the Nasdaq. Across

the Atlantic and the the Atlantic and the FTSE 100

rose on the back of retail figures.

Looking at commodities

trade - US crude oil prices

edged higher overnight. Tapis

is down slightly. Gold is also

down. Interestingly in London, though, the Brent crude price

fell sharply overnight after fell sharply overnight after a diplomatic solution with Iraq

was floated which would help

free up oil supplies from that

country. Looks at currency trade now - the Australian

dollar is going down against

the US. It has been - it is relatively strong, though,

considering the head winds and

the strength it is in the greenback at the moment. To

more on what's worrying global

investors. Spain's cost of

borrowing jumped again over borrowing jumped again over 6%, raising the prospect of raising the prospect of a billout. Yields on the country's 10-year bonds have

reached 6.1% ahead of this

week's dectd auction

s. Investors fear that Spain

may follow debt laden may follow debt laden Greece. A

rare piece of good news for

this Australian autoindustry.

General moators Holden has

signed a deal to develop two

car force China at car force China at its Melbourne factory. The deal with the

with the two Chinese companies

doesn't include the cars. American Jim Yong Kim has

been named as the new President

of the World Bank. President Barack Obama announced Barack Obama announced the

appointment of the 5

appointment of the 5 5 2-year-old Korean-born American

to the post in a decision that

is seen as extending America's

hold on the

hold on the development agency. Good morning,

everybody. I could not be more pleased to nominate Jim for

this job. I think I can speak

for Secretary Clinton and

secretary Geitner when I say we

are looking forward to working with him. Dr Kim succeeds

Robert Zoellick, he faced a

strong challenge for the post from Nigeria's Finance Minister, despite call Fos tr

Minister, despite call Fos tr

US to break its hold on the

position and give a greater

voice to developing nations. Dr

Kim has led the fight against

AIDS and helped reduce the

effect of tube erk lows nis the

world. I will be back in the

day with more business and

finance news but after midday

in the east we will be the

Reserve Bank wra's Minister

minutes its April meeting: Now

we're going to go to Vanessa O'Hanlon to

O'Hanlon to take a look at the weather. Vanessa, weather. Vanessa, I've seen

some pictures this morning it

look likes the foot paths are

like creeks in Sydney at the moment. There's been a lot of

rain. This system has been

derive ed from a strengthening

low pressure thaf tro f trough

that is off the coast at the

moment. There's also been a lot of rain throughout the

south-eastern areas of

Queensland. Point Lookout which is it at strand broke is it at strand broke Island

they picked up 193mm of rain in

24 hours. I spoke to Debra at

the news agency there and she

said it bucketed and hailed all

night long. We can see night long. We can see it

becoming more defence on the

NSW coast. Today that rain NSW coast. Today that rain will

continue along the north and

central coast, not so much bad

around the Illawarra region but come Thursday it will strengthen in the region. On the synoptic chart you can see

that deepening low pressure

trough off the coast. It will

slip south and affect eastern Victoria from around

as well. Do you have any

figures from Sydney figures from Sydney this

morning at all? I think

morning at all? I think there

was like an hourly figure where

20 or 20 so mill fell? 17mm in just 10 minutes fell in the fell in the CBD. There's been

around 23.6 up to 9am, around 23.6 up to 9am, most of that falling this morning. Since then there's been just

under 1 mm of rain. Higher

falls up along the north coast.

They have been turnaround 55 to

75mm mark but as the day

progresses this system will really intensify and really intensify and will

continue to see very heavy rain

through there. There's warnings

for very heavy rain in the

northern rivers and mid-region coast And the Hunter. So those regions on a severe alert. That will continue for next couple

of days as well. The

expectation still is there

could be falls of up to 300mm

over the next few day s in some

of these areas? That is of these areas? That is right. Mainly between Port Macquarie

and also News 24 ya. We expect

that 300mm. But anywhere between tweedsheads down to

Merimbula expecting hefin

rainfalls of around 100mm And they've had reasonable falls in

the north coast the north coast as well? That

is right. But this could be the

last we see of the wet srn as

the dry season kicks in. This

time we don't usually see too

much heavy rain in that region

but showers are firing up.

There's 177mm for Cooktown over

two days. So we will see that weather slip weather slip down more to the Cairns region and increase

about the north-east coast of

the Northern Territory: We

don't want to neglect the centre and the west of the

country but it's still looking

- it's looking glorious in SA

right now and not too bad in WA

either. That is right. We have another cold front moving into

the south-west. Will there will

be some showers there. Tomorrow

we will start to see a few showers in showers in Perth but not too

much in it. A large area