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Tonight - ready for take-off.

The NSW Premier reinforces Canberra's creditsials as

Sydney's second airport. -

credentials. The United Nations

agrees to send ceasefire

monitors to Syria. We are under

no illusions. Just this morning, Syrian forces resumed

their brutal shelling of Homs.

100 years on, remembering the

'Titanic' tragedy. We give

thanks to God for their short

lives. We give thanks to God

for their stories. And the

Brumbies gallop back to form

with a thumping win over the


Good evening, Siobhan Heanue

with ABC News. The NSW Premier

has reignited the debate over

Canberra's role as a second

airport for Sydney. Barry

O'Farrell has again pledged

another airport will never be

built in Sydney but he set out

the case for a high-speed rail

link between Sydney and the

capital. He has said it before

and he is standing his

ground. I don't think the

solution to Sydney's airport

woes is to build an airport in

Badgery Creek where the report

says that will visit upon 1.6

million Sydneysiders airport

noise. Several Liberal MPs and

Anthony Albanese favour the

Badgery Creek or Wilton. But

Barry O'Farrell says he is

investigating other uses for

the land. It makes sense to

look at the non-Commonwealth

owned land to see if it can be

employment in Western better re-zoned to provide

Sydney. There is no doubt a fast rail between Sydney and

Canberra could reduce the need

for the 60 aircraft movements a

day between both centres, that

would free up capacity at

Kingsford Smith. There are

concerns travel times would

outweigh the benefits. Canberra

is way too far for a second

airport to Sydney. It would be

ridiculous to expect people

will travel to Canberra first and then fly somewhere

else. While many claim the idea

of building Sydney's second

airport in Canberra is

fanciful, the State Premier has

gained support from an unlikely

quarter. The Australian Workers Union national Secretary is backing the backing the proposal. Let's

work on what we can do, we can

help develop Canberra's airport. The Australian Workers

Union is calling for the State

Government to put its money

where its mouth is.

The Greens new leader

Christine Milne will hold talks with the Prime Minister this

week and start by urging her

not to pursue a surplus in next

month's Budget. Three days into

the job, Senator Milne is emphasising economic policy as

an area she plans to develop.

She says there is no need to

return the Budget to surplus

this year and the Government is

only doing it to avoid breaking

a promise. It is all about the

Prime Minister and the Government having decided that

they can't be seen to change

their mind. That's the tragedy

of the actual political debate

around the economy at the

moment. We need to be creating

the space for people to change

their minds. The Prime Minister

is in Canberra tomorrow hosting Lebanon's President at the

start of his week-long visit to

Australia. The United Nations Security

Council has voted unanimously

in favour of sending a team of

observers into Syria. They are

expected to start arriving

there tonight. It comes amid

reports the ceasefire is in

danger of collapse in some

parts of the country. This is

what the ceasefire looked like

in Syria just hours before the

UN voted to deploy

international observers. In

the city of Homs, sporadic shelling developed into a full-scale battle with rocket

and tank fire from government

troops. The pictures can't be

verified but a voice calls out

"Where is Kofi Annan? We want

intervention". In New York

there was consensus on Syria

for the first time in Security

Council chamber. The draft

resolution received 15 votes in

favour. Syria's ally, Russia,

had approved a revised text of

the resolution so the Council

voted unanimously in favour of

sending a monitoring mission to

Syria without delay. We are

under no illusions. Just this

morning Syrian forces resumed

their brutal shelling of Homs

and opened fire on mourners in

Aleppo, raising renewed doubts

about the sincerity of the regime's commitment to a

ceasefire. Syria's ambassador

said he supported the observer

force but he was alarmed by

what he heard. I totally - a

totally unpleasant language,

provocative language,

irresponsible language, while

talking about the Syrian

Government. Some of the advance

team of up to 30 unarmed

military observers could be in

Syria within 24 hours. They

will initiate contact with both sides, Government and

Opposition. Their primary task

will be to oversee and report

on the implementation of the

ceasefire and the UN intends to

increase the deployment to 250

observers, though that will

need further Security Council

approval. In Aleppo, activists

said the Syrian security forces

opened fire during a funeral

protest. State television

blamed rebel fighters. The UN

observers will have to move

fast now to save the ceasefire

from complete collapse. Western

officials say the first talks

in more than a year with Iran

on its nuclear program have

ended on a positive note.

Representatives from the five

permanent members of the

Security Council and Germany

met Iranian officials in

Istanbul. They agreed to

respect Iran's right to the

peaceful use of nuclear energy

but stressed the importance of

Iran meeting obligations under

the Nuclear Non-Proliferation

Treaty. The discussions on the

Iranian nuclear issue have been

constructive and useful,

reflecting the terms and the

spirit of our recent exchange

of letters with Iran. The six

powers and Iran will meet again

in Baghdad next month. Egypt's

Electoral Commission has barred

10 candidates from standing in

the upcoming presidential

election. Those disqualified

include the former spy chief

Omar Suleiman and the Muslim

Brotherhood's main candidate,

Khairat al-Shater. Officials

say Mr Suleiman did not gain

enough signatures to endorse

his candidacy. Mr Shater was

deemed ineligible because he

had spent time in prison. The

hard line Islamist Hazen Saleh

Abu Ismail has been barred from

running because his mother

allegedly holds American sit

Zenship. The candidates have 48

hours to appeal against the

decision. Voters in East Timor

return to the polls tomorrow

for the final round of the

presidential election. Jose

Ramos-Horta was knocked out in

the first round. The run-off

election is shaping up as a

close contest between the two

candidates still in the race. Sara Everingham reports from

Dili. It is all aboard for East

Timor's election. Under

election rules voters have to

return to their home villages

to cast their bal lots. For

many it is a long journey but

this is East Timor 's second

presidential race since

independence and these voters

don't want to miss out. "It is

a long way", this woman says

"But I want to go to my

district to vote". The East Timorese authorities in charge

are sending out ballot boxes

under tight security. This run off election for President

could be a close contest

between the two candidates left

in the race. The former

parliamentary President

Francisco Guterres and the Taur

Matan Ruak who is backed by the

President. This resident says

her only hope in the election

is whoever wins helps maintain

peace so she can continue

running her business. She is

one of many people here who

struggle to make a living.

Election observers say this

presidential race has been

largely peaceful but there is

more tension now the election

is heading into the final

stages. In one incident this

was an attack on the campaign

headquarters. We are entering

the difficult phase. I think

people are concerned to see the

place stays calm. Many people

here say they want peaceful

elections and are ready to get

on with their lives.

Three Australian fashion

brands have been accused of

underpaying outworkers. The Textile, Clothing and Footwear

Union says Anthea Crawford,

Brendan Whitecross and Pilgrim

Clothing pay less than half the

award rate. Now the designers

are facing possible Federal

Court action. Tony Nicholls

reports. In the fashion

industry, it is not just the

models that are under pressure.

Some designers are slashing

wages to cut prices. A lot of

these companies are refusing to

be accurate and honest about

saying who is making their

goods. The Union is accusing

Anthea Crawford, White Suede

and Pilgrim Clothing of paying

some of their out workers as

little as $7.#30 an hour. NA

has been making Anthea Crawford

models look good for 10

years TRANSLATION: I feel it

is not fair. Under the award,

factory employees and at-home

outworkers are entitled to

$17.40 an hour. Companies are

obliged to register who makes

their pieces and identify how

many outworkers are being used.

Me has completed designs for

Pilgrim Clothing. TRANSLATION:

I have to work long hours. It

is very stressful. My employer

gave me limited time. I don't

think there is an excuse for

these companies to say they are

ignorant of the law. Council of Textile and Fashion Industries

of Australia admits some

designers have lost control of

their supply chain. We don't

condone that activity. We

understand there is a certain

amount of it going on in the

industry. We'd like to think we

could clean it up through an

education process. Representatives from

all three firms declined an

invitation to be interviewed.

They issued statements they

send their work to contractors

who are responsible. The Union

says the designers are

accountable for every out

worker who touches their

brand. It is a symptom of an

industry under enormous

pressure. Anthea Crawford and

Pilgrim Clothing have committed

to complying with the award.

The three firms face $33,000

fines for each breach of the

award. The family of Bee Gees

singer Robin Gibb has confirmed

he is in a coma. The

62-year-old is suffering from

cancer and became unconscious

after contracting pneumonia. He

has been treated - he is being

treated in a London hospital

where his family is said to be

keeping a bedside vigil. These

are the peripheral problems

that occur when you have an

illness like that. It is not

always the cancer that will get

to you. He has to always be

treated and keep scrutiny on

his health. Robin Gibb formed

the Bee Gees with his Brothers

in the late 1950s. It is

estimated the group sold 200

million records worls

worldwide. Ceremonies have been

held around the world to mark

the 100th anniversary of the

'Titanic'. A minute's silence

was observed an two ships that

dropped anchor over the site in

North Atlantic. At the exact

moment, in the exact place

where the mighty ocean liner

disappeared beneath the ice

cold waters, simple ceremonies

on two ships, one had sailed

from Britain, the other America

with a common purpose. We are

here tonight at the graves of

the victims on the 'Titanic'.

Once again we ask the question

why. Why. That symbolic gesture

is so important to many on

board related to those who

suffered so terribly that

fateful night 100 years ago. It

has always been the storys and

to have this chance to really

kind of say hello and goodbye I

guess. It should never have

happened. A maiden voyage, the

pride of the White Star Line,

it was always going to attract

attention, but the tragedy

which cost more than 1500 lives

meant the word 'Titanic' became

si anonymous with sdast -

synonymous with disaster. With

the discovery of the wreck and

the films made after, the

fascination of the story

remains as powerful now as it

ever was. The 'Titanic' was

global news at the time but the

effects 100 years on are also

very local. Here in the tiny

Irish village of Lahardane,

people mark the day 11 of its

residents were lost. This

evening we give thanks to God

for their short lives, we give

thanks to God for their

stories. So many dead, the

ripple effects down the

generations spread ever wider.

The mighty 'Titanic' lost 100

years ago. The emotion, the

sense of loss as deep as the

cold ocean grave below.

To sport now and the Rebels

have some of the highest paid

players in SuperRugby but last

night they were dismantled by a

youthful Brumbies side. 37-6.

Overnight, Bulls were too

strong for the Lions. In

Canberra, the Brumbies psychological dated their - consolidated their position at

the top of the Australian conference with their win over

Melbourne. The faces of the

visitors were more recognisable

to the Australian public but

last night it counted for

little as the unheralded Brumbies confirmed their top

spot in Australian rugby. Pat

McCabe scores the first

try. Minutes later, the Rebels

were exposed again. Their

captain scored a bonus try

before half time. With the result beyond doubt, the

Brumbies dominated a defensive

second half. A second try to

Scott Fardy added icing to the

cake for the home side. What an

amazing thing. The Rebels woes

away from home continued while

the Brumbies won their last

match before a tour of South

Africa. We didn't get off the

line to make the tackles, we

have talked about it all week.

Credit to the Brumbies who kept

coming at us. One can be

critical, the last thing is we

look like we are unscathed

injury wise and fit and healthy

to go to South Africa. In South

Africa, the Chiefs moved to the

top of the SuperRugby table

with a win over the Cheetahs.

The Chiefs trailed late in the

high-scoring clash but a

three-try blitz including one from Sonny Bill Williams helped

the visitors to a bonus point


The West Tigers have bounced

back to claim their second win

of the season. The Tigers

trounced the Panthers 30-nil

while Cronulla was too good for

Parramatta. In Auckland, the

New Zealand Warriors found

their winning form to beat

South Sydney. South Sydney may

have had the first say but the remainder of the first half belonged to the Warriors. The

Warriors showed the form that

had eluded them this season.

Mannering nabbing two of the

eventual eight tries from the

home side as the Warriors

romped home to a 44-22 victory.

From the get-go, Jarryd Hayne

showed he was in for a first

class afternoon against

Cronulla. But the Shark were

far from in tim dated,

responding with three tries in

10 minutes. Hayne led the fight

back for the Eels, setting up

one try and scoring another to

level the scores at half time.

But Cronulla had a star of

their own with Todd Carney's

brilliant pass leading his team

to a fifth straight win. After nabbing the early points

against Penrith, the West Tigers found themselves without

the guidance of skipper Robbie

Farrah. The loss didn't seem to

hinder the visiting side who

scored three tries inside the

opening half hour. Benji

Marshall was the stand out in

the 30-nil thumping setting up

three of the four tries and

making five from five with the

boot. The Sea Eagles' unbeaten

run looked in trouble against

the Titans. Half back Scott

Prince was in scintillating

form. The final result 26-14

with the win snapping the

Titans' five game losing

streak. The Sydney Roosters

strurgled in the 33-degree

Darwin heat as the Cowboys

stacked on five tries in the

opening 40. COMMENTATOR: That

is super. Despite two quick

trys from the Roosters to open

the second, the Cowboys were in

constant control. The 50-12 win

their biggest ever against the


In the AFL, Hawthorn has

bounced back to form, beating

Adelaide by 56 points. Last

night, St Kilda thrashed the Western Bulldogs and Essendon

scored a convincing win over

Gold Coast. This evening, North

Melbourne are leading Geelong

late in their game and GWS

suffered another defeat, this

time at the hands of the

Eagles. The Hawks recorded a

comfortable win against the


The signs were good early for

the Hawks with Buddy Franklin's flukey left boot on

target. That's a magnificent

kick. The Crows had their own

power forward on song. Kurt

Tippet's strength gave Adelaide

the first goal. The Hawks led

by six points at quarter time

and Jordan Lewis extended the

margin soon after. Tippet had

three gettable chances for the

term but missed two of them.

Five goals to two for the

quarter gave the Hawks a

23-point lead at half time.

Early in the third term,

Hawthorn threatened to break

the game open, booting three of

the first four goals. He has

his second. But Michael

Doughty's first major at least

gave the Crows a sniff. They

could have been closer but for

more erant kicking. The result

was put beyond doubt when

Franklin curled in the third

goal but that didn't stop the

players throwing themselves in.

Luke Bruest paid the price for

keeping his eye on the ball.

Sam Mitchell's 200th match was

quiet by his standards but a

late goal helped to get the

celebrations started. The

unfamiliar surrounds of

Blacktown Oval didn't trouble

West Coast as it set about

kicking a cricket score against Greater Western Sydney. The

Eagles booted 11 goals to two

in the first quarter. Jeremy

Cameron's screamer one of the

home team's few highlights. That's a massive

grab over the top. GWS wasn't

far off matching the Eagles for

the rest of the match but Luke

Shuey's five goals helped West

Coast cruise to a win.

Perth Glory will race the

Brisbane Roar in next Sunday's

A-League grand final after a

dramatic penalty shootout victory over Central Coast.

With scores locked at 1-all

after extra time, the match

went into a shootout and both

sides hit the mark with their

first three attempts. Michael McGlinchey's miss handed the

advantage to Perth. What a miss

from McGlinchey. Is that the

turning point? It gave Jacob

Burns the chance to seal

victory. Burns buries it into

the bottom corner. The Glory

are through to the grand

final. It is Perth's first

A-League grand final berth but

the Glory will go in as underdog against the defending

champion. Liverpool are through

to the FA Cup final. In their

first semi-final clash with

Everton since 1977, the Reds

came from behind to snatch a

place in one of football's most

watched contests. Players and

fans stopped to mark the 23rd

anniversary of the Hillsborough

disaster in which 96 people

died. A Liverpool defensive

mixup gifted Jelavic the first

goal. But the Everton fans

celebration didn't carry into

the seconds half with their own

defensive mistake giving Liverpool's Suarez a clear run

to the goal. Locked at 1-all,

Andy Carroll headed the winner

to secure Liverpool's passage

to their first FA Cup final in

six years. Meanwhile, in the English Premier League,

Manchester City thumped Nor

nor witch county. City moves to

two points within Manchester

United. One of the world's most

gruelling horse races, the

Grand National, is again under

fire after the death of two

more horses. The four mile

steeplechase has over 30 fences

many of which were modified

this year. The favourite,

Synchronised, fell early in the

race on one of the most

notorious jumps, as well as

another horse. Both later had

to be put down. At the halfway

stage, three horses broke clear

before one of the closest

finishes in the race's history.

In the last few strides,

Neptune Collonges clawed his

way ahead of Sunnyhillboy to

win by a nose. The RSPCA was

not impressed demanding a

safety review, saying the risk

factors could be lowered still

by altering the jumps.

The Australian athletics

championships have ended in

Melbourne with impressive performances by athletes aiming

for the Olympics. So far none

have managed to reach the top

qualifying standard under

Athletics Australia's new

selection policy although some

came achingly close. Here is

Ben Knight. Melissa Breen has

already qualified for the

London Olympics, the problem is

she has only met the Olympic B

standard. In the past, that

might have been enough but this

year, Athletics Australia is

only naming athletes who have

reached the A standard. Last

night, Melissa Breen was just

0.2 of a second outside the top

mark, incredibly close and

streaks ahead but not enough to convince Athletics Australia to

bend the new rules. We need to

be careful we are consistent

with the selection process. So Melissa Breen will have to

spend the next two months

overseas trying to shave off

the last 200ths of a second. It

is really tough. She is not

going to be at her best in London, she might be at her

best in three weeks when she

qualifies but come London she

won't be at the best. Athletics

Australia says it has chosen

the higher standards so

athletes will meet it. There

are some noticeable gaps. As it

stands now, there will be no

Australians running in the

100m, 200m or 400m events in

London even though there are

athletes who qualified at the

lower standards, like John

Steffenson. They will have a

chance at the final meeting in

June. We will sit down and look

at Mel along with other

athletes on the

borderline. There are serious contenders. They are the

success story of the new

policy. The critics and there

are many say it doesn't work

for developing athletes. In 10,

12, 15 years there will be

no-one in track and

field. Athletes of all

abilities put on an impressive

display in Canberra this

weekend. Thousands of runners

flocked to the capital for the

Australian Festival of Running.

The event is growing in

popularity with a record number

of entrants this year as

Adrienne Francis reports. A

spectacular autumn more

thanking in the nation's

capital. You have perfect

running conditions. Who is

excited? All that excitement

despite the prospect of

imminent pain. More than 5,000

pavement pounders took part.

That's a 25% increase on last

year. An event record, raising

$140,000 for nearly 200

charities. You had to think

about all sorts of things, your

steps, your grading, making the

shortest line. If you have

someone at your pace, you go

behind for a while. But running

provides more than physical wellbeing. Exercise like this

is fantastic for things like

depression and mental illness,

so there is a real mental high

people get from running. Many

com competitors travelled from

interstate, among them Anthony

Farrugia who was hungry to

improve on his place last

year. I had a stitch at 10,

then it came back at 20. Then

the stitch was constant, like

someone stabbing you in the

stomach. After two hours and 28

minutes of fighting he was

victorious. Wasn't my quickest

time. Magda Karimali-Poulos was

fastest woman in two hours and

47 minutes. When I am running,

it is me and myself and I try

to improve. While the trophies

are hotly contested, it isn't

all about speed. If you want to

enjoy the last 40 years of your

life, you have to stay

active. Since I passed 70, I

lose three minutes. My time

today wasn't too bad. He still

finished the half marathon

ahead of 17 others. An

impressive feat as the oldest

entrant. I think anyone who

finished that half marathon can

be proud. To the weather now,

it was another glorious warm

autumn day.

Clear of cloud for most of the

continent. A slow-moving high

over the Tasman Sea is

directing shower ly Easterly

winds on the Queensland and

northern NSW coasts. A trough

is moving into south-east

Australia bringing a weak

cooler change our way and a

developing region of low

pressure is triggering showers

over the northern tropics. In the capitals tomorrow:

That's all from the ABC's Canberra newsroom for now. You

can keep up with the latest

news at ABC online and ABC News

24. Enjoy your evening.


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