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(generated from captions) We're about to go live to St

Mary's Cathedral in Sydney for

the State Funeral for Lionel Minister Bowen, Former Deputy Prime

Minister and long serving Minister and long serving Labor

MP. Among those who have gathered to farewell Mr Bowen

are former Prime Ministers Bob Hawke, Kevin Pietersen Paul Keating and John Howard. Bob Keating and John Howard.

Hawke is going to speak at the funeral and Paul Keating is going to deliver one of the going

readings. The Prime Minister,

Julia Gillard, is unwell and

will not be attending. She

Immigration Minister Chris will be represented by the

Bowen and in some of the shots

of the audience we have seen in

the last few minutes, we have

seen Chris Bowen there and in

the stories just after Lionel

Bowen died, Chris Bowen was

saying he was often asked if he

was any relation to Lionel

Bowen and he is not. But he

would be invariably told what a gentleman Lionel Bowen was. Chris Bowen said that met at

Labor Party function ns and

said Lionel Bowen was all good

for a chat, gave friendly for a chat, gave

advice, but was never over the

top in telling you what to do.

Believed that Lionel Bowen will

be best remembered as Mr Hawks

Hawke's invaluable deputy. We

can see one of the shot of can see one of the shot of the beaut Tul St Mary's beaut Tul St Mary's Cathedral

in downtown Sydney. We can see

some of the congregation for

the beginning of the service.

We might listen in now. That

this is the State Funeral for

Lionel Bowen lychee from St former Deputy Prime Minister

Mary's Cathedral in Sydney. -

live from saint mayor rea


(Congregation sings hymn) (Congregation sings Cathedral National Anthem) (Congregation sings the National Anthem)

In the name of the father,

the son and the Holy Spirit.

May the grace of our Lord Jesus

Christ and the love of the God Christ and the love of the

and the communian of the Holy

Spirit be with you. And also but. Welcome everyone to this

special occasion as we commend

Lionel to God, we recognise his achievements, engaged

achievements, engaged in the

faith that he shared so

genuinely with his family and

friends. The Prime Minister

wishes to be - apologises wishes to be - apologises for

her absence today because of

ill-health and we regret her

absence but understand her


In the waters of baptism

Lionel died with Christ and

rose again to new life. May share eternal glory. rose again to new life. May he

(Choir sings hymn)

Claire and the Bowen family, Governor of NSW, arch wish your eminence George

Cardinal Pell, other distinguished guests, dear

friends of Lionel. The so

often has to pick his often has to pick his way

carefully through the mow say

sick of characteristics that

make up his subject seeking to

identify and selectively

highlight the positives and with ample resort to euphemisms to fill out the rest of the

picture. In delivering this eulogy to Lionel Bowen, I had

no such problem. For this man

was pure crystal. I was in

China last week when I heard

On my return, I read much of the news of Lionel's passing.

the press coverage and could

not but fail to notice that virtually every piece and

article used the words

"integrity", decent, honest, self a facing, loyal, faithful,

humble, and on this occasion

one had no problem at all one had no problem at all in

believing what one was reading

in the press. It was all true.

Now, to fully appreciate the

qualities of this remarkable

man let us first understand the

virtually unparalled and

unrivalled length and breadth

of public service at the three

levels of government, local,

state and Federal. This

constituted 42 years in total

with each level being a factor

of 7. 14 years as an alderman

at Randwick municipal council

including two periods as mayor,

7 years as a member of the including Legislative Assembly, and Legislative Assembly, and 21

years as a member of the House

of Representatives. During these 21 years he was successively Postmaster Legislative General, Special Minister of successively Postmaster

State, Minister assisting the State, Prime Minister, Minister For Trade, Attorney-General, Deputy

Prime Minister. Sufficient

such things are not achieved

without faith and inspiration,

my friends, and Lionel was a

abundantly endowed with these

from three sources - most

directly, of course, was his lifetime membership and commitment to the Australian

Labor Party. He was aligned

with but not a creature of the with

NSW Right. But equally

important was his church and

his family. Lionel, a devote

Roman Catholic, was not by

nature a pros let advertiser,

but there could, your eminence,

have been no better case for

his beloved church than the

life that Lionel lived. Family

- Claire, you were his - Claire, you were his wife,

his everlasting love, the

mother of his five sons and

three daughters, his constant

immovable pillar of support.

You and they sustained him and

he in turn loved you, them, and

theirs beyond measure. From theirs beyond measure.

these sources and from his own

intins trick tal lention and

characteristics emerged this

remarkable man whom remarkable man whom now together we remember and we

honour. I believe few words

are more ill used in the

English language than the word

"unique", but I have no

hesitation at all in

hesitation at all in applying

the word "unique" to Lionel

Bowen. I had the privilege of Bowen. I had the privilege

knowing him and seeing him knowing him and seeing him in

action amongst a whole range of his colleagues in the broad

Labor movement since my days in

the 1970s as President of the ACTU and of the Australian

Labor Party and then more

closely after my entry into

Parliament in 1980 as we shared

knows two-and-a-half years opposition and I acknowledge knows two-and-a-half years in

Lionel's role in my elevation to the Leader of the Opposition

and the ensuring and the ensuring the

prime-ministership with him as

my deputy until he left

Parliament in 1990. You can

see, my friends, better than

most I had the opportunity of watching, assessing and knowing

Lionel Bowen as first hand. Lionel Bowen as first hand. I found and came immensely to admire a man of total

commitment, integrity courage. No doubt in part

because of his own modest

origins which he never origins which he never forgot,

Lionel was relentless in

championing the needs of the

working men and women of working men and women of this

nation. Their dependent s and

the most unprivileged in our

society. I'll just give two

examples of Lionel's many contributions

contributions to the reforms in

our period of government N our

first year we initiated a

number of well documented and

enduring reforms. Because they

were mostly economic based, they have properly become they have properly become known

as the Hawke-Keating reforms,

but I'm sure, Paul, that you

would agree with me that Lionel

as deputy leader was very much

part of the process bringing to

bear the experience of his bear the experience of his time in the Whitlam Government plus

a sharp lawyer's mind. Second,

we should always remember

Lionel's role in securing Lionel's role in securing the passage through the Federal

Parliament of legislation which

established in 1986 the human

rights and equal opportunities

commission, now known as the Australian Human Rights Commission, whose sole purpose

is to promote and protect human rights in Australia. With this

intensity of purpose of Lionel

Wen went Amar vel less wit and

sense of humour. He was never

bee guiled by the pomp and

rituals of high office, a trait

well illustrated by what

happened on an official visit

to Ireland. Our ambassador

there offered to take Lionel to

the races. As they drove through Dublin in the

ambassadorial limousine, Lionel was surprised to see people

pointing and shouting

obscenities. When he asked the

ambassador the reason, the am

bar does relied it is the flag in the front, they think in the front, they think we're

English. Take the bloody thing

down, Lionel replied, which the ambassador immediately ambassador immediately did with

some re luck assistance.

During the Whitlam era Lionel met with the great Chinese

leader. He asked Lionel when

Australia was going to have Australia was going to have its revolution. Lionel replied

that rather than a revolution with guns, we have a

with guns, we have a revolution

every three years with votes. He seemed impressed with

Lionel's dexterity and posed a

harder question. Mr Bowen, if

your party represents the workers, who represents the

peasants? That would be peasants? Country Party, Mr Premier,

Lionel shot back. As I come

towards the end of this eulogy

let me quote from what I wrote almost 20 years ago. Lionel

was the ideal deputy, his

loyalty was absolute, an

affable, active, shrewd man

with a delightful self effacing

sense of humour and an uncanny

capacity for accurately judging

character. He was respected

across the factions and became

an uncle like figures for many

of the new members of

Parliament. He struck a

particularly close relationship

with Michael Duffy. The two share a passion share a passion for horse racing which gave them a racing which gave them a common

bond. It was a lineball

between them who was the worst

tipster. If their ministerial

tenure had depend on the good

oil they invited to me oil they invited to me they would have finished both on the backbench. There it is, backbench. There it is, dear

friends. Like no other person

I met in parliamentary life, respected and admired, across

the factions, and the parties,

and loved by all of his staff,

this man had it all. To you,

Claire, and to the family, we

offer our sincere condolences

and we thank you for sharing this warm, wise, decent, generous, humble, this generous, humble, this unique

man, with us. Lionel, thanks for the memories.

Could we stand for our final

prayer. Oh God, who through

the ending of present things

opens up the beginning of

things to come, grant we pray

that the soul of your servant Lionel may be led by Lionel attain the interassistance of

eternal redemption through our

Lord jeer suss Christ or son who

who lives and reigns but in the

unity of the Holy Spirit, one God forever and ever. A men.

A reading from the book.

Whoever fears the Lord honours

his parents. The Lord honours the father in the children and

upholds the rights of a mother

over her sons. Whoever respects his father is atoning

for his since. He who honours his mother is like someone

amassing a fortune. Whoever

respects his father will be

happy with his children of his

own. He shall be heard on the

day when he prays. Long life

comes to him who honours

father. He who sets his mother

at ease is showing obedience to

the Lord. My son, support your

father in his old age. Do not

grieve him during his life.

Even if his mind should fail,

show him sympathy. Do not

despise him in your health

despise him in your health and

strength. For kindness to a

father shall not be forgotten

but will serve as reparation

preparation for your sins. The

word of the Lord.

(Sings) # The Lord my's

Shepherd I'll not want, he lays me down to lie, in pastures

green he leadth me the green he leadth me the quiet

waters by. My soul he does


(Sings) # For are with me and your rod and staff my

comfort still. My table you has Furnish ed in presence of

my foes; my head you does with

oil anoint, and my cup

overflows. Goodness and mercy all

all my life shall surely follow

me; and in God's house forever

more my dwelling place shall be


A reading from the letter of

St Paul to the Romans. Alive

or dead, we belong to the Lord.

The life and death of each of

us has its influence on others.

If we live we live for the Lord

and if we die, we die for the

Lord, so that alive or dead we

belong to the Lord. This

explains why Christ both died

and came to life. It was so

that he might be Lord both of

the dead and of the living.

This is also why you should

never pass judgment on a

brother or treat him with

contempt as some of you have

done. We shall all have to

stand before the judgment seat

of God. As scripture says, be

my life. It is the Lord who

speaks. Every knee shall speaks. Every knee shall bend

before me and every tongue

shall praise God. It is shall praise God. It is to

God, therefore, that each of us

must give an account of

himself. The word of the Lord.

Thanks be to God.

(Choir sings).

The Lord be with you And be

but. A reading from holy

gospel according to John. Glory to you oh Glory to you oh Lord. Jesus

said to his dissigns fells, do

not let your hearts be

troubled. Trust in God still

and trust in me. There and trust in me. There are

many rooms in my many rooms in my father's house. If there were house. If there were not I

should have told you. I am

going now to prepare a place

for you but after a have gone

and prepared you a place, I

shall return to take you with

me so that where I am you may

be too. You know the way to

the place where I am going.

Thomas said, "Lord, we do not

know where you're going so can

we know the way?" Jesus said,

"I am the way, the truth and

the life. No-one can come to

the father except through me.

If you know me you know my

father too. From this moment

you know him and you have seen

him." The got sell of the gospel of the Lord. Praise to

you Lord Jesus Christ. Most

things that we hold to be true

about the simple wisdom of living

living and dying happily are

faith statements. Generally

speaking, it seems to me, they

are not clinched by proof. If

can I take a simple example, which is an illustration

neither proof of what I'm

contending, I remember as a teenager as being appalled at the assassination of President

John Kennedy and following really closely what happened after the assassination when Lyndon Johnson Lyndon Johnson constituted the

Warren commission to look Warren commission to look into

the whole of the assassination

and I remember it came up with

the general finding that Lee

Harvey Oswald acted alone.

There were a plethora of books

written saying that there might

have been more involved than just Lee Harvey Osama I don't

mean crack pot conspiracy stuff but a lot of writing that was

using quite a lot of evidence

that was available. I remember thinking what what's thinking what what's my

position on this? It wasn't

until Robert Kennedy, who was

so loyal to his brother and

loyal to the family, who when

he said that he accepted the

Warren Commission, I did too.

Really, I was just having faith

in his integrity. I think that

happens in the majority of cases. Now, today cases. Now, today we're

looking at life and death in

the context then of faith and I

remember and Michael Tate will

be pleased to hear this be pleased to hear this I'm

sure, in the 180s when I was in

Hobart going to take a class -

1980s - about 60-year 12 year

girls at sacred heart college I

wanted to have a class that was

worthwhile and this they

couldn't dismiss as rubbish. couldn't dismiss as rubbish. I

put this opening question to

them: if one of your friends comes up to you and says "look,

I know you're a Catholic. I know you're a Catholic. I

know you go to sacred heart.

Look, would you tell me what

the essence of your faith is?

I don't want to hear any

peripheral stuff or ephemeral

stuff. I want the bullseye."

What would you say? The first

girl who put her hand up said,

"Jesus Christ." "Jesus Christ." That's perfectly accurate. The person

of Jesus is the centre of our

faith. If anything doesn't fit

in with his teachings in with his teachings or attitudes, it is not part of

the faith. And our task really

is to simply trust in Jesus.

Why should we? Why should we trust in this person, Jesus

Christ? I think we trust

people under two conditions.

The first condition is that

they know what they're talking

about and the second condition

is that they are on our side,

they want the best for us.

Does Jesus know what he's

talking about? If you look at

his life, as presented in the

scriptures, he led a life of

breadth and depth, profound

experience, a refugee as a

child growing up probably a

disreputable place. One of disreputable place. One of his

chosen 12 said can can anything

good come from naz reth? He

was frustrated by 129 who he

was carefully educating to lead his his church who didn't seem to

be able to get his message properly. He was constantly

confronted by the religious

leaders of the time. It must

have got sick and tired of their criticism and their

attempts to undermine him. He

lived through that with great

integrity and having

experienced so much of life was

in a good position to know in a good position to know what

he's talking about. Ultimately, in going to the

cross for us and dying for us,

he shows that he's utterly on

our side. We have got good

reason to trust Jesus. So what

does he say about today when

does he say about today when we

commend line knell line

Lionel Bowen to God. He says

quite an extraordinary thing

when you come to think of it. He says death is like a homecoming. It is like going

home. There are many rooms in

my father's house. If there

were not I should were not I should have told

you. Home is the place where

we are most accepted, most

loved, most tenderly looked

after. That's what our after. That's what our Lord

assures us is ours if we are in

relationship with him. It was

beautifully put for me once

when I was workshopping one of

the young people in our parish

in Kensington, her talk,

in Kensington, her talk, her

talk to her peers was on who am

I? At one stage, she had

written it all out without any

help from me, she said to help from me, she said to me,

"I was born in the image of

God." These are my words now.

"I am like God. With all the

subtle folds of evil that get

mixed up in us at bedrock, I'm fundamentally a good person

made in God's image. My task

is to live the talents that our

Lord has given me and live them

to the full and then she said,

"until I go home to God." A

19-year-old. Beautiful

explanation of our Lord's reassurance that our death is like a homecoming. like a homecoming. I was listening to Bob today and

listening to John bone last

night when we had a night when we had a special

parish celebration for Lionel

and I was impressed by the way

that they could unfold Lionel's character. I knew him well

when I was in our parish, but

they knew him even better. It

seems to me these words sum up

his life. They're words from Adam Lindsay Gordon, the

famious Australian poet. I

think it is most beautiful. I

think it also sums Lionel up

really well. Adam Lindsay

Gordon says: life is mainly

froth and bubble. Two things

stand like stone - kindness in

another's trouble and courage

in one's own. In talking to

the family I'm assured and from

my own experience that Lionel

was always friendly and

was always friendly and always courageous. Finally, his faith

seasoned everything that he

did. It reminds me of a beautiful quotation from

Abraham Lincoln when he was he

leaving Springfield Illinois to

take up his task as President

of the United States. He's

standing on the back of a

railway carriage which is about

to leave and a number of followers

followers gather around and he

says, "to this place and to you

I owe everything. I have lived

here for 40 years and passed here for

from a young to an old man. My

children are born here and one

is buried. I leave not knowing

what is before me with a task

greater than rested greater than rested on

Washington. Without the Washington. Without the help of that supreme being, whoever attended him, I cannot succeed.

With his help, I cannot fail.

Commending you to God as I hope

you will be I bid you a fond

farewell." What a beautiful

legacy of faith, loyalty, simplicity, straight forwardness, wisdom and

goodness Lionel leaves to us.

Let's grasp those great qualities in our lives and

enrich every community that

we're a part of through our experience with Lionel.

I invite everyone to stand

now thank you. I invite Suzie

and Margaret forward to lead us

in our prayers of the faithful. My dear brothers and sisters, Jesus Christ is

risfrom the dead and sit at the right-hand of the father where

he intercedes for his church.

Confident that God hears the

voices of those who trust in

the Lord Jesus, we join our

prayers to his. In baptism

Lionel received the light of

Christ. Scatter the darkness

now and lead him over Christ.

waters of death. Let us pray

to the Lord. Lord hear our prayer. Our brother Lionel

served God's people in public

office and in service to his

country. Prepare a place country. Prepare a place for

him in the kingdom whose coming

he proclaimed. Let us pray to the Lord. Lord hear our prayer. That God will receive

our praise and Thanksgiving for

the life and example given by

Lionel. Let us pray to the Lord. Lord hear our pray. For members of the legal profession and those who and those who administer justice in our Commonwealth,

may they act with fairness may they act with fairness and equity in all their judgments.

Let us pray to the Lord. Lord

hear our prayer. For Lionel's

family, especially Claire, his

wife, his children, Anadan, ah grets, John, David, Suzie,

Peter, Tony and Michael. His

grandchildren, Simon, Matthew,al send dra, Jarrad,

Albury, Holly, it Anna, Kalvin,

Emma, Sam, Carrara, Tom, Jim, Declan, Coulton, Trenton and

James and his great

granddaughter Lara, may they

feel the healing power of cries

k in the mid of their pain and

grief. Let us pray to the

Lord. Lord hear our prayer.

For the sick and those who

dedicate themselves to their

well being especially those who

cared for Lionel in his cared for Lionel in his illness

let us pray to the Lord. Lord

hear our prayer. Many friends

and members of the our families

have gone before us and await

the kingdom. May God grant

them an everlasting home with Christchurch. We remember especially grandson

Christopher. Let us pray to the Lord. Lord hear our

prayer. Lord God, giver of

peace and healer of souls, hear

the prayers of the re Christchurch.

Jesus Christ and the voices of

or people whose lives or people whose lives were

purchased by the blood of the

lamb. Forgive the since of all

who sleep in Christ and grant them

them a place in the kingdom.

We ask this through Christ our


Could we be seated now assal

Alexandria, Emma and Carla

brith bring forth our offertory gifts.

(Ave Maria sung)

Let us pray my brothers Let us pray my brothers and sisters that our sacrifice may

be acceptable to God the be acceptable to God the awe

mighty father. The praise and

glory of his name, for our good

and the good of all his holy

church. Look favourably on our offerings, oh Lord, so that

your departed servant Lionel

may be taken up into glory with

your son in whose great mystery

of love we are all united and

we ask this through Christ our

Lord amen. Amen. The Lord be

but. And with your spirit. Lift

up your hearts. We live them up

to the Lord. Let us give thanks but. And to the Lord. Let us give thanks

to the gored our God. It is

right and just. It is truly

right and just our duty and our

salvation at all times to

acclaim you, oh Lord. But in

this time above all to laud you yet more gloriously when Christ

our pass over has been

sacrificed. Through him the children of light rise to

eternal life and the halls of

heavenly kingdom are thrown up

to the faithful for his death

is our ran some from death and

in his rising the life all has risen. Therefore, risen. Therefore, overcome

with Pascal joy, every land, he

was repeople ex assaults in

your praise and even your praise and even the heavenly powers with the angelic hosts sing together the

unsending ending hymn of your glory as they've claim. (Choir


Could we kneel now for Could we kneel now for our

eucharist tick prayer. You are

indeed holy, oh Lord, and all

you have created rightly gives

you praise. Through your son

our Lord Jesus Christ and by

the Power and working of the

Holy Spirit you give life to

all things and make them holy

and you never cease to gather a

people to yourself so that from

the rising of the sun to its

setting, a pure sacrifice may

be offered in your name.

Therefore, our Lord, we I'm

floor you by the same spirit floor you by the same spirit to graciously make holy these

gifts we have brought to you for consecration that they may

become the body and blood of

your son our Lord jeer suss

Christ at whose command we sell

great these mysteries. On

night he was betrayed night he was betrayed he

himself took bread, and giving

you thanks he said the

blessing, broke the bread and gave it to his disciples

saying, "take this all of you

and eat of it, for this is my

body which will be given up for

you." (Bell rings). In you." (Bell rings). In a

similar way when supper was

ended, he took the chalice and

giving you thanks he said the

blessing and gave the chalice

to his disciples saying, "take

this all of you and drink from

it. For this is the chalice it. For this is the chalice of

my blood, the blood of the new

and eternal covenant which will

be poured out for you and be poured out for you and for

many for the forgiveness many for the forgiveness of

sins. Do this in memory of

me." . Bells ring). The mystery of the faith. We

proclaim your death oh Lord and

profess your resurrection until you come in you come in glory. Therefore,

our Lord, as we sell great the

memorial of the savings passion

of your son, his wondrous

resurrection and ascension into heaven, and as we look heaven, and as we look forward

to his second coming, we offer

you in Thanksgiving this holy

and living sacrifice. Look and living sacrifice. Look we pray on your church pray on your church and recognising the sacrificial

victim by whose death you

willed to reconcile us to

yourself. Grant that we yourself. Grant that we who

are newrished by the body and

blood of your son and filled

with his Holy Spirit may become

one body, one spirit in Christ. May he make of us an

eternal offering to you so that

we may obtain an inheritance

with your elect, especially with the most Blessed Virgin

Mary, mother of God, with your blessed apostles and glorious

martyrs, and with all the saints on whose constant

intercession in your presence we rely for unfailing help. May

this sacrifice of our

reconciliation we pray, reconciliation we pray, oh Lord, advance the peace and

salvation of all the world. Be

pleased to confirm in faith and

charity your pilgrim church on

earth, with your servant

Benedict our Pope, George Benedict our Pope, George our

bishop and his auxiliary

bishops, the order of wish

shops, the cleverry and the entire people you have gained

for your own. Listen

graciously to the prayers of

this family whom you this family whom you have summoned before you. In summoned before you. In your

compassion owe merciful father

gather to yourself all your

children scattered throughout

the world. Remember your

servant Lionel whom you servant Lionel whom you have called from this world called from this world to yourself. Grant that he who yourself.

United with your son in a death

like his may also be one with

him in his resurrection him in his resurrection when

from the earth he will raise from the earth he will raise up

in the flesh those who in the flesh those who have

died and transform our locally

body after the pattern of his

own glorious body. To our

departed brothers and sisters

too and to all who were

pleasing to you at their passing from this life, give

kind admittance to your

kingdom. There we hope to

enjoy forever the

your glory when will wipe your glory when will wipe away

every tear from our eyes,

seeing you are God as you are

we shall be like you for all

the ages and praise you without

end. Through Christ our Lord

through whom you bestow on the

world all that is good.

Through him and with him and in him, in the glory of the

Holy Spirit and the community

of the Holy Spirit, all glory of the Holy Spirit, all glory

and honour is yours forever and

ever. A men. Jesus taught us

to fall God our father and so

we have the courage to pray.

Our father, who art in heaven,

hallowed be thigh name, thigh

kingdom come, they will be done

on earth as it is in helpven of

give us this day our daily bread bread and forgive us our

trespassers, as we forgive

those who press trespass

against us and lead us not into

temptation but deliver us from

evil. Deliver us Lord we pray

from every evil. Graciously grant

grant peace in our day that by

the help of your mercy we may

be always free from sin and

save from all distress as we

await the blessed hope and await the blessed hope and the coming of our Xavier Jesus Christ. The kingdom, the Power

and the glory are yours now and forever. Lord Jesus Christ who

said to your Apostles, peace I

leave you, my peace I give you,

look not on our sins but on the

faith of your church faith of your church and graciously grant her peace and

unity in accordance with your

will who lives and reigns

forever and ever. The peace of

the world be with you always. And with your spirit. Let's offer each other some

some sign of peace.

(Choir Could we kneel now.

Bheeld the lamb of God,

behold him who takes away behold him who takes away the sins of the world, blessed are

those called to the supper of the lamb. Lord, I am the lamb. Lord, I am not

worthy to enter unto my roof

but only say the world and my

soul shall be healed. (Tomaso Albinoni's Adagio

play Tomaso Albinoni's Adagio plays) (Tomaso Albinoni's Adagio


(Choir sings "make me a

channel". ) Oh, master grant

that I may never seek so much

to be consoled as to console,

to be understood as to understand, to

understand, to be loved as to

love with all my soul. make me

a channel of your peace, where

there's despair in life, let there's despair in life, let me bring hope, where there is

darkness, only light, and where

there's sadness, ever joy. Oh,

master, grant that I may never

seek so much to be son doled as

to console, to be understood as

to understand, to be loved as

to love with all my soul.

Make me a channel of your

peace, it is in pardoning that

we are pardoned, in giving we are pardoned, in giving to

all men that we receive, and in

dying that we're born to

eternal life. Oh, master grant

that I may never seek so much

to be consoled as to console,

to be understood as to

understand, to be loved as to

love with all my soul. Make me

a channel of your peace. Where

there is hatred let me bring

your love. Where there is

injury, your pardon, Lord, and

where there's doubt, true faith faith in you.

Grant we pray you oh Lord

that your servant Lionel for whom we have celebrated this Pascal sack meant may pass over

to a dwelling place of light

and peace and we ask this

through Christ our

Lord. Amen. Could we be seated

as and Kerry lead us in some words of remembrance. Your eminence, Reverend

bishops, Reverend fathers, Your

Excellency, dear friends and

family. Lionel frost Bowen

lived into his 90th year. lived into his 90th year. He

would consider that a win. He

would tell you as a child o who

suffered sickness and a

resultant heart weakness that the odds were stacked against

him making it to 70, let alone

crossing the finishing line at

89. He proved to be a 89. He proved to be a class

one stayer. In the early 1920,

Elsie Bowen presented her baby

for baptism in the local

Catholic Church. The priest

then considered Lionel frost to

be an unsaintly name and

proceeded to baptise the baby

Joseph. I dare say that Lionel proceeded

frost has again denied the odds

and beaten any obstacle of an unsaintly

unsaintly name. Lionel was proud of his name. He liked to

call himself Bowen. He call himself Bowen. He was

content for us others to call

him Lionel or frosty or LFB.

Lionel had many title bestowed

on him, but what counted most

to him was to be regarded as a

good, honest bloke. To me

Lionel frost was dad, an

outstanding father to me, my

two sisters and five brothers.

Dad also had a great respect

for women. His mother, Elsie, who toiled single-handedly to

raise her only son, was

Lionel's closest ally in his

early years. Lionel then

formed a remarkable partnership

with his Darling wife Claire,

spanning some 60 years. spanning some 60 years. Dad

always deferred to mum as the

boss. And there were no

favours to be had from dad unless you first extract

agreement from mum, not agreement from mum, not always

an easy task if no necessity

attached to that favour. Lionel and Claire were very

staunch and a formidable team.

Dad would reprimand us as

children for fighting children for fighting amongst ourselves. He would ourselves. He would always

remind us that we were family

and a family must always stick

together. He was vitally

concerned that each of his

children sustain a good

education. He did not limit

that concern to his own kin, he

was passionate about every

child having the opportunity to

be educated. This is because

he considered education to be

the key to success, the means

to escape the life of poverty to

which was his as a child. Mind you, according to you, according to Lionel,

success is not predicated on

education alone. It education alone. It requires disciplined application and a

little luck, or the ability to recognise and embrace recognise and embrace the

opportunities that come your

way. Having said that, Lionel

frost Bowen would not regard a

fellow human being to be truly

successful in this life unless

he had tolerance and respect of

the other's differences, that

he understood and for gave human frailtity and that he

could admit to a mistake,

sprips suppress ego and assist

others. Lionel frost has

departed this life as a truly successful human being arcs a

good bloke, his spirit will

forever guide us. One day in

the late 80s I was at

Canterbury racetrack to see a

horse I had a very small

interest in run fourth. Again.

My brother Tony who was

visiting from the US where he'd lived

lived for 90 years Wa with lived for 90 years Wa with me.

We dumped into Lionel Bowen

wandering through the et

betting ring and I introduced you him to my brother. We

chatted for a while and was we parted my wror said, did you

say he was the Deputy Prime Minister? He was incredulous. Where's his security detail, he

asked? Do you mean he just

wanders around on his own? This of course is partly a

comment on the nature of

Australia, certainly compared

to the United States in that

regard, but it's also very much

about Lionel and his no fuss

incredibly unassuming nature.

Lionel frost Bowen was born

into poverty, living nearly all

his formative years in a his formative years in a series of inner Sydney tenementments,

raised by his mother alone who

often literally worked day and

night as a cleaner to support

them through The Depression

years. There was a dependent

grandmother and an invalid

uncle as well, apparently. When Lionel told me this When Lionel told me this story,

a lot of pennies dropped for

me. Elsecy was clearly a

remarkable story in her own remarkable right. She battled from the inner sit at the to a rented

house in Kensington. It was to

remain his family home until

the day he died. Another

school mate in Kensington was

another Lionel, Lionel Murphy,

Murphy was a little well heeled

as Bowen enjoyed pointing out later and would lend our Lionel

his bike. Both came

Attorney-General, both

un-Whitlam and under Hawke.

Both were reformers. He left

school at 14 but by the late

1940s at the age of 25 or 26,

he'd become the mayor of

Randwick. At that point the

youngest mayor in the State.

His lady mayoress was Elsie.

He was also on the side well on

the way to graduating in law. Lionel used to say it Lionel used to say it was Elsie's influence that led Elsie's influence that led him

into politics and in his maiden speech in the Federal

Parliament in April Parliament in April 1970s he observedings, "it is observedings, "it is my

personal regret that the one

person who was interested in

any political career in the

beginning is no longer here. Elsie had died just before he was elected to the House of

Representatives for the seat of

Kingsford seat in 1969 after serving 7 years in the State

Parliament. It is more than

conjecture that had Lionel

stayed on in Macquarie Street

he may well have become Premier. Amongst Canberra's

class of 69 was another notable 25-year-old Paul Keating. In the overcrowded Old Parliament House they shared an office and

a friendship developed that was

to be important to both of them. For his genuinely self

effacing ways for all of those

genuinely self a facing way,

Lionel was complex, Lionel was complex, ambitious,

and passionate in his policy interests. He had a great

capacity to fly under capacity to fly under the

radar. For instance, he took

both Labor's esteem ed

factional number crunchers and his Prime Minister by surprise when

when the Labor Caucus elected

him to the first Whitlam ministry, not knowing quite

where to put him, Gough Whitlam

made him Postmaster General.

By the second Whitlam ministry he'd become the Prime

Minister's own trouble shooter

as special Minister store as special Minister store state

and also Minister for

manufacturing industry, not a happy place to be as the 25%

across the board tariff cuts

began to bite. Incidentally, I

received a message from Gough Whitlam's office this week that

Gough Whitlam would like us to

note today that Lionel had

actually served all four tiers

of government, the only

politician to do so. For those who are wondering about Gough

Whitlam's fourth tier he was

referring to the Sydney County

council. Gough Whitlam is

still on the mark and still

paying attention. These are necessarily brief reflections

today on the essence of the man

for my case pont perspective of

the many staff that had to

great look to work for him in

government and opposition. We

saw more than glimpses of the private Lionel Bowen that told

us a great deal about the true nature of

nature of the man. In his

office he was always well

loved. He very briefly are a

few of those glimpses. He was

there first and for most for his his family. They were his

core. When the Parliament was

sitting every night at 6 with

no risk of rude interruption

from a division in the chamber

Lionel would call Claire

without fail. We all knew to

give him the space. As a local

member he was a assiduous from

backbenchers to, when I was

backbench to when he was deputy Prime Minister.

Prime Minister. Whether he was

representing factory workers or

factory owners, from the factory owners, from the top to

the bottom, Lionel saw it as

his responsibility to represent

them all. With regard to his

family travelling with him I

came to Novemberry airport shop

in Australia because his last

stop before flying home stop before flying home always

involved buying a present for

young Michael the 8th and youngest of the Bowen tribe.

He was seen as effective but

not a head loin act like a

Whitlam, a Killen, indicating

or a Mick Young, but when the

issue was right and the issue was right and the passion

was pulling, Lionel could take

aim with dead Hi effect. Jim Kell lend was one who would

testify to that. Defence

Minister in the early 80s he

was in the fire line. He was

clearly stunned at the ferocity of a Bowen attack which was

seen at the time to strip him

bare. At a staff dinner in the

parliament try dining room that

night Killen visibly night Killen visibly wounded

came up to Bowen and am

lamented. Why so tough Lionel?

Because it is an important

issue, champ, Lionel relied issue, champ, Lionel relied and

it had to be said. Why it had to be said. Why don't you join us for a drink. you join us for a drink. Which

Kell lend did for the rest of

the night. Lionel was a very hard

hard man to dislike from either side of the Parliament.

Because he was so well liked and because as a natural

speaker he could make people

laugh often at his own expense,

he was a hard target to put in

the frame. Lionel Bowen was a

politics of conviction and

conscience and courage was never more evident to those

inside than in the highly

charged debate of the so-called

lusher motion in 1979, a Fraser

Government backbencher named Stephen lusher had moved a private members motion private members motion that

sought to deny Medicare funding

for abortion. Inevitably, it came to came to be seen as a vote came to be seen as a vote on

abortion itself. One of the

enduring moral issues of our time.

time. MPs on both sides were torn and were free to torn and were free to vote

according to their conscience.

No-one was under more pressure

than Lionel Bowen and it came

from all quarters but no-one

applied more pressure on Lionel

than Lionel applied to himself.

I've never seen a more intense,

more highly charged emotionally

raw debate in the Parliament

than that. You had to be

there. Lionel was a staunch

and thoughtful Catholic, he was

known to have a strong personal antipathy

antipathy to abortion but his

strong convictions on human

rights also included what he

saw as the clear right of women

to continue to receive a

pre-existing medical benefit

for a legal medical procedure.

He saw it as a legal issue.

From the inside we watched

Lionel grapple with conflicting

strands of conscience, part of

the bittersweet nature of

politics for those with genuine convictions but an understanding life is not always

always black and white. In always black and white. In the end he street Toddy feet

lusher. No-one in the

Parliament including Parliament including those

passionately opposed to his final

final decision could doubt the sincerity or courage or sincerity or courage or the

agony of his position. In the

terms of Labor's factional politics Lionel

politics Lionel Bowen was part

of the NSW Right, but much to

the shag grin of Sussex Street

from time to time he was always

his own man. Graham Richardson

was once her to say on a

particular issue "Lionel Bowen

is one man I can't do is one man I can't do anything

with." There's probably no

better illustration of Lionel's effectiveness as a reforming Attorney-General than the establishment of the Australian

rue man rights commission as

Bryan Burdekin his Chief of

Staff both in Opposition and in

government and who government and who subsequently became Human Rights

government Commissioner himself observed in 'The Sydney Morning in 'The Sydney Morning Herald' last week, the Bowen blueprint served as a centimetre plate

for many countries crying out

for human rights. To quote

Bryan, millions of vulnerable people, especially the homeless

and the mentally-ill, have been

fitted from that initiative.

Many accolade s have been

written about bone in the past weeks. The recurring themes

have resolved around words like

integrity, decency, loyalty,

compassion, but most of all

humility. In those terms, he

has undoubtedly earned his place in Labor history. It is always tragic to see Alzheimers

take its deadly effect as it is doing increasingly, but there's

a particular a those in

witnessing the slow devastation

of such a fine and decent human

being, a fellow former staffer

John Young and I had lunch with

Lionel at Kensington assist

affliction was tightening being, grip. It was fair Stay he was

struggling. What I found

remarkable and reassuring

somehow was that the essence somehow was that the essence of Lionel Bowen was undefeated,

the gentle nature, the gentle nature, the self-deprecating humour, and

even the sense of great, great dignity. Our hearts of course

go out to Claire and to Lionel's children and grandchildren but most of grandchildren but most of all

to Claire who was by the side

of her husband of 59 years

through all the ups and through all the ups and downs

of his long political career

and through the toughest period

of all, up to the of all, up to the last-minutes

of his life. But what a life.

Lionel, for all that you were,

and all that you did, thank

you. Lionel,

was a politician and a public

servant but to me he's an

ordinary dad with an

extraordinary job. Dad entered

Federal Parliament in 1969 when

I was four. Although he had this big important job he

always did his best to leave

Canberra at the door especially for us kids. When I was little

I used to look forward to

Friday mornings when dad would

return home from a week in

Canberra that we would all wait

to see the big white car pull

up out the front and me and my

brothers and sisters would run

through the house as the car

pulled up and dad would give us

a grit big hug but he always

had bags of lollies which we gratefully

gratefully accepted. Dad also

enjoyed taking us to the footy,

he liked doing the normal every

day things, he liked to watch

South Sydney, his favourite

team, and sometimes if I was

being good, he would re lent

and take me to see my Roosters.

One of my clearest memories of

dad was in 1975, some time before

before November, and My School

was conducting a walk a on to raise funds. As a sponsorship dad

cards were handed out to the

boys in my class, all the other boys in my

boys were talking about giving

their cards to their dads to

take to work so that they could

win the prize for the most

money raised. I was sitting

there and thought that's sounds

like a good idea. I'll my card

to my dad and can he take it to

his work. The following week

when he came back from Canberra

I eagerly awaited to see how

much sponsorships hi. I think

I can safely say I was 9 own

kid at cool that year that had

both Gough Whitlam and Paul

Keating as sponsors for our

walk a on. But I still didn't

win the most money raised that

year. Dad would do anything he

could for his family and woe do

equally as much for people who

needed his help. This is one

of his many strengths. He would help because he believed

he should help those who

couldn't help themselves. couldn't help themselves. As an example, we received a letter letter last week from a

gentleman who arrived in

Australia from Taiwan in 1965.

Dad helped this man become an Australian citizen and also Australian citizen and also to

get his family to join him in

Australia. This man's family

including his two kids born in

Australia thrived, some of them becoming pharmacists and others

lawyers. Dad changed the life

of this family by giving them

hope and compassion. This is

one of the many examples one of the many examples where

dad's actions gave opportunity

and hope to those who had

little or none. Like us here

today, this family will never

forget the ordinary dad doing

extraordinary things. extraordinary things. Anyone

who knew dad knew of his love

of horse racing. Dad had many,

emphasis Thames for trying to find a winner, most were

discarded after a weekend of

losses. One system that did

use regularly was to follow his

beaten favourites. Today, we

say goodbye to our say goodbye to our favourite

but he will never be beaten.

Finally, I would like on behalf

of the family to give thanks for the offer of the State

Funeral today and also to St

Mary's to allow us to honour our father at this magnificent

setting. Dad would have been

humbled and proud after humbled and proud after the tension. Finally, I would like

to say thank you for all to say thank you for all the

kind wishes and expressions of sympathy we've received. The family has received over the

past 10 days. They were most appreciated. Thank you.

Could stand Could stand now for our

final come commendation and

farewell. Before we go our

separate ways, let us take our leave of our brother, leave of our brother, Lionel. May our farewell express our

affection for him, may it affection for him, may it ease

our sadness and strengthen our

hope. One day we shall joyfully greet him again when the love of Christ which concurs all things destroys even death itself. (Choir sings).

Into your hands, father of

mercies, we commend our brother

Lionel in the sure and certain hope that together with all who have died in Christ, he will rise with him on last day. We give you thanks for give you thanks for the blessings which you bestowed about our brother Lionel in this life. They are signs to us of your goodness and of our fellowship with the saints in Christ. Merciful Lord, turn towards us and listen to our prayers. Open the gates of paradise to your servant and help us who remain to help us who remain to comfort one another with the assurances of faith until we all meet in Christ and are with you and with our brother Lionel forever and we ask this through Christ our Lord. In peace let us take our brother Lionel to our brother Lionel to his place of rest. (Congregation respond). And take you to the holy city, the new and holy city, the new and eternal Jerusalem.

(Choir sings "hail, holy queen". )