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(generated from captions) This morning - pleading for

help. The wife of an Australian

citizen abducted in Sri Lanka

asks the Government to intervene. Don't let them kill

him. That's what they are going

to do. If nobody act, nobody

talk, they will kill people. This Program is Captioned


Also ahead - the unlikely

Syrian ceasefire looks even

more so now as the deadline is

just a day away. The

Alzheimer's challenge. Hundreds

of thousands of Australians

suffering, hundreds of millions

of dollars called for. And

jubilation for the locals jubilation for the locals at Augusta. COMMENTATOR: He Augusta. COMMENTATOR: He is wearing

wearing a green jacket at

Augusta. The breakthrough Major

win for Bubba Watson after a tense playoff at the Masters.

Good morning. You are

watching ABC News 24. I'm Joe

O'Brien. Taking a quick look at

The wife of an Australian

citizen who appears to have

been ab ducked in - abducted in

Sri Lanka has made an emotional

plea for Australian authorities to intervene. Kumar Gunaratnam's wife, doctor

Champa Somaratna, says Champa Somaratna, says the Sri her Lankan government has abducted

her husband because he was her husband because he

going to launch a new socialist

political party. Mrs Somaratna

says the Sri Lankan government

is denying any involvement. First time when we

there is two people were coming out as a movement,

disappeared, this is also the

political movement, it is Kumar and Kugan, two political activities people, they

government denied. We had the disappeared. That was


by information they were abducted

by the Government. They are

playing the game, that is their

game. I am begging the whole

world please save my husband's

life. I know we get inside

information, he is inside with

the Government places but the Government places but they

denying, they keep denying,

because, I don't know, that is

their game. He is Australian

citizen. I am begging Australia

save my husband's life. I don't

mind - if anybody think he did

something wrong, I know he

never done anything wrong, but

if anybody think he done if anybody think he

anything wrong, act legally.

Don't do any disappearances,

don't let them kill him. That's

what they are going to do. If

nobody act, nobody talk, will kill people. They nobody act, nobody talk, they

will kill people. They don't

have any legal framework, have any legal framework, they

just abduct the people and kill

them. Please save my husband's

life. That's what I want. Please save other girl's life

who was abducted at the same time, please save their lives. Their lives in danger. I how they acting. Please save Their lives in danger. I know

their lives. Please, he is

Australian citizen, that is the only thing I'm asking. Champa

Somaratna there. Extremely

concerned for her husband's wellbeing. This

wellbeing. This is all

happening in the context of

what's happened after the what's happened after the civil

war back in 2009. The

Department of Foreign Affairs

and Trade says it is seeking to

clarify details of the alleged

abduction with the authorities. The Australian High

Commissioner in Colombo has

spoken to senior government officials

officials to advise them their concern for Kumar officials to advise them of

Gunaratnam's welfare and

assistance in locating them.

expressing The human rights Commission is

expressing its concern. They are saying it is no secret the

Government and the ministry of

Defence was concerned about

this group's activities. This

human rights commission says

the security of the two is a

matter of serious concern for

all the human rights groups,

but at this stage, the

deny any involvement, Government is continuing to

Lankan government that is. deny any involvement, the Sri

will keep across that Lankan government that is. We

will keep across that through

the day. The prospects of a

ceasefire in Syria the meet the

Tuesday deadline backed by Tuesday deadline backed by the

United Nations have suffered a

severe setback. The Syrian

Government says it now Opposition written guarantee from the Government says it now wants

Opposition before it withdraws

troops and artillery. An

unusual show of air power by

the Syrian regime, flying

military jets over the north of

the country as troops and tanks

battled on the ground below.

Unlike Libya, Damascus knows

there is no risk of getting shot down by NATO here. Further

districts continue to south at Homs, several

districts continue to be

The pounded by artillery and tanks.

The bulk of the casualties

inflicted by heavy weapons inflicted by heavy weapons like

these may be civilianing s but

it is the opposition fighters the regime is after. Despite

months of battering, it hasn't

been able to regain control.

That's why That's why just 48 hours before

it was meant to pull the

military out of towns and

cities, the Foreign Ministry

announced it is innisting on

written guarantees the written guarantees the rebels

will stop fighting and

surrender their arms. It also

wants guarantees that countries

Qatar backing them - Saudi Arabia,

Qatar and Turkey - will promise

to stop. The demands throw the

whole Annan plan into doubt.

Government droops backed by

tanks and artillery heavily

outgun the right lightly-armed

rebels. Activists on the ground

were scathing about the


But the Government is taking

hits. An armoured vehicle and

tank were knocked out by rebels

in Homs. Activists believe the

regime cannot carry out any

peace plan because if it pulled

the troops out, the Opposition would simply take over in areas. Pope Benedict XVI would simply take over in many

celebrated Easter mass before areas. Pope Benedict XVI has

tens of thousands of Christians

in Vatican City. In his speech,

the Pope prayed for a new start

to the Middle East peace

process and called on the

Syrian regime to end Syrian regime to end the

bloodshed. TRANSLATION: In the holy land, my Israelis and

Palestines take up the peace

process anew. In Syria in particular, may there be an end

to bloodshed and to bloodshed and immediate commitment to the path of respect, dialogue and

reconciliation as called for by

the international community. the international community. To

Nigeria, which in recent times as experienced savage terrorist

attacks, may the joy of Easter

grant the strength needed to

take up anew the building of a

society which is peaceful and respectful

respectful of the religion

freedoms of its citizens. Happy Easter to all.

A report into dementia in

Australia has identified major problems with almost problems with almost every aspect of patient care. For the details, we are joined by

political report Nick Dole in Canberra. Good morning. This

report makes for pretty grim reading. It certainly does,

Joe. The Department of Health and ageing commissioned Alzheimer's Australia to go

around Australia and gauge the

opinions of people suffering from dementia and their carers

and families as to the level

and quality of services being

provided. It basically found

that at every stage across the

dementia care aspect there are

serious problems. One of the

main ones was the need main ones was the need for

early diagnosis. Many people

are searching for years for a

proper diagnosis and once they

get that diagnosis, they don't

know where to turn for

Services. One of the recommendations many people are

making is people get a making is people get a dementia

care nurse or case manager to look

look into their case and manage them right throughout them right throughout their illness. There is also the need

for more community care, so

that people can stay in their homes for longer without homes for longer without having

to go to a retirement home to go to a retirement home or

aged care facility. It also

identified serious issues with

quality and the training of

staff and the level of their

pay. Many people commented they thought many of the staff

taking care of their loved taking care of their loved ones were far too poorly paid.

Another issue identified, Joe,

was the need for more respite

for carers. Most people who

deal with someone suffering

dementia will tell you it dementia will tell you it is

virtually a 24-hour day job and

they need more time off.

Finally, there is a huge Finally, there is a huge gaping hole in terms of services

provided for people with early

onset dementia. Some people are

being diagnosed with dementia

before they even hit 50, well before, and many of them are

being forced into elderly

facilities with people in the

latter stages of their life.

Many of the people who gave their opinion in these consultations said it was

heartbreaking to send their

45-year-old mother or father or husband

husband or wife into these facilities. This is putting

pressure on the government in

the run-up to the budget. It

is. The Government has always

said that ageing and mental

health will be a key priority and dementia fits and dementia fits under that.

Alzheimer's Australia says

around $500 million needs to be

devoted to this, but the Minister Mark Butler on News

Breakfast wasn't willing to put

a final financial figure on

what would be provided. I can't

spheklate on dollar amounts.

This is one piece of work done

in the aged care space. There

are lots of other elements of the Productivity Commission's

report which are the subject report which are the subject of

submissions by other groups submissions by other groups as

well. I can't comment on particular dollar amounts but

we have taken the views of

Alzheimer's Australia right

throughout this process very,

very seriously. Dementia,

Alzheimer's in particular, is Alzheimer's in particular, is a very serious growing challenge

in our community. Over in our community. Over 300,000 Australians currently live Australians currently live with

it and we expect that number

will double every 20 years if

we don't make some very quick inroads into our understanding

of the disease. Mark Butler

there. There was a lot there. There was a lot of stories swirling around the HSU

last week, what's happening on

that front today? As you would

remember last week, the HSU was

suspended from the ACTU and now

it seems senior executives

within the union are getting

worried about the sort of worried about the sort of image

pre jokted by the HSU. 10 of pre jokted by the HSU. 10 of 14 executives this morning have

decided Michael William son,

the national President should

go, calling on him to resign. He has

He has been suspended pending

the outcome of allegations of alleged mismanagement into the union. The executive this morning morning said "Enough is morning said "Enough is enough, for the good of the union and

members of the union, Mr

Williamson must go. There is no

other option". They are

applying pressure to him. They

do say whilst the union has a

limited capacity to interfere

in the administration of its

branches, HSU national branches, HSU national leaders

will make it clear if Mr Williamson doesn't resign, they

will be talking to the will be talking to the national council and asking for him to be removed from his position. This

This story is by no means over. That inquiry into alleged

mismanagement of the union, we are

are yet to see the results of

that. Nick Dole in Canberra, thank you. Thanks Joe. Commonwealth, State and Territory Governments are still

trying to work out how to share the cost of a new National Disability Insurance Scheme.

Disability support services

costs more than $7 billion a

year but it is estimated that the scheme could cost the scheme could cost double that. The disability

discrimination Commission

Graham Innes says the need for

a scheme is the most pressing issue in Australia today. This

is probably the most pressing need

need in Australia today. People

with disability, the OECD, we

are 27th out of 27 OECD

countries in terms of people

with disability living in poverty. It is a situation

which we need to address and address quickly. Unfortunately,

because of the very poor

service system we have for

people with disability, young

people in their 20s who acquire

disabilities, kids who in one

case was a doubles partner of Sam

Sam Stosur and was injured in a

skateboard accident, another

young mother with a three-month-old baby who had a stroke, another woman who just

celebrated her 19th birthday and and experienced a severe asthma

attack, all acquired disability

and then, on top of that issue,

they were forced, because of the poor disability service

system that we have, to live in nursing homes. Graham Innes

speaking earlier on News

Breakfast. Police are waiting

to interview a man shot in a

strip club in kings cross last

night. The 29-year-old is in

hospital with a bullet wound in

his shoulder after an attack at Bada Bing Club this

morning. Today it is a crime

scene. Police are removing the

cordons now they have set up overnight. Officers are reviewing CCTV and security

footage to try to establish

what happened overnight. Authorities, police and

emergency services were called to the Bada Bing Club strip

club owned by well known night

club figure John Ibrahim. Last

night, after reports of night, after reports of a shooting. Authorities found a

29-year-old man inside the club

had been shot through the

shoulder. He was taken to St Vincent's hospital with

injuries described as serious

but not life threatening.

Police are calling for anyone

who witnessed this to call Crime Stoppers. There Crime Stoppers. There were witnesses outside who witnesses outside who described hearing the shots and seeing someone flee the scene. This is

the fourth shooting incident in

Sydney over the Easter weekend

and investigations are continuing, continuing, although authorities say there is

nothing to link all four shootings. Laetitia Lemke

reporting from Kings Cross. We

are expecting to hear more from

Sydney Police about that

shooting later this hour. We

plan to bring you that live, we

are expecting that in about 15 minutes'

minutes' time. Five teenagers

will face Parramatta local

court today over a shooting in Sydney's west. Police say they were involved in a dispute that

saw a man shot in the leg at a

house party in Pendle Hill yesterday. The 19-year-old man

is accused of firing a gun. The others face charges of being accessories

accessories and accessories and recklessly causing grievous bodily harm in

company. Around 1,000 homes in

Sydney are without power after

wild storms lashed the city

last night. The weather caused

the most damage on the North

Shore where about 5,000 homes experienced blackouts. Crews experienced

have been working through the

night to restore power. The SES

received more than 50 calls for

help with trees down and roofs

damaged by hail and strong

winds. Erin Bell is in north

Turramurra. There are reports a

storm hit around 7p.m. storm hit around 7p.m. last night in the hills district,

before descend ing on Sydney's

North Shore. SES say North Shore. SES say the hardest hit suburbs were Hornby, Killara, Frenches Forest and north Turramurra. Forest and north Turramurra. 55 calls were made for assistance

last night but emergency crews

were moers concerned with a

re-Myerment village -

retirement village in Turramurra where Turramurra where powerlines

were damaged, trees thrown

across the lawn. They say it is lucky no-one was injured and

management say no evacuations

were necessary. At the peak of

the storm, up to 6,000 homes

were without power but

electricity companies were able

to restore that to around to restore that to around 5,000 homes last night by 11:30. In

St Ives, up to 1,000 homes are still without power today after

extensive damage to the power

grid there. Authorities say grid there. Authorities say it

will be some time before things

return to normal. SES crews are

concerned about families

returning home from the long

weekend. If they return home to

find damage to call for

assistance on 132500. The NSW

Premier Barry O'Farrell lives

in the affected area. He has

been looking at the damage this

morning. It is a big clean-up

job. The SES did a great job

before midnight last night but

the power workers and others

have more to do. It has been

localised. Ily a kilometre

away. We had rain but none of this devastation. A fire has

burnt out nearly a dozen sea

containers at the Port of Fremantle. More than 30

firefighters fought the blaze for several hours. 11

containers were containers were either

destroyed or damaged. Fire

crews had limited access to the

containers and that hampered efforts. The cause of the efforts. The cause of the fire is being investigated but it is

not believed to be suspicious.

In the first visit to India by

a Pakistani president in seven

years, Asif Ali Zardari has met

the Indian Prime Minister

Manmohan Singh in New Delhi.

Relations between the two

countries hit a new low after

the 2008 Mumbai terror attacks

which India blamed on militants

with links to Pakistan's

military. Richard Lindell reports. President Zardari's

pilgrimage to a shrine was a

official reason for his trip to

India. His visit India. His visit was deliberately billed as deliberately billed as a private one to play down

expectations of a expectations of a breakthrough when he met India's Prime

Minister Manmohan Singh over

lunch. We have a number of

officials and we are willing to find tactical, pragmatic

solutions. We have had some very fruitful bilateral talks together. In recent months,

India and Pakistan have made progress in trade and economic

relations. Visa restrictions may

may also be eased soon, but the

core issue of terrorism

remains. The current state remains. The current state of

India-Pakistan relations is an increment al movement forward

step by step but with little

prospect of full normalisation

until the issue of terrorism is addressed by addressed by Pakistan. India

blames Lashkar-e-Taiba for the 2008 Mumbai terror attack.

India knows plt Zardari India knows plt Zardari does

not have full control over not have full control over the

military. It is also applying

pressure on Pakistan's government and military to rein

in the terrorists. The US is

adopting a similar stance. Last

week it offered a $10 million

reward for the capture of the

founder of Lashkar-e-Taiba,

seen here leading street

protests in Pakistan. protests in Pakistan. Scenes

like these frus the US and end

- frustrate the US and

India. We have told President

Zardari it was imperative to

bring the perpetrators of the

Mumbai attack to justice and

pre sent activities aimed against India from Pakistani

soil. The future of Kashmir was

also discussed. A dispute

that's caused two of the three

wars waged between the states.

It has been a source of tension

since independence and will

continue to be a major hurdle

to closer ties. But the leaders have agreed to more talks, with Indian Prime Indian Prime Minister Manmohan

Singh accepting an invitation to

Australia's most famous short-distance race the Stawell

Gift will be run this afternoon. Kirsten Veness

caught up with one of caught up with one of the favourites for the race, Kim

Collins. I am here outside

where the main event will be

held, the Stawell gift, that's

not until the afternoon, the final is at quarter to 3.

Plenty going on before Plenty going on before that. It is the 131st Stawell is the 131st Stawell Gift. It is a historical event. The

first race was run in 1878. It

is 120m, run up a slight

gradient and it is also run on grass. One man who enjoys

coming to the Stawell Gift is

Kim Collins. He is a former

100m world champion. One of 100m world champion. One of the

fastest men in the world. I guess

guess why is this something guess why is this something you

like to compete in? Well, I

always get a lot of people

asking me to race but they know

they can't race me so they would want a head would want a head start which

is what we do here at Stawell

so I find it will be a great

way for persons not as fast as

you to race you and make you to race you and make it

look competitive. You are from

the Caribbean, why is this something you come out to all

the way in the way in country Victoria? First of all, you have to take

the opportunity to race. It is

something that is different.

You want to know when you are

done and gone, you could say

you have done every different

type of race there was and you

have won every different type

of race you have of race you have entered in. Is

it quite a difficult race? You

got knocked out in the heats on

Saturday. What's tricky about

it? The tricky thing is from

the way you set your blocks is

totally different to the way we

do it. The fact you are

starting with people in front of

of you, mentally it kills you

because you think you have to

catch them now, you lose that

way. You have to run your race

individually. That's something

that it plays a trick on your

mind that you are going to

lose, you will lose, but if you

have your confidence and

patience, you will win. I lost

my game plan. I was like "Catch them now, catch them them now, catch them now", that

was the trap you didn't want was the trap you didn't want to fall into. Will

Gift tempt you next year? I

would have to do well today in

order to be able to come back.

You don't want to come and not

make it to the finals or not

win. We want to win. win. We want to win. Regardless

of who is out here, everybody

wants to win. You want to be a winner

winner for the fans who love you

you and want you to come

back. What are you competing in

this afternoon? It is the this afternoon? It is the back

markers race. We have a chance

to redeem ourselves. Looking

forward to that. Are you heading to London as heading to London as well?

London is there. Olympic

number five, so it is something

I am looking forward . I will

see how the season plays out and see if it is and see if it is something

worth going to. Thank you worth going to. Thank you for

joining us today. I will let

you get out of the very cold

weather conditions in Stawell

so you can run well this afternoon. Thank you. That afternoon. Thank

Kirsten Veness there talking to

Kim Collins from the Caribbean.

He would be feeling the cold in

Victoria today. Another man who

would be feeling the cold a

little but can handle it little but can handle it better

than a man from the Caribbean

is Paul Kennedy who joins me

now. We just had the US Masters

wrap up, it was the case of the

local boy coming through with the goods. Yes, Bubba Watson

won it in a playoff. Second

hole of the playoff. It is going to be a much-celebrated

victory this one. This is the

shot that did it. It looked

like he was in trouble, you like he was in trouble, you can

see how far away he is from the

fairway. Wow. They call him the

natural because Bubba Watson

has never been one for

tutoring. He relies on his own

game and works at himself. game and works at himself. He

had the feel of the club there. It

It was working for It was working for him brilliantly. This is Louis Oosthuizen, the South African

player. He had the albatross

earlier, we will show you that

in a moment, but this was him

trying to nail this putt

Bubba had to make his. He

missed it and Bubba Watson had

to knock it in in two. He would

win his first green jacket. He

has been knocking at the door

for some time in terms of a

Major? He has been a Major? He has been a fine

player for a while now. One of

the top-line players. We saw

him in Australia recently at

the President's Cup at the end

of last year. He is a big-time

player but that's his first

Major. We will hear from those

two blokes now, we can hear

from their reaction after the

playoff. We had a lot of fun. I had the opportunity on the

10th. I had a bad tee shot, I

should have put one right down the middle. It is fine.

Unbelievable shot there. I

played well. I can't really - it is not one felt like

it is not one felt like I played badly. Great stuff to

him. He deserves it. How do him. He deserves it. How do you

put in words? I never got this

far in my dreams to talk. It is

a blessing. To go home to my new son, it is going to be

fun. Caleb and Angie were on

your mind all day today. For

sure. Trying to keep your mind

around where this competition

is going, how did you keep throwing birdies at everybody?

After my playing partner took

double eagle on two and took

the lead that quick, I three

putted the first goal. I kept

my head down and knowing there

was birdies on the back nine. I knew that was a possibility. Just

Just kept going, kept grinding

it out and somehow went into it out and somehow went into a playoff and I don't know what

happened the rest. I was crying

a little bit later, that's

about it. For a couple of reasons. Gerry is Bubba

Watson's real name. I think his

mum calls him Jerry and his dad

died of cancer in late 2010.

You could see him playing with

his driver, it is a pink

driverer, and has some other

small tributes he makes to small tributes he makes to help

make awareness about cancer.

There is his dad. The baby they

talk about is an adopted baby. They

They have only just taken care

of that baby. Lots going on behind the scenes there. He

made reference to the made reference to the double

eagle that Louis hit. The

Americans call an albatross a

double eagle. Apparently I

didn't know that. They were

calling it a double eagle. We

refer to this as an refer to this as an albatross.

An amazing shot. This is the

first time, a few stats on it,

the fourth time an albatross

has been made in Masters

history. The first time it has been televised. Okay. The been televised. Okay. The other three must have been a while

ago. In the description of

this, we have heard it referred

to as one of the shots of

Masters history. In sporting

commentary you hear lines commentary you hear lines like

that so often, but that would

definitely have to be one of

the shots of the mathers

history. - Masters

history. They love their

history. Some things about the

US Masters at Augusta that

aren't great to be reflected on

as far as the history goes as far as the history goes but

certainly the guys that have

played there, great history there

there as well. Phil Mickelson,

for people wondering what

happened to him, he came right

in contention. If this had not

happened, if he didn't get a

triple bogie on the fourth

hole, he would have won it if you

you go on those simple That you go on those simple sums.

That was a damaging hole for

him. This is Adam Scott. Adam

Scott, believe it or not, Scott, believe it or not, shot a 66 in the final a 66 in the final round, including this ace, hole in one

on the 16th. Got the high

fives. The overalls for the

caddies? They could do a

little better than that,

Paul. Adam Scott chips in on

the 17th. He ended up in eighth

position all up. Not the win

the Aussies were looking the Aussies were looking for

but a big bag money of Adam Scott. It didn't seemed like Scott. It didn't seemed like he

got a prize at the hole in

one. He should get a car one. He should get a car or

something but I suspect Adam Scott doesn't need a Scott doesn't need a car. We

have to cut the rest a bit

short. Talk about what's

happening right now. Is cricket still

still going right now? No,

finished for the day. Stumps on

day two. If you are interested

in your Test cricket, I can tell

tell you the Aussies tell you the Aussies struggled

to bowl the West Indies out on

a flat track. The West Indies

batted well. They were defensive. Made 9/449 and declared. Shivnarine

Chanderpaul is a batsman Chanderpaul is a batsman of great longevity and class. He made his 25th century.

Australia is 0/44 in reply and defensive. Made

at least playing a few

attacking shots. Two days of

the windies batting. If the

pitch doesn't break up, we may

not see a result. If it breaks up, might be hard for the

Aussies to get anything other

than maybe struggle for a

draw. Go home and enjoy the footy. Hawthorn and Geelong

today. Yes. I don't know who I am barracking for, work that

out later. Vanessa O'Hanlon

joins us to take a look at the

weather. Some bad storms weather. Some bad storms in Sydney overnight particularly

the northern parts of Sydney. That's right. Some got

35mm of rain. Around 1200 lightning strikes recorded.

This afternoon there is the

potential for severe storms

throughout that region as that

trough moves further into the southern parts of

Queensland. On the satellite

picture, we are seeing those

first speckled shots of cloud

over the southern States like

Tasmania showing - that is the

indication it is getting really cold. That's right. Snow has been around 600m this morning

in Tasmania. Seeing snow around the

the alpine regions of Victoria

and light dustings for the

southern part of Wales. A

secondary cold front, we had

one earlier in the weekend, one earlier in the weekend, but

this one is powerful. There is

a high in the Bight, combining with another low-pressure

trough in WA so seeing warmer

temperatures there, back up

into the 30s but over here into the 30s but over here some very cold weather, particularly

today. I think that will be the

coldest of it. A few showers on

the Top End with the low

sitting up there? There is a

few showers, but not much left. Showers left over the Pilbara

and the north coast. Showers up over

over the far tropical coast in

Queensland. A top of 28 in

Brisbane with showers moving throughout the southern

interior and down in towards the south-east. In NSW: